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“Miss Xiaoman, since weve cleared the air between us, then I feel that it isnt necessary for us to be married.

Regardless of whether its the Nether Ghostflame or those 1,000 year old Firecrystals, they arent as valuable as my life.

So, in short, I still owe you, and not the other way around.

Thus, you dont have to wrong yourself and marry someone you dont like!”

Yang Ye knew that he wasnt someone who could give his undivided attention and affection to a single person, but he didnt want to be like a breeding horse.

Because every single woman he accepted would cause Su Qingshi, Xiao Yuxi, and the others to feel a little sadder.

Moreover, while he had a good impression of Xiaoman because shed saved his life, he was very clearly aware that it wasnt love.

Besides that, Xiaoman merely had a slightly good impression and felt some guilt towards him.

It was impossible for her to feel love for him as well.

Both of them didnt love each other, so if they were to be united because of this, then it would definitely cause a tragedy for them in the future.

Xiaoman fell silent for a short while upon hearing Yang Ye, and she said, “What you said makes sense.

But everyone knows that weve been united in marriage.

I would really lose face if we split up right now.

Moreover, the old geezer will definitely think that you were just playing with me because humans frequently play with women.

If that happens, then youll definitely die!”

Yang Ye thought for a moment and felt that she made sense.

After all, the reason hed been able to gain a foothold in the Fire Spirit Race was mainly because they felt he was Xiaomans husband.

The reason the Grand Elder and Tong Fen had protected him were mainly because of that as well.

Once he made their true relationship clear, then Qian Yan would definitely be the first to look for trouble with him!

If he was at his prime, then he would naturally have no need to fear a Half-Saint.

After all, he could run even if he wasnt a match for his opponent.

But even 2 Monarch Realm experts could crush him in his current state!

“Why dont we fake it for now” Xiaoman spoke abruptly, “In that way, you can safely recuperate here, and I can feel at ease from helping you.

What do you think”

Yang Ye thought for a moment and said, “Alright.

But I would owe you another favor because of that!”

Xiaoman was quite displeased by his reaction, “Why do you keep talking about favors.

Your flame saved my grandfather, and thats equivalent to saving me.

In short, Ill show you no mercy if you continue treating me like an outsider.

Yang Ye smiled and said, “Alright.

At the very least, we can be considered to be friends now.

It really isnt good to act like that to a friend!”

Xiaoman nodded and said, “Thats how it should be!” As she spoke, she passed the 2 1,000 year old Firecrystals she had and the other Firecrystals to Yang Ye and said, “They belong to you, so keep them.

Especially these 1,000 year old Firecrystals.

Theyll be extremely useful once you attain the Monarch Realm.

In the future, dont be such a fool and give them a way just like that, understand”

Yang Ye shook his head and pushed them back to her, “We agreed that we wouldnt treat each other as outsiders, but youre doing it right now.

That isnt good.”

Xiaoman gazed at him for a short while, and she finally took them when she noticed the firm expression on his face, “Alright, then Ill be taking them.

Im going to sleep, are you coming”

Yang Ye was speechless.

They were still acting, so they were living in the same room.

Of course, Yang Ye didnt get on the bed and sleep with her.

The important matter at hand for him was to recover!

Besides recovering, he was prepared to utilize the Firecrystals and Watersoul to charge into the Monarch Realm!

Since he arrived at the Hallowed Grounds, Yang Ye gained a clear understanding of how insufficient his cultivation at the Exalt Realm was.

Only by attaining the Monarch Realm would he be able to resist Half-Saints and survive in the Hallowed Grounds.

Of course, only by attaining the Monarch Realm would he have the chance to retrieve the Sword Precursor!

Yang Ye sat cross-legged on a chair as he withdrew a 1,000 year old Firecrystal and swallowed it.

It had just entered his body when he felt like a piece of molten metal had been thrown into his body.

Moreover, he seemed like a spirit vein that was filled with and covered by seemingly material energy!

Xiaomans eyes carried a trace of bewilderment as she gazed at Yang Ye who sat cross-legged on the chair.

She was no fool.

She was very clearly aware that the identity of this fellow who shed dragged back here was definitely not ordinary.

Regardless of whether it was the Natural Treasure or the Heaven Rank Sword Intent, both of them revealed that he was definitely not ordinary.

Of course, besides a mysterious identity, she felt that he was stupid….

After all, only an idiot would just give away a Natural Treasure and 1,000 year old Firecrystals….

But why does this idiot seem so pleasing to me Xiaoman grinned as she held the Firecrystals in her grasp, and then she fell asleep.

Just like that, 3 days had passed, and Yang Ye was still seated cross-legged on the spot while 10 extreme-grade energy stones remained on his lap.

Yang Ye had utterly underestimated the 1,000 year old Firecrystal.

Because he still hadnt fully absorbed the energy of the Firecrystal after consuming almost 100 extreme-grade energy stones.

This allowed him to understand why those Half-Saints attached such importance to the 1,000 year old Firecrystals! Because it really was a precious treasure!

In these 3 days of time, the energy provided by both the extreme-grade energy stones and 1,000 year old Firecrystal had allowed him to recover from 90% of his injuries.

However, he didnt stop because recovering was only the 1st step, and the most important step was to charge into the Monarch Realm!

He didnt dare to charge into the Monarch Realm while residing above ground because he would die if Xuan Ming and the others caught him.

So, he had no choice but to attain the Monarch Realm within the territory of the Fire Spirit Race.

Because this was one of the only places that the Hallowed Halls wasnt able to interfere.

Moreover, it was the only place that he could rest at ease while charging into the Monarch Realm and wouldnt have to worry about a Half-Saint suddenly attacking him!

While Yang Ye was recovering from his injuries, Xiaoman didnt stay idle as well, and she too consumed a 1,000 year old Firecrystal.

At this moment, she was absorbing the energy within it.

1,000 year old Firecrystals were extremely beneficial even to Half-Saints, so Yang Ye had clearly noticed that Xiaomans aura was growing stronger throughout this period!

Just like that, both of them started to madly absorb the energy of Firecrystals in the room.

5 days later, Yang Yes injuries were completely healed!

As he gazed at the 1,000 year old Firecrystals that laid before him, Yang Ye didnt hesitate to pick another up and swallow it.

At the same time, he withdrew over 100 extreme-grade energy stones and placed them around himself.

Just like that, Yang Ye seemed like a vortex of energy while the energy that came from within the Firecrystal and energy stones completely enveloped him.

However, Yang Ye felt that it still wasnt sufficient, and he withdrew another 100 extreme-grade energy stones and placed them around himself.

In an instant, the entire room was filled with dense energy!

Qian Meis room.

At this moment, she was venting madly….

There were 2 handsome men on her bed, and they were ceaselessly entangled with her while shaking incessantly like madmen….

The entire bed was shaking and shaking violently as if it would collapse at any moment.

“AH!! Faster! Faster! Faster! FASTER!!!” Suddenly, Qian Mei started howling hysterically.

At the same time, one of the men who was on top of her started speeding up.

“AHH!!” Suddenly, Qian Mei screamed while she started trembling violently like a bolt of lightning had surged into her.

Her figure trembled continuously for a short while before she finally calmed down.

Suddenly, two rays of cold light flashed, and then both the men were completely lifeless.

“Whos there!” Qian Mei sat up swiftly, and a masked man was suddenly standing before her bed.

“Whore you!” Qian Mei stood on her bed with a vigilant expression on her face, and she didnt seem to feel any embarrassment from being completely naked.

The masked man spoke abruptly, “Do you want to kill Ye Yang”

The profound energy within her surged in secret as she asked, “Whatre you trying to say”

He repeated his question, “Do you want to kill him or not”

Qian Mei took a deep and long glance at him before she spoke with a ferocious expression covering her face, “Of course I do.

Ive never been so humiliated throughout my lifetime.

I wish for nothing more than to skin him alive and drink his blood! But he has the Grand Elder and Tong Fens protection, so what can we do Even my grandfather is helpless against him right now!”

The masked man replied, “The Hallowed Halls sent news that the seal on the defiant profounders has suddenly loosened, and it requested the assistance of the Fire Spirit Race.

So, the Grand Elder, Tong Feng, your grandfather, and the others have left for now while the remaining Half-Saints of the Fire Spirit Race are in closed door cultivation.

In other words, he doesnt have any backing right now.

Moreover, based on my observation, hell definitely be trying to break through into the Monarch Realm soon.

Thats our best opportunity and final opportunity.

I can tell you for a fact that even your grandfather wouldnt be able to kill him once he attains the Monarch Realm!”

Qian Mei grunted coldly and said, “Monarch Realm experts are like ants before my grandfather!”

The masked man didnt refute her and just said, “Its our best opportunity to kill him.

So are you up for it or not”

“Are you sure that the Grand Elder and the others have left” asked Qian Mei.

The masked man replied, “Of course!”

Qian Mei revealed a savage smile, “Even the heavens are helping me! Ill go kill him right now!” She was about to head over while she spoke.

The masked man suddenly said, “Youll be giving your life away if you head over right now!”

Her face turned cold, “What!”

He replied, “According to my speculation, he has probably recovered from his injuries now.

So youll only be giving your life away if you head over right now.

Dont doubt my words.

Hes 10 times or even a few dozen times stronger than you ever imagined!”

“Are you trying to scare me” Qian Mei naturally didnt believe him.

The masked man said, “Not to mention anything else, you cant even deal with his Heaven Rank Sword Intent.

What would you do if you alarm him”

Qian Mei thought for a moment and felt that it made sense, so she said, “Then what do you plan to do”

“Wait until the critical moment when hes charging into the Monarch Realm, and then well launch a surprise attack!” replied the masked man.

“Why do you want to kill him Who are you!” Qian Mei suddenly spoke with a vigilant tone.

The masked man said, “Youll understand in the future.

You just have to understand that we both want to kill the same person.

I only have a single request.

I want one of his possessions, and you can have all the rest.

Including the Firecrystals he possesses.”

Right at this moment, Qian Mei suddenly attacked.

She instantly arrived before the masked man, and then slapped her palm towards him.

However, shed merely just swung her palm forward when hed vanished on the spot, and he was already behind her!

Qian Meis expression changed violently, and then she turned around and gazed at him with a serious expression, “Who exactly are you!”

“Im not your enemy!” The masked man continued, “If Im not wrong, then hell be charging into the Monarch Realm by tomorrow.

That would be our opportunity to act.

Right, if its possible, then get more people to join us.

You should have friends in the Fire Spirit Race after all.

Let me give you one final warning, dont act arbitrarily.

Because he\'s much, much stronger than you imagined.

Ill explain it like this.

If I were to fight him in a one on one battle, then it would mostly end with my death!” When he spoke up to this point, the masked mans figure shook slightly and vanished on the spot.

Qian Meis entire body felt cold….

A day later, phenomenon of the heavens and the earth suddenly appeared in the sky above Yang Yes room.

All the members of the Fire Spirit Race were shocked because it represented that someone was charging into the Monarch Realm!

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