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Yang Ye would naturally not refuse her.

He withdrew 100 top-grade energy stones and passed them to her.

An Nanjing nodded with satisfaction, and then she withdrew a Transmission Talisman to notify the expert of her clan.

Before this, An Nanjing, Qing, and Hong had merely come to help Yang Ye within the scope of their ability, and they wouldnt fight with their lives on the line for Yang Yes sake, nor would they take the initiative to help him kill.

Because their assignments would be complete once Yang Ye returned to the southern territory.

But now, they were willing to kill their way back to the southern territory with Yang Ye.

At this moment, top-grade energy stones were like rocks to Yang Ye, and he had a huge bunch of them.

However, they were extremely precious and important to people like Hong and the others.

It was truly too enticing and impossible to refuse.

Even An Nanjing was tempted by it!

It could be said that their relationship had transformed into a cooperative relationship.

Yang Ye paid and they killed.

If they wanted more, then they had to kill more for him.

No one had to care about the others thoughts or mood, and it was just that simple.

At this moment, Yang Ye was extremely excited because he had a few dozen Exalt Realm experts on his side, so how could he not feel excited With these Exalt Realm experts by his side, he was even more confident in his ability to deal with the Flower Palace!

“Well go kill that fifth rank Exalt Realm expert right now!” Meanwhile, Hong spoke abruptly.

In her eyes, that Exalt Realm expert was a pile of top-grade energy stones, and she felt slightly impatient.

However, shed still asked Yang Yes opinion.

After all, Yang Ye was theiremployer.

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “Theres no rush for that.

Well make a move the others have arrived.

I intend to annihilate all the members of the Origin School who came here this time!”

Since the Origin School had acted openly against him, then he naturally intended to annihilate them all, and he didnt care if it was the number one sect of the southern territory.

They were already trying to kill him, so why would he even care about all of that

Hong nodded, and then she moved over to the side with Qing.

Yang Ye withdrew an extreme-grade energy stone and placed it his pocket before he sat cross-legged at the side, and then he started to slowly absorb the energy within it.

Hed obtained a huge amount of gains during the battle with Feng LI just now, and the greatest gain was that he felt he was about to advance.

However, the profound energy within his body was insufficient right now, so it was utterly incapable of providing him the necessary energy to advance.

Now, he had to recover his profound energy as soon as possible, and then improve his strength!

Only his own strength was true strength, and he naturally understood this principle!

An Nanjings eyes lit up when she noticed the energy fluctuations around Yang Ye.

She knew that he was showing signs of advancing and excitement immediately appeared in her eyes because the stronger he was, the happier she would be!

This was the Heart of the Strong that the Martial God possessed….


The Flower Palace.

Flower Hall.

Flower Palace was situated within a mountain valley, and numerous precipitous mountains resided all around the valley.

These mountains were covered in all sorts of gorgeous flowers.

One could absolutely not underestimate these flowers because the area of a few hundred kilometers around the Flower Palace was enveloped by its Sect Guarding Grand Formation, the Flower Slaughter Formation.

Once it was activated, these flowers would become weapons of slaughter!

According to rumor, the Flower Slaughter Formation had once annihilated a Half-step Saint Realm expert!

A few dozen elders and guardians of the Flower Sect stood within the hall, and a beautiful woman in palace clothes sat cross-legged at the seat of the host.

The beautiful woman was the Master of the Flower Palace, Yu Linglong.

“Feng Die and Feng Lis soul tablets have shattered.

I presume that theyre dead.

Palace Master, please issue the order to annihilate the League of Dooms outposts around our Flower Palace to make a display of our Palaces might!” A woman spoke in a low voice to Yu Linglong.

“The League of Doom is really getting more and more arrogant.

They actually dared to openly assassinate disciples of our Flower Palace.

Do they really think our Flower Palace is afraid of them Palace Master, please issue the order to annihilate all members of the League of Doom, otherwise, our Flower Palace will definitely suffer a blow to its reputation, and it would allow others to think that were afraid of the League of Doom!”

“I think that this matter is quite strange.

After all, our Flower Palace and the League of Doom have always existed in harmony, and there have been no conflicts between our forces.

Why would they suddenly and brazenly kill two of our elders and numerous disciples this time Dont you think its quite suspicious” A young woman with a sword hanging on her waist had suddenly spoken.

“Whats suspicious about it It looks to me like youre afraid of the League of Doom.

They are assassins, so they would even kill their own parents for money, let alone the disciples of our Flower Palace”


Since they killed disciples of our Flower Palace, then its definitely because someone paid a huge amount of money to hire them.

We naturally have to take revenge on the League of Doom, but Jing Zhu thinks that we should first find out who exactly hired the League of Doom.

Only by dragging out the person pulling the strings would we be able to deal with the root of this problem.

Otherwise, it would be useless even if we annihilate the entire League of Doom!” The young woman spoke slowly.

Everyone here nodded with agreement upon hearing the women with a sword.

Even Yu Linglongs gaze had praise in it as she gazed at the woman.

As expected of my personal disciple and the number one choice to become the next Master of Flower Palace!

At this moment, even the beautiful woman who refuted the woman with the sword had fallen silent as well.

“Jing Zhu, then in your opinion, what should we do right now!” It was Yu Linglong who asked this question.

The woman called Jing Zhu pondered deeply for a moment before she said, “Our disciples headed to the Ancient Battlefield to kill Yang Ye, but all of them were annihilated while Senior Sister Feng Xiaos whereabouts are unknown.

I guess that this incident might be related to Yang Ye.”

Meanwhile, the elder who refuted Jing Zhu earlier laughed coldly and said, “Hes just an ant at the Spirit Realm.

What ability does he have to kill the members of our Flower Palace What ability does he possess to hire the League of Doom to go against our Flower Palace”

“Elder Ming, he isnt an ant.

Hes the 1st on the Hidden Dragon Rankings and the Sword Emperor of this era!” Jing Zhu spoke indifferently.

“I dont think that the 1st on the Hidden Dragon Rankings and the person that mysterious ancient sheath acknowledged as its master would be an ant.

Besides that, even if he cant hire the League of Doom, this incident is definitely related to him! So, I suggest that we dispatch experts to the Ancient Battlefield and capture him.

At that time, the truth will probably be revealed.

Its best if the Palace Master herself sets out.

In this way, unless that existence from the League of Doom is there, hell definitely be captured with ease!”

Yu Linglong shook her head and said, “Lets put this matter aside for now.

Hes only a Spirit Realm profounder.

No matter how much of a monstrous genius he is, he still cant do much.

Presently, we have to gather our entire strength and be constantly prepared to deal with Daoist Zuis attempt to overcome the Heavenpath.

As for the League of Doom, dispatch some members to clean up the League of Dooms outposts around our palace to give them a warning.

Well really get even with them once all of this is over.

As for Yang Ye, ignore him for now because the members of the Origin School will naturally deal with him!”

Since the Palace Master herself had spoken, the others naturally had no objections, and they spoke in unison.


That woman called, Jing Zhu, sighed in her heart, and she felt slightly helpless.

She didnt know Yang Ye and had only heard about his deeds.

In her opinion, Yang Ye would definitely become a huge enemy for the Flower Palace in the future, so the Palace should stop at nothing to eliminate him.

Unfortunately, no one in the entire Flower Palace was able to take Yang Ye seriously.

Even if Yang Ye was the 1st on the Hidden Dragon Rankings and called the Sword Emperor.

They still refused to take him seriously!

Because Yang Ye was only a Spirit Realm profounder in the end, and just a single Exalt Realm expert would be sufficient to eliminate him with ease!


A day later, Yang Ye opened his eyes slowly and let out a light breath of air.

A ball of foul energy drifted out slowly from his mouth, and then he casually swept it away with a wave of his hand while a wisp of delight flashed through his eyes.

The second rank of the Spirit Realm” An Nanjing suddenly spoke from the side.

Yang Ye nodded while a wisp of a smile couldnt help but form on the corners of his mouth.

Even though hed merely advanced by a single rank of cultivation, he was able to sense that the space within the tiny vortex had become slightly larger.

Moreover, the violet colored profound energy within him had gradually undergone a slight transformation.

Even though it was very slight, hed still sensed it.

In short, his gains were pretty good.

Suddenly, Yang Ye looked towards the two groups of profounders who stood respectively behind An Nanjing and the sisters, Qing and Hong.

Yang Ye was shocked inwardly when he sensed the auras emanated by them because all these 40 plus profounders were actually Exalt Realm experts.

Moreover, if he didnt rely on the white dragons help, then he would actually be unable to sense the cultivations and auras possessed by a few of them!

Yang Ye didnt waste his breath.

A pile of top-grade energy stones instantly flew towards them with a wave of his hand, and he said, “This is your compensation for today.

I presume all of you are aware of the compensation for each kill.

Do you have any objections”

“Will we really be paid with 150 top-grade energy stones and top-grade talismans for killing experts at the fifth rank of the Exalt Realm and above” A black clothed figure behind Hong spoke in a deep voice.

Even though Hong and Qing were there as guarantors, they still didnt really believe it because such compensation really was quite high.

Of course, they were mostly worried that Yang Ye didnt have the funds.

Yang Ye knew what they were worried about.

He immediately waved his right hand, and then a blank piece of talisman paper appeared in front of him.

Yang Ye directly picked up his talisman brush and started crafting, and less than an hour had passed before a top-grade Strider Talisman had appeared before their eyes.

Their expression changed when they saw the top-grade Strider Talisman.

They would naturally not take an ordinary talisman seriously, but a top-grade talisman was different! A talisman of such quality even provided them with an extremely obvious increase.

Of course, they were shocked that Yang Ye was actually a Talisman Master, and he was even one who was capable of crafting a top-grade talisman in such a short time….

When it came to talismans masters, and especially Earth Talisman Masters and above, even Exalt Realm experts like them had to be respectful when dealing with such talisman masters.

Because besides the fact that they might have to ask for talisman from such talisman masters, it was also because such talisman masters were rich, and money was extremely terrifying when it arrived at a certain level.

In short, they believed that Yang Ye was sufficiently wealthy because how could a talisman master that was such a monstrous genius lack wealth

When he saw that they had no objections, Yang Ye turned around to gaze at Jadecloud Mountain Range.

It was the final mountain range on the way to the Grand Myriad Mountains, and they would arrive within the territory of the Grand Myriad Mountains once they traversed it.

I havent seen Grey and Silver in a long time.

Right, Xiao Lang as well.

I wonder how theyve developed until now….

Yang Ye thought in his heart before his expression turned cold.

He said, “Spare no one on Jadecloud Mountain Range!”

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