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It was none other than Baoer that spoke these words.

For the sake of pleasing the little fellow, shed searched throughout Talisman Peak.

The heavens didnt let Baoer down, and she finally found her grandfathers treasures.

Now, as soon as she obtained these treasures, shed rushed over impatiently to look for Yang Ye.

However, shed never expected that Yang Ye was participating in the Outer Court Exam.

This caused Baoer who was unable to see the little fellow at the first possible moment feel slightly displeased.

For the sake of being able to see the little fellow as soon as possible, shed casually grabbed an outer court disciple and asked that disciple to lead her to the Sword Servant Pagoda.

Right when she arrived here, shed heard Cao Huos words, and this caused her to feel even more displayed.

Because she could look down upon the little laborer, but no one else could! Moreover, the little laborer was her junior brother, and as the little laborers senior sister, how could she allow others to look down upon her junior brother

So, at this moment, Baoer gazed at Cao Huo with an extremely hostile gaze.

All the other youths in the surroundings were slightly shocked when they saw that a little girl actually dared to address an outer court elder as a geezer.

Because an outer court elder was an expert at the King Realm! If it wasnt because the little girl was young and extremely cute, a few of these youths had almost been unable to restrain themselves from scolding her.

In the next moment, those few youths felt extremely fortunate that they hadnt acted in that way.

Because when those outer court elders that were supreme in their opinions saw the little girl, their originally solemn expressions instantly became slightly strange.

First, they revealed extreme surprise, and then it transformed into extremely bitter expressions.

In the end, they had extremely forced smiled on their faces.

“Bao, Baoer.

Whatre you doing here” Cao Huo squeezed out a smile, and it was extremely forced.

Baoer grunted coldly and said, “Geezer, didnt you say that you want to make a bet Baoer will bet with you!”

When they saw the little she-devil was looking for trouble with Cao Huo, all the other outer court elders at the side hurriedly moved aside and maintained a certain amount of distance from Cao Huo.

What a joke! Would anyone dare to offend this little she-devil

Cao Huo cursed in his heart when he noticed their actions, and then he said with a smile, “I was joking.

I was just joking earlier.

Theres utterly no bet at all!”

How could he dare to make a bet with Baoer Because no matter if he won or lost, it still wouldnt be good for him.

Baoer obviously didnt intend to let Cao Huo off, and her eyes narrowed as she said, “Geezer, are you looking down on Baoer”

When he noticed the little she-devil seemed to be on the verge of getting angry, Cao Huos eyes narrowed, and he groaned bitterly in his heart.

If I knew this would happen, then I wouldnt have mentioned that bet no matter what!

Meanwhile, Elder Qian seemed to take pleasure in Cao Huos misfortune and said, “Exactly, Cao Huo, are you looking down on Baoer”

The other elders at the side hurriedly chimed on, and they simultaneously stood on Baoers side.

Cao Huos eyes could almost shoot flames as he gazed at these outer court elders.

Theyre pushing me into the frying pan!

Meanwhile, Baoer said, “Geezer, dont act like that, Baoer wont make it unfavorable for you.

How about this If Baoer loses, then Baoer will ask Grandpa to inscribe another sword formation on that sword chest of yours, and if you lose, then you just have to give me that sword chest.

What do you think”

“For real” Cao Huos eyes lit up, and he spoke in a slightly excited manner.

His sword chest already had a sword formation on it, and if another sword formation was inscribed, then its might and value would at least double! Most importantly, Baoer had mentioned her grandfather, and everyone knew her grandfather! He was a Heaven Talisman Master! The inscription of a Heaven Talisman Master could truly only be chanced upon by luck!

It wasnt just Cao Huo, even the other elders at the side were moved by this.

If the Dark Treasure in their possession was inscribed by a Heaven Talisman Master, then their combat strength would absolutely be able to improve greatly! However, all of them still didnt take the initiative to make a bet with Baoer because Baoer asking them for a bet and them asking Baoer for a bet was too entirely different concepts.

If Baoers grandfather misunderstood and thought that the few of them had tricked Baoer, then they would truly be in deep **.

Baoer glanced at Cao Huo with displeasure and said, “Would Baoer deceive you Not to mention that its only a sword formation, and Grandpa can finish it with ease!”

“Alright, Ill make the bet!” This time, there wasnt a trace of a troubled expression on Cao Huos face.

Conversely, he smiled extremely brilliantly.

Meanwhile, the gazes of the other elders towards Cao Huo carried slight envy.

If Cao Huo won, then he would benefit greatly; and if Cao Huo lost… could Cao Huo even lose It wasnt that they looked down upon Yang Ye, and it was instead because they knew how difficult the 19th level was.

Could a Profounder at the eighth rank of the Mortal Realm ascend to the 19th level Not to mention them, even Elder Qian who was close to Yang Ye didnt really believe it was possible.

The only person that believed it was Baoer.

Actually, Baoer didnt have any idea at all about the 19th level, and the reason she made a bet with Cao Huo was merely because she was close to Yang Ye.

It was just such a simple reason.

As for winning or losing, she didnt attach any importance to it because all her thoughts were focused on the little fellow!

At this moment, Yang Ye was unaware that Baoer had made a bet on him with someone else, and even if he knew, he wouldnt have the mood to pay any attention to it.

At this moment, Yang Yes entire body was covered in injuries while his clothes were already in rags.

However, his opponent, the Sword Servant, wasnt in a much better state.

Its body was similarly covered in numerous injuries, and it was just lesser than the amount on Yang Yes body.

Yang Ye didnt know how long hed fought the Sword Servant for.

All he knew that was the slightest bit of carelessness would allow the Sword Servant to end him with a single sword strike.

All he could do was concentrate completely and fight the Sword Servant to the death while completely disregarding his own life.

Needless to say, battles of life and death were the best in allowing one to grow swiftly.

Up until this point in the battle, not only had Yang Yes Basic Sword Technique become a sort of instinct to him, hed gradually become accustomed to the Sword Servants speed.

Even though he was still in a disadvantaged position, he wasnt in such a sorry state.

Moreover, hed even forced the Sword Servant back a few times!

This allowed Yang Ye to prove his way of thinking once more, and this way of thinking was that only life and death battles were able to allow one to grow quickly and become strong.

Yang Ye believed that if he fought a version of himself from before he entered the Sword Servant Pagoda, then that version of himself would definitely be utterly crushed in battle!

Without him noticing, another four hours had passed.

Yang Ye had gradually moved from being in a disadvantaged position to being on par with the Sword Servant.

The two of them exchanged blows repeatedly, and the sound of metal colliding was the only melody on this level.

After another six hours passed, Yang Ye had completely occupied an advantageous position, and the Sword Servant was completely suppressed by Yang Ye.

It was just like the situation when Yang Ye had just started the battle with this Sword Servant, and the only difference was that the roles had been exchanged.

After fighting for such a long time, not only did Yang Ye show no signs of exhaustion, hed become more and more excited instead, and he felt more and more energetic.

Because he noticed that during this battle with the Sword Servant, his strength was improving extremely swiftly.

Now only had his understanding of the Basic Sword Technique deepened, hed even become completely familiar with the Sword Servants moves.

Know ones enemy as well as one knew ones self.

Yang Ye had already completely seen through the Sword Servants moves and its habits when attacking, so hed occupied an advantageous position and completely suppressed the Sword Servant in battle.

The Sword Servants in the pagoda had their own advantages, yet they had disadvantages as well.

It mainly depended on the Sword Servants opponent.

If its opponent was one of those comparatively weak youths, then its flaws wouldnt be exposed because it possessed an extremely extraordinary combat instinct and lacked any negative emotions.

All of these were its advantages.

However, if it encountered an opponent like Yang Ye, then its flaws would be exposed.

For example, Yang Ye could improve his strength in battle and become stronger, whereas, the Sword Servant was incapable of this.

Its cultivation and combat instinct were fixed at a certain level, and if it couldnt deal with Yang Ye right away, then it was bound to suffer.

This could be said to be the Sword Servants weakness.

Otherwise, if a human First Heaven Realm expert that possessed the Sword Servants combat instinct fought Yang Ye, then Yang Ye would definitely lose.

Because while Yang Ye was improving, his opponent would be improving as well, and while Yang Ye became accustomed to his opponent\'s moves and habits, his opponent would do the same as well.

Under such circumstances and coupled with the fact that Yang Yes cultivation was lower, it would definitely be impossible for Yang Ye to obtain victory.

So, the Sword Servants advantages and disadvantages depended on its opponent.

If one was stronger, then the Sword Servant would be covered in flaws, and if one was weak, then the Sword Servant would be covered in strong points.

After another two hours passed, at a certain point in time, Yang Ye grabbed onto a lethal flaw of the Sword Servants, and he disregarded his life as he stabbed his sword through the Sword Servants chest.

However, he paid the price for this as well because his left chest had been pierced by the Sword Servants sword as well.

Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief as he gazed at the Sword Servant that was gradually dispersing, and then he sat on the ground and gasped for breath.

This battle could be said to be the most arduous battle hed had in his entire life, and even the battle with the grey wolf wasnt so arduous.

Because during the battle with the grey wolf, he could flee when the situation wasnt good, but he couldnt flee here! He could only fight to the death here!

Two hours later, Yang Ye opened his eyes and glanced at his left chest.

The bleeding there had already stopped, and there was only a small scar left there.

It was already fine.

Exactly what sort of existence is that tiny vortex within my body! Yang Ye spoke in a low voice as he gazed at the injury.

Needless to say, the golden Profound Energy created by the tiny vortex was too terrifying.

No matter if it was utilized to recover or attack, it was extremely effective!

Nevermind, Ill cross that bridge when I get to it! Yang Ye didnt think any further about this.

He glanced at the staircase, and then sat down cross-legged and started to recover the injuries in the other parts of his body.

The 19th level was already so terrifying, so how formidable would the 20th level be


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