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360 skeletons appeared behind Yang Ye, and then the violet mink and Lei Lin appeared by his side as well.

He didnt waste his breath at all before a beam of violet sword energy immediately surged from the ancient sheath.

It tore a huge gash through the air as it smashed against one of the Gold Guards at the front, and the Gold Guard instantly transformed into a ray of gold light that was blasted flying!

It was an attack that carried 3 overlapped Heavenrends and the 2nd stage of the Critical Strike technique!

Yang Ye stomped the ground with his right foot and charged into the group of Gold Guards.

Meanwhile, the 360 skeletons followed closely behind him.

The violet mink slapped Lei Lin on the head before pointing at the Gold Guards in the distance.

Lei Lin nodded in response, and then she clapped her hands together, causing a bolt of lightning to surge forward….

Yang Ye was immediately surrounded upon charging into the group of Gold Guards, and countless swords had struck him in an instant.

Fortunately, his physical defenses were simply abnormal, and hed forcefully resisted all of these attacks.

At the same time, the Sword Ruler in his hand smashed down swiftly towards the Gold Guards.

However, Yang Ye was surprised to notice that the Gold Guards were actually able to resist it!

These Gold Guards are stronger than the 2 from before!Who exactly is this Grand Preceptor Why does he possess so many terrifying puppets How could they have lost to the Grand Qin Empire and the six great sects of the southern territory if they possessed so many of these puppets

A string of questions flashed through Yang Yes mind!

Yang Ye shook his head and discarded these distracting thoughts as a wisp of ferocity flashed through his eyes.

He flipped his right hand, and the Sword Ruler was replaced by the intent sword.

Next, he sheathed it before swiftly drawing it once more!


A crescent of violet sword energy swept forward, and over a dozen Gold Guards in the front of the group were instantly blasted into two.

Moreover, even the Gold Guards behind them were blasted over 100m away from the aftershock!

It was an attack that contained 5 overlapped Heavenrends and the 2nd stage of the Critical Strike technique!

Yang Ye flipped his left hand and a few dozen extreme-grade energy stones had appeared within his grasp.

Meanwhile, another beam of violet sword energy shot forward, and over a dozen more Gold Guards in its path were slashed into half!

Yin Xuaners expression changed when she witnessed this scene, and she said, “His sword energy is a few times stronger than before!”

“Theyre overlapped!” The grey robed man spoke in a low voice, “Moreover, he enhanced them with a secret technique from the Hallowed Grounds.

Thats why it was able to break through the Gold Guards armor with such ease!”

Yin Xuaner pondered deeply for a while and said, “Grand Preceptor, is it really worth for us to make such a sacrifice for the Exalted Han Empire”

The grey robed man said, “It isnt.

But we have no other choice because even the entire continent might face destruction if the Exalted Han Empire disregards everything in order to bring him down with them!”

“Its that severe” Yin Xuaner was astounded.

“Its much more than that!” The grey robed man sighed softly and said, “Yang Ye isnt aware of the reason.

Of course, with his character, he probably wouldnt spare them even if he were.

All those years ago, the Sword Sects Founding Ancestor had almost annihilated the Exalted Han Empire.

The reason it survived wasnt entirely because the Hallowed Grounds had stepped forward to lend it a hand.

The Unfettered One wasnt afraid of the Hallowed Grounds all those years ago, he feared the royal family of the Exalted Han Empire!”

“Is it capable of summoning a Saint Realm expert just like the Flower Palace had” asked Yin Xuaner.

The grey robed man shook his head, “Its impossible for Saint Realm experts to descend into this world any longer.

However, there are existences that are even more terrifying than Saint Realm experts hidden on Profounder Continent and the Hallowed Grounds!”


Right at this moment, over a dozen more Gold Guards were blasted apart by a ray of violet sword energy.

Yang Ye couldnt execute overlapped Heavenrends without limits.

However, while he couldnt execute it without limits, the extreme-grade energy stones allowed him to execute it again after a short interval.

Because energy was ceaselessly surging into his body and being transformed into profound energy!

However, the situation was quite bad for Yang Ye!

Because the skeletons werent a match for those Gold Guards at all, and cracks had actually started to appear on many of them!

Yang Ye took a deep breath when he noticed this, and then his gaze locked onto the grey robed man in the distance.

He didnt hesitate to sweep away the Gold Guards in front of him, and then immediately executed Horizon Warp.

His figure instantly appeared before the grey robed man.

However, a Super Gold Guard that was at least 1.5 times larger than the Gold Guards behind him had appeared before him!

After that, a huge saber that was even larger than Yang Ye slashed down forcefully towards him!

Yang Yes expression changed a little.

It was too late to dodge, so he immediately raised his intent sword to block it!


A muffled bang resounded as the cracks instantly covered the intent sword in his hand.

Moreover, Yang Yes legs were actually hammered into the ground by the force of this attack.

Besides that, traces of blood had started to seep out from between the dragon scales on Yang Yes right hand….

A wisp of ferociousness flashed through his eyes as he suddenly slapped his left hand against the ground, and his entire body shot up into the air.

He exchanged his intent sword for the Sword Ruler before utilizing his entire physical strength to smash the Sword Ruler against that Super Gold Guard!

Even though it was a puppet, its reaction wasnt slow at all, and it flicked its saber upwards against Yang Yes sword.


A wave of air suddenly erupted from beneath the Super Gold Guards feet as sword and saber collided, and cracks had even instantly appeared on the ground.

Enormous cracks stretched incessantly towards the surroundings, and only less than 2 breaths of time passed before the ground in an area of 300m was covered in cracks.

“Slash!” Yang Yes furious shout resounded as the Sword Ruler descended once more onto the Super Gold Guards saber, and then an explosion resounded as the ground beneath the Super Gold Guard collapsed!

“Slash!” Yang Ye raised the Sword Ruler again.

This time, the entire Super Gold Guard was nailed into the ground, and then Yang Ye jumped down after it.

Less than five breaths of time passed before Yang Ye emerged from beneath the ground, and he was holding the head of that Gold Guard.

Meanwhile, the violet mink and Lei Lin appeared by his side, and the violet mink pointed towards the distance.

Yang Yes heart instantly sank when he looked over because all the skeletons had actually been destroyed! Moreover, besides the few dozen that hed destroyed earlier, not another Gold Guard had been destroyed! Only a few of them had some scorched marks on their armor from Lei Lins attacks!

The remaining Gold Guards returned to the grey robed man, and he said in a deep voice, “Actually, all 100 of these Gold Guards were at the Monarch Realm, and I merely suppressed them to the Exalt Realm to use them against you.

Even then, their strengths arent inferior to ordinary Monarch Realm experts.

But I never expected that you would have been able to kill a few dozen on your own.

Haha, what a surprise!”

Yang Ye tossed away the head he held, and he said, “I wasnt interested in your identity before this, but Im quite curious now.

However, Im only just curious.

If you intend to rely on them to stop me, then I dont think theyre sufficient!”

The grey robed man nodded, and then he waved his right hand.

5 Super Gold Guards appeared in front of him before he said, “What about now”

Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly, and then he formed an intent sword in his grasp.

“Yang Ye!” Meanwhile, Yin Xuaner suddenly said, “If you insist on fighting, then the worst outcome would be that our northern territory and the Exalted Han Empire will fight you together.

At that time, itll be a Pyrrhic victory even if your southern territory wins.

We dont want to become enemies with you.

As we said before, all of us can instantly become friends if youre willing!”

“No, there has to be another condition!” Right at this moment, Emperor Han who was escorted by numerous experts arrived by Yin Xuaner and the grey robed mans side.

He gazed at Yang Ye and said, “The southern territorys troops must pull out from the central territory and return the territory of my empire.

Only then can we truly become allies!”

Yin Xuaners beautiful brows knit together.

This isnt good!

Sure enough, Yang Ye suddenly said, “Pull out from the central territory Return the territory of your empire Haha! Have you been the emperor for too long that youve gone mad”

“If you dont agree, then well meet in battle!” Emperor Han spoke flatly.

A wisp of a savage smile arose on the corners of Yang Yes mouth, and then he patted both the violet mink and Lei Lin.

They understood his intentions and immediately hid within the Primordial Pagoda.

After that, Yang Ye held his sword in hand as he walked over towards them and said, “Grand Preceptor of the northern territory.

Your words are actually very laughable.

All of you are constantly proclaiming that you dont want to become enemies with me, but your actions are doing just that.

Since its like that, then youre my enemies from this moment onward.

Dont you have a huge amount of Gold Guards Let me see if you have enough for me to kill today!”

Yang Ye immediately drew his intent sword once he finished speaking, and a beam of violet sword energy flashed forward.

Not a single sound resounded as the heads of over 20 Gold Guards which stood before him instantly flew into the air.

However, the sword energy didnt disperse, and it flashed forward towards the Grand Preceptor.

However, 3 Super Gold Guards stepped forward when it was about to arrive in front of the Grand Preceptor, and then 3 huge sabers simultaneously struck Yang Yes sword energy.


An enormous explosion resounded as the sabers exploded into pieces, and then the sword energy continued forward and smashed against the chest of a Super Gold Guard, causing it to instantly explode into pieces!

Everyone here was astounded!

Because that was Yang Yes true strength!

The grey robed man clenched his fists.

Obviously, he hadnt expected that Yang Yes attack would actually be so formidable.

Just a single attack had actually slaughtered over 20 of his Gold Guards and a Super Gold Guard!

Yang Yes strength was much stronger than hed imagined!

“Unless a Saint appears here today, otherwise, I, Yang Ye, will definitely annihilate the royal family of the Exalted Han Empire!” A strand of Sword Intent suddenly erupted from within Yang Ye, and it covered the heavens and the earth as it enveloped down upon everyone in the surroundings.

“Yang Ye, youre courting death! Youre leading the southern territory to its doom!” said Emperor Han in a heavy voice.

Yang Ye pointed his intent sword at Emperor Han, “I dont know if Ill die, but Im sure that you will!”

Meanwhile, a group of Gold Guards had suddenly appeared before the grey robed man! It was a group of 200 Gold Guards and 10 Super Gold Guards!

A strand of ferocity flashed through Yang Yes eyes.

At the same time, a ray of golden light flashed, and An Nanjing appeared by his side.

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