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Chapter 399 – Violetcloud Lightning!

The small golden dragon constricted Yang Ye’s waist without easing up at all, and the enormous strength it possessed caused his clothes to instantly split into pieces.

A wisp of a ruthless expression flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes, and he directly grabbed the dragon’s neck with his right hand before pulling forcefully.

He pulled the dragon off him before he clenched his fingers down slightly, causing the small golden dragon to instantly start howling with pain!

Shock had appeared in his eyes as he gazed at the small golden dragon that was ceaselessly howling with pain in his hand.

Because the small golden dragon wasn’t an immaterial object, and it was a real dragon… a real little dragon!

“That’s a Divine Spirit Dragon.” At this moment, the Sword Spirit said, “Don’t harm it.

It’s an embodiment of goodness in the world, and it likes to get close to good people and hates the bad.

One that obtains its acknowledgment is the Mortal Emperor, and that person will be able to obtain Divine Spirit Aura.

It’s capable of warding against all evil, and it can even deter all evil beasts in the world!”

“It hates the bad” Yang Ye was stunned, and then he smiled as he said, “Looks like I’m such a person.

Right, wasn’t Mu Jun the so-called Mortal Emperor”

“Not really!” The Sword Spirit shook her head and said, “He merely obtained the Mortal Emperor Seal and Mortal Emperor Armor, but he didn’t obtain their acknowledgment.

If he was the real Mortal Emperor, then how could he have been killed so easily!”

Yang Ye chuckled and said, “Let’s disregard all of that for now.

Tell me how to subdue it! This armor isn’t bad.

It can probably withstand an attack that was executed with the full strength of a peak Spirit Realm expert.”

“You can’t.

Unless it serves you willingly, or if you suppress it by force.

However, doing that would cause the might of this armor to be weakened greatly.

Moreover, it’s very likely that it’ll turn on you!” said the Sword Spirit.

Yang Ye squeezed the small golden dragon’s neck as he raised it to eye level, and then he couldn’t help but chuckle when he saw the cowardice in its eyes. So this dragon is quite cowardly!

“Are you willing to serve me” asked Yang Ye.

The small golden dragon immediately shook its head.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed, and he exerted strength slightly, causing it to instantly howl once more with pain.

This time, Yang Ye’s gaze was icy cold as he said, “It’s fine if you’re unwilling to serve me, but you must be obedient.

Otherwise, I’ll pull out your tendons, tear off your skin, and bleed you dry.


The golden dragon wanted to shake its head again.

However, when it noticed the Slaughter Sword Intent that Yang Ye emanated, it hurriedly nodded right away.

Its intuition told it that if it dared to shake its head, then this villain in front of him would definitely do as he’d said!

Yang Ye nodded with satisfaction when he saw the golden dragon nod, and then he loosened his grip.

The dragon instantly transformed into a strand of golden light that entered the Mortal Emperor Armor.

After he dealt with the Mortal Emperor Armor, Yang Ye’s gaze descended onto the Mortal Emperor Seal.

The seal was even much larger than the palm of an adult, and it had a lifelike small golden dragon inscribed on it.

When he looked carefully, Yang Ye noticed that this small golden dragon’s appearance was exactly similar to the one from before.

Yang Ye attached great importance to the Mortal Emperor Seal because it had even been able to resist the Nether Ghostflame that day.

The profound energy within his body surged, and then he sent it slowly into the seal.

The seal suddenly lit up as his profound energy surged endlessly into it, and it seemed like the small golden dragon on the seal was about to come to life.

However, the golden glow instantly vanished right when Yang Ye was delighted, and then the Mortal Emperor Seal didn’t react at all no matter how much profound energy he poured into it!

Yang Ye frowned, and then he looked at the Sword Spirit.

The Sword Spirit pondered deeply for a moment and said, “The Mortal Emperor Seal, Mortal Emperor Armor, and Mortal Emperor Sword are three parts of a whole, and the Divine Spirit Dragon is the Equipment Spirit for all of them.

Only by obtaining its acknowledgment would you be able to utilize the true might of these three Dao Artifacts.

So, you’re probably unable to utilize it at all because of the Divine Spirit Dragon!”

Yang Ye’s gaze became icy cold once more, and he wanted to grab the small golden dragon and teach it a good lesson.

However, he noticed that he was completely helpless against it.

Why Because he was unable to sense exactly which part of the armor it was hiding in….

As if she knew what Yang Ye was thinking, the Sword Spirit said, “It has fused into one with the Mortal Emperor Armor, so unless you possess the ability to destroy a Dao Artifact, otherwise, you’re completely helpless against it.

Of course, it’s a different story if it were to come out on its own.

However, after you terrified it just now, it will probably not come out no matter what!”

Yang Ye couldn’t help but laugh bitterly when he heard this.

The Mortal Emperor Armor was still useable because while he didn’t possess the Divine Spirit Dragon’s acknowledgment, he could still use it as a high-grade Heaven Rank armor.

However, the Mortal Emperor Seal was a complete piece of garbage without the Divine Spirit Dragon’s acknowledgment!

He really wanted to toss the seal away, but he wasn’t able to do it in the end….

“Looks like I can only wait for an opportunity in the future to make it mine!” Yang Ye shook his head and put the Mortal Emperor Seal away.

Yang Ye took a deep breath, and then he sat cross-legged on the bed and said, “Guard me!”

The Sword Spirit nodded.

Yang Ye closed his eyes slowly, and then he immersed his consciousness into his body….

He naturally intended to subdue the Violetcloud Lightning right now! The Violetcloud Lightning wasn’t weaker to the Nether Ghostflame at all.

So, he naturally didn’t intend to give up on taking possession of such a Natural Treasure.

If he could subdue it, then he would possess three Natural Treasures when the Nether Ghostflame and Ninth Hell Cold Gale was included. If I could merge these three Natural Treasures into one….

Yang Ye shook his head lightly, and then he discarded the distracting thoughts in his mind and started subduing the Violetcloud Lightning….

It was hiding in a corner within the tiny vortex, and it seemed to be trembling incessantly from being terrified of something.

Yang Ye was slightly amused when he saw this. This tiny vortex of mine is really mysterious and terrifying! Regardless of whether it’s the Nether Ghostflame or this Violetcloud Lightning, they are extremely fearful of the tiny vortex!

With the assistance of the tiny vortex, it shouldn’t be a problem for me to subdue the Violetcloud Lightning! Yang Ye mused hopefully.

However, right at this moment, a strand of strange energy suddenly appeared within the tiny vortex, and this energy instantly arrived in front of the Violetcloud Lightning.

The Violetcloud Lightning was directly teleported out under Yang Ye’s astounded gaze, and it arrived within Yang Ye’s body instead….

Yang Ye was stunned, and the Violetcloud Lightning was stunned as well….

In next to no time, it recovered from its shock, and then it jumped for joy.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye’s face had instantly warped….

The Violetcloud Lightning wanted to leave, but it seemed like it was attracted to something within the tiny vortex.

So it moved around incessantly on the spot.

It wanted to enter the tiny vortex yet seemed to be afraid of something, and it retreated every single time it arrived at the entrance to the tiny vortex.

It seemed very conflicted.

At this moment, Yang Ye was filled with hatred.

He was sure that it was definitely the tiny vortex that was teaching him a lesson on purpose! He knew that the tiny vortex was displeased with him after he provoked it the other day to save Xiao Yuxi.

Now, it finally had a chance to teach him a lesson. But isn’t this a little too cruel!

This thing is a Natural Treasure! Is it trying to kill me Yang Ye howled with sorrow in his heart.

At this moment, he couldn't give up on the Violetcloud Lightning even if he wanted to.

Why Because it had no intention of leaving at all.

It was ceaselessly moving about near the tiny vortex.

It was fine if it just moved about, but the trace of electricity it emanated on occasion overwhelmed Yang Ye with pain!

Yang Ye didn’t dare to let it continue moving about within his body.

He immediately utilized the technique Elder Mu taught him and started attempting to subdue it! However, Yang Ye had only just executed the technique yet the Violetcloud Lightning seemed as if it had been provoked.

It flashed and immediately started to rampage through his entire body….


A mouthful of blood sprayed from between his lips while his face twisted together severely.

Moreover, his entire body was trembling violently.

The pain he felt right now was much more terrifying than when he subdued the Nether Ghostflame!

The Sword Spirit’s brows pressed together slightly.

However, she was unable to do anything right now, and it all depended on Yang Ye’s own fortune.

After all, the Violetcloud Lightning was within Yang Ye’s body, so if it was driven to a corner and forced to detonate itself….

At this moment, the only thing Yang Ye could do was try hard to keep his mind clear while doing all he could to subdue the Violetcloud Lightning with the technique Elder Mu had taught him.

Elder Mu’s technique was extremely effective, and it was obvious by how fearful the Violetcloud Lightning was.

However, the process….

It was a truly painful process.

If his light violet profound energy wasn’t repairing his body incessantly, and if he didn’t possess a strong physical body and will, then he would have been transformed into a charred corpse a very long time ago!

Countless bolts of violet electricity gradually effused out from Yang Ye’s body, and then the entire room was filled with violet electricity.

Moreover, terrifying crackling resounded incessantly in the air….


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