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Yang Ye suddenly spoke solemnly, “All of you run first!”

Leng Yuran and the others were slightly stunned, and they gazed at Yang Ye with bewilderment.

All of them were waiting for him to make an awesome show of strength and deal with all the demon beasts, but they hadnt expected him to actually ask them to run!

“Are you still not running Do all of you want to die” Yang Ye glanced coldly at Leng Yuran and the others.

They hesitated slightly before their figures flashed off towards the distance.

Meanwhile, the group of 4 that ran over from afar didnt need Yang Ye to tell them anything before they continued dashing madly towards the distance.

Yang Ye took a step forward, and then a terrifying pressure surged out from within him.

The pack of wolves that were dashing over from afar were immediately stopped in their tracks when they sensed the pressure he emanated.

While their eyes still carried a ferocious glow when they looked at Yang Ye, there was even more fear within them!

Yang Ye glanced coldly at them and said, “Fuck off!”

His voice carried an imposing aura that caused the pack to be instantly forced back!

“Aowu!” The huge wolf that led the ground howled before it leaped at Yang Ye.

A cold glow flashed through his eyes as he smashed his fist forward, and the air around his fist rumbled while the surrounding space rippled!


The huge wolf was blasted flying.

In the end, its huge figure transformed into a pile of mush at a speed that was visible to the eye!

Yang Ye pointed at the pile of mush and gazed at the pack as he spoke, “Ill give all of you one last chance.

Thats what will happen if you still refuse to ** off!”

“Aowu!” The pack howled, and then they retreated like a receding tide.

Once the pack retreated, Yang Ye suddenly gazed towards a huge rock in the distance.

At the very same moment that his gaze descended onto the rock, his figure had arrived before it as well, and he smashed his fist forward!


The rock was instantly blasted into powder.

At the same time, a fist smashed against Yang Yes fist.


An explosion resounded while the space around the point of collision warped.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye took around 10 steps back.

Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly as he relaxed his clenched right fist, and then clenched it tightly once more.

There was a robust man standing not too far away from him.

The mans figure was extremely robust and at least 3 times larger than Yang Yes own.

The fist on the mans hand was simply two times thicker than Yang Yes thigh! Besides that, the man was wearing a ghost mask, and the mask had a mysterious force covering it, so Yang Yes Spiritual Energy was utterly incapable of seeing through it!

“Who are you!” asked the masked man.

His voice was low and slightly unclear.

It sounded like a child who had just learned how to speak.

Yang Ye didnt speak.

He just took a step forward and instantly arrived in front of the man before his fist shot forward once more.

The masked mans fist shot forward as well!


Yang Ye took 10 steps back while the masked man didnt move at all!

There was a trace of a solemn expression in Yang Yes eyes.

The masked man was only at the peak of the low rank in the Monarch Realm, but the masked mans physical strength was so terrifying.

After all, while he hadnt used his full strength, hed used at least 60% of it.

Such force was even sufficient to instantly smash an ordinary Monarch Realm expert into mush.

However, the masked man hadnt moved at all, and hed been pushed back instead!

Most importantly, the masked man hadnt used his full strength as well!

“I sense the aura of a demon beast and a human on you!” Yang Ye gazed at the masked man with a slightly bewildered gaze, “Are you a human or demon beast”

The masked man didnt speak a word.

He just swung his fist at Yang Ye from afar!

An energy fist instantly appeared in front of Yang Ye, and the imposing aura it carried instantly obliterated the forest behind Yang Ye!

Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly while the profound energy within his body surged into his right fist, and then he smashed it forward!


The energy fists aura was instantly dispersed.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye retracted his fist and launched it forward again!


The energy fist was immediately blasted apart.

This time, Yang Ye wasnt pushed back because hed used his full physical strength!

The masked man said, “Your physical strength is very strong!”

Yang Ye replied, “Yours is very strong as well!”

The masked man pondered deeply for a short while before he said, “Are you willing to join my Sky Divine Hall”

Yang Yes expression suddenly turned gloomy, “Youre from Sky Divine Hall Then it means that you know Luo Qianxiao, huh”

The masked man said, “He was once the strongest in the younger generation of my Sky Divine Hall.

Now, I am!”

“Then what about An Nanjing” Yang Ye asked, “Can you defeat her”

“She cant be considered to be a member of my Sky Divine Hall!” The masked man continued, “You know her”

Yang Ye asked, “Is she doing well”

“Of course!” The masked man replied, “Shes about to marry Qianxiao and become the wife of the next Divine Lord of my Sky Divine Hall.

How could she not be doing well”

Yang Ye raised his head and looked up into the sky, “I have one last question.

You were hiding amidst the pack earlier, but they didnt attack you even after they noticed you.

In other words, youre on the same side.

No, I should say that your Sky Divine Hall and the Welkin Wolf Mountain Range are on the same side, right”

“Yes!” The masked man said, “Your strength isnt bad.

It would truly be a pity for you to die just like that.

You can join my Sky Divine Hall if you want.

Youll definitely be valued with the strength and natural talent you possess.”

Yang Ye said, “What if I refuse”

The masked man replied, “Do you know why Ive answered so many of your questions”

Yang Ye said, “Please do tell!”

The masked man answered, “Because only one of our own or a dead man can keep secrets.

Do you want to be one of us, or do you want to be a dead man”

Yang Ye suddenly asked, “You think your physical strength is very formidable”

“Ive never seen anyone stronger than me in the same realm of cultivation throughout Pine Prefecture!” The masked man continued, “Even demon beasts in the same realm of cultivation!”

Yang Ye flipped his palm, and the Herculean Sword appeared in his grasp, “Ill let you experience it today!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Yes figure shot forward explosively.

Because he was too fast, he left numerous material afterimages all along his path!

Yang Ye arrived in front of the masked man in less than a 10th of a breath of time, and then the Herculean Sword swept horizontally towards the masked man.

The masked man couldnt dodge at all, so he clenched both his fists tightly and smashed them towards Yang Yes sword!


A huge explosion resounded.

The masked mans feet were dragged against the ground as his figure was pushed back by the force of the collision, and he was pushed almost 1.5km back before he finally stopped himself.

A deep trench could be seen from where Yang Ye stood to beneath the masked mans feet!

Moreover, the masked mans hands were shivering!

“You….” The masked mans voice carried a trace of shock.

He wanted to say something but Yang Ye didnt give him the slightest chance.

Yang Ye had appeared in front of him at the instant his figure stopped moving backward, and the Herculean Sword smashed down towards his head.

This attack was like a mountain descending upon him, and the powerful aura and force it carried caused the ground beneath the masked man to collapse over 30m down.

There was a trace of astonishment in the masked mans eyes.

He didnt dare act carelessly at all, and an iron hammer appeared in his hand before he raised it to block Yang Yes sword!


A huge bang resounded as both Yang Ye and the masked mans figure went beneath the surface.

Suddenly, a hole cracked open in the sky, and then a huge hand stretched out from it and shot into the ground.


A loud explosion resounded from beneath the ground, and then the huge hand shuddered before it exploded apart.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye leaped up to the surface.

At the same time, the masked man leaped up to the surface as well.

The iron hammer in the masked mans grasp was severely out of shape right now, and his hands were trembling violently!


The sky suddenly split apart once more, and then another huge hand stretched out from within space.

The hand was clenched tightly into a fist before it smashed down towards Yang Ye!

A high rank Half-Saint! Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly as he flicked the Herculean Sword upward to collide with the fist!


The huge fist was blasted apart while Yang Ye moved backwards repeatedly.

The sky cracked open again….

This time, it wasnt just one hand but two!

Two high rank Half-Saints!

A wisp of ferocity surged into Yang Yes eyes, “Not to mention 2 hands, what can both of you do to me even if youre standing right before me”

As soon as he finished speaking, he swung the Herculean Sword swiftly, and a strand of sword energy shot up and struck the huge hands!


The sword energy flashed through them while the huge hands exploded into pieces!

This time, the sky returned to calm, and the masked man had vanished on the spot.

Yang Ye looked up into the sky for a short moment while a solemn expression filled his eyes.

Those high rank Half-Saints were naturally not afraid of him.

The reason they hadnt torn through space and came here themselves was definitely because the battle in Ocean of Clouds City had definitely begun.

They werent able to leave the battle at all!

Of course, that wasnt the main point.

The main point was that the Welkin Wolf Mountain Range and Sky Divine Hall had joined forces.

Will the Ocean of Clouds Academy be able to resist their joint forcesIf the academy fails to hold them off, then I would really be leading these fellows back to their deaths.

Suddenly, a terrifying pressure suddenly appeared in the sky above Yang Ye.

Yang Yes expression changed violently when he sensed the pressure because it belonged to a Saint Realm expert!

A finger suddenly appeared in the sky above him.

It hadnt even started descending towards him, but the imposing aura and force it carried caused the space around him to split apart!

A moment of silence ensued before the finger suddenly descended!

Yang Yes pupils constricted violently while the profound energy and sword intent within him instantly surged out from within him.

Right at this moment, a palm suddenly traveled through space and smashed against the finger!


Both of them were dispersed, and a terrifying wave of energy erupted from the point of collision.

However, it didnt take long for a pitch black spatial rift to appear in the sky, and the wave of energy was instantly swept into the rift.

The sky returned to normal.

“Bring them back and Ill help you improve your sword intent to the Void Rank! Im the Dean!” A slightly old voice suddenly resounded in Yang Yes mind.

The corners of Yang Yes eyes twitched when he heard this.

He pondered deeply for a moment, and then he raised his head and looked up into the sky, “Ill do it!”


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