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“AHHH!” An extremely miserable and shrill cry resounded, and it was accompanied by a strand of blood that suddenly sprayed from Ye Yus lower body.

It sprayed over 3m away!

Everyone here was petrified, and only Ye Yus miserable howls resounded.

“Yang Ye!” Fan Meng instantly cried out with joy when she saw him while Fan Lis expression eased up.

There was a slightly complicated expression in Fan Lis eyes as she gazed at Yang Ye.

After he heard about the Fan Clan at the entrance to the city, Yang Ye had immediately rushed over, and hed never imagined that he would just happen to witness that scene from before!

He hadnt been able to restrain himself, and hed instantly shot out a ray of sword energy and transformed Ye Yu into a eunuch.

Meanwhile, the members of the Ye Clan had finally recovered from their shock, and one of them spoke with shock when he saw Yang Ye, “Its… its you….”

Yang Ye looked over towards the source of the voice, and a cold glow flashed through his eyes when he saw the young man.

He recognized the young man.

That day when hed woken up in the Radiance Dimension and encountered Fan Li, there was a man by her side.

At that time, Yang Ye had suffered a kick from that man because Fan Li had gotten close to him and spoken to him.

Moreover, that kick had almost shattered his bones!

Yang Ye walked slowly towards the young man and said, “I still remember you, youre Ye Lang.

Im quite a fair person.

You kicked me once that day, so Ill do the same to you.

I guarantee that I wont look for trouble with you after that!”

As he spoke, Yang Ye suddenly vanished on the spot!


The others watched with astonishment as Ye Lang was blasted flying, and he only flew for a few meters before his body exploded apart and transformed into mush.

All of them were astounded!

“Who… who are you!” Meanwhile, Ye Yu had stopped letting out shrill cries, and he sat weakly on the ground while he stared fixedly at Yang Ye with eyes that were filled with resentment.

“Werent you looking for me just now” Yang Ye flashed over to Ye Yu and looked down at him.

“Youre Yang Ye!” Ye Yu had never imagined that Fan Meng was actually telling the truth, and this fellow, Yang Ye, actually possessed such terrifying strength.

Yang Ye didnt waste his breath.

He tapped the tip of his foot against the ground and was just about to attack when Fan Li appeared in front of him, “Keep him alive.

The Ye Clan has 5 Monarch Realm experts, and one of them is even a high rank Monarch Realm expert.

On the other hand, my Fan Clan only has 3 Monarch Realm experts.

Coupled with the fact that hes backed by the Broken Saber Villa, my Fan Clan isnt a match for him at all!”

“Bitch!” Suddenly, Ye Yu spoke furiously, “Ill make living worse than death for both you and your younger sister.

Ill annihilate the entire Fan Clan!”

When he spoke up to this point, he gazed at Yang Ye and said, “As for you, Ill slaughter your entire family.

No, Ill let the entire city have a turn with all the women of your family! Ill make living worse than death for everyone related to you!”

Fan Li had an extremely unsightly expression on her face.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye shook his head and said, “See, hes being high and mighty once you said that.”

When he spoke up to this point, Yang Ye looked at Ye Yu and said, “You think I dont dare to kill you And thats why youre acting so fearlessly and arrogantly”

“Do you dare Do you” Ye Yus eyes were filled with madness, “My Ye Clan has 5 Monarch Realm experts, my grandfather is only half a step away from the Half-Saint Realm, and my older sister belongs to the Young Master of Broken Saber Villa! Do you dare to touch me Do you”

Yang Ye shook his head and turned to look at Fan Li instead, “I finally understand why you didnt want to marry this trash.

To be honest, its just as Little Meng said.

Its better to marry me than marry him.

While Im a little ugly, at least Im stronger than this fellow!”

Fan Li was speechless.

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye turned around to gaze at Ye Yu.

The latter intended to continue speaking but Yang Yes foot suddenly swept towards his head.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Suddenly, 4 rays of light flashed through the sky, and then a voice suddenly resounded, “How presumptuous!”

Accompanying the voice was a ray of white light that shot towards Yang Ye like a bolt of lightning.

However, Yang Yes leg didnt stop at all!


Ye Yus head flew up into the air while a fountain of blood sprayed from his neck.

After he kicked Ye Yus head flying, Yang Yes figure spun swiftly as he smashed his fist forward, causing the white light to instantly disperse.

Meanwhile, 4 old men had appeared in front of Yang Ye, and they were all at the Monarch Realm! However, they were low rank Monarch Realm experts!

“Yuer!” One of the old mens eyes almost split apart with rage when he saw the horrifying state Ye Yu was in, and a row of crimson red tears flowed down from his eyes.

He turned around to gaze at Yang Ye with eyes that were filled with madness and killing intent, “I, Ye Tiannan, swear to kill you!”

On the other hand, the faces of the other 3 old men sank, and they gazed at Yang Ye with killing intent in their eyes.

At the same time, Fan Li suddenly shouted furiously, “Grandfather, Uncle, Third Uncle! If you still refuse to show yourselves, then Little Meng and I shall leave the Fan Clan forever!”

A moment of silence ensued before 3 old men flew out from the Fan Clan, and they descended by Fan Li and Fan Mengs side.

One of the old men glanced at Yang Ye, and then he looked at Ye Yus corpse before he sighed softly, “Brother Tiannan, I never expected it to be like this.

Alas….” After that, he gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Who are you Why have you interfered in the matters of my Fan Clan and the Ye Clan”

Yang Ye was quite stunned.

Whose side are they on He glanced at Fan Li and Fan Meng with a puzzled expression, and the both of them had extremely unsightly expressions on their faces as well.

Fan Meng spoke with displeasure, “Grandfather, dont tell me you dont know what sort of fellow that Ye Yu is But you still want us to marry him even though you do know.

Youre pushing both of us into a life of eternal misery!”

“How dare you!” The old man spoke furiously, “Young Master Ye Yu is the number one genius of Skywind City.

While hes a little amorous, its very normal to be that way.

After all, which man isnt Your marriage would definitely allow both of you to enjoy a life of endless luxury and great status.

At the same time, the Fan Clan would be able to benefit from it as well.

But… but both of you….” When he spoke up to this point, he pointed at Yang Ye and said, “Tell me who he is!”

Fan Meng instantly shed tears of sorrow when she heard him while tears had started to emerge in Fan Lis eyes.

“Fan Kong, did you think my Ye Clan would spare your Fan Clan because you said that!” Ye Tiannan spoke furiously, “Out of consideration for the fact that our clans were about to be united in marriage, my Ye Clan didnt intend to act against your Fan Clan.

But I never imagined that….” When he spoke up to this point, he gazed at Fan Li and Fan Meng before he continued, “It was all because of you bitches! Once we finish slaughtering the Fan Clan, Ill cripple both of your cultivations and nail both of you to the city gates.

Ill make both of you become the women of all the men in Skywind City!”

Fan Mengs face turned pale, and she hid behind Yang Ye.

As for Fan Li, she moved closer to him as well.

“As for you!” Ye Tiannan suddenly gazed at Yang Ye and was about to speak.

However, Yang Ye had vanished on the spot, and he was already in front of Ye Tiannan when his figure appeared once more.

After that, a fist smashed straight towards Ye Tiannans head.

Ye Tiannans face turned grim.

He hadnt expected that Yang Ye would actually just attack, and he was completely caught off guard and unable to dodge at all.

He had no choice but to clench his right fist tightly and smash it against Yang Yes fist.


As soon as their fists collided, Ye Tiannans expression suddenly changed drastically because the bones in his hand had been instantly broken.

He was just about to retreat when Yang Ye pressed forward, and then Yang Ye smashed his right fist against Ye Tiannans stomach.


A mouthful of blood sprayed from Ye Tiannans mouth while his figure was blasted flying!

“Horizon Warp!” Yang Yes voice resounded once more, and then he suddenly appeared in front of Ye Tiannan.

After that, Ye Tiannan felt something tighten around his neck.

When he looked down, he saw that Yang Yes hand was already around his neck.

Ye Tiannan was horrified!

From the moment Yang Ye attacked until the end of the battle, not even 2 breaths of time had passed.

So, many of the people here hadnt even recovered from their shock, and when they did, Ye Tiannan was already held in Yang Yes hand like a helpless little chick.

The Monarch Realm experts of the Ye Clan and Fan Clan had disbelief all over their faces when they witnessed this scene.

While Ye Tiannan was at the Monarch Realm, he was much weaker than Ling Xing or that woman from the Dao Order.

Regardless of whether it was his combat instinct or the techniques he possessed!

“Who… who exactly are you!” One of the Monarch Realm experts of the Ye Clan gazed at Yang Ye with shock, and his eyes were filled with fear.

After all, Ye Tiannans strength wasnt inferior to his own.

However, Yang Ye had defeated Ye Tiannan with such ease.

So, how could he not be afraid

At this moment, Ye Tiannans face was covered in terror.

He wanted to say something yet couldnt.

Yang Ye tossed Ye Tiannan to the ground.

However, right when Ye Tiannan wanted to move, Yang Yes foot stomped down against his stomach, and the powerful force it carried caused the ground beneath him to crack apart.

Ye Tiannan stared fixedly at Yang Ye as he roared, “My Ye Clan will kill you! Well kill you!”

Yang Ye didnt speak, and he just moved his foot slowly.

As it moved, Ye Tiannans entire face turned ghastly pale because he seemed to know what Yang Ye was about to do, and it filled his eyes with horror.


A muffled bang resounded from Ye Tiannans stomach.

His Dantian had been shattered.

Ye Tiannan was finished!

Yang Ye withdrew his foot, and then he glanced at the other members of the Ye Clan, “Which one of you wants to go next”

Their hearts shook when they heard this, and they took 2 steps back subconsciously.

Yang Ye glanced coldly at them, and then he gazed at Fan Meng, “Leave the Fan Clan and leave with me!”

Fan Meng didnt hesitate to nod, “My older sister as well!”

Yang Ye nodded.

Suddenly, Fan Mengs grandfather shouted furiously at Yang Ye, “Who exactly are you Your actions will bring calamity upon my Ye Clan! You….”

Suddenly, his voice stopped abruptly because Yang Ye had appeared in front of him, and then he felt a hand clamp down on his throat.

“You….” Fan Mengs grandfather was astounded.

Fan Li was just about to speak….


The clear and melodious sound of bones breaking resounded!


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