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“You can leave!” Right at this moment, Man Yuan suddenly appeared in front of Yang Ye, and he stared fixedly at Yang Ye while both his hands were clenched tightly.

Yang Ye said to himself, What a pity!

Because he was very clearly aware that once Man Yuan had spoken these words, then Mu He and the others would definitely not follow him into war with the Man Clan.

After all, theyd merely come here to undo the humiliation theyd suffered, and now that they had, they would naturally join him and fight with their lives on the line.

Sure enough, Mu He and the others stopped the members of Lunar Rite Hall once Man Yuan spoke these words.

Mu He glanced at Yang Ye and said, “Lets go!”

Yang Ye shrugged, and then he turned around and left.

Right at this moment, Man Yuan suddenly said, “Ill definitely make you pay tenfold for this humiliation!”

Yang Ye paid no attention to Man Yuan and quickly vanished from everyones fields of vision.

It didnt take long for the news of Man Xis death at Yang Yes hands to spread through the city, and it shocked countless others.

After all, the Man Clan was an ancient clan, and it wasnt an organization created by the younger generation like Snows Lament was.

But even then, it had still been attacked!

Now, countless were even more curious about Yang Yes identity.

On the other hand, many clans and powers which werent especially strong had hurriedly spread the order that their members were not to offend Yang Man!

Moreover, many could be said to have come to an understanding.

Theyd realized that the body refiner called Yang Man was a complete and utter madman, and misfortune would befall anyone who offended him!

Mu He took Mu Qingfeng somewhere that they could talk in private.

“Yang Man cant be allowed to stay in your Lunar Rite Hall!” The first words Mu He spoke caused Mu Qingfeng to be stunned on the spot.

A short while passed before she asked in a low voice, “Why”

Mu He replied, “Hes too unyielding and impulsive.

Most importantly, hes truly too murderous.

Hell definitely bring great disaster to Lunar Rite Hall if hes allowed to stay.

Just like what happened today.

If he spared Man Xi after he defeated Man Xi today, then it wouldnt have almost gone out of control.

But he didnt.

Moreover, he even intended to slaughter the Man Clan….”

When he spoke up to this point, Mu Hes eyes narrowed slightly as he said, “Ive figured him out.

Hes an absolutely vengeful fellow.

But a person who doesnt know when to stop will definitely be unable to live for long in the Hallowed Grounds.

So, little girl, make him leave Lunar Rite Hall.

Its for Lunar Rite Halls sake, and its for your sake as well!”

Mu Qingfeng fell silent because she wasnt able to refute it at all.

This incident had allowed her to truly sense how dangerous that fellow called Yang Man was.

Would he have really slaughtered the Man Clan if Man Yuan didnt concedeHe definitely would!

“What a headache!” Mu Qingfeng shook her head.

Suddenly, she seemed to have thought of something and said, “Right, grandpa.

Didnt you say that even Half-Saints wouldnt be able to break through the Herculean Armor Why was he able to succeed just now According to my observation, he doesnt seem to be skilled in the sword.”

Mu He frowned for a short while before he spoke, “To be honest, I wasnt able to figure it out as well.

Because the moment he really did it was when all of us felt that he wouldnt be able to succeed, so we didnt observe carefully….

Haha! Now it would seem like he was feigning weakness in the beginning, and he was intentionally making everyone let down our guard.

That fellow, Man Xi, was truly a fool!”

“He really was!” Mu Qingfeng nodded with strong agreement.

If Man Xi hadnt been so conceited and hadnt underestimated his enemy, then it would have been impossible to kill him while he wore the Herculean Armor.

Unfortunately, Man Xi was filled with conceit.

It could be said that Man Xi had died to his own conceit.

“You decide what to do with Yang Man!” Mu Hes figure vanished on the spot once he finished speaking.

Should I let him stay Or make him leave Mu Qingfeng couldnt avoid having a headache.

In a room within Lunar Rite Hall.

Yang Ye walked over to the bed.

Fu Jinxian was seated on the bed.

Shed changed into a set of clean clothes, and her injuries were in a much better state, but the scar on her face was still there.

This made her exquisite and gorgeous appearance to become terrifying.

“Thank you for the 1,000 year old Firecrystal.

But isnt it a waste to be giving it to me!” Fu Jinxian gazed at him as she spoke softly.

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “It was merely a possession.

Right, that firecrystal should have been sufficient to heal the scar on your face, right Why…”

“Is it very unsightly” A smile arose on the corners of Fu Jinxians mouth as she said, “I think that no man would be interested in me with my current appearance, right”

Yang Ye glanced at her, and then he sighed, “Why go to such lengths!”

She answered, “Do you know Man Xi was one of the people who killed my husband and child.

Id thought the heavens had given me a chance to take revenge when I encountered him today, but I never expected that I would actually be that weak.

I was weak to the point that I couldnt kill my sworn enemy even when he stood there and let me attack.

Moreover, I even dragged you into all of this.

I… I really hate… I really hate my powerlessness! I hate myself! Cough….”

As she finished speaking, her agitated emotions caused strands of blood to flow out of the corner of her mouth.

Yang Ye withdrew a piece of cloth and passed it to her, “Man Xi is dead.

I killed him myself.”

Fu Jinxian grew even more agitated.

A long time passed before she finally calmed down.

She took the cloth from Yang Ye, wiped off the blood on the corner of her mouth, and then gazed at him, “You know….

Everyone says that youre a madman, a maniac, and an utter murderer.

However, youre actually a very nice person!”

“Im a nice person” Yang Ye shook his head as he chuckled, “Perhaps only you would say that Im a nice person.

Dont forget that I annihilated your Fire Spirit Race.”

Fu Jinxian replied, “Youre very cruel and insane when you deal with your enemies, and youll reveal your darkest side when you face your enemies.

Moreover, youll even endlessly magnify the darkness within you when you face your enemies.

Thats why they call you a maniac and murderer.

However, youre very good to the people on your side.

Theres no killing intent or viciousness coming from you when you face them, and youre very amiable instead.


Fu Jinxian paused for a moment when she spoke up to this point and said, “I noticed that youve never offended anyone since you arrived at the Ancient City of Hallows, and youve even exercised forbearance on many occasions when others offended you.

But once you stop exercising forbearance, then youll annihilate every single enemy of yours and leave no room for reconciliation.

The world calls you a maniac, a madman, and a murderer.

However, no one has ever wondered why you became like that!”

Yang Ye glanced at her and didnt want to continue on this topic, so he said, “What did the Patriarch of the Fire Spirit Race say when you went to see him”

Fu Jinxian knew how to read the situation, and she didnt continue on the precious topic.

She said, “What else He asked me not to cause trouble in the city because the Fire Spirit Race cant even protect itself now, and it has no choice but to live in the city.

So, he doesnt want me to cause trouble for them.

Haha! They actually intended to lock me up because of that!”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “Dont go back and just stay here at Lunar Rite Hall.”

When he spoke up to this point, Yang Ye hesitated for a moment before he withdrew another 1,000 year old Firecrystal and placed it by her bed.

He said, “I might have been unable to escape the Fire Spirit Races territory that day if you hadnt sent me a voice transmission.

I wont dissuade you from relying on strength to take revenge, but this is all I can help you with.”

“Youre still not ruthless enough!” Fu Jinxian gazed at him and said, “I would kill me if I were you.

Because only my death would guarantee your absolute safety in the city.

Conversely, youll definitely die if Im allowed to live and expose your true identity!”

Yang Ye chuckled and said, “As I said before, I dont offend those who dont offend me.

I have my own limits, and I absolutely wont go over those limits.

I have no reason to kill you, and my conscience wouldnt allow me to do so for those reasons you just spoke of.

Moreover, it doesnt conform to my Sword Dao.

Besides that, I might not die even if you expose me!” Yang Ye turned around and left once he finished speaking.

Fu Jinxian held the firecrystal in her grasp, and she gazed at the direction Yang Ye left towards for a long time before she finally withdrew her gaze.

At the instant she withdrew her gaze, the emotions in her eyes had instantly changed, and it became filled with ferocious, murderous, and vicious!

“Ill get stronger no matter the cost!” A soft voice resounded through the room.

Yang Ye returned to his room after he left Fu Jinxians room, and the first thing he did was take Man Xis body out of the Primordial Pagoda.

He wasnt interested in corpses, of course.

He was interested in the Herculean Armor that Man Xi wore.

Hed personally experienced its strength during the battle, and there were 2 reasons why hed been able to pierce through Man Xis eyes.

Firstly, Man Xi had underestimated him and let his guard down.

Secondly, hed instantly utilized his 11th level Sword Intent, the 3rd stage of Critical Strike, and the Mortal Sword!

He could be said to have truly utilized his full strength! But even then, he still felt a trace of obstruction from the armor.

In other words, his full strength had still been almost unable to break through the Herculean Armors defenses.

Actually, if Man Xi was slightly vigilant and had dodged earlier, then it would have been absolutely impossible for him to succeed!

In short, if he were to wear the Herculean Armor, then he would dare to use only his physical strength which was covered in dragon scales to fight Half-Saints in one-on-one battles!

Not to mention that he had the Mageforce Shield and the ice shield!

In short, he would be armed to the teeth from now one!

A smile couldnt help but arise on the corners of his mouth when he thought about that.

However, he had a slight problem.

The Herculean Armor was wrapped tightly around Man Xi, and there were no gaps at all.

Most importantly, the hole hed pierced through it had actually closed up.

In other words, he couldnt remove it at all!

Yang Ye remained silent on the spot for a long time, but it didnt take long for him to have an idea.

His figure flashed into the Pavilion of Alchemy with Man Xis corpse in his hand.

“Youre so strong, so Ill roast you a little.

Lets see if you or the Divine Yin Flame is stronger!”

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