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Yang Ye tossed the Mageforce Shield into the 2nd level of the Primordial Pagoda, the Pavilion of Alchemy, and the shield instantly fell silent.

“How could this be possible How could this be possible!” Meanwhile, the black clothed man suddenly howled furiously while bewilderment and shock filled his eyes.

Because he noticed that the link between him and the Mageforce Shield had actually been completely severed when Yang Ye took the shield, and this made him feel extremely fearful of Yang Ye!

Because it was impossible for even a Half-Saint to wipe away his Spiritual Brand.

After all, it was something hed imprinted into the shield while he was at his peak.

But this fellow with a sword who stood before him could actually sever the link between him and his Mageforce Shield, so how could he not be shocked and fearful

Qin Bufan glanced at the black clothed man, and then his voice carried extremely obvious shock and bewilderment as he gazed at Yang Ye and asked, “How did you do it”

It wasnt impossible to eliminate anothers Spiritual Brand, but it was usually something that a profounder of higher cultivation did to one of lower cultivation.

But Yang Ye was just an Exalt Realm profounder while the black clothed man was at the Monarch Realm.

So, one at a lower realm of cultivation had wiped away the Spiritual Brand of someone at a higher realm of cultivation He would absolutely not believe it if he hadnt witnessed it with his own eyes!

Yang Ye wasnt surprised that the Primordial Pagoda could suppress the Mageforce Shield.

Because even until now, he still hadnt come across anything that it couldnt suppress.

Yang Ye paid no further attention to the shield for now.

In any case, it was his now.

He gazed at the black clothed man and said, “Theres no enmity between me and the defiant profounders, but you immediately started slaughtering the profounders of my southern territory once you escaped the seal.

Id like to ask who gave you the courage to do that” As soon as he finished speaking, 12th level Sword Intent swept out and enveloped the black clothed man.

The black clothed mans expression changed violently when he felt himself being suppressed by it, and he cried out involuntarily, “2nd level Heaven Rank Sword Intent! You actually possess 2nd level Heaven Rank Sword Intent! But youre just an Exalt Realm profounder….”

The answer he received was a beam of sword energy.

This time, it was much stronger and faster than before.

Because he was suppressed by Yang Yes sword intent, the black clothed man wasnt able to dodge at all, and he could only collide head-on against it.

However, he was very clearly aware of the state he was in, and he knew that he would definitely be heavily injured if he did that.

He couldnt die, but heavy injuries would cause his strength to decline, and that was something he couldnt tolerate at all.

He hurriedly gazed at Qin Bufan and said, “Please lend me a hand.

Ill definitely reward you greatly!”

Even though hed asked for help, his counterattack wasnt delayed at all.

He waved his arms around as a few dozen enormous snakes that were formed from profound energy flashed forward and pounced at Yang Yes sword qi.


The enormous snakes were instantly dispersed upon coming into contact with Yang Yes sword energy, and it smashed directly against the black clothed mans chest.

A shrill cry resounded as his chest exploded apart, causing blood and flesh to spray towards the surroundings while his figure was blasted flying.

However, Yang Ye suddenly appeared in front of him.

The black clothed man was horrified by this, and he was just about to speak when Yang Yes Sword Ruler smashed against his head.


His head was like a watermelon that was smashed apart….

Yang Ye descended to the ground, and there was slight vigilance on his face as he gazed at the headless black clothed man.

In next to no time, his expression changed a little because the pieces of the black clothed mans head were actually starting to converge together swiftly!

It wasnt just Yang Ye who was shocked, everyone else here was beyond shocked as well!

He cant be killedThere really are people in this world who cant be killed

They watched with shock as the black clothed mans head recovered to its previous state.

Moreover, even his hands had recovered as well.

However, his aura was much weaker than before, and hed fallen to the first rank of the Monarch Realm as well!

“You cant kill him.

At the very least, you cant right now!” Qin Bufan spoke abruptly.

Yang Ye said in response, “No one in this world is immortal!”

Qin Bufan replied, “Youre right.

Even the most formidable person can be killed with sufficient strength.

We can die as well.

So long as you have the strength to deal with us, then well die as well.

Unfortunately, no one in this world possesses such strength.”

“Then doesnt that make all of you eternal” asked Yang Ye.

Qin Bufan answered, “Eternal Hah! Do you know why weve been seizing Quintessence Violet Energy like madmen Its not to become stronger but to escape the current situation were in.

Actually, we desire death more than anyone else.”

Yang Ye glanced at Qin Bufan and said, “Youre not someone who likes to waste his breath.

Whyre you tell me all of this”

“Because youre killing the members of the Hallowed Grounds!” Qin Bufan said, “Ive inquired into you, and I noticed that you are irreconcilable enemies with the Hallowed Grounds.

In other words, we have a common enemy.

Of course, Im not trying to form an alliance with you.

Its just that in my opinion, regardless of whether that person is good or bad, a person whos killing the members of the Hallowed Grounds shouldnt die.


Yang Ye said, “In my opinion, it doesnt matter if its the Hallowed Grounds or the defiant profounders, I wont offend them if they dont offend me.

The Hallowed Grounds has offended me, so theyll pay the price for that.

Huh Youre thinking of fleeing” When he spoke up to this point, Yang Ye suddenly looked towards the side.

The black clothed man had transformed into a ray of black light that was flashing towards the distance.

“Horizon Warp!” Yang Ye vanished on the spot before a sword howl resounded in the horizon.

After that, countless strands of sword qi interweaved together before the black clothed mans shrill cry resounded from afar.

Qin Bufan gazed up into the horizon and spoke softly, “Hes merely at the Exalt Realm yet is capable of surmounting his realm of cultivation and fighting Monarch Realm experts.


“Bastard! You cant kill me! You cant kill me!” The black clothed mans furious howls resounded from afar, and it sounded quite miserable.

Yang Ye is beating up a Monarch Realm expert

All the spectators werent able to wrap their heads around the situation here.

But it didnt matter because Yang Yes strength had improved greatly, and that was a good thing for the southern territory!

Actually, even if he could remain undefeated against the black clothed man, his previous strength was absolutely insufficient for him to crush the black clothed man with such ease.

The main reason for this change was the Blood Essence of the Dragon Ancestor and the 3 divine beasts which hed absorbed earlier, and the huge improvements hed made in his attainments of the Heavenrend Drawing Technique.

Especially the combination of overlapped Heavenrends and Critical Strike, it was something that ordinary Monarch Realm experts couldnt resist at all!

It wasnt long before no more howls resounded from afar, and then Yang Ye appeared once more within everyones fields of vision.

“Wheres he” Qin Bufan spoke in a low voice.

Yang Ye glanced indifferently at Qin Bufan and said, “Hes dead.

I slashed him into bits.

Itll probably take him a few years to recover.”

Qin Bufan and everyone else in the surroundings were speechless.

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