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Chapter 2361 Mutual Cultivation, Together!

The Primal True Dragon was definitely at the top of the food chain, and there were truly only a handful in this world that could suppress it.

Ordinary demons like Oxxy wouldnt dare to go against a Primal True Dragon, but it just happened to have encountered Snowy.

Snowy just happened to be one of those few existences that could suppress it!

Snowy didnt really cut it open, she was just scaring it.

But she hadnt expected it to be unable to endure such a thing and fall unconscious.

This made Snowy feel quite bored, so she tossed it aside.

She didnt know what it was, all she did know was that it seemed not bad.

That was all.

Yang Ye didnt hesitate to swallow the Dragon Ball.

As soon as it entered his stomach, a strand of pure energy immediately dispersed throughout him.


An invisible wave of pressure swept out from Yang Ye!

Dragon Pressure!

Yang Ye was quite shocked because it was truly too terrifying! He hurriedly sat down cross-legged and started absorbing it.

Meanwhile, the Eternal Energy within Yang Ye started to circulate.


The Eternal Energy had actually started to devour the energy from the Dragon Ball, but it didnt absorb much, so it didnt really affect Yang Ye.

Snowy gazed at Yang Ye for a long time, and a short while later, she grew quite bored.

So, she took out the two dragon horns, played with them for a while, and then placed them on her head.

Sword Scrolls eyelids twitched from the sight of this.

Snowy felt that it didnt really work, so she removed them.

After that, she seemed to have thought of something and summoned Oxxy.

Once Oxxy appeared, it glanced at the Primal True Dragonthat was still feigning unconsciousnesswith slight fear.

Snowy didnt fear that little fellow, but Oxxy was terrified of it.

Snowy took the horns and placed them on Oxxys head, and they really looked quite suitable!

Sword Scroll suddenly said, Silly cow, shes asking if youre willing to use those horns!

Oxxy may be stupid, but it knew what was what.

So, it immediately nodded.

What a joke, the horns of a Primal True Dragon.

If those horns belonged to it, then its horns would be comparable to Divine Treasures!

True Divine Treasures!

As for its combat strength, it would rise tremendously too.

Moreover, once it obtained the horns of the Primal True Dragon, it would be able to sense the bloodline energy of the Primal True Dragon.

In short, its benefits were immeasurable!

Sword Scroll glanced at Snowy, and then she shook her head and sighted.

She felt that the silly cow wasnt an idiot at all.

Staying with Snowy and flattering Snowy on all occasions really did work out for it, and it had good luck because Snowy was such a generous little fellow.

After all, she was just giving away a pair of Primal Dragon Horns without the slightest hesitation.

Oxxy was absolutely lucky!

Changing the horns!

Sword Scroll did it herself and Oxxy cooperated, so it didnt take long for Oxxy to have a new pair of golden and shiny horns.

As soon as its horns were changed, Oxxys aura instantly changed.

It was like the difference between the heavens and the earth!

Sword Scroll glanced at Oxxy and nodded slightly.

While Oxxy was only at the True World Realm now, its combat strength was absolutely capable of crushing ordinary True World Realm experts, and it even had the strength to fight Limitbreaker Realm experts!

Erya sized up the dragon horns on Oxxys head, and then she kept touching it with a curious glow in her eyes.

Sword Scroll glanced at Erya, hesitated for a while, and then pointed at the Primal True Dragon who was playing dead, Erya, what do you think about it

Erya gazed at the dragon and said, A little snake

As soon as it heard that, the Primal True Dragon opened its eyes and glared angrily at Wang Erya.

Moreover, a strand of Dragon Pressure slammed down upon her.

Oxxy instinctively hid behind Snowy.

Dragon Pressure!

It was pressure that came from its bloodline, and it was absolutely oppressive to demon beasts.

However, Wang Erya showed no fear.

She leaped over and kicked the dragon on its head.


The dragon was kicked away and was dragged far away against the ground

Sword Scrolls expression changed from the sight of this.

It was solemn!

Unprecedentedly solemn!

Snowy didnt feat the Primal True Dragon, and that was understandable to her, very understandable.

Moreover, it was very, very normal.

However, even Wang Erya didnt fear it How could she do that

There was only one explanation! Wang Eryas bloodline was superior to it!

What demon beasts bloodline was superior to the Primal True Dragon

Sword Scroll couldnt figure it out!

Because amongst the Primal Demons she knew, the greatest among them could only rival the Primal True Dragon and match it evenly, but while she knew that existences that could crush it definitely existed, she didnt know what those existences were!

Wang Erya didnt stop there.

She swiftly went over to it, and then grabbed it and started beating it up.

Howls of sorrow instantly started resounding!

Snowy blinked and couldnt really bear the sight of it.

However, it had nothing to do with her, didnt it

Oxxys fists were trembling as it stood behind Snowy.

It felt that it should be more respectful to Wang Erya in the future.

It wasnt difficult for it.

After all, it felt that it was best to keep a low profile in Yang Yes group.

Moreover, it was best to do all the dirty and tiring work.

In short, it knew its place very well because it understood a principle.

It was that it couldnt afford to offend anyone in this group!

That was why Sword Scroll felt that Oxxy was no fool!

A short time later, Wang Erya stopped.

She produced a tanghulu out of thin air and licked it, and then she seemed to have thought of something.

She removed one of them and passed it to Snowy.

The latter blinked and swept it up with her tongue and into her mouth.

Sword Scroll glanced at the Primal True Dragon that was on the verge of death, and then she shook her head.

She felt it really had absolutely bad luck!

A short while later, Sword Scroll gazed at Wang Erya, Erya, can you transform into your true form

Erya blinked, Oh, I-I definitely can.

However, I still havent figured it out.

Ill do it once I have!

Sword Scroll felt speechless.


Suddenly, a strand of dark red flames appeared on Yang Ye, and it enveloped him.

This sudden turn of events shocked Snowy, and she hurriedly gazed at Sword Scroll.

The latter explained softly, Its fine.

Its the energy from the Dragon Ball that has been fully released.

Now, how much he can absorb is up to him.

Snowy nodded, and then she gazed at Yang Ye without any desire to move her gaze away.

Sword Scroll glanced at Yang Ye, and then walked over to the Primal True Dragon.

It was still playing dead and laid still on the ground.

Sword Scroll squatted down and spoke softly, Are you willing to go with us

The dragon opened its eyes, glanced at Sword Scroll, and then immediately closed them again while shaking its head.

What a joke! It just wanted to get away from that white little fellow and the young girl eating tanghulu.

They were absolutely terrifying!

Sword Scroll grinned, and then she pointed at Snowy, Actually, you want to go with her too, right

The Treasure Seeking Mouse from before had been shortsighted and hadnt been able to discern Snowys true form.

However, what was the Primal True Dragon Even if it was a young one, its instinct was enough to sense how special Snowy was.

Sure enough, it glanced at Snowy and was slightly hesitant.

It was hesitant because Snowy had wanted to hit it with the Primordial Axe of Creation

Sword Scroll smiled, She wont hit you if you are obedient.

Look, this place is so boring.

Coming with us will be fun!


The dragons eyes lit up.

However, it seemed to have thought of something, and it glanced at the chair deep within this place.

Sword Scroll glanced at it and said, Its fine.

Well deal with that.

She dragged the dragon over to Snowy, and Oxxy immediately instinctively took two steps back to display its respect.

But Oxxy didnt know that its reaction made the Primal True Dragon feel much better.

At this moment, it finally felt that it had some dignity!

The dignity of a dragon!

The dragon flew onto Oxxys shoulder and started conversing with Oxxy.

While it was conversing with Oxxy, its gaze frequently glanced at Snowy and Wang Erya.

Snowys attention was on Yang Ye, and she completely ignored the dragon.

As for Erya, only the tanghulu had her attention.

Sword Scroll grinned at the sight of this.

A Primal True Dragon.

Once it matured, it would be very, very terrifying.

Sword Scroll glanced at the chair in the distance, and then she gazed at Yang Ye, You better do well!

At this moment, Yang Yes body was completely red, but his aura was growing madly.

Moreover, his body was transforming in stages as well!

In the Primordial Pagoda.

A group of women stood at the peak of a mountain.

They were led by Su Qingshi, and the rest of them were Yang Yes wives, including Bai Zhixian.

All of them had their gazes on Bai Zhixian because shed asked them to come together.

She glanced at them and spoke solemnly, Im sure all of you arent willing to continue being just pretty faces.

They fell silent.

Pretty faces

Who wanted to be just that But what could they do An Nanjing was the only one among them who could keep up with Yang Ye.

No matter how they cultivated, they couldnt catch up to Yang Ye and An Nanjing!

They felt helpless, extremely helpless!

Bai Zhixian glanced at them.

In the end, she gazed at Xiao Yuxi, Zhuang Weiran, and Su Qingshi.

They were the strongest among the others, and they were all at the Progenitor Realm.

However, it was really not enough.

Bai Zhixian fell silent for a long time before she said, Your natural talent isnt bad, and youve been cleansed by Primordial Violet Energy for many years.

So, your physiques are much, much better than ordinary people.

Your cultivations and strength are so weak because you dont have good cultivation techniques, and not because you arent working hard.

She tapped their foreheads, and a few rays of white light entered them.

Bai Zhixian continued, Its the Yin Yang Scroll, a cultivation technique of a prominent sect from the Primal Era.

The Grand Dao it contains isnt just mutual cultivation.

We can cultivate it with him to help him grow stronger, and help ourselves grow stronger too.

Mutual cultivation!

They blushed a little as they viewed the cultivation technique.

Bai Zhixian continued, There is Yin and Yang in the world, and it encompassed all things.

All things have two extremes, and the fusion of Yin and Yang brings perfection.

Mutual cultivation is a fusion of Yin and Yang, and were all husband and wife with him, so its normal to do that anyway.

Since its enjoyable and helps with our cultivation, then why not

Bai Zhixian couldnt help but blush a little at this point.

Meanwhile, someone suddenly said, Are we all doing it together

The surroundings fell silent.


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