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Yang Ye gazed at the woman before him, and a wisp of a complicated expression flashed in his eyes.

He went silent for a moment before he asked.

“Whatre you doing at Southpeace City”

Su Qingshi didnt tell him the reason, and she just said indifferently, “Your ability to control Darkbeasts is too shocking, so its better that you dont summon the Nether Wolf in the human world.

Otherwise, youll face endless troubles.”

When he recalled Feng Yis shocked expression from before, Yang Ye nodded, and then he glanced at Little Yao that lay in his embrace and said, “Can I ask something of you”

“Speak!” said Su Qingshi.

As he gazed at Little Yao that was in deep sleep, a strand of a gentleness flashed in Yang Yes eyes before he said, “Can you help me take care of my younger sister My Mother said her natural talent isnt bad, and she can cultivate.

If its possible, then allow her to cultivate by your side.”

Su Qingshis beautiful brows knit together slightly, and she said in a low voice, “The Flower Palaces strength is extremely terrifying.

Not to mention the other experts in the palace, merely those Flower Guards from before arent experts that you can go against.

Moreover, those few people from before are probably just a small group within the Flower Guard, and their strengths in the Flower Guard is at the lower middle.

If you go look for them now, then youll be giving your life away.


Yang Ye shook his head and said, “Im not that stupid.

My Mother paid such a huge price to allow me and my younger sister to escape, so I wouldnt be stupid enough to go give my life away.

I asked you to allow Little Yao to follow by your side because I want Little Yao to become strong.

After all, its impossible for me to be by her side and protect her at all times.

She must possess her own strength.

Moreover, if she joins the Sword Sect and doesnt leave the Sword Sect, then I presume the Flower Palace wouldnt dare trespass into the Sword Sect to capture her.”

When she heard Yang Ye, Su Qingshi felt relieved in her heart, and then she nodded and said, “I can do that.”

“Thank you!” Yang Ye spoke in a serious manner.

Su Qingshi waved her hand, and the green sword laid horizontally in front of her before she said, “Put the Nether Wolf away.

Ill take you and your younger sister back to the Sword Sect!”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “Take my younger sister back, I still have some things to deal with in Southpeace City.

Dont worry, I wont do anything stupid!”

Su Qingshi glanced deeply at Yang Ye, and then she took Little Yao and left.

After he watched Su Qingshi and Little Yao vanish into the horizon, Yang Ye turned around and looked at Southpeace City, and he said with a savage expression, “Liu Clan! If it wasnt for all of you, my Mother wouldnt have fought, and she wouldnt have been noticed by the Flower Palace.

Lets get even for both the enmity of past and present!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye placed the Nether Wolf into his Dantian, and then he dashed towards Southpeace City.


The Liu Clan.

The Liu Clans Patriarch, Liu Nan, was over 40 years of age, and his figure was slightly chubby.

After a long time of accumulation, he who possessed an extremely inferior natural talent had cultivated to the ninth rank of the Mortal Realm as well.

The Liu Clan was already a large clan in Southpeace City and coupled with the fact that his son, Liu Qingyu, had been recruited as an outer court disciple of the Sword Sect, Liu Nan was extremely distinguished and even the City Governor of Southpeace City had to be slightly courteous to him.

However, the words that Guest Elder spoke to him upon returning caused the distinguished and haughty Patriarch of the Liu Clan to be utterly terrified.

Hed already been pacing up and down anxiously in the hall for almost two hours.

When he thought about how hed actually intended to make a Spirit Realm expert his concubine, he even had the desire to take his own life.

It was a Spirit Realm Expert! Not to mention becoming his concubine, even the crown prince and kings of the empire didnt have the qualifications for that!

Right at this moment, an attendant ran into the hall.

When he saw this person, Liu Nan hurriedly said, “What happened What did the City Governor say Is he willing to increase the guards to protect my Liu Clan”

Yes, after he found out that Yang Yes mother was a Spirit Realm expert, Liu Nan was first terrified to the point his limbs went weak.

However, after he recovered from his shock, hed hurriedly sent an attendant over to ask for the City Governors help.

Even though he knew that the City Governor would definitely not help him, he had no other choice and could only beg the City Governor.

Because only the City Governor could ask for backup from the Capital City of the State of Jing!

The attendant said, “Patriarch, the City Governor asked Lord Liu to not worry.

Yang Yes mother is a disciple of the Flower Palace that violated its rules, and she has already been captured by the members of the Flower Palace.

Moreover, those members of the Flower Palace have even gone to capture Yang Ye and his younger sister that have fled.

So, our Liu Clan is safe!”

“Really” Liu Nan was overjoyed.

“Of course its true!”

“Haha!!!” Liu Nan roared brazenly with laughter.

After laughing for a while, he said with a smile, “So she was a disciple of Flower Palace.

No wonder she was so beautiful, and her daughter was a true beauty in the making as well.

Unfortunately, they just had to go against my Liu Clan.

This is the consequence of that!”

Suddenly, a sword light flashed.

Along with ahiss that resounded through the air, the head of the attendant standing before Liu Nan flew into the sky in an arc.

Liu Nans laughter stopped abruptly while the smile on his face froze.

As he gazed at Yang Ye that had suddenly appeared before him, he said with a trembling voice, “You… werent you captured by the Flower Palace You….”

Yang Ye walked slowly over to Liu Nan, and he said as he walked, “Are you very disappointed”

When he saw Yang Ye walking over, Liu Nans legs started trembling as he said, “Yang Ye, you… whatre you thinking of doing Were within the boundaries of the Grand Qin Empire, and its against the law to kill me.

Arent you afraid of becoming wanted in the Grand Qin Empire”

“How do you think I should kill you” As he gazed at Liu Nan who stood before him in terror, Yang Ye smiled as he spoke, yet his smile was slightly hideous.

It was precisely this fellow before him that had frequently bullied Yang Yes family, and for the sake of making Yang Yes mother become his concubine, hed utilized the forces of the Liu Clan to pressure Yang Yes family at all times, causing his family to be practically the most impoverished family in Southpeace City.

Yet now, it was also because of the Liu Clan that his mothers identity was exposed, and it led to her capture by the Flower Palace.

When he thought up to here, it felt as if blades were slicing his heart.

“Guards! Guards!” Liu Nan roared madly when he heard Yang Ye.

Even though he was at the ninth rank of the Mortal Realm, it was a cultivation that was accumulated through time, and he was a ninth rank Mortal Realm Profounder that hadnt fought a battle.

So, what he thought about first was to cry for help and not resist.

“Theres no need to shout.

Besides some servants, all the Guest Elders and members of your Liu Clan are already dead.

Yes, it was I who killed them.

Now, only you remain!” Yang Ye revealed a cruel smile.

Liu Nans eyes opened wide as he spoke with astonishment.

“You, you….

My Liu Clans members that are over 100 in number have been annihilated by you.

You devil, you devil! Qingyu wont let you go! The Grand Qin Empire wont let you go!”

Yang Ye said, “Dont worry, I wont let them go as well.

Theyll go down to accompany you very soon!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a sword light flashed, and then Liu Nans head flew into the air.

Yang Ye turned around and walked out of the Liu Clan Estate.

After that, he gazed at the Liu Clan Estate that was already in flames, and he revealed a wisp of a cruel smile as he said, “All those that harm my loved ones, Ill return it to you by 10 times, no, 100 times.”

Right at this moment, a group of troops from the Grand Qin Empire that wore black armor encircled Yang Ye, and then a middle aged man that wore a luxurious robe walked over to Yang Ye and said in a low voice, “Youre an outer court disciple of the Sword Sect Im the City Governor of Southpeace City.”

If he knew that Yang Yes mother was a Spirit Realm expert, then he wouldnt have accepted the Liu Clans bribe no matter what.

However, there was no medicine for regret in the world.

So, since hed already offended Yang Ye, then he had to eliminate this potential trouble.

So, when the servants of the Liu Clan reported this incident to the City Governors Estate, hed personally led over 100 ninth rank Mortal Realm guards over.

He knew that disciples of the sects were usually able to fight others that possessed higher cultivations that their own.

So, hed brought over all the guards in Southpeace City.

Over 100 ninth rank Mortal Realm experts that had killed their way out of the army, so even a First Heaven Realm expert wouldnt be a match for them!

When he saw this middle aged man that stood before him, a wisp of a cruel smile arose on the corners of Yang Yes mouth.

If it wasnt because this middle aged man had colluded with the Liu Clan, then the guards would have made an appearance in time, and his mother wouldnt have exposed her strength.

This fellow deserves death!

When he noticed the killing intent Yang Ye emanated, the middle aged mans eyes narrowed, and he took two steps back before he said, “Yang Ye, even though youre an outer court disciple of the Sword Sect, you dont have the authority to annihilate someones clan within my city.

Youve already violated the laws of the Grand Qin Empire.

Guard! Seize him!”

Right when those guards intended to make a move, Yang Yes figure moved, and a sword light flashed.

After that, the City Governors head carried a strand of blood as it flew up into the air.

Everyone was extremely shocked.

Theyd never imagined that Yang Ye would actually dare to kill the City Governor in public, nor had they imagined that his speed would actually be so swift to the point they werent even able to determine how hes launched that attack.

The City Governors eyes were wide open, and he truly died while unable to close his eyes and was filled with everlasting regret.

Actually, he was right.

Yang Ye was indeed unable to defeat over 100 experts at the ninth rank of the Mortal Realm.

However, hed been careless because he just had to get so close to Yang Ye.

Of course, it wasnt just him, even those guards had been careless.

Or perhaps, it could be said that theyd never expected Yang Ye to kill the City Governor right here on the streets.

After they recovered from their shock, they immediately pounced towards Yang Ye.

However, they hadnt taken a few steps before they stopped.

Because a badge had suddenly appeared in Yang Yes hand, and it was the badge from the Talisman Masters Association.


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