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At the instant Yang Ye drew his sword, the Exalt Realm experts by Luo Juns side couldnt be bothered about the consequences which they would face, and they instantly flashed backward.

After all, theyd witnessed the might of this sword technique.

Not to mention them, even a Monarch Realm expert wouldnt dare face it head-on!

Luo Juns pupils constricted to the size of needles, and he practically instinctively slashed the Mortal Emperor Sword and collided with Yang Yes sword qi.


An enormous explosion resounded.

Everyone watched with astonishment as Luo Juns figure was blasted flying, and he flew for almost 3km before he finally crashed heavily to the ground and smashed open a deep hole where he landed.

Some experts of the Exalted Han Empire wanted to lend him a hand, but they immediately dared not do so upon coming into contact with Yang Yes icy cold gaze.

At this moment, Yang Ye and his Heavenrend Drawing Technique would kill anyone he struck!

Yang Ye glanced coldly at Luo Juns army before his figure flashed over to Luo Jun.

At this moment, Luo Jun was completely covered in blood.

While he wasnt dead, he was on the verge of it.

Yang Ye didnt hesitate or waste his breath at all, and he just swiftly stabbed the wooden sword at Luo Juns chest.

“Stop!” A furious voice resounded from high above, and then an invisible force restrained Yang Ye.

Its at least a ninth rank Monarch Realm expert!

As Yang Ye expected, hed been stopped in the end.

As soon as this voice finished resounding through the air, Luo Dao and the Monarch Realm experts of the Hallowed Grounds, the four divine beast clans, and the central territory had appeared here.

However, only a tenth of them remained.

Moreover, practically every single one of them was heavily injured.

Especially the Dragon Emperor, one of the horns on his head had even vanished….

Yang Yes expression changed slightly when Elder Mu was nowhere to be seen.

Fortunately, Elder Mu appeared a moment later.

There were a few holes on Elder Mus clothes, and his countenance was slightly pale.

However, he didnt seem to have suffered any injuries if it was based on his outward appearance alone.

Witnessing this allowed the worries in the hearts of Yang Ye and everyone on the southern territorys side to finally ease up!

The restraints on Yang Ye had vanished along with Elder Mus appearance, and Yang Yes wooden sword descended swiftly.

However, it hadnt even touched Luo Jun before the latter had vanished on the spot, and he was by Luo Daos side when he appeared again.

“Luo Jun, you really are the Mortal Emperor of this world.

I truly envy your ability to be saved every single time youre about to die!” Yang Ye ridiculed.

Luo Jun wasnt able to retort because hed lost consciousness.

“I never expected that such a Half-Saint like you was actually hiding on the continent!” Meanwhile, the blue robed old man spoke in a low voice.

“With the strength you possess, you should have tried to overcome the Heavenpath a long time ago.

Why are you still staying in this abandoned world!”

He hadnt expected that a Half- Saint assisted by over 100 ninth rank Monarch Realm experts was actually unable to gain the upper hand against this Half-Saint before him.

Moreover, theyd even fallen into a disadvantaged situation and even his Hallowed Grounds had lost around 40 experts in the battle!

Luo Dao had a gloomy expression on his face while his heart could simply be said to be bleeding.

Because 4 of the ninth rank Monarch Realm experts from the Exalted Han Empire whod participated in the battle had perished, and only Luo Tian remained.

Besides that, 25 out of the other 30 Monarch Realm experts from the Exalted Han Empire had perished.

His side was the side that suffered the heaviest losses during the battle.

Moreover, hed endured most of Elder Mus attacks, so hed suffered the heaviest injuries during the battle as well!

The four divine beast clans were in a comparatively better state.

The White Tiger Clan which had suffered the heaviest losses amongst the four divine beast clans had merely lost 4 experts, whereas, the Divine Gold Dragon Clan, Divine Phoenix Clan, and Black Tortoise Clan had merely lost 2 Monarch Rank experts respectively.

The reason theyd suffered comparatively lesser losses was because they were divine beasts and possessed physical defenses that were far superior to ordinary Monarch Realm experts.

So, even if they occasionally suffered an attack from Elder Mu, it wouldnt lead to their deaths.

However, if human Monarch Realm experts were to suffer an attack from Elder Mu, then they would be heavily injured even if they could escape death!

But even then, the hearts of the four divine beast clans hurt to the extreme.

Because it was much more difficult for demon beasts to attain the Monarch Rank when compared to humans!

In short, the Undertakers strength had far exceeded their imagination!

Elder Mu glanced at Luo Dao and the others before he said, “Demon Emperor, lend me a hand.

All of them can leave their lives behind today!”

The eyelids of Luo Dao and the others twitched upon hearing this.

That old man intends to kill all of us right here and now

Space fluctuated before the Demon Emperor and 20 Monarch Rank Spatial Minks appeared here.

The Demon Emperor glanced at Elder Mu with surprise.

Even he hadnt imagined that Elder Mu would actually intend to annihilate Luo Dao and the others.

Could his strength be far more formidable than I expected

Yang Ye glanced at Elder Mu with surprise when he heard this, and then he revealed a smile.

Because since Elder Mu dared to speak such words, then it proved that Elder Mu was absolutely confident in his ability to accomplish it!

“I admit that weve really underestimated your strength.

But even though weve suffered heavy losses and are heavily injured, I presume youre not doing much better, right” The blue robed old man spoke in a low voice.

Elder Mu said, “The heavens are benevolent, and Im no bloodthirsty person.

So how about I be benevolent today and let all of you go.

You and the members of your Hallowed Grounds can leave!”

The blue robed old mans face instantly became unsightly.

He really didnt want to fight anymore.

Because all the experts he brought with him would be annihilated if the battle were to continue.

All of these experts had been fostered to deal with the defiant profounders, yet now hed lost around 40 experts.

It wouldnt be a problem if hed been able to kill Elder Mu after losing that many experts, but the problem was that he hadnt….

So, he would be punished even if he was able to return to the Hallowed Grounds.

Thus, he had the intention to retreat.

Because he didnt want to perish here as well.

Hed been looking for a way to extricate himself from the battle, but he hadnt imagined that the method Elder Mu gave him would make him feel so insulted….

“You dont want to leave Then leave your life behind!” Elder Mu lightly clenched his aged hand in the direction of the blue robed old man.


A strand of mysterious energy which Yang Ye and the others couldnt see had appeared around the blue robed old man.

The latter was horrified because this was a special energy that only Half-Saints possessed, and it wasnt something that he could resist at all.

Fortunately, another strand of mysterious energy appeared around him, and both of these energies from Half-Saints had collided….


A huge area of space instantly collapsed, and then an enormous black hole appeared in the sky above Ancient Domain City.

All the people who witnessed this scene were astounded!

“You think you can stop me from killing someone” Elder Mu chuckled as he flicked his finger, and then a tombstone suddenly appeared here.

It expanded swiftly in midair, and it became an enormous tombstone in just an instant.

Luo Daos eyelids twitched because countless experts of the Exalted Han Empire and Hallowed Grounds had perished beneath this tombstone! He didnt dare allow the blue robed old man to die here, so his figure flashed towards the tombstone.

Luo Dao placed his palms together when he was about to arrive before the tombstone, and then he suddenly flipped them upwards.

In an instant, an enormous palm that was formed from energy shot out and collided with the tombstone.


Incessant rumbling resounded through the sky, and it seemed like the sky was about to collapse!

“AH!!!” Right at this moment, a shrill cry resounded abruptly.

Luo Dao was shocked and turned around to look over.

He saw a pitch black stick had stabbed through the blue robed old mans chest!

“No!” The blue robed old man let out a shrill and miserable cry, and then everyone watched with shock as his figure exploded into pieces!

Elder Mu gazed at Luo Dao and spoke indifferently, “I told you.

You cant stop me from killing anyone!”

“Profounder Continent has lost too many experts in this battle, and our continent will definitely be destroyed if the defiant profounders attack in the future.

I presume you dont wish to see that happen, right” said Luo Dao in a deep voice.

Elder Mu shook his head and said, “Youre trying to seek reconciliation now Unfortunately, its too late.

Your deaths were predetermined from the moment all of you acted against me!”

“Could it be that you really want to fight until both of us are heavily injured” Luo Dao spoke coldly.

Elder Mu smiled, “I dont want that.

After all, youre a Half-Saint at any rate.

If you were to fight desperately with your life on the line, then it would be extremely troublesome indeed.

Since its like that, then you can leave with the members of your Exalted Han Empire.”

The Dragon Emperor and the other divine beast clans were horrified when they heard Elder Mu.

If Luo Dao leaves and theres no one left to keep the Undertaker busy, then wouldnt we become lamb that are waiting to be slaughteredThe remaining Monarch Realm experts of the Hallowed Grounds revealed gloomy expressions as well.

Even though they were ninth rank Monarch Realm experts, they werent able to pose even the slightest threat to a Half-Saint if there was no one to keep that Half-Saint busy!

Luo Daos expression had instantly turned gloomy as well.

He said, “Do you think Im stupid” If he were to leave with the members of the Exalted Han Empire, then the remaining experts of the Hallowed Grounds and the experts of the four divine beast clans would be instantly slaughtered.

So, once Elder Mu had dealt with all of them, the next on the list would be his Exalted Han Empire!

“Since… its like that, all of you can die!” Elder Mu suddenly gestured, and the enormous tombstone appeared in the sky above Ancient Domain City again.

After that, the tombstone seemed like a mountain as it smashed down towards Luo Dao and the others.

Luo Daos expression instantly became ferocious, and he said fiercely, “Ill keep him busy.

Fellow Daoists from the four divine beast clans and the Hallowed Grounds, all of you deal with the Spatial Mink Clan.

Luo Tian! Lead the other five Monarch Realm experts of my Exalted Han Empire to slaughter Yang Ye and Ancient Domain City.

Dont leave a single one of them alive!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Luo Daos figure flashed over to Elder Mu, and then he swiped his left arm with his right palm, causing a strand of blood to shoot out from there.

Luo Dao swiftly formed a seal and said, “Bind!”

As soon as he spoke, his blood suddenly exploded apart and transformed into countless blood red threats.

They instantly formed a square formation that locked him and Elder Mu within it!

“You used your Blood Essence to trap me for 15 minutes.

Luo Dao, what a price to pay!” Elder Mus expression had turned serious for the first time.

Because a loss of Blood Essence was equivalent to a loss of strength, and he hadnt expected that Luo Dao would actually be so resolute!

“Since you want to fight to the death, then lets do it to the bitter end!” Luo Dao flashed explosively towards Elder Mu….

The experts of the four divine beast clans and the Hallowed Grounds quickly surrounded the Demon Emperor and the Spatial Mink Clan.

The joint forces of the four divine beast clans wasnt something that the Spatial Mink Clan could resist.

Fortunately, the Founding Emperor, the Beast Emperor, and the Monarch Realm experts of both their empires had flown over to join the battle.

On the other hand, only Xiao Tianji, the white dragon, the World Portrait which Yang Ye had just summoned back to his side, and that black clothed assassin from the An Clan were left to deal with Luo Tian and the five Monarch Realm experts of the Exalted Han Empire….

Besides Xiao Tianji and the black clothed woman from the An Clan who were above the fifth rank of the Monarch Realm, the other two Monarch Realm experts on Yang Yes side were merely first rank Monarch Realm experts….

Not to mention resisting those 5 fifth rank Monarch Realm experts from the Exalted Han Empire, they couldnt even deal with Luo Tian!

Everyone within Ancient Domain City had despair on their faces when they saw Luo Tian and those 5 Monarch Realm experts approach the city.

Even Ding Shaoyaos countenance was ghastly pale right now.

After all, all plans and strategies were useless before absolute strength.

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