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Chapter 321 – Shattered Dantian!

When enhanced by her 7th level sword Intent, the green energy swords seemed as if they were material.

The terrifying energy contained within them caused the space around Mo Qingyu to tremor incessantly as if it would explode into pieces at any moment!

The expressions of the group from the nether territory, devil territory, and demon territory changed when they witnessed this scene.

They hadn’t expected that such a formidable expert existed amongst the humans!

Mo Ke and Hun You’s expressions were extremely calm, and there was merely a wisp of a solemn and gloomy expression in the depths of their eyes!

Yang Ye’s expression became extremely solemn because Mo Qingyu’s strength was extremely formidable indeed! Not to mention his current state, he might not necessarily be able to defeat her even at this price! Coupled with the fact that he’d been heavily injured by Mo Ke just now, how could he possibly resist her attack

I’m still too weak in the end! Yang Ye took a deep breath as he shook his head, and then he suddenly clenched his right fist.


A light bang resounded as Yang Ye’s right sleeve exploded apart to reveal his arm that was covered in veins that crept throughout his arm like worms!

At this moment, he had to do it even if he couldn’t!

Right at this moment, the 100 green energy swords that were floating in front of Mo Qingyu had suddenly stopped moving.

In the next moment, they swiftly transformed into 100 rays of light that shot forward explosively!

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted.

Right when he was about to make a move, the energy swords had suddenly fused together into one, and they even sped up explosively.

It arrived before him in an instant, and it stabbed into his chest before he could even counterattack! The green energy sword stopped for a split second before it shot straight through his chest!

Yang Ye suddenly opened his eyes wide while his body stiffened on the spot.

However, Mo Qingyu suddenly vanished on the spot, and a violent gale shot towards the surroundings as she instantly arrived in front of Yang Ye.

After that, she stabbed a green energy sword through Yang Ye’s Dantian before spinning it right after.

Her Sword Intent erupted within Yang Ye’s Dantian, and it instantly minced Yang Ye’s Dantian into pieces!

“So, the so-called Sword Emperor is actually so weak!” Mo Qingyu shook her head as she gazed at Yang Ye, and then her figure flashed and returned to where she stood previously.

After that, she gazed at Xiao Yuxi who had a stunned expression and said, “You know where to find me if you want to avenge your little lover!” As soon as she finished speaking, a ray of light flashed as she left on her sword.

Mo Ke glanced at where Yang Ye’s Dantian was, and there was a striking and huge fist-sized hole there! Mo Ke shook his head, and then he led the group from the devil race away!

Since his Dantian had been shattered, Yang Ye would be a cripple even if he could survive.

So, Mo Ke would naturally not make a move against a crippled because it was degrading!

Hun You gazed at Yang Ye while a wisp of hesitation flashed in his eyes! Yang Ye was a Sword Cultivator, and he was one who had comprehended 6th level Sword Intent.

So, if Hun You was able to devour Yang Ye’s soul, then his strength would definitely improve greatly! But in that way, he would definitely incur the wrath of the white haired woman at the side!

He was naturally not afraid of the white haired woman, but at least 30% of his other companions would probably die during the battle! So, when he thought up to here, Hun You glanced coldly at Yang Ye and Xiao Yuxi, and then he led the group from the nether territory away!

Suddenly, Xiao Yuxi appeared in front of Yang Ye who had his eyes closed, and her eyes were slightly blank as she gazed at the two holes on Yang Ye’s chest.

It wasn’t that she refused to lend a hand earlier, and it was instead because Mo Qingyu who’d comprehended Wind Intent was truly too swift, and Mo Qingyu had been swift to the point she didn’t have the time to stop Mo Qingyu!

“I’ll go take revenge for you!” Xiao Yuxi turned around and intended to leave as soon as she finished speaking these words.

However, right at this moment, a hand grabbed her hand, and it caused her body to stiffen.

After that, she swiftly turned around to gaze at Yang Ye who’d opened his eyes, and her voice was slightly trembling.

“You… you’re still alive”

Yang Ye was naturally still alive.

If Mo Qingyu hadn’t followed up with that second attack, then he would have really died.

Because Yang Ye wasn’t a god in the end! However, Mo Qingyu had followed up her first attack with another attack, and she’d crippled his Dantian! Yes, the reason he was still alive was that his Dantian had been destroyed!

He should have died.

But at the moment his Dantian was destroyed, the tiny vortex that had been silent until now had suddenly expanded, and then it exploded with a bang! Subsequently, it appeared where his Dantian used to be.

No, it should be said that the place where his Dantian used to be had been transformed into the world within the tiny vortex!

To put it simply, the tiny vortex had become his Dantian!

After the tiny vortex became his Dantian, the golden profound energy within it had started surging through his body like a torrent, and the regenerative ability of the golden profound energy caused the injuries on his chest to instantly stop bleeding.

Moreover, they started recovering at an alarming speed.

This was the reason why he’d survived!

Moreover, after the golden profound energy had flowed throughout his body, Yang Ye’s cultivation had improved like a rocket, and he’d instantly leaped from the fifth rank of the King Realm to the ninth rank of the King Realm! He’s advanced by four ranks in an instant!

This wasn’t even the end of it.

After he advanced into the ninth rank of the King Realm, the gold profound energy within his tiny vortex had slowly started turning light violet in color.

Moreover, Yang Ye was pleasantly surprised to notice that besides the Darkbeasts, all the other treasures within his tiny vortex had actually undergone a tremendous transformation!

The 36 low-grade Earth Rank swords had transformed into peak high-grade Earth Rank swords!

The Icesoul Fruit and Vermillion Spirit Fruit trees had actually grown to a height of over 10m tall, and the trees were densely covered in tiny Icesoul Fruits and Vermillion Spirit Fruits!

Of course, Yang Ye was even more shocked because a door had actually appeared above the pool of profound energy.

However, the door was tightly closed!

This sudden and unexpected change had completely stunned Yang Ye.

Of course, he couldn’t help but feel overjoyed after he recovered from his shock.

Because he’d noticed something, and that was he could utilize the light violet profound energy within the pool of profound energy! The entire pool full of profound energy….

Yang Ye believed that even a Spirit Realm expert couldn’t compare to him in volume!

From now onward, he could utilize profound energy without any restraints, and he didn’t have to worry about it drying up!

Yang Ye suppressed the wild joy in his heart and opened his eyes when he just happened to hear Xiao Yuxi, and it caused his heart to be instantly filled with warmth.

When he saw that Xiao Yuxi intended to turn around and take revenge for him, Yang Ye hurriedly stopped her because while revenge had to be taken, it was he who had to do it!

Xiao Yuxi instantly heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that Yang Ye was fine, and then she maintained her composure as she pulled her hand from Yang Ye’s grasp.

After that, she glanced at Yang Ye and said, “It’s good that you’re fine!”

“Thank you!” Yang Ye gazed at the woman before him as he spoke in a serious manner.

If it wasn’t for this woman who’d made Mo Ke and Hun You afraid, he would definitely die even if the tiny vortex had undergone a transformation.

Because he was still in a heavily injured state just now!

Xiao Yuxi didn’t meet Yang Ye’s gaze.

Her gaze was aimed at the ground, and she said after a while, “I’m able to sense that your strength has improved greatly.

I don’t know why you’ve instantly improved so swiftly, you ought to be aware that great haste isn’t always good speed.

Sometimes, it’s useless if your cultivation rises too quickly but your mental state is unable to keep up!”

Yang Ye smiled bitterly.

He naturally understood this principle.

However, it was utterly out of his control! All he could do now was to try his best to get accustomed to his current realm of cultivation and allow his mental state to catch up.

Otherwise, he would be a weak and inferior profounder at the ninth rank of the King Realm!

Xiao Yuxi suddenly asked.

“What do you intend to do after this”

Yang Ye was stunned when he heard this, and then a cold glow flashed in his eyes.

He said, “I naturally have to get even with them.

I can’t have suffered those two attacks for nothing!”

Xiao Yuxi shook her head and said, “The Nether God’s Tomb will be opening tomorrow, and the souls within it are much purer than the souls here.

Moreover, numerous treasures the Nether God left behind all those years ago resides in the tomb.

It would be a pity to miss it! Besides that, even though your strength has improved greatly, you’re probably still unable to kill Mo Ke, Hun You, and Mo Qingyu.

Their strengths are far greater than what you’ve seen! So, it’s best for you to improve your strength first!”

Yang Ye fell silent.

Needless to say, Xiao Yuxi really made sense.

Even though his strength had improved explosively right now, it was clearly impossible for him to kill them now.

Unless he utilized the Enlightened Sword Heart and the Nether Ghostflame, otherwise, he didn’t have any advantage against them!

The Nether Ghostflame! Yang Ye’s eyes suddenly opened wide when he thought about it.

Because only now had he noticed that he seemed to have overlooked the tiny flame within the tiny vortex….

Yang Ye didn’t mind Xiao Yuxi’s presence by his side.

He opened his palm and issued a command in his heart, and then a light swish resounded as a strand of flame suddenly appeared at the center of his palm!

Xiao Yuxi’s pupils constricted violently when she witnessed this scene, and then she instinctively took a step back while she placed her right hand on her saber’s hilt.

She said, “What’s that!”

“Yang Ye smiled and said, “The Nether Ghostflame!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye gazed at the Nether Ghostflame.

He noticed to his surprise that it had undergone a transformation as well.

Because the ghastly white color flame had become pure white in color! Moreover, it was much larger than before and had become the size of two adult fingers!

“The Nether Ghostflame!” Xiao Yuxi spoke with shock.

“How… how could you possibly possess such a treasure!”

With her background and knowledge, she naturally knew what the Nether Ghostflame was.

It was exactly because she knew that she was shocked! Not to mention that Yang Ye was merely at the King Realm even a Spirit Realm expert or Exalt Realm expert would find it impossible to subdue such a treasure of the heavens and the earth!

Right at this moment, the Nether Ghostflame on Yang Ye’s palm suddenly flashed and entered Yang Ye’s Vortex Dantian.

After that, it shot into the pool of profound energy and paid no further attention to Yang Ye! Since the little fellow left, the Nether Ghostflame was the strongest within the tiny vortex, so it naturally occupied the pool of profound energy!

“It was given to me by a senior!” Yang Ye said, “In the beginning, it was slightly unwilling to come with me.

But now, I think it wouldn’t leave even if I drive it away.


Indeed, the Nether Ghostflame would probably refuse to leave even if Yang Ye were to drive it away! After all, the tiny vortex was an existence that could help the Nether Ghostflame grow!

Xiao Yuxi suddenly said, “You’re… too mysterious!”

“Everyone has their own secrets, right” said Yang Ye with a smile on his face.

Xiao Yuxi nodded, and then she said, “Less than two hours remain before the Nether God’s Tomb opens.

Let’s go!”


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