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Yang Ye didnt care whether they approved or didnt.

Because he would marry her regardless.

The reason hed come here to meet them was because Su Qingshi cared about their opinion.

After all, this was her home, and they were her seniors.

It couldnt be helped.

Since she cared about it, then he had no choice but to come here.

The higher-ups of the Sword Sect exchanged glances, and all of them laughed bitterly as they shook their heads.

At this moment, they would naturally not refuse Yang Yes proposal.

Firstly, they didnt have the confidence to do so, and secondly, they really approved of it.

All of them were clearly aware of the current state the Sword Sect was in.

Firstly, Yang Ye didnt have to fear the Sword Sect at all right now.

After all, Yang Ye had two colossi, the Grand Qin Empire and the Darkbeast Empire standing behind him.

So, offending Yang Ye was something they wouldnt and didnt dare to do.

After all, they were mortal enemies with the other five sects now, so they would definitely be unable to maintain their foothold in the southern territory if they offended those two colossi as well.

Besides that, the Sword Sect just happened to need someone to revive the Sword Sects reputation, and no one but Yang Ye was most suitable throughout the southern territory.

They believed that the marriage between Yang Ye and Su Qingshi would definitely shock the southern territory.

Of course, most importantly, all the sword cultivators of the southern territory would definitely think that Yang Ye was a member of the Sword Sect….

With the reputation Yang Ye possessed right now, all of them firmly believed that countless profounders from the southern territory, or at least sword cultivators from the southern territory would choose to join the Sword Sect.

Even they had no choice but to admit that Yang Yes charisma was much greater than the entire Sword Sect!

Or it could be said that no one in the southern territory could compete with Yang Ye in reputation and charisma right now!

So, even though Yang Yes attitude made them feel slightly uncomfortable, they could only nod and display their agreement!

Right at this moment, Su Muzhe suddenly said, “Since you want to marry Qingshi, then wheres your betrothal gift”

He naturally approved of the union between Yang Ye and Su Qingshi.

It wasnt just for the Sword Sects sake, and it was also because Su Qingshi had Yang Yes child in her belly right now.

Besides that, Su Qingshi liked him as well.

However, it was naturally impossible for him to let Yang Ye take her hand in marriage with such ease.

Everyone here was stunned upon hearing Su Muzhe, and then they felt perturbed while they said in their hearts, The former Sect Master really shouldnt have meddled in this.

What would we do if that kid is infuriated and he refuses to marry her Where would our Sword Sect find such a son-in-law again

A wisp of worry flashed through Su Qingshis eyes.

Even though she knew her father had no ill intent, she was quite worried that Yang Ye would be embarrassed.

After all, the Sword Sect was a huge sect, so he would definitely be embarrassed if he couldnt produce a betrothal gift.

Conversely, if he produced one and it wasnt one that the Sword Sect took a liking to, then Yang Ye would probably be even more embarrassed.

A betrothal gift Yang Ye was a little stunned because he hadnt thought about it at all.

Even though he hadnt, he realized that he really couldnt do without it.

So, Yang Ye remained silent for a moment before he turned around and walked out of the hall.

The others were stunned upon witnessing this scene.

Whats he doing Could he be leaving because he cant produce a proper gift

Su Muzhes eyelids twitched.

That kid wouldnt withdraw his proposal at the last minute, right

Su Qingshis face was very calm, and there was only a trace of bewilderment in her eyes.

She naturally didnt think that Yang Ye was leaving because he couldnt produce a proper gift, and she was just curious about his intentions!

There was an enormous stone sword right outside Sky Hall.

Yang Ye walked out of the hall and arrived before the enormous stone sword.

Su Muzhe and the others had followed him out, and they were very curious about Yang Yes intentions.

At this moment, countless disciples of the Sword Sect were gathered outside Sky Hall as well, and they too were looking at Yang Ye with curiosity.

Yang Ye grinned as he gazed at the enormous sword, and then he flicked his index finger lightly towards the enormous sword.

A ray of light flashed, and then his sword qi pierced into the enormous sword.

However, it wasnt cut apart, and only a very long mark from a sword had been left behind on the enormous sword.

The members of the Sword Sect were puzzled while only Su Muzhes eyes had excitement within them because he seemed to have understood Yang Yes intentions.

Yang Ye didnt explain it.

He just turned around to gaze at Su Muzhe as he said, “May I know if Senior Su is satisfied with this gift of mine”

Su Muzhe took a deep glance at Yang Ye before he said, “I thank you on behalf of the Sword Sect.

Thank you for that strike.

Dont disappoint Qingshi!” As soon as he finished speaking, Su Muzhe glanced at the members of the Sword Sect in the surrounding and said, “From today onward, no one is allowed to step foot within 300m of this enormous sword.

In the future, any disciple that has accomplished great merit or possesses extraordinary natural talent may come here to observe and learn from this sword.”

The disciples of the Sword Sect were still puzzled.

They didnt understand why this enormous stone sword had suddenly become so precious that they couldnt even approach it!

On the other hand, the elders had come to an understanding, and they were excited, delighted, and grateful just like Su Muzhe.

Yang Ye had attained the 8th level in his comprehension of Sword Intent, so it could maintain its form without dispersing.

The enormous sword wasnt important; the important part was the Sword Intent Yang Ye had left on it.

Yes, Yang Ye had left his Sword Intent on it!

Even though the Sword Sects foundation was the sword, almost none had comprehended Sword Intent.

It was many because most disciples of the Sword Sect had never seen Sword Intent in their lives, whereas, the seniors of the Sword Sect whod comprehended Sword Intent in the past had been unable to share their experiences and comprehensions.

After all, Sword Intent was something that could only be understood and comprehended, and it couldnt be described with words.

Of course, the seniors of the Sword Sect had thought about leaving their Sword Intent behind for the future generations to observe and learn.

However, it was utterly impossible for Sword Intent to maintain its form for eternity without attaining the 8th level in it.

So, countless seniors of the Sword Sect had been rendered helpless.

Now, Yang Ye had accomplished it.

With the presence of actual Sword Intent for them to learn from, while it couldnt be said to be easier for these disciples and especially those with natural talent to comprehend it, they would still be able to obtain a huge amount of comprehensions.

These comprehensions would undoubtedly bring unimaginable benefits to them!

In short, Yang Yes betrothal gift was very precious.

Especially to the Sword Sect.

It could even be said to be more precious than a Dao Artifact!

After the disciples of the Sword Sect understood this, the entire sect seethed with excitement because Sword Intent was truly too important to them.

Because only sword cultivators whod comprehended Sword Intent were able to instill fear and reverence in others.

In the past, the Sword Intent of legend had been far out of their reach, yet now, they had a trace of hope, at least!

In Su Qingshis room.

Yang Ye was curiously sizing it up.

It wasnt very large but was extremely organized.

Moreover, there wasnt much within it, and there werent any decorations besides some necessities.

“Youre heading to the Ancient Battlefield” asked Su Qingshi in a light voice.

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Presently, the Flower Palace has sided with the Mortal Emperor, so I cant allow the Mortal Emperors forces to set up camp within the southern territory.

At the very least, I cant allow him to accomplish it with such ease.

Even the Darkbeast Emperor and Grand Qin Empire would probably be unable to resist the joint forces of the Exalted Han Empire, the Origin School, the Flower Palace, and the various other powers.

So, I intend to meet with those powers in the Ancient Battlefield and join forces with them against the Mortal Emperor.”

Even though he was quite impulsive, it didnt represent that he was stupid.

It was utterly impossible for him to rely on his own strength to obliterate the Flower Palace.

At the very least, he was absolutely incapable of that right now.

Especially when the Flower Palace had become a vassal of the Mortal Emperor.

Now, it could be said that he didnt just have to face the Flower Palace, and he had to face the Exalted Han Empire as well!

Simply speaking, it was impossible for him to avoid being swept into the vortex that covered the southern territory.

So, besides the friendship between him and An Nanjing, the reason hed promised An Nanjing that he would head to the Ancient Battlefield was because he hoped to join forces with the two An Clans and the City Governors Estate to fight against the Exalted Han Empire!

After all, it was impossible for him to resist the Exalted Han Empire and annihilate the Flower Palace by himself!

“When will you be back” asked Su Qingshi in a light voice.

Yang Ye smiled and said, “Dont worry, Ill definitely rush back before our child is born.”

“Ill be waiting for you!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he passed a spatial ring to Su Qingshi and said, “There are 3,000 extreme-grade energy stones, a sword technique called Sword Threads, some precious herbs that are at the low-grade Heaven Rank at least, and….

In short, theres a huge number of things in there.

Take a look yourself later.

“Dont refuse it.

There are thousands of things you have to do right now to rebuild the Sword Sect, and most of them require wealth to complete.

These things should be able to be of help to you.

This is all I can do.

Right, take good care of them yourself.

Especially the extreme-grade energy stones.

Even if you utilize them, it has to be done secretively, otherwise, its very likely that itll draw trouble to you.

We must be cautious against others, after all.

“Besides that, the Founding Emperor and Beast Emperor have promised me that theyll look after the Sword Sect, so you dont have to worry about the Origin School and the other powers looking for trouble with the Sword Sect.

Moreover, if you encounter any difficulty, and no matter what difficulty it is… dont shoulder everything on your own.

Send me a transmission talisman, understand Also….”

Right at this moment, Su Qingshi suddenly walked over towards him, and then Yang Ye watched in astonishment as Su Qingshi pecked him on the lips with her little scarlet red lips.

Su Qingshi blushed a little but her eyes were filled with firmness and tender affection.

She didnt know why she did this.

She just knew that she wanted to do it, so she did it.

It wasnt just Su Qingshi who was moved, Yang Ye was the same.

His tongue gradually pushed her rep lips aside and moved in to attack her soft and little tongue.

Moreover, his hands didnt stay idle, and they slowly moved up her waist.

In the beginning, Su Qingshi was slightly unaccustomed to Yang Yes intensity, and she wanted to flee.

However, she didnt even have the strength to flee before Yang Yes hot pursuit, and she couldnt only allow Yang Ye to hold her in his arms and have his way with her.

After a long time passed, their lips finally parted, and then Yang Ye gazed at Su Qingshi who was red as a peach blossom and said gently, “Qingshi, can we”

Su Qingshi had her head lowered and didnt dare meet his eyes while she just forcefully held onto his waist.

She lowered her head even more upon hearing him, and a few breaths of time passed before Su Qingshi nodded imperceptibly before Yang Yes expectant gaze….

At the peak of emotion, all things are shed.

Torn away as day melts away the veil of night.

Her figure presented, for her knights relish.

Once, twice, all day and night.

It was like a storm, a battle, a war.

It ravaged the world throughout the night.

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