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Chapter 401 – The Blood Of A True Dragon!

On the next day, Yang Ye sat cross-legged at a training room that An Biru had arranged for him, and a scarlet red pearl of blood floated in front of him.

This scarlet red pearl was the so-called blood of a True Dragon that the mysterious old woman had given that day! The pearl of blood was only the size of his little finger, but Yang Ye was able to clearly sense the energy contained within it!

The energy within it was absolutely terrifying!

At this moment, Yang Ye was hesitating on whether he should consume it! The reason he hesitated was because he didn’t trust that old woman.

After all, he was on the verge of killing her grandson, so how could she so kind as to give him such a precious drop of the blood of a True Dragon Even though he suspected that she was up to something, he was still unwilling to give up on it.

After all, it was extremely beneficial to him if his physical body could be strengthened a step further!

Yang Ye asked the Sword Spirit of the ancient sheathe who was in front of him.

“Are you able to discern anything wrong with this blood”

The Sword Spirit shook her head lightly and said, “I’m unable to sense anything wrong with it.

It really is the blood of a True Dragon.

Moreover, it’s extremely pure as well.

I presume the owner of this blood definitely possessed an extremely high status amongst the Divine Gold Dragons.

But you should be aware that she’s definitely up to something!”

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “Can it really strengthen my body”

The Sword Spirit said, “Yes it can, and it can drastically improve your physical strength and physical defense.

Your current physical strength and physical defense are much stronger than a peak Spirit Rank Demon Beast.

If you’re able to refine and absorb this True Dragon’s blood successfully, then your physical defense and physical strength will far surpass Spirit Rank Demon Beasts and even be comparable to ordinary dragons!”

Yang Ye fell silent when he heard this.

There was no reward without risk! But while the cowardly might die of hunger, the brave might bite off more than they could chew!

When he thought up to here, a wisp of a firm expression flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes, and then he flicked his finger before the Nether Ghostflame flashed into appearance.

He placed the pearl of blood above the Nether Ghostflame, and it instantly started to spin rapidly.

Just like that, around 15 minutes had passed, but besides becoming even more scarlet red, there was nothing unusual about the blood at all!

Yang Ye instantly heaved a sigh of relief when he witnessed this. Looks like there’s nothing wrong with this blood.

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye stopped hesitating.

He grabbed it and swallowed it!

As soon as it entered his throat, a strand of violet energy instantly swept out from within the pearl of blood.


Yang Ye’s clothes were instantly transformed into ash while dense blood red thread had appeared on his skin.

Moreover, it wasn’t just his eyes, even his eyes were densely covered in blood red thread, causing him to seem extremely shocking!

At this moment, Yang Ye’s consciousness was still clear, and it was exactly because his consciousness was clear that it was really torturing to him right now.

The violent energy was ceaselessly striking against his body, and while the intense pain made him almost gnash his teeth into pieces, it was much inferior when compared to the pain he suffered from the Nether Ghostflame and Violetcloud Lightning.

The reason it was torture to him was that he actually had the impulse to vent his desires right now….

Could this blood have belonged to a licentious dragon

Yang Ye tried hard to suppress the flames of desire within his heart while he ceaselessly absorbed the pure energy within the dragon blood.

As soon as the energy entered into his body, Yang Ye felt the blood throughout his body and meridians instantly start to cheer with joy, but the feeling of his flames of desire burning through his entire body was truly uncomfortable.

It was fine at the beginning because he could suppress it, but in next to no time, the energy from the blood had ceaselessly entered his blood and meridians, causing the flames of desire within him to burn more and more intensely.

It was intense to the point Yang Ye’s eyes had started to turn crimson red while his skin seemed as if it was cooked, and it had turned a shocking hue of red!

The clarity in Yang Ye’s eyes gradually vanished….

On the other hand, the Sword Spirit had returned to its original form, and the ancient sheathe vanished on the spot!


In a room, An Biru was gazing silently at a mirror that was placed in front of her, and there was a drop dead gorgeous face on the mirror’s surface.

A wisp of a smile suddenly arose on her face after she gazed at that peerlessly beautiful face for a while, but this smile was bitter.

Her fair hand slowly moved up to her face, and An Biru’s gaze was slightly blank as she stared at the person in the mirror.

She muttered.

“Youth and beauty are only temporary!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she stared blankly for a while longer.

In the end, she lowered her gaze towards a scroll in her hand, and there were two words on it — Yang Ye!

Practically 90% of everything from Yang Ye’s birth until now had been fully recorded by the formidable forces of the An Clan, and they were contained within the scroll in her hand.

A black clothed woman suddenly appeared by An Biru’s side.

She gazed at An Biru while a tender expression appeared in her eyes.

She said, “Little girl, just choose him.

You’ve stayed at the ninth rank of the Exalt Realm for too long.

If you still don’t advance soon, then you should be clearly aware of the consequences you’ll face once the vitality within your body has started to disperse! He’s a really suitable candidate, and he even possesses mysterious violet colored profound energy.

So, if you engage in mutual cultivation with him, you’ll definitely be able to break through the shackles of your cultivation technique and step foot into the Monarch Realm!”

An Biru remained silent but there were slight fluctuations in her eyes.

“Most importantly, he only possesses less than five years of his lifespan left.” The black clothed woman said in a low voice, “So, you don’t have to feel ashamed at all.”

An Biru still remained silent, and she just tightened her grip on the scroll in her hand!

“Little girl, you should be clearly aware that even if it’s within the forces of our An Clan, there are only four people with mutated profound energy.

I can understand why you refuse to choose the four of them because even I feel disgusted at the sight of them! But to be honest, this fellow, Yang Ye, can be considered to be an outstanding genius in the present age, so choosing him wouldn’t be a humiliation to you.

Most importantly, his mysterious violet colored profound energy is extremely pure and without even a trace of impurities, so it’ll definitely be extremely helpful in the improvement of your cultivation technique.

You’ll definitely be unable to encounter a similar opportunity in the future if you miss this one!” said the black clothed woman.

An Biru sighed lightly as she stood up slowly.

She said, “Is he at the training room”

The black clothed woman nodded while a wisp of delight flashed through her eyes.

She said, “Little girl, have you made up your mind”

An Biru said, “Let me go talk with him.

I don’t want my mental state to have any flaws in the future.”

As soon as she finished speaking, An Biru walked towards the door, but she suddenly stopped upon arriving in front of it.

She said, “Aunt, you don’t have to come with me.

Let me talk to him by myself!” She immediately walked out of the door upon speaking these words.

The black clothed woman sighed lightly on the spot, and then her figure flashed and vanished.

When An Biru pushed upon the door to Yang Ye’s training room, her expression had instantly changed because a figure had suddenly charged towards her! A strand of strong wind blew forward with a flick of her hand, and then that figure was instantly blasted flying by over 300m before crashing to the ground.

That figure was naturally Yang Ye!

Earlier, the clarity in his eyes had immediately vanished once he fully absorbed the energy within the True Dragon’s blood, and then his eyes were filled with boundless flames of desire.

Yet it just so happened that An Biru had walked in at this exact same moment, so Yang Ye had pounced over out of instinct.

Unfortunately, his strength was far inferior to her….

An Biru’s beautiful brows knit together slightly when she noticed the crimson red color in Yang Ye’s eyes.

Suddenly, her pupils constricted when she noticed the dark golden skin that covered Yang Ye’s body, and she said, “The blood of a Divine Gold Dragon! How could this be possible How could he possibly possess such a divine treasure That idiot! He actually dared to absorb the blood of a Divine Gold Dragon! Doesn’t he know that doing this would offend the entire Dragon Race”

Meanwhile, Yang Ye had stood up slowly, and then he pounced at An Biru again.

When she gazed at Yang Ye’s bare body and especially when her gaze fell onto a certain hard spot on him, An Biru’s face had turned slightly red, and then her figure flashed to instantly arrive before Yang Ye.

She stretched out her hand and tapped it on Yang Ye’s chest.

In an instant, Yang Ye’s figure stiffened on the spot as if he’d been frozen there.

An Biru frowned when she noticed the expression of pain he had, and then she sighed lightly after a short while passed.

Even though she was still a pure maiden, she knew what sort of situation Yang Ye was in right now.

At this moment, Yang Ye had to vent his desires, otherwise, it was very likely that he would suffer an injury to his foundation!

So, An Biru turned around with the intention of looking for someone to help Yang Ye vent.

However, right at this moment, a strand of violet light suddenly flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes, and then a strand of violet light suddenly entered An Biru’s body, causing her figure to suddenly stiff while shock and disbelief filled her eyes….

But she didn’t have the time to think about all of that because Yang Ye had pounced onto her….

When the last bit of clarity dispersed from the depths of Yang Ye’s eyes, he’d vaguely heard the sound of complacent laughter that was clear and melodious.

“You actually dared to threaten this Princess Threaten me huh! Threaten me huh! Feel my wrath! HAHAHAHA!!!”


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