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The middle aged man glanced indifferently at the fatty, and then he took a step forward and vanished on the spot.


The fattys axes fell to the ground.

At this moment, his face was covered in cold sweat, and his eyes were filled with extreme terror.

He was at the ninth rank of the Monarch Realm, so he was absolutely no fool.

Just that glance from the middle aged man had caused his soul to tremble with fear.

Moreover, the middle aged man had vanished from his field of vision with just a single step.

He knew very well that seemingly ordinary middle aged man was much more terrifying than the young man who smashed him flying with a single punch!

No, he felt that middle aged man was even more terrifying than the boss of his boss!

“Dammit! Im not doing this anymore! No more!” The fatty didnt even pick up his axes.

He immediately turned around and fled.

Yang Ye and the Sword Spirit arrived before the Tower of Buddha, and a middle aged man appeared in front of them right when they arrived before its entrance.

Yang Yes expression changed, and he hurriedly say, “Yinyin, Ive brought food for you!”

“Really” A voice that carried pleasant surprise resounded from within the tower.

After that, Yinyin appeared before Yang Ye and the Sword Spirit.

She was able to see Yinyin because she wasnt a living being, and it was exactly the reason why a solemn expression appeared on her face.

It was even to the extent that deep fear appeared in her eyes.

Yang Ye instantly heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Yinyin, and then he hurriedly led the Sword Spirit over to Yinyin and said, “Yinyin, help big brother with something, alright” As he spoke, he pointed at the middle aged man and said, “That fellow has been chasing big brother for a very long time, and I cant fight him.

Help me beat him up, alright”

Yinyin blinked, and then she gazed at the middle aged man and said, “He cant see me!”

At this moment, the middle aged man frowned.

Because as far as he was concerned, Yang Ye was talking to the air.

It didnt take long for the middle aged man to swipe 2 of his fingers against his eyes.

This time, he saw the little girl who stood by Yang Yes side.

“He can see me now!” Yinyin spoke again.

The corners of Yang Yes mouth twitched fiercely.

Obviously, the middle aged man was that second type of person, one who possessed extremely formidable strength!

“The Outer Heavens!” The middle aged man gazed at Yinyin for a short while before he spoke these words.

Yinyin gazed at him for a short while, and then she looked at Yang Ye and said, “Big Brother, you cant push Yinyin into such a trap.

Hes so formidable.

Yinyin might not be able to eat him!”

Yang Ye raised a finger and said, “10,000 extreme-grade energy stones.

Yinyin, help me make him leave, alright”

Yinyins eyes blinked swiftly, and there was even a trace of excitement in her eyes.

However, it wasnt long before she shook her head and said, “Hes very strong, and Yinyin has no hands.

Yinyin will be bullied by him.”

Yang Ye raised a second finger and said, “Yinyin, its everything I have.

If youre still unwilling to help me, then you can just eat me.

Dying at your hands is better than being captured and tortured by him.”

“Deal!” A wisp of slyness flashed through her eyes.

Yang Yes face twitched.

She isnt just a glutton, shes a trap!

The middle aged man spoke abruptly, “Ill give you 30,000 extreme-grade energy stones to let me take him!”

Yang Yes heart tightened as he gazed at Yinyin.

The latter grinned and said, “Give me 30,000 and Ill let you leave, alright”

The middle aged man said, “Im not willing to fight you, but it doesnt mean that Im afraid of you!”

As he spoke, he raised a finger and pointed it towards Yinyin.

In an instant, the space before Yinyin was torn apart, and then an enormous finger shot out from within towards Yinyin.

Yang Ye and the Sword Spirit watched with astonishment as Yinyin suddenly opened her little mouth.

However, at the instant she did that, an enormous mouth that was over 1km wide suddenly appeared in front of her, and it swallowed the enormous finger.

The enormous mouth vanished once it swallowed the enormous finger, and Yinyin closed her mouth as well.

After that, she greedily took a deep breath.

Both Yang Ye and the Sword Spirits expressions changed drastically.

Now, he finally knew how terrifying she was.

Because that same attack from the middle aged man had almost instantly killed both him and the Sword Spirit just now, yet now, shed dealt with it with such ease.

At this moment, Yang Ye felt very fortunate.

He felt very fortunate that he hadnt acted against her.

Otherwise, he would have died before he even realized it.

At the same time, he felt much better because it wasnt a humiliation to be robbed by her….

“Im… very angry now!~”Yinyin took 2 steps forward.

However, it was exactly these 2 steps which made the entire city tremble, and it was like an earthquake had occurred.

At this moment, countless people within the city were shocked, and all sorts of experts shot their gazes towards the Tower of Buddha.

Yinyin opened her little mouth slightly.

At the same time, an enormous mouth that blotted out the sky appeared in the air.

The sky instantly darkened, and it seemed like even the heavens feared it.

Yinyin took another light step with her right foot.


The entire ground cracked apart while countless arm-thick cracks started spreading swiftly towards the surroundings, and it didnt even stop after reaching the ends of Yang Ye and the Sword Spirits vision.

The enormous mouth in midair shot towards the middle aged man.

At this moment, the enormous mouth didnt feel like it intended to eat the middle aged man, it seemed like it intended to eat the entire city!

The middle aged man had a solemn expression in his eyes while he watched it descend towards him, and then he raised his hands.

Suddenly, he slapped both his palms upward, and 2 enormous palms formed from his energy and flashed up into the air.

The energy palms were unlike any other energy palms Yang Ye had seen in the past.

They actually formed a circular shape as they shot up towards the enormous mouth, and the might they carried instantly multiplied by over 10 times!


The enormous mouth and palms collided, and an explosion that shook the sky resounded through the city.

Both attacks instantly shattered apart, and countless waves of energy swept towards the surroundings at a speed that wasnt visible to the eye.

Everywhere they passed, space was instantly torn apart, and numerous huge spatial rifts appeared in the sky.

“Hells Finger!” Suddenly, the middle aged mans voice resounded once more, and then 10 enormous fingers appeared in front of Yinyin.

The fingers didnt strike her.

They trembled slightly instead before merging into one, and they formed a huge golden finger that was over 300m long and over 10m wide.

The middle aged man pointed lightly at Yinyin, and the golden finger instantly transformed into a ray of golden light that smashed down towards Yinyin!

“Tear!” Yinyins clear and melodious voice resounded, and then the space before her instantly warped.

After that, it was like the space itself had been sliced apart by a sharp divine weapon, and it started to tear apart!

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

The golden finger hadnt even arrived in front of her before it was torn into thousands of pieces along with the space in front of Yinyin!

The middle aged man didnt launch another attack, and he just gazed at Yinyin.

Meanwhile, Yinyin didnt open her mouth, she just gazed at him as well.

At this moment, the naïve expression on her face, and her smile had both vanished.

There was only an icy cold expression and boundless killing intent.

“I must take them with me today!” The middle aged man took a step forward.

Along with this action, Yang Ye and the others noticed to their astonishment that the space within an area of a few hundred kilometers actually started trembling violently.

At the same time, the spirit energy in an area of 500km was completely sucked away.

“Big Brother, those rocks arent enough.

Can you give me more” Yinyin suddenly turned around to look at Yang Ye and smiled sweetly.

“As many as you want!” Yang Ye spoke solemnly, “However, I have to owe you for now.

Because I dont have that much!”

“Alright!” She smiled again, and then she turned around to look at the middle aged man, “Ill! Eat! You!”

As soon as she finished speaking, her face suddenly turned ferocious, and she opened her mouth, “Heaven! Devourer!”


In an instant, the entire sky dimmed down.

Yang Ye and the others were astounded by this development.

He raised his head and looked up into the sky, and he noticed that an enormous mouth that covered the sky had appeared in the air above the city.

The mouth was extraordinarily huge, and both Yang Ye and the Sword Spirit werent able to lay eyes on its ends!


The enormous mouth roared furiously, and then the entire city beneath it started trembling once more while countless buildings transformed into powder.

All the experts within the city were horrified, and countless people started fleeing madly out of the city!

Yang Ye and the Sword Spirit watched this scene with shock.

At this moment, Yang Ye was beyond shocked.

He hadnt imagined that Yinyins strength was actually at such an extent.

He suddenly recalled something Yinyin had said to him in the past.

Hed asked her how strong she was, and shed said that she could eat the entire city.

Hed even thought that she was joking then.

Yet now….

The facts before his eyes told him that she wasnt joking at all.

She could really eat the entire city!

At this instant, Yang Ye felt that his strength was still weak, and it wasnt just slightly weak! At the very least, he was absolutely no match for the middle aged man or Yinyin.

Hed thought that he was on the verge of coming into contact with the peak of this world.

But when he witnessed their battle, he finally realized and understood that his strength was far from that! Not to mention the Outer Heavens, even this world had many existences who were far stronger than him!

A savage expression flashed through the middle aged mans eyes when he saw the enormous mouth, and he slowly stretched out his hands in opposite directions.

Moreover, an extremely powerful fluctuation of energy was coming from his palms.

As the fluctuation of energy appeared, the space around him started to surge.

It was like an ocean that was being struck by a storm, and it was extremely horrifying!

“Cosmos!” The middle aged mans voice resounded….

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