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Time passed slowly while Yang Yes countenance grew gradually paler.

Subduing an Exalt Realm Sword Servant was much more difficult than hed imagined.

Because the soul and will of an Exalt Realm expert was something that a Spirit Realm profounder couldnt compare to.

However, Hong was only a puppet without a will of her own, so her resistance was only carried out unconsciously.

So, while it was troublesome for Yang Ye, it wasnt impossible!

Two hours later, Yang Ye suddenly slumped to the ground while Hongs eyes opened slowly.

However, her eyes were completely still and without any color.

Hong walked slowly towards Yang Ye, and then she took a knee before him and said respectfully, “Sword Master!”

A trace of a smile appeared on Yang Yes pale face.

Even though the process was quite difficult, hed succeeded in the end.

From this moment onward, it was equivalent to him possessing an extraordinary goon who was at the third rank of the Exalt Realm.

Of course, this wasnt the most important thing.

The most important thing was that Yang Ye had seen a ray of hope from this.

Since he could subdue Exalt Realm experts, then he naturally intended to subdue even more of them.

Its best if Im able to form a huge group of Exalt Realm Sword Servants….

Yang Ye recovered his strength after half a day of recuperation, and then he lifted the sword chest onto his back before walking out of the cave.

He knew that those pursuers of his hadnt left.

Because he could sense figures flying by swiftly every now and then while he resided within the cave.

Suddenly, a black shadow whistled over from the distant sky.

Yang Ye withdrew his gaze and glanced at Hong while a wisp of an evil arc arose on the corners of his mouth.

At this moment, all of them were unaware that Hong wasnt the same person anymore!

Yang Yes figure flashed and vanished on the spot, and only Hong was left behind on the spot.

In next to no time, that black shadow descended in front of Hong.

“What are you still doing here” The person who arrived here gazed at Hong with a puzzled expression.

A few days ago, the An Clan had suddenly ordered all its assassins to leave, and he hadnt expected that Hong had actually stayed back.

Hong spoke abruptly.

“I noticed his tracks!”

“Oh” He was delighted and said, “Where” Their group of five had practically searched the entire mountain range yet hadnt noticed a trace of Yang Yes tracks.

So theyd been on the verge of going berserk in the last few days.

“Hes….” Suddenly, Hong clenched her right hand towards the black clothed figure and shouted.

“Spatial Cage!”

The space around the black clothed figure suddenly frozen, and it caused his expression to change greatly while he shouted.

“Whatre you doing!”

As he spoke, he was just about to break this spatial cage apart.

However, a golden rope suddenly pierced through space and wrapped itself around him.

In an instant, the profound energy within his body stopped moving and fell into a deathly silent state.

This caused the black clothed figure to be horrified, and he shouted.

“What are you doing Arent you afraid of my Exalted Han Empires revenge Quickly let….”

A ray of gold light flashed, and then the black clothed mans voice stopped abruptly.

He lowered his head and looked at his chest with disbelief because a hole that was stabbed open by a sword had appeared there.

If it was just a normal hole, then such injuries werent a big deal to him.

However, the problem was that a strand of Sword Intent was destroying his body from within without any restraint.

In less than two breaths of time, all his internal organs had been completely destroyed by the Sword Intent, and his gaze quickly dimmed down.

Yang Ye appeared before the black clothed man, and then he gestured with his right hand, causing the Immortal Binding Rope to wrap itself onto his arm.

He glanced at it, and then he grinned because it really was a great treasure.

After all, even Exalt Realm experts couldnt struggle free upon being bound by it.

Of course, an Exalt Realm assassin would have naturally not been bound with such ease if it were at any other time.

So, Hongs Spatial Cage had contributed greatly to all of this.

When such a combination was utilized in a surprise attack, even a fourth rank Exalt Realm assassin didnt have the chance to counterattack before death arrived!

After that, Yang Ye waved his right hand again and handed the corpse of this Exalt Realm assassin to the Sword Spirit.

He glanced at the surroundings and took a deep breath while a smile covered his face.

Because he noticed that it didnt seem to be difficult to kill all of these assassins on this mountain range!

Two hours later, there was one more Sword Servant by Yang Yes side.

It was naturally that Exalt Realm assassin from before.

His name was Mo Mingjin, and he was a fourth rank Exalt Realm expert.

Yang Ye was surprised to find out that this assassin actually possessed no memories.

Yes, this assassin merely possessed his memories from after he arrived at Ancient Domain City, and everything else was a complete blank sheet!

This made Yang Ye who wanted to investigate their origins and the situation within the Exalted Han Empire to feel depressed.

He knew that they were definitely assassins that the Exalted Han Empire had fostered in secret, and their memories had surely been wiped off by the Exalted Han Empire as well.

As for the reason, it was naturally because the Exalted Han Empire feared that they would fall into the hands of people who were looking for information and expose the secrets of the Exalted Han Empire!

Even Exalt Realm experts were treated in such a way.

Looks like the Exalted Han Empires strength is far beyond my expectations! No wonder it dared to speak about uniting the continent.

Yang Yes expression was slightly solemn because the closer he got to the Exalted Han Empire, the more terrifying this colossus seemed to him.

Haha! Whats the **ing point of thinking about all of that now! As if I would submit to them! Yang Ye shook his head, and then his figure flashed and vanished on the spot with the two Sword Servants.

At this moment, he was already at odds with the Exalted Han Empire, so was it even possible for him to make peace with that colossus Of course not! Since it was impossible, then thinking so much about it was meaningless.

His current objective was to kill those assassins who were pursuing him, and it was best if he could refine all of them into Sword Servants in the end!

In the past, Yang Ye felt that the Sword Emperors ancient sheath was quite useless because it seemed to have no other ability besides amplifying his Sword Intent and acting as a counter to all swords.

However, both of those abilities werent really important to him, but only now did he realize that the ancient sheath was extremely abnormal!

Wasnt the ability to refine Exalt Realm experts into Sword Servants an abnormal ability Of course, there were limits to this.

But these limits werent related to the Sword Spirit, and it was related to his own strength instead.

He was able to control 10 Sword Servants, at most, with the current realm of cultivation he possessed.

However, that was very good in Yang Yes opinion.

If all 10 of them were Exalt Realm experts, then it would be considerably terrifying.

After all, the Monarch Realm experts of the continent werent allowed to make a move against him.

In next to no time, Yang Ye found another Exalt Realm assassin, and a smile couldnt help but curve onto the corners of his mouth.

At this moment, laying eyes on these assassins was equivalent to laying eyes on extraordinary Sword Servants under his control, so he was naturally happy when he saw them.

“Yang Ye!” The pupils of that assassin constricted upon noticing Yang Ye, and then he glanced at Mo Mingjin and Hong before he said, “What are….”

Yang Ye didnt give him the time to talk nonsense.

He shook his right hand a little, and then the Immortal Binding Rope flashed and transformed into a ray of light that shot towards that assassin.

A Dao Artifact! His expression changed drastically, and he was just about to attack when he suddenly heard two voice resounded here.

“Spatial Cage!”

“Spatial Cage!”

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