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hapter 396 – Madam An!

Li Fengyu asked with an astounded tone.

“Qian Huan, are you certain”

Qian Huan said, “He really is the 1st because An Nanjing admitted defeat.

As for the reason, even I’m unaware of it.

In any case, he’s the 1st on the Hidden Dragon Rankings! Oh, something worthy of mentioning is that he’s the current Sword Emperor because he has obtained the ancient sheath’s acknowledgment.”

Qian Huan would naturally not tell them that Yang Ye had comprehended the Sword Domain.

He didn’t want Yang Ye to be taken in by these sects, because since he couldn’t obtain a monstrous genius like Yang Ye, then it was best for such a genius to die….

The Sword Emperor

Their eyes blazed once more with desire when they heard Qian Huan.

But in next to no time, the blazing desire had died down.

Obviously, they’d noticed that Yang Ye’s lifespan was insufficient.

In next to no time, all of them started hesitating and feeling conflicted.

Since this fellow before them could become the Sword Emperor and make An Nanjing admit defeat, then there was definitely no doubt about his strength.

But he only had a few years of lifespan left.

So, if they were to recruit him, then their sects would probably have to look for treasures that improved lifespan for a very long time.”

Even a Ninth Rank Sect couldn’t bear such a price!

That was the true reason why Qian Huan and Feng Xiu refused to recruit Yang Ye in the beginning!

However, even though they couldn’t save Yang Ye, Yang Ye was still the 1st on the Hidden Dragon Rankings, so he would obtain an immeasurable amount of Karmic Luck later.

This Karmic Luck was something they refused to give up on.

So, it wasn’t long before a wisp of a smile had appeared on an old man’s face, and he spoke to Yang Ye in a warm voice.

“The Sword Emperor Good! Good! You were able to become the Sword Emperor at such a young age.

Young Brother, your future is limitless! However, you should be clearly aware that good natural talent is useless without the assistance of cultivation resources.

I’ll get straight to the point.

I’m an elder of the Eighth Rank Sect, Crimson Divinity Sect, from the central territory.

I represent the Crimson Divinity Sect to sincerely invite Young Brother to join us.

You’ll be immediately promoted to an Elite Disciple upon joining the sect.

I wonder what Young Brother thinks of this”

Yang Ye laughed coldly in his heart. Does he think I’m an idiot He wants my Karmic Luck yet refuses to provide any material benefits.

An Elite Disciple That’s just a title! Why would Yang Ye care about something like that

Meanwhile, a wave of conflict and hesitation flashed through Li Fengyu’s eyes, and then his wrist moved slightly.

A crystalline and translucent little herb appeared in his hand before he said, “Kid, I’ll get straight to the point and not play any tricks.

You ought to be aware of the problem with your lifespan.

If you join my sect, then I’ll give you this Longevity Herb in my hand.

You can live for 5 more years with it.

I’ll definitely be able to find even more treasures that can extend your lifespan during those 5 years!”

“Longevity Herb!” Wang Yu who stood at the side cried out involuntarily upon seeing the herb in Li Fengyu’s hand.

“Li Fengyu, have you gone mad Do you know that you only have less than 10 years of lifespan left You’ll definitely perish if you can’t achieve a breakthrough within 10 years, and you’ll have a better chance at breaking through with this Longevity Herb in your possession.

Have you thought about the consequences if you’re unable to breakthrough within the next 10 years after giving this Longevity Herb to him”

“Is it worth it” An old man by Li Fengyu’s side spoke in a low voice as well.

Yang Ye glanced at the old man, Li Fengyu, with slight surprise. This old man is much more sincere than the previous fellow! Unfortunately, Yang Ye had no intention of joining any sect now!

Li Fengyu shook his head with a bitter expression on his face.

He said, “Both of you are clearly aware of the current state my Tranquil Path Sect is in.

Even though it’s still a Seventh Rank Sect right now, it had no capable talents left, and it urgently requires a boost from new blood and Karmic Luck.

Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable.

If my sect falls into decline, then wouldn’t I, Li Fengyu, be a disappointment to my sect’s ancestors”

“Hmph!” Meanwhile, Feng Xiu who’d remained silent until now had suddenly grunted coldly, and then he said, “Li Fengyu, your sect should have fallen into a decline a long time ago.

If it wasn’t for you and your senior brother, then not to mention a Seventh Rank Sect, your sect would probably be unable to even gain a foothold in the central territory! Of course, that doesn’t have anything to do with me.

What I want to tell all of you is that my Clear River Sect is taking this kid, Yang Ye.”

Yang Ye was stunned when he heard this. Taking me Did I agree to join that damnable Clear River Sect

Feng Xiu didn’t even spare Yang Ye a glance.

He merely glanced indifferently at Li Fengyu and the others before he said, “My Clear River Sect only wants this kid.

All of you can feel free to choose the other human profounders.”

“Wait!” Right at this moment, Yang Ye suddenly took a step forward and gazed at Feng Xiu as he said, “Senior, I seem to have never agreed to join your Clear River Sect, right As a distinguished Ninth Rank Sect, could it be that Senior’s sect intends to recruit me by force”

Li Fengyu and the others were stunned, and then they glanced at Feng Xiu with strange expressions. So it was only that old fellow’s wish!

Feng Xiu’s expression immediately fell when he heard Yang Ye.

His eyes narrowed as he gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Kid, could it be that joining my Clear River Sect would be a humiliation to you Or perhaps you are displeased of my Clear River Sect”

Threatening me Yang Ye laughed coldly in his heart while his temper flared.

He immediately laughed coldly and said, “Senior, you’re a Monarch Realm expert while I’m merely a Spirit Realm profounder.

How could I be displeased of Senior and your sect But joining a sect is a matter of utmost importance, so I can’t make the decision.

I must return and ask for my master’s permission!”

At this moment, Yang Ye was furious.

If Feng Xiu wasn’t a Monarch Realm expert, then Yang Ye would have drawn his sword and attacked a long time ago.

What the ** Do I look like a piece of commodity that he can take at will

“Ask for permission from your master” Feng Xiu laughed coldly and said, “There’s no need for that.

Your master will definitely agree if he knows that my Clear River Sect has taken a liking to you.

Just obediently become an inner court disciple of my Clear River Sect.

Right, allow me to give you a piece of advice, don’t bring ruin upon yourself!”

It was a blatant threat!

Yang Ye slowly tightened his grip on Dragonbone while a wisp of killing intent flashed through the depths of his eyes. Join a Ninth Rank Sect It sounds very nice, but do you really think I’m an idiot Don’t you just want Karmic Luck Once you get it and I’m completely worthless, then I’ll probably immediately vanish from this world, right

But, what could Yang Ye do At this moment, there were only two paths left before him, either fight to the death and make everyone unable to obtain any Karmic Luck, or make a compromise for his own safety, submit to Feng Xiu, respectfully present the fruits of his hard work to Feng Xiu, and then allow Feng Xiu to kill him!

Of course, he could only choose the 1st path!

At this moment, Yang Ye deeply experienced the helplessness of the weak.

The weak could only be trampled upon when facing the strong.

At this moment, it was impossible for reason to be utilized nor was there right or wrong.

There was only the strong and the weak!

Strength, strength, formidable strength….

Yang Ye took a deep breath and was just about to fight desperately when An Biru who’d remained silent until now had walked slowly to Yang Ye’s side.

She patted his should lightly with her right hand, and it caused the baleful energy that was surging within Yang Ye’s body to calm down.

Yang Ye’s mind recovered its clarity while he felt shocked in his heart. Her strength is actually that terrifying

An Biru grinned at Yang Ye, and then she turned to look at Feng Xiu before she said, “I’m sorry but Yang Ye is an Honorary Elder of my An Clan, so I’m afraid that he can’t join your Clear River Sect!”

The An Clan! Feng Xiu’s eyelids twitched when he heard this name.

Even the Clear River Sect was fearful of the two An Clans in Ancient Domain City! Of course, it wasn’t terror but just fear! Now that he was here all by himself, it wasn’t just simple terror that he should feel.

After all, it was the An Clan’s territory!

However, he refused to be outdone in imposingness and said coldly, “I presume you’re the famous Madam An.

This is Madam An’s territory, so everything Madam An says, goes.

However, I’d like to ask if Madam An really intends to become enemies with my Clear River Sect just for someone who’s about to die”

“Become enemies with the Clear River Sect” An Biru shook her head and smiled.

“It would sound much more convincing if Qing Wei spoke these words.

Who do you, Feng Xiu, think you are Can you even represent the Clear River Sect I’ll count to three.

If you’re still here when I’m done, then you can stay here forever.

I’d like to see if the Clear River Sect will go against my An Clan for your sake!”

Feng Xiu’s expression instantly became extremely unsightly when he heard An Biru….


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