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After being apart for over a month, Yin Xuaner was still so graceful and enchanting.

Especially when she revealed her charm on purpose.

Coupled with her peerless appearance and hot figure, even Yang Ye couldnt help but start breathing rapidly!

Yang Ye took a deep breath, and with a command in his heart, his Sword Intent was released from within him, allowing Yang Yes mind to instantly clear up.

As he gazed at the stunner standing before him, he spoke indifferently.

“Miss Yin really knows how to choose the best time to make an appearance!”

In the past, he didnt understand why this woman had left before he went to participate in the Ascension Rankings, but he had a vague understanding now.

If he wasnt wrong, then shed probably expected that his life would be in danger!

Yin Xuaner didnt become infuriated by Yang Yes ridicule, and she smiled in a charming manner and said, “Youve misjudged me this time.

I didnt leave for the reasons youre thinking of, and I left for your own good!”

“Is that so” Yang Ye said indifferently, “So, I should thank you”

Yin Xuaner smiled and said, “Of course.

You should understand that if they noticed that I was with you, then no matter how monstrous your natural talent is or how terrifying your potential is, youll definitely die! Not to mention protecting you, the Founding Emperor of the Grand Qin Empire would probably be the first to make a move to kill you.

So, the relationship between us cant be exposed at all, otherwise, the entire southern territory would probably not tolerate your existence!”

Yang Ye fell silent when he heard this.

Because this womans words did make sense.

However, he would naturally not believe that this woman would be so kind as to be thoughtful and considerate towards him.

Hed never had a good impression of this woman, and he even had a strong feeling of vigilance towards her! Because his intuition told him that this woman was definitely a dangerous person!

Yin Xuaner suddenly asked.

“Will you be heading to the Ancient Battlefield”

Yang Ye was surprised and said, “How did you know”

When she heard Yang Ye, Yin Xuaner restrained her charming smile and laughed coldly.

“The Founding Emperor really didnt have any good intentions!”

Yang Ye frowned and said, “What do you mean”

“Do you know what the Ancient Battlefield is” asked Yin Xuaner.

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment before he nodded and said, “Isnt it just the place where the geniuses of all the territories are gathering”

A wisp of surprise flashed in Yin Xuaners eyes when she heard this, and then she said, “I never expected that you would actually be aware of that.

It wasnt the Founding Emperor that told you all of this, right”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he said, “How did you know that it wasnt the Founding Emperor” Yang Ye felt that there was something off here!

Yin Xuaner sighed and said, “Youre aware that the Ancient Battlefield is the place where the young geniuses of all the territories gather, but do you know why theyve gathered at the southern territory Hmm, to be more precise, do you know the objectives they came to the southern territory with”

Yang Ye shook his head because Elder Mu hadnt told him about that.

“Theres an imperceptible and unreal thing on Profounder Continent called Karmic Luck.

It cant be seen, touched, or felt.

However, it really does exist.” Yin Xuaner said, “Theres a place called the Hidden Dragon Pagoda at the Ancient Battlefield.

Because those that are able to enter the pagoda are all the extraordinarily monstrous geniuses of the various territories, the Hidden Dragon Pagoda is also called the Monstrous Genius Pagoda.

The Monstrous Genius Pagoda is their objective!”

Yang Ye gazed at Yin Xuaner to display that she should continue!

“The reason the monstrous geniuses of these other territories travel to the Ancient Battlefield to ascend the Monstrous Genius Pagoda is that theres a top-grade Dragon Vein beneath the pagoda.

Cultivating in the Hidden Dragon Pagoda for a day is equivalent to cultivating for a year in the outside world! Especially at the highest level of the pagoda, the 5th level.

A single day of cultivation there is equivalent to five years of time! Of course, most importantly, the Dragon Vein can provide Karmic Luck to the person cultivating there and the power that person represents!” said Yin Xuaner.

“Youre saying that the Founding Emperor wants me to represent the Grand Qin Empire and ascend the Hidden Dragon Pagoda in order to increase the Karmic Luck of the Grand Qin Empire” Yang Ye said in a low voice, “But why didnt he tell me directly”

Yin Xuaner rolled her eyes at him and said, “If he told you how terrifying the Ancient Battlefield and Hidden Dragon Pagoda were, you probably wouldnt go there.

Dont ever think that youre very formidable because youve comprehended 4th level Sword Intent and the Enlightened Sword Intent.

To be frank, with your current strength, you probably wouldnt even be able to ascend the 3rd level of the Hidden Dragon Pagoda!”

Yang Ye shook his head and disregarded her words before he said, “Whats the Karmic Luck that you spoke of”

When he spoke about Karmic Luck, Yin Xuaners expression became serious, and she said, “Its an unreal and imperceptible thing, but its undeniable that it really does exist! Do you know why my Shang Dynasty was destroyed Or do you know why the Sword Sect has fallen into decline yet still exists”

Yang Ye shook his head and asked.

“Its related to Karmic Luck” He didnt believe this sort of thing.

If a person doesnt work hard, then could it be that one could become an expert by relying solely on this thing called Karmic Luck

Yin Xuaner sighed and said, “Dont doubt it.

Karmic Luck really exists.

Otherwise, the extraordinary experts of the other territories wouldnt pay hefty prices in order to make a path through the barriers between the territories, and then allow the youths of their territories to travel to the southern territory and fight for Karmic Luck in the Hidden Dragon Pagoda.

Besides that, Karmic Luck is also the reason why the Sword Sect has been able to exist for 10,000 years and avoid destruction even when it has fallen into decline! After all, the Sword Sects Founding Ancestor swept through all the extraordinarily monstrous geniuses of the other territories in the Hidden Dragon Pagoda.

Even if it was those extraordinarily monstrous geniuses from the central territory that is said to be the most terrifying and possesses the most monstrous genius were completely and utterly convinced of their inferiority by the Sword Sects Founding Ancestor!”

Yang Ye laughed bitterly when he heard this.

Looks like the Founding Ancestor of the Sword Sect really was a peerless expert! Even when others mention him 10,000 years later, they still carry deep respect towards him.

However, he would have probably never imagined that the Sword Sect would become the weakest amongst the six great powers 10,000 years later!“You really shouldnt have agreed to head to the Ancient Battlefield!” Yin Xuaner sighed and said, “The lowest cultivation possessed by the young geniuses there is the King Realm.

Youre merely at the seventh rank of the First Heaven Realm now, so youre greatly inferior to them in terms of your cultivation.

After all, even though the gap between the King Realm and the First Heaven Realm isnt like the gap between the heavens and the earth, its still extremely huge! Especially when its King Realm profounders whore monstrous geniuses!”

Everyone really doesnt look favorably upon me! Yang Ye smiled, and then he suddenly asked.

“You said that Karmic Luck is very important to these sects and powers”

“Its extremely important!” Yin Xuaner nodded and said, “Youve probably heard the of the final objective behind the Ascension Rankings held by the Grand Qin Empire and the six great powers.

Actually, it was all done for the sake of the Hidden Dragon Pagoda at the Ancient Battlefield.

They seek to select profounders with strength and potential, and then send these profounders to the Ancient Battlefield to represent them to fight for the Karmic Luck in Hidden Dragon Pagoda.”

“You said that I would be courting death by heading there.

Then if those fellows who couldnt even defeat me were to head to the Ancient Battlefield, then wouldnt they even lack the qualifications to court death Since its like that, then why do they still intend to send those profounders to the Ancient Battlefield” said Yang Ye.

“You couldnt be thinking that those disciples who participated in the Ascension Rankings were the most outstanding disciples of the various powers, right” asked Yin Xuaner.

“Could it be that they werent” Yang Ye frowned and said, “Dont tell me that the Origin School has someone thats an even more monstrous genius than Yuan Tong!”

“Thats not the case!” Yin Xuaner shook her head and said, “Yuan Tongs natural talent really can be considered to be that of an extraordinarily monstrous genius in the southern territory.

With his strength, he shouldnt have participated in the Ascension Rankings.

However, hed participated in order to attain the title of Martial God and obtain the acknowledgment of that existence of Martial God Mountain.

But never had he imagined.

No, I should say that the entire Origin School had never imagined that a Quasi Sword Emperor would actually appear during a tiny competition like the Ascension Rankings.

Moreover, that Quasi Sword Emperor would actually be able to incomprehensibly utilize a Dao Artifact.

Alas, the Origin School can be considered to have suffered a huge loss this time!”

Yang Ye shook his head, stopped discussing this matter, and said, “Miss Yin, you probably wont be following me to the Ancient Battlefield, right”

Yin Xuaner shook her head and said, “I came looking for you this time for the sake of getting the Gold Guards in that vortex of yours.

Right, in other words, were going to part ways!”

When he heard this, Yang Ye hurriedly waved his hand, and the 12 Gold Guards appeared in front of Yin Xuaner.

After that, he said, “Miss Yin, even though we didnt really get along, I still hope that youll be safe.” This she-devil was finally about to leave, and it was undoubtedly a piece of good news to him!

As she watched Yang Yes actions, Yin Xuaner glanced resentfully at him and said, “Are you really so anxious for me to leave In any case, we can be considered to be friends now, right”

Yang Ye neither agreed or disagreed as he smiled and remained silent.

He hadnt taken this woman to be a friend.

What a joke! This woman was even more scheming than Qin Xiyue.

Moreover, shed had ill intent towards him since the beginning.

Consider her as a friend Yang Ye wasnt an idiot!

Yin Xuaner sighed when she saw the expression on Yang Yes face, and then she said, “Just as you said, even though we didnt really get along with each other, I hope youll be able to return alive from the Ancient Battlefield!”

When she spoke up to here, she paused for a moment before she said, “Its best if you dont return.

If you have the chance, then head to the central territory.

With the potential and natural talent you possess, therell definitely be an extraordinary sect there thats willing to take you in.

So long as an extraordinary sect of the central territory takes a liking to you, then youll definitely skyrocket into the heavens!”

“Is something about to happen in the southern territory” asked Yang Ye in a low voice.

Yin Xuaners lips parted slightly, yet she shook her head and smiled in the end.

She said, “Forget about that.

No matter what, just listen to my advice this time! I hope that well be able to meet again in the future!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Yin Xuaner waved her hand, and then she transformed into a strand of white light that vanished along with the 12 Gold Guards!

Yang Yes brows knit together tightly as he watched Yin Xuaner leave.

What exactly is about to occur in the southern territory Could it be that conflict is about to arise between the six great powers and the Grand Qin Empire But it doesnt seem likely! After all, everyone is living harmoniously with each other, and there arent any huge conflicts of interest between them.

So, its clearly impossible for them to go to war with each other!However, if the Grand Qin Empire and the six great powers arent about to go to war, then how would the southern territory fall into chaos Who possesses such extraordinary ability to accomplish that

After a short while, Yang Ye shook his head and stopped thinking about all of this.

These werent things that he should be worrying about because it didnt matter to him whether the southern territory fell into chaos or not.

Moreover, he felt that it was even better the more chaotic it became.

After all, he really disliked all of these powers!

— End of Book Two —


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