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Chapter 2352 My Lord! Youre My Lord!

The True Void Realm!

At this moment, Yang Yes cultivation and sword intent were at the True Void Realm!

His strength had multiplied many times!

He could kill World Lords with ease!

The gray robed old man gazed at Yang Ye, and then he suddenly tapped his finger forward.

A gust of wind surged out from the tip of his finger.

A gust of wind blew by, and the world seemed to have been struck by a sledgehammer and shook violently.

The strength of a world!

World Lords formed a world in their bodies, but they didnt possess the strength of a world.

But Limitbreaker Realm experts didnt just possess that same world, they possessed the strength of a world! Besides that, they possessed the strength to destroy that world.

One worlds strength!

It could be said that there was a qualitative difference between the World Lord Realm and Limitbreaker Realm!

Yang Yes expression didnt change at all as he gazed at the gust of wind, and he just swung his sword with both hands!

The Sword Domain!

Two strikes in an instant!


The gust of wind was instantly obliterated while Yang Ye himself was pushed backward repeatedly, only stopping over 10km away!

However, the old mans face was extremely unsightly!

Absolutely unsightly!

The strength of a world!

Yang Ye had stopped his attack, so what did that represent It represented that Yang Yes attack has the strength to destroy a world!

A True Void Realm expert actually possessed such strength!

How monstrous was that

Void Spirit Maiden had been extremely monstrous, but theyd still underestimated her.

However, they may have underestimated this young man even more.

Suddenly, Yang Ye appeared before the old man.

Yang Yes sudden arrival interrupted the old mans thoughts.

He raised his right hand slightly, and space rippled.

Meanwhile, a sword descended upon his head.

The Sword Domain!

Two attacks again!

As soon as they almost arrived at the old mans head, a hand grabbed Yang Yes sword.

It was the old mans hand!

The old man had stopped Yang Yes sword with his right hand, completely stopping it in its tracks.

Meanwhile, the Sword Gourd shook violently on Yang Yes waist, and then three swords shot forward!

The old man waved his left hand lightly at the exact same moment.


Along with a loud explosion, Yang Ye returned to where hed been standing, and the old man had taken around 10 steps back!

Suddenly, an axe flashed, and then it arrived before the old man.

The old man frowned slightly and lightly slapped his hand at it.


This time, the old man was pushed around 300m back, and there was a deep injury on his palm.

It was extremely deep to the point his bones were visible.

The old man looked up at Yang Ye and was about to speak when Yang Ye leaped up and swung the axe down from above again.


As soon as it descended, space in a huge area exploded apart, and everything in the surroundings started to turn ethereal.

Breaking the limits!

At this moment, Yang Yes attack with the Primordial Axe of Creation was entirely capable of destroying a world!

The old mans eyes narrowed slightly while solemnness appeared in them for the first time.

An instant later, a powerful aura surged up into the sky.

At the same time, an ethereal fist slammed against Yang Yes axe.


Yang Ye was blasted away.

However, the ethereal fist instantly exploded apart.

Moreover, a wave of powerful force blasted the old man an entire 3km back!

Their battle had caused the world here to turn completely ethereal.

Obviously, if they continued fighting, the space here would be obliterated!

The old man gazed at Yang Ye for a long time and said, This is just the beginning!

His figure shook and vanished on the spot.

Once the old man vanished, a wisp of blood seeped out slowly from the corner of Yang Yes mouth.

He wiped it off and glanced at his palm.

His palm was covered in cracks.

His injuries werent very severe!

However, these collisions against the old man allowed Yang Ye to realize something.

Even if he used all his trump cards, he couldnt defeat a Limitbreaker Realm expert.

Moreover, that expert from before was clearly injured, and they werent light injuries either.

If the old man was at his prime, then Yang Ye would be no match for the old man, even if he used all his trump cards.

It was the gap in their strength!

Even if he possessed Divine Treasures, the gap between them wasnt small at all!

Yang Ye fell silent for a long time, and then he turned around and left.

A short while later, he arrived at World Mountain.

There were thousands of mountains here, and every one of them was a teleportation formation.

Each of them represented a world or universe!

The Northern Sword Tomb!

Yang Yes divine sense swept the surroundings, and it didnt take long for his gaze to focus on a mountain to the south.

A moment later, a ray of light flashed and descended there.

The mountain top was extremely flat, and there was a huge circle of light at its center.

It was the teleportation formation! Besides that, there was a stone tablet by its side, and the words Northern Sword Tomb were on it!

Yang Ye was about to enter it when an old man appeared nearby.

The old man wore a luxurious violet robe and had a huge white pearl by his waist.

The pearl seemed to move around like a living being.

Besides that, there was a white jade sash above the old mans head.

If one looked carefully, one would notice that it wasnt made from jade but an unknown bone!

The old man sized up Yang Ye and said, 100 Eternal Immortal Crystals per teleportation!

100 Eternal Immortal Crystals!

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment and withdrew a spatial ring.

There were 70 Eternal Immortal Crystals in there.

Yang Ye gazed at the old man, I only have 70, is that alright

No! The old man replied indifferently, Not even one less!

Yang Ye nodded, Then lets fight!

An axe appeared in Yang Yes grasp.

The Primordial Axe of Creation!

The old man was quite stunned when he saw Yang Ye withdraw that axe, and then his face turned cold, Kid, youre brave.

Ive been guarding this place for 100 years, and Ive never seen anyone so brave as you!

Yang Ye walked toward the old man with the axe in his grasp, Im not an unreasonable person, but I really cant afford it.

How about you give me a discount, or let me owe you Ill return it in the future, alright

You must be dreaming! The old man spoke indifferently, A mere True Void Realm cultivator dares to show off before me Come, let me see what strength you possess!

Yang Ye nodded.

He was about to attack when a fluffy little head emerged from his chest.

It was Snowy.

Snowy glanced at the surroundings, and then her gaze descended on the white pearl by the old mans waist.

A moment later, her eyes lit up, and then she waved her paw lightly.

The white pearl on the old mans waist immediately struggled free of the old man and flew over to Snowys paw!

The old man was stunned by this.

But it didnt take long for him to recover, and then he glared at Snowy, Little fellow, what the heck did you do Give it back to me!

Snowy glanced at the old man, and then she pointed at the white pearl and pointed at the old man.ovl*

Yang Ye translated, Shes asking on what basis you say that its yours!

The old man was stunned and replied, On what basis It was with me just a moment ago So why isnt it mine It was mine!

Snowy blinked, and then she pointed at the pearl and pointed at herself.

She gazed at Yang Ye once she was done.

Obviously, she wanted Yang Ye to translate.

Yang Ye said, Shes saying that it was with you just now, but its with her now.

So, its hers.

I think it isnt wrong.

What do you think

Fuck you! The old man howled with fury, and then he slammed his right hand down at Yang Ye.

In an instant, the space around Yang Ye shrunk, and a wave of powerful pressure caused Yang Yes entire body to become tense.

It felt suffocating and like his body was about to collapse!

Yang Ye was quite shocked, and he didnt dare act carelessly.

He immediately swung the axe with both hands.


As soon as it descended, it was like something before him had been chopped into bits, and then the pressure around Yang Ye vanished without a trace.

Huh Meanwhile, the old man exclaimed with surprise, and then he gazed at the axe in Yang Yes grasp, T-Thats the Primordial Axe of Creation! Youre Yang Ye!

Yang Ye!

Did anyone throughout Eternal Border not know that name

Meanwhile, the old man seemed to have thought of something and gazed at Snowy, Y-Youre the Sprite Progenitor!

Snowy blinked, placed the pearl on her waist, and then frequently shot glances at the jade sash above the old mans head.

The old man was shocked by this and hurriedly put it away.

A Sprite Progenitor!

Now, he finally understood why his treasure had decisively chosen to abandon him.

It was a Sprite Progenitor who stood before him!

Staying with a Sprite Progenitor was naturally more promising than staying with him!

Snowy was stunned when she saw the old man put it away, and then she glared at him.

After that, she waved her paw lightly.

In an instant, the spatial ring on the old mans finger trembled violently and was about to struggle free of him.

Moreover, Snowy seemed to be quite angry, and she sucked in lightly, causing the spirit energy in the surroundings to instantly surge toward her!

The old man was horrified by the sight of this and hurriedly said, Yang Ye, leave now! Take this great lord of yours and leave now! Hurry!

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment and asked, You dont want any Eternal Immortal Crystals anymore

No! My lord, youre my lord! Please take this little lord and go! Here, theres 100 Eternal Immortal Crystals here.

Please use it for your travel expenses.

Hurry, please leave now.


The old man was on the verge of tears.

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