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Ding Shaoyao and the Sword Spirit seemed like they were facing a powerful enemy when they saw Nether Maiden.

The Sword Spirit even intended to attack right away.

However, she was stopped by Ding Shaoyao.

“She only needs an instant and all of us will die here!” said Ding Shaoyao.

After all, Nether Maiden just had to notify the experts of the Hallowed Grounds, and then Supreme Exalt He and the other Supreme Exalt would be here.

At that time, they wouldnt have even the slightest chance at survival.

Because Yang Ye wouldnt be able to utilize the Sword Domain again!

Nether Maiden glanced at Ding Shaoyao and said, “Reincarnation of fate and destiny.

I never expected you to actually be able to resist the temptation of strength.

How rare!”

Ding Shaoyaos expression changed slightly.

Meanwhile, Nether Maidens gaze shot towards Yang Ye.

Her brows knit together slightly when she saw Yang Yes white hair, and she said, “Thats the price he had to pay for forcefully utilizing the Sword Domain”

Suddenly, Yang Ye opened his eyes.

She asked, “What did you comprehend”

Yang Ye flicked with his finger, and then a strand of sword intent shot out from the tip of his finger.

Nether Maidens expression changed when she saw it, and she actually flashed off and didnt dare collide head on with it!

The sword intent struck a huge tree in the distance, and it pierced through it with ease.

However, just like Nether Maiden, the Sword Spirit and Ding Shaoyaos eyes carried shock within them.

Because the huge tree had actually withered in an instant, and then it transformed into a pile of dirt!

“The energy of the Laws!” Nether Maidens voice carried a strand of seriousness.

Yang Ye opened his palm, and a strand of sword intent appeared there.

The sword intent couldnt be seen with the eye, but it could be felt.

Yang Ye said while he felt the sword intent in his palm, “Earlier, at the instant my body was filled with Death Energy, I truly felt what death was like.

It was a very strange feeling.

A truly bizarre feeling.

It was something that could only be sensed yet is impossible to describe.” When he spoke up to this point, Yang Ye flicked with his finger again, and the sword intent in his palm pierced through another huge tree over 300m away.

Just like the previous tree, it instantly withered before transforming into a pile of dirt!

Yang Ye said, “Everything in this world has a moment of decay.

Its a supreme Law of the Heaven Dao, and its a law that has remained for eternity.

From now on, this sword intent of mine will be called Decay Sword Intent.”

“Decay Sword Intent!” The Sword Spirit was overjoyed, “There are millions of Laws and Daos in the world.

While I dont know how strong that Decay Laws of yours is, its definitely up there at the top!”

Nether Maiden said, “Your sword intent contains the energy of decay, and it carries the strength of the Grand Dao.

Besides those few supreme experts, anyone else in this world would die upon contact with it!”

“What about you” asked Yang Ye.

She replied, “What do you think”

Yang Ye answered, “It cant kill you.

However, you didnt dare to collide head on with it just now.

In other words, it can pose a threat to you.


“Yes!” Nether Maiden said, “If you activate the Sword Domain and suffuse it with the energy of decay, then I would run as far as I can from you.

However, you dont seem to be able to activate the Sword Domain now!

Yang Ye asked, “Are you here to kill me”

She replied, “You wouldnt be standing here unharmed if Id come to kill you, right”

Yang Ye gazed at her for a short while, and then he said, “Actually, I really dont want to be enemies with you.

You want to leave for the Outer Heavens, and I can help you get there.

But the precondition is that youre not with the Hallowed Grounds.

If you stay with them, then Im truly afraid that I might really treat you as my enemy one day.”

Nether Maiden remained silent for a short while, and then she said, “We wont be able to leave this world without killing the defiant profounders!”

“Youre mistaken!” Yang Ye explained, “Firstly, youre absolutely incapable of killing all the defiant profounders.

Even if you can… just ask yourself this.

How many of you would be still alive Even if Profounder Continent joins forces with the Hallowed Grounds, it would still be impossible to annihilate the defiant profounders.

At the very least, both sides would suffer heavy casualties.

At that time, we wouldnt be able to resist the Outer Heavens at all!”

Nether Maiden remained silent.

Yang Ye continued, “Do you know what the Hallowed Grounds and the Defiant Profounders are planning They want to form a pillar of blood.

You definitely dont know what that is, so let me explain.

They desire the deaths of all the inhabitants of Profounder Continents and all the useless people beneath the Half-Saint Realm in the Hallowed Grounds.

In the end, they intend to utilize the blood, resentment, and baleful energy from the deaths of tens of billions to break open the Heavenpath.

In other words, everyone beneath the Half-Saint Realm will have to die.


Nether Maidens pupils constricted, “Is that true”

Yang Ye answered, “Do you think that I would lie to you”

Disbelief appeared in her eyes.

Yang Ye continued, “Just think about it.

Did the experts in the Ancient City of Hallows leave the city to rescue the others outside the city when the defiant profounders started slaughtering them No! Not a single expert left the city.

Of course, you can say that the defiant profounders are too strong, and those experts didnt want to make unnecessary sacrifices.

But do you believe such a reason If those 2 Supreme Exalts and the other supreme experts of the Hallowed Grounds were to leave the city, then would ordinary defiant profounders even be capable of stopping them”

The Sword Spirit spoke as well, “The Hallowed Grounds will only keep the Half-Saints and those about to become Half-Saints alive.

As for the others, only death awaits them.

Of course, while youre only at the Exalt Realm, I believe that the Hallowed Grounds will absolutely not allow you to die.

So, you can join them and use the lives of countless people in exchange for a chance at your own survival!”

Nether Maiden stood silently on the spot for a long time, and then she turned around and walked away.

However, she suddenly stopped moving after walking a short distance, and she said, “It doesnt matter to me regardless of how many people die.

However, I refuse to sacrifice others in exchange for a chance at survival, and I refuse to entrust my hopes onto others.

Ill enter into closed door cultivation once I return to the Ancient City of Hallows, and Ill attain the Half-Saint Realm as quickly as possible.

At that time, my life wouldnt have been fated to end if Im able to charge out into the Outer Heavens; if I fail, then it was my fate as well.

Good luck to you too!”

Her figure transformed into a ray of light that vanished into the horizon.

Suddenly, Ding Shaoyao said, “Shes only at the Exalt Realm….”

Yang Ye and the Sword Spirits eyes surged with shock when they heard this.

Theyd constantly overlooked a fact, and it was her realm of cultivation!

Since the very beginning, Nether Maiden had always been only at the Exalt Realm, but she was able to kill Half-Saints.

Moreover, she could even fight Yang Ye equally after hed attained the Monarch Realm!

The Sword Spirit said, “How strong is she”

Yang Ye replied, “Im probably unable to kill her even if I use the Sword Domain and my Decay Sword Intent!”

Just like An Nanjing, Nether Maiden was another existence in the younger generation who he wasnt confident in his ability to defeat.

“What do you plan on doing now” asked the Sword Spirit.

Yang Ye was about to speak when Ding Shaoyao suddenly said, “We cant return to Profounder Continent for now.

It should be safe with Elder Mu and Senior Lu guarding it.

However, once the defiant profounders have finished killing the people in the Hallowed Grounds, then itll probably be time for them to attack Profounder Continent.

Once that happens, Elder Mu and Senior Lu will definitely be unable to stop them.”

When she spoke up to this point, Ding Shaoyao paused for a moment before she continued, “Of course, the even more pressing issue is your lifespan.

You dont have much time to live.

So, we have to find treasures that can increase your lifespan as soon as possible.

Thats the true important matter at hand.

Because if you do die, then Profounder Continent wont have a chance at all!”

Yang Ye suddenly asked, “Sword Spirit, how many Sword Servants can you refine”

She replied, “An infinite amount!”

Yang Ye said, “Amongst the 3 forces in this world, our side is the weakest because our Half-Saints are inferior in both quantity and quality.

So, even if Im able to increase my lifespan and return to the continent, it still wont help the situation that Profounder Continent is facing.”

Ding Shaoyaos eyes lit up, “You intend to gather the corpses of Half-Saints here Thats a very good idea.

However, the experts of the Hallowed Grounds are hiding within the city, and the experts of the Hallowed Grounds outside the city arent a match for the defiant profounders.

So, it isnt very likely for you to be able to gather a huge number of corpses!”

“If there arent corpses, then Ill make corpses!” Yang Yes voice carried a trace of ghastly killing intent.

“Thats a great idea!” The Sword Spirit said, “So long as were able to collect a huge number of corpses from Half-Saints, and especially if those corpses belong to the defiant profounders, then it would greatly increase our strength.

However, you must be careful, and you absolutely cant get caught by the high-grade Half-Saints amongst the defiant profounders.

While your current strength can pose a threat to high-grade Half-Saints, its insufficient to kill them!”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “I know!”

“Your main objective still has to be locating treasures that increase your lifespan!” Ding Shaoyao reminded, “The Half-Saints of the oceanic clans, devil race, and demon race had once helped the Hallowed Grounds to fight our southern territory.

At that time, it seemed to be because the Hallowed Grounds had given them Divine Spirit Fruits which could increase their lifespan.

So, we can head to the Ancient City of Hallows.”

“The Ancient City of Hallows” The Sword Spirit frowned, “Are you asking him to go give his life away!”

Ding Shaoyao explained, “The most dangerous place is the safest place.

I think that the Hallowed Grounds would never expect us to return there.

Of course, you still have to be careful.”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Theres no time to lose.

Lets go right now!”

“Wait!” The Sword Spirit suddenly said, “Whats wrong with that violet colored little fellow”

“The little fellow” Yang Ye was stunned, and then he looked into the Primordial Pagoda.

At this moment, the little fellow was lying quietly in her room.

Moreover, countless strands of violet energy were converging towards her from all directions.

Moreover, she was even emanating an illusory violet glow!

“When did she start to advance” Yang Ye was astounded.

The Sword Spirit shook her head and said, “It probably started very long ago.

But the energy within her is very unstable, and it frequently emanated rays of violet light that explode in the surroundings.

Moreover, those rays of violet light just happen to be very destructive!”

Yang Yes senses sunk deep into himself.

Sure enough, it was exactly as the Sword Spirit said.

Rays of violet light frequently flashed out from the little fellows body, and they flickered around incessantly while leaving black holes behind!

“Whats she doing” said Yang Ye.

The Sword Spirit said, “Shes on the verge of breaking through.

However, she seems to be unable to grasp it….”

Yang Ye asked, “Is she in danger”

The Sword Spirit shook her head, “Probably not!”

Yang Ye was about to say something when a voice suddenly resounded from the horizon, “Eh! We missed a few A Half-Saint and 2 ants.


As soon as he finished speaking, an enormous palm that blotted out the sky flashed into existence and pressed down towards Yang Yes group.

“Try you Decay Sword Intent and let us see how strong it is!” said the Sword Spirit.

Yang Ye nodded, and then he flicked with his finger.

A strand of pure sword intent shot off from the tip of his finger!

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