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Chapter 318 – Inquiring About Someone!

Everyone here as stunned. What is he trying to do Isn’t he afraid of becoming the common enemy of all humans

They didn’t have the time to ponder on this question because Yang Ye’s sword was dancing about, and the heads of over 30 profounders had left their bodies in less than a few breaths of time.

Every single one of these profounders had been directly annihilated by a single strike of his sword!

After he killed over 30 of them, the human profounders had finally recovered from their shock, and then they immediately fled madly towards the surroundings.

They didn’t choose to fight because Yang Ye was like an invincible god of death right now, and every single swing of his sword reaped a life!

Coupled with the fact that those youths from the devil race were still standing at the side, how could they dare to fight him

As they gazed at Yang Ye who was violently annihilating those human profounders, the group from the devil race instantly revealed a fearful expression.

Yang Ye’s ruthlessness and formidable strength had aroused some fear in them!

On the other hand, Xiao Yuxi took a deep glance at Yang Ye.

She finally had a slight understanding of his character.

He was a man that would never compromise and killed decisively!

Yang Ye was unable to annihilate all of them in the end because they’d relied on their high ranked movement techniques to seize the opportunity created by the chaos here and fled.

“Yang Ye, you’re dead! You’re dead! You’ll become the common enemy of all humans! You’re dead!”

“Ah! My sect will take revenge for me! Just you wait, Yang Ye! Just you wait! I’ll make living worse than death for you….”

“Yang Ye, I’ll definitely repay you a hundredfold for this!”

Yang Ye smiled with disdain as he watched them flee.

If he didn’t intend to search for the Ninth Hell Cold Gale, then he would have pursued every single member of this ragtag group and annihilate all of those bastards!

Yang Ye swung his sword lightly as he turned to gaze at the group from the devil race, and then a cold light flashed in his eyes.

Right at this moment, the youth in the lead walked forward before he moved his fingers slightly.

After that, around 50 plus green balls of light surged out from a spatial ring on his finger!

After he did all of this, this youth and all the other youths of the devil race instantly gazed at Yang Ye.

At this moment, there was no fear or terror in their eyes, and there was only determination!

They’d handed the souls over, so if Yang Ye still insisted on killing them, then they would naturally fight him to the end!

Yang Ye glanced at those green balls of lightning, and then he hesitated for a while before he gazed at the group from the devil race and said, “Leave!”

Those youths instantly heaved sighs of relief when they heard this.

Even though they had the advantage in numbers, they weren’t sure of their success when they were facing Yang Ye! After all, Yang Ye Sword Intent was at the peak of the 5th level.

Most importantly, he had a flying Darkbeast, so he could run even if he couldn’t overcome them in battle!

Yang Ye said as he watched them leave. What a pity!

He naturally wanted to annihilate every single one of these fellows from the devil race.

After all, they definitely possessed a good amount of treasures! However, when he saw the expressions they had in their eyes, Yang Ye knew that he would definitely have to pay a certain price if he wanted to kill them all!

This price would be that he might lose a few peak King Realm Darkbeasts! After all, Yang Ye wasn’t a god, and it was impossible for him to fight by himself against that many profounders from the Devil Race who were resolved to fight to the death! These youths from the devil race were unlike those human profounders.

The human profounders only thought of themselves when they encountered danger, and they would flee for their own lives and completely disregard the fate of their other companions!

However, the youths of the devil race wouldn’t act in such a way! Their expressions told Yang Ye that if he were to attack them, then they would live and die together!

It was exactly because of this that Yang Ye had no choice but to let them leave!

Meanwhile, Xiao Yuxi who’d remained silent until now had spoken abruptly.

“You’ll make countless enemies by acting like that!”

Yang Ye smiled, and then he put away the spatial rings of those human profounders who he’d killed.

After that, he said, “It doesn’t matter.

I’ve been the common enemy of all the profounders in the younger generation of the southern territory, so what if a few more territories are added to that”

Xiao Yuxi pondered deeply for a moment, and then she glanced at Yang Ye and said, “Now I think that it’s impossible for you to become the Sword Emperor because the Sword Emperor wouldn’t become the common enemy of everyone!”

“It doesn’t matter!” Yang Ye smiled and said, “I’ve never thought of becoming the Sword Emperor! The person that wants that position can take it!”

Xiao Yuxi glanced at Yang Ye, and then she fell silent.

Yang Ye paid no further attention to her.

Presently, he had something even more important to do, and it was to look through his spoils from the battle! He hadn’t even taken a look at the spatial rings of those siblings from the Mo Clan and Eccentric Du.

Coupled with the spatial rings of these human profounders, his gains today could be said to be rather abundant!

Yang Ye looked through the spatial rings of those human profounders he’d just killed first, and he was instantly infuriated when he saw the content of their spatial rings.

It turned out there were over 10,000 energy stones, 4 high-grade talismans, and hundreds of mid-grade talismans in their spatial rings! So, the compensation they provided earlier was really like tossing coins to a beggar! Moreover, they weren’t even willing to do that!

Luckily, I didn’t lend a hand to those idiots.

Otherwise, I would be the true idiot!

Yang Ye shook his head, and then his gaze descended onto the spatial rings from Eccentric Du and the siblings from the Mo Clan.

Yang Ye was instantly delighted when his Spiritual Energy entered the rings belonging to the siblings from the Mo Clan because there were an entire 30,000 plus energy stones within them.

Moreover, there were even 12 top-grade energy stones!

Besides that, there was a high-grade Earth Rank technique as well — the Heavenly Demon Dance!

Even though the Heavenly Demon Dance was useless to him, but he could sell it away! A high-grade Earth Rank technique could absolutely be sold for an astronomical price! Besides this technique, there were a few low-grade Earth Rank techniques.

However, Yang Ye wasn’t interested in these techniques because he was only interested in sword techniques!

After he put those two spatial rings away, Yang Ye gazed at Eccentric Du’s spatial ring.

When he’d just activated the spatial ring, a strand of pink powder had suddenly surged out from the spatial ring and instantly entered his body.

This sudden and unexpected event caused the expressions of both Yang Ye and Xiao Yuxi to change!

Right when Yang Ye’s expression had changed, his body suddenly felt as if it was on fire, and then a hot feeling started to arise in him.

This was especially so for his lower abdomen, it felt as if it was on the very of bursting into flames!

This sort of feeling was familiar to him….

The Grand Myriad Mountains, Su Qingshi….

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye’s expression changed once more while he cursed himself for being careless.

After that, he hurriedly circulated the profound energy within his body as he intended to utilize the golden profound energy.

However, right at this moment, the remaining golden profound energy within his normal Dantian had been suddenly absorbed into the tiny vortex!

Yang Ye was stunned, What’s the tiny vortex doing

Yang Ye was slightly anxious when he sensed that his body was growing hotter and hotter, and he hurriedly withdrew a few energy stones and started absorbing the energy within them.

Yang Ye was delighted when the energy stones were converted into profound energy.

However, right before a smile could cover his entire face, that bit of profound energy had been taken away by the tiny vortex again….

“Mother**er!” Yang Ye couldn’t help but curse when he witnessed this scene.

However, he’d just cursed when the tiny vortex suddenly started to circulate swiftly before a strand of terrifying suction force suddenly surged from it, causing Yang Ye’s internal organs to be instantly twisted….

“AH!” The sudden attack from the tiny vortex caused Yang Ye to be caught off guard, and he let out a shrill cry.

However, this wasn’t the end because the clothes on his body had actually started to burn! Fortunately, his physical body was strong, so ordinary flames were utterly unable to harm him!

Xiao Yuxi’s beautiful brows knit together when she witnessed this scene.

She was naturally aware of what poison Yang Ye was suffering from.

But based on Yang Ye’s appearance, he didn’t seem like he was merely poisoned!

The tiny vortex seemed to intend to teach Yang Ye a lesson, so it stopped after it launched that first attack and didn’t continue.

However, Yang Ye’s golden profound energy had been completely sucked away and not a single trace was left for him!

Yang Ye’s eyes gradually turned red while his consciousness started to slowly become blurred.

It was like he’d become a wild beast!

Suddenly, Yang Ye turned to gaze at Xiao Yuxi, and a glow of burning desire arose in his eyes!

Xiao Yuxi’s brows knit together even more tightly when she saw Yang Ye like that, and she instinctively tightened her grip on her saber’s handles!

“Leave!” Yang Ye howled at her in a hoarse voice, and then he suddenly slapped the ground with his palms and relied on the counterforce to flash towards the side.

At this moment, Yang Ye’s consciousness hadn’t blurred completely, and he knew that he would be unable to restrain his desire if he stayed here any longer.

Moreover, he was very clearly aware that he would definitely die if he made a move against Xiao Yuxi.

Because there wasn’t even a trace of profound energy within his body right now and coupled with the state he was in, how could he possibly be a match for Xiao Yuxi who’d comprehended 7th level Saber Intent

So, he hadn’t hesitated to tell her to leave and seized the moment when he hadn’t lost consciousness to swiftly leave her side!

Xiao Yuxi was stunned when she heard him, and his figure had vanished from her field of vision when she recovered from her shock.

Xiao Yuxi stared blankly for a while at the direction Yang Ye had vanished towards, and then she sighed lightly and flashed off in pursuit of him!


Ancient Domain City.

A woman in a green dress stood proudly outside the city.

She glanced at the grand city before she shook her head and said, “This is Ancient Domain City So there’s nothing great about it.

It’s even smaller than my home!”

A profounder that was about to enter the city had heard her, and he instantly stopped and said, “Smaller than your home What high sounding sentiments! It’s your first time here, right Since you’re so beautiful, I’ll give you a warning.

Keep a lower profile here because Ancient Domain City is filled with the best geniuses from the various territories.

Don’t offend someone you can’t afford to offend! Otherwise, you’ll die before you even realize it!”

The woman in a green dress turned to gaze at the young man, and then she said, “I need to ask you about someone.

Do you know about a person called Yang Ye”

“Yang Ye” The young man frowned and said, “Why are you looking for him Even though he’s quite arrogant, his strength is extremely formidable.

After all, he was able to….”

A strand of green light flashed, and then a blood hole had instantly appeared in this young man’s chest!


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