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Nether Maiden!

The number one monstrous genius on the Hallowed Rankings, Nether Maiden!

Yang Ye and the others revealed solemn expressions on their faces when they saw her.

Because their strengths were even sufficient for them to instantly notice an ant around them.

However, they hadnt noticed her arrival at all.

The most terrifying part was that even if she was standing right before them right now, they still couldnt sense her aura.

It was like there was no one in front of them!

Nether Maidens eyes were pitch black, so others couldnt see the expression in her eyes at all.

However, both the violet robed man and the other woman were able to notice that Nether Maidens gaze had descended onto the seemingly ordinary fellow who stood by their side.

This made them feel rather surprised, but they were even more surprised when she nodded slightly to him….

Thats a greeting! Both of their eyes instantly opened wide.

Yang Ye was slightly stunned when he saw her greet him.

He hadnt expected that she would actually greet him.

But while he didnt understand why she did that, he still nodded in response.

After all, he respected those who respected him.

Nether Maidens figure floated off and instantly arrived before the jade counter at the center.

Meanwhile, a blue barrier of light suddenly appeared before the counter.

Yang Ye noticed that both the violet robed man and the womans bodies had instantly tensed up when the barrier of light appeared, and they stared fixedly at it.

Yang Ye was quite curious, so he looked over as well.

The 3 of them watched as Nether Maiden raised her hand slowly, and then she waved her hand lightly against the barrier of light.

The barrier of light trembled violently, and then countless fine cracks started spreading like a spiderweb.

She waved her hand again….


This time, the cracks on the barrier instantly spread further, and then it was on the verge of shattering.

At this moment, she waved her hand again!


They watched as the barrier of light exploded apart, and it transformed into countless blue specks that fell to the ground.

The violet robed man and the other woman exchanged glances, and there was dense bitterness and helplessness in their eyes!

After the barrier of light shattered, Nether Maiden withdrew a point card and lightly swiped it against the top of the jade counter.

After that, a black scroll appeared in her hand.

At this moment, Yang Ye was shocked, extremely shocked.

He wasnt shocked because shed blasted that barrier of light apart, he was shocked because he saw the label on that black scroll….

200,000 points!

How costly was 200,000 points It was a few times more costly than a Dao Rank technique!

Are Saint Rank techniques that terrifying

Yang Ye grew even more curious about the Saint Rank techniques.

He didnt know if the Mortal Sword within the Tri-Apex Sword Technique hed cultivated was a Dao Rank or Saint Rank technique.

The reason he didnt know was mainly because hed never laid eyes on a Saint Rank technique.

Even though hed clashed with Nether Maiden that day, both of them hadnt fought seriously! So, while shed cultivated Saint Rank techniques, he hadnt witnessed their might!

Nether Maiden glanced at the scroll, put it away, and then turned around and walked towards the stairway.

She suddenly stopped when she arrived at the stairs, and then she turned around and gazed at Yang Ye, “I accept a mission, and its slightly difficult.

But its rewards arent bad.

Itll provide a reward of 400,000 points once its completed.

Are you interested”

The violet robed man and the woman were instantly stunned on the spot.

Theyd never imagined that Nether Maiden would actually invite this seemingly ordinary fellow to complete a mission with her!

My god! Thats Nether Maiden! The 1st on the Hallowed Rankings!

The reason Qin Die and Qingfeng were shocked was mainly because theyd never heard of Nether Maiden taking others with her when she completed missions.

Because she usually dealt with them herself.

Yet now, shed actually invited someone….

Their gazes descended onto Yang Ye once more, and they stared fixedly at him as if they wanted to see through him!

Yang Ye was quite surprised.

He hadnt expected that she would invite him to head out on a mission.

At this moment, he felt that something was off because the feeling she gave him since they met in the Hallowed Grounds was like she knew him! It was quite an absurd feeling because if she did recognize him, then he would have been annihilated by the Hallowed Halls a long time ago!

That was the main reason why Yang Ye was bewildered.

If she doesnt recognize me, then why is she constantly being nice to me Could it be that she was shocked by the strength I revealed earlier But thats clearly impossible….

Yang Ye thought for quite a while before he said, “How many points can I get” Even though he didnt know why she was doing this, hed decided to go on that mission with her.

Firstly, he really did need points, and he needed a huge amount.

Because he needed 100,000 points at least to enter the Pagoda of Confinement.

Secondly, he wanted to get close to her and see what her true strength was like!

“Itll depend on your own strength!” She replied, “Ill come for you 3 days from now!” She vanished on the spot once she finished speaking.

“Whore you!” Qin Die suddenly walked over to Yang Ye once Nether Maiden left, and he stared fixedly at Yang Ye as he said, “Nether Maiden has never liked to talk with others, even if its Unseeing whos ranked at the 2nd position on the Hallowed Rankings.

But she actually invited you! Tell me, is there something between the two of you!”

Yang Ye replied, “Believe me, Ill tell her what you just said!”

Qin Dies face instantly fell, and then he smiled with embarrassment and said, “I was joking.

It was just a joke.

Even though you dont seem too shabby, its impossible for her to fall for you.”

When he noticed that Yang Yes expression was quite unsightly, Qin Die hurriedly spoke with a serious expression on his face, “Brother, who exactly are you Dont tell me that youre just a passerby.

That would be an insult to my intelligence!”

“Yang Man!” Yang Ye said, “As for why she invited me, I actually have no idea.

Ill definitely ask her when we meet again!”

“Youre Yang Man!” Qin Die was shocked, “That Yang Man who attacked Snows Laments headquarters, and kill both Yu Wushuang and that white robed Vice Master of Snows Lament”

At this moment, there was shock and curiosity in Qingfengs eyes, and she was sizing him up incessantly.

Yang Ye nodded.

“Youre finished!” Qin Die chuckled and said, “The Master of Snows Lament, Lou Yuxiao, will be back from the Netherworld Ocean in 2 days at most.

Hehe! At that time, hell definitely come looking for you.

Do you know who Lou Yuxiao is You definitely dont! He seems very refined and gentle on the outside, but hes actually an extraordinary madman.

You killed so many members of Snows Lament and trampled upon its honor, so hell definitely fight you to the death!”

When he spoke up to this point, Qin Die paused for a moment and said, “But theres no need to worry.

There are those in this world who dont fear him.

Just like me! So, join my Alliance of Sabers and Swords, and Ill deal with Lou Yuxiao for you! Alright”

“Qin Die!” Meanwhile, the woman suddenly spoke coldly, “Arent you going a bit too far by trying to steal a member of my Lunar Rite Palace while Im standing right here”

Qin Dies face twitched when he heard this, and then he shrugged, “Qingfeng, Im helping you.

Its not like youre unaware of Lou Yuxiaos character.

If you drive him to a corner, then hell definitely fight your Lunar Rite Hall to the death!”

“Why would I, Mu Qingfeng, fear him” Mu Qingfeng glanced coldly at Qin Die, and then she turned to look at Yang Ye, “Since youre a member of my Lunar Rite Hall, then Ill deal with it for you, regardless of how severe it is!”

“Youre the master of Lunar Rite Hall” Yang Ye was no fool.

When he heard their conversation, hed faintly guessed their identities.

The woman should be the Hall Master of Lunar Rite Hall while Qin Die was probably the leader of the Alliance of Sabers and Swords.

“Youre absolutely right!” Qin Die chuckled, “Standing right before you is the peerless and drop dead gorgeous Hall Master of Lunar Rite Hall, Mu Qingfeng! As for me, Im the handsome, elegant, refined, and loved leader of the Alliance of Sabers and Swords, Qin Die.

They call me the beast of passion!”

“The beast” Yang Ye was quite astounded.

“The beast of passion!” Qin Dies face darkened as he said, “The beast of passion, understand Its a demon beast thats loved by all, and its known for being amorous.


“I think that being called the beast is much more suitable for you!” Yang Ye spoke in a very serious manner.

“Kid! Lets go for a one on one battle! Im going to fight you one on one!” Qin Die was furious, and he really intended to drag Yang Ye out for a battle.

“Enough!” Meanwhile, Qingfeng suddenly shouted and glanced at Qin Die with displeasure.

The latter puckered his lips and didnt speak again about fighting Yang Ye.

Mu Qingfeng gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Were leaving.

What about you”

Yang Ye said, “The two of you were waiting here just to see her blast that barrier of blue light apart”

Mu Qingfeng nodded, “Dont underestimate that barrier.

It contains the energy of the Laws, so ordinary people would find them utterly impossible to shatter.

Even Nether Maiden spent almost an entire day to blast open the barrier a few months ago.

Yet now….” When she spoke up to this point, a wisp of bitterness appeared in her eyes, and she said, “She actually used just 3 attacks to blast it apart! Such a speed of growth is truly too terrifying!”

“What about the two of you” Yang Ye suddenly asked, “How many attacks do the 2 of you need to break it apart”

Mu Qingfengs gaze flickered when she heard this, yet she remained silent.

Meanwhile, Qin Dies countenance turned slightly unsightly, and his lips twitched as he said, “Lets not talk about that, lets not talk about that.

Well meet again!” As he spoke, he immediately vanished down the stairs.

Yang Ye was speechless.

Mu Qingfeng glanced at Yang Ye and said, “Lou Yuxiao will return in a few days.

Dont leave Lunar Rite Palace when he does.

He isnt someone you can deal with right now.” Mu Qingfengs figure flashed and vanished down the stairs as well.

Yang Ye walked over to a counter once they left.

In an instant, a barrier of light appeared and obstructed him.

Yang Ye clenched his right fist and swiftly smashed it forward!


The barrier of light trembled violently while some cracks appeared on it.

Yang Ye smashed his fist forward again, and he launched over 50 punches in succession within an instant.


Suddenly, the barrier of light exploded into pieces.

Yang Ye gazed at the shattered barrier of light as he spoke softly, “It wasnt that difficult….”

Yang Ye didnt look at the technique behind the barrier because it was pointless when he had no points.

He just left the Technique Pavilion instead.

However, he was stopped by a few men when he just walked out of its doors.

The man who led the group walked over to Yang Ye, sized Yang Ye up, and then spoke coldly, “Youre that fellow, Yang Man, right Fu Jinxian is in our hands.

Come with us if you want her to stay alive!”

A hand immediately grabbed the mans throat, and then Yang Ye gazed at the man whose countenance had turned ghastly pale, “Youre threatening me” He suddenly squeezed down as he spoke.


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