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Ancient Domain City.

Yang Yes expression changed when he saw Ding Shaoyaos figure on the bed.

Because the vitality within her was actually flowing away incessantly.

Her condition was much more severe than hed imagined!

Ding Shaoyao slowly opened her eyes, glanced at Yang Ye, and said, “I thought I wouldnt be able to see you one last time!”

Yang Ye walked over to the side of her bed and said, “Im sorry.

I was careless.” He hadnt expected that the Exalted Han Empire would act against Ding Shaoyao and the other important figures of the southern territory, and hed only thought about his younger sister and wives.

Ding Shaoyao shook her head slightly and said, “It was I who underestimated the Exalted Han Empires strength, and I underestimated their resolve as well.”

Yang Ye took her hand, and the violet profound energy within him flowed slowly into her.

However, she said, “Its useless.

Actually, my injuries arent very severe.

The reason Im in such a state is because the disease I suffer from has resurfaced.”

“Disease” Yang Ye frowned.

She explained, “Ive been suffering from some sort of unknown and strange disease since I was born.

The speed the life within me flows away is many times faster than an ordinary person.

Based upon the original circumstances I faced, I wouldnt have been able to live past the age of 10.

However, I obtained a fortuitous encounter when I was young, and it allowed me to live until now.

Actually, Im already very satisfied.”

“What fortuitous encounter Was it a treasure or something else” asked Yang Ye.

She gazed at him for a short while before she grinned, “Are you afraid that no one will be there to deal with the southern territory for you if Im gone”

Yang Ye said, “People say I have very few friends.

Actually, how many would dare to become friends with me all along the path Ive taken My enemies were once the Flower Palace and Origin School.

Would anyone in the southern territory dare to become a friend of mine when those two colossi were my enemies That would be like courting death.

“Now, my enemies are even stronger….

The Exalted Han Empire and the Hallowed Grounds.

So, I have even fewer friends.

I dont want to lose the few friends I have.”

She said, “Your character is one thats too rigid, and you dont know how to be tactful at all.

The first thing you think about when something displeases you is to deal with it with death and destruction.

Just think about it, you even almost killed me that day.

So, would anyone dare to become your friend”

Yang Ye laughed bitterly and said, “I knew you would refuse to let that go.”

She said, “The thing that worries me the most is those forces that have converged in the southern territory.

You have sufficient strength and can deter them, but fully merging them into a single whole and dealing with the conflict of interests between them isnt a simple thing at all.

Moreover, you clearly lack the ability to do so.

Amongst the people I know, only Qin Xiyue is barely capable of it.

But shes a member of the Grand Qin Empire, and there are too many forces that are linked to her, so she isnt suitable for the job.

So, I….”

“Youll be fine!” Yang Ye interrupted her while the violet profound energy within him surged incessantly into her body and ceaselessly cleansed her meridians.

“No….” She was just about to say something when her eyes suddenly opened wide, and she gazed at him with disbelief.

Because she sensed that the rate her body was losing its vitality was actually slowing down!

Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief because his violet profound energy was effective.

If it made no difference, then he would really not know how to save her.

“How did you do it” asked Ding Shaoyao.

“Its a secret.

Only my wives know the answer.

Do you want to know as well” Yang Ye joked.

She replied with a question, “Do you want me to”

Yang Ye was speechless.

Ding Shaoyao chuckled as she gazed at Yang Yes slightly embarrassed face and said, “You have enough wives.

I dont want to become one of them.”

Yang Ye didnt dare to say anything, and he just concentrated on sending his profound energy into her body.

She suddenly asked, “What do you intend to do after this”

“I intend to take it one step at a time!” said Yang Ye.

“I think that the Hallowed Grounds will definitely not dispatch more fellows to send equipment and techniques to you this time.

They are very arrogant and confident, but they arent stupid.

You possess 12th level Sword Intent and have successively killed 2 geniuses on the Hallowed Rankings.

So, if they really do dispatch more geniuses to kill you, then it would be those that they are absolutely confident would be able to kill you.

Are you confident in your ability to deal with them” asked Ding Shaoyao.

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a short while before he said, “The strength of the geniuses from the Hallowed Grounds have surpassed my expectations indeed.

I dare not say that Im absolutely confident in being able to defeat all those geniuses on the Hallowed Rankings.

All I can say is that I will try my best.

Dont worry about it.

Your main concern is to recuperate well and get well soon.

I cant deal with the southern territory without you!”

“Even though the rate my body is losing its vitality has slowed down, Ill still die sooner or later!” said Ding Shaoyao.

Yang Ye looked her straight in the eyes as he said, “Do you trust me”

She gazed at Yang Ye for a few breaths of time before she said, “I trust Yuxi!”

Yang Ye was speechless.

He shook his head, summoned the Greenwood Spirit, and placed it in her hand as he said, “Your body is too weak.

The Greenwood Spirit should be helpful to you.

Trust me, I wont allow you to die!” He wasnt bragging.

After all, he just had to attain the Monarch Realm and he would be able to access the 2nd level of the Primordial Pagoda.

He was confident that the contents of the 2nd level would absolutely be able to cure her!

Ding Shaoyao just gazed silently at him.

The Hallowed Grounds.

Two men arrived in succession at the peak of a mountain.

Both of them were a little over 20 years old.

The man on the left wore green clothes and had a dense scholarly aura.

He held an ancient book in his left hand and a pitch black brush in his right.

His hair fluttered slightly as the mountain breeze blew past him atop the peak, and he seemed to emanate an extraordinary aura.

The man on the right wore a black robe.

He held a violet spear that didnt have a tip, and his eyes were covered by a black piece of cloth.

He clearly seemed much more mysterious when compared to the man on the left.

“I never expected that Zuo Dengfeng, Yao Ye, Mo Yixie, Yun Qingyao, and He Lianqi would be defeated by that Sword Emperor of Profounder Continent.

No wonder those old fellows dragged us out of the Ethereal Illusion Realm.

But arent they making a big deal out of it by asking both of us who are ranked at the 2nd and 3rd position on the Hallowed Rankings to join forces and kill a profounder at the first rank of the Exalt Realm” The man on the left chuckled lightly as he spoke.

“Dont underestimate any opponent!” The black robed man spoke in a concise manner.

The green clothed man grinned, and then he said, “Unseeing, only you amongst the 10 of us on the Hallowed Rankings have fought that abnormal fellow.

Exactly how formidable is her strength”

The black robed man pondered deeply for a brief moment before he said, “Unparalleled in both the past and future!”

The smile on the green clothed mans face gradually vanished as he said, “Forget it, Ill give up on the 1st position.

Unseeing, lets fight after weve dealt with that fellow in Profounder Continent.

Youve been constantly occupying the 2nd position, and I refuse to accept it as final!”

“Anytime!” said the black robed man.

The green clothed man roared with laughter, and then he lightly waved the brush in his hand and said, “Swift!”

His figure instantly appeared in the horizon, and a very long rift in space appeared behind him….

It was caused by the extreme speed he moved at!

The black robed man took a light step with his right leg, and then his figure transformed into a ray of light that vanished in the horizon.

After a moment of silence.


The mountain that the black robed man was standing on just a moment ago suddenly collapsed….

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