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Chapter 2200 He Died for Me!


Yang Ye suddenly pulled out the spear.

It was icy cold to the bone, and Yang Ye couldnt discern what it was made of.

It only took a moment for Primordial Violet Energy to heal the hole in Yang Yes chest.

Yang Ye looked up at the woman, and then he vanished on the spot.

He was above her when he appeared once more, and then he stabbed her spear down at her.

The powerful force it carries caused the space around her to twist into a vortex.

Suddenly, she formed a strange seal with both hands, and then a strand of black light appeared on Yang Yes blood red sword, and then it emanated a black and red glow as it stabbed at Yang Ye!


As soon as sword and spear collided, the space around them exploded apart.

The powerful force of the collision blasted them over 30km away!

As soon as they stopped themselves, the spear in Yang Yes grasp transformed into a ray of blood red light that surged forward.

Meanwhile, the blood red sword in her hand shot forward like a bolt of lightning too.

A spear and sword were between both of them.


As soon as they collided, space was obliterated.

Countless waves of terrifying energy rippled out into the surroundings, causing the entire area to be enveloped by them!

Just like that, around ten breaths of time passed before the space here calmed down.

Blood red light coiled around Yang Ye, and the slaughter intent he emanated seemed like he wanted to slaughter the world.

Meanwhile, the woman stood there with her spear in hand, and strands of dark light coiled around her.

She gazed coldly at him, and then she whistled.


A terrifying wave of energy surged up into the air, and then a demon beast that was shaped like a horse appeared in front of her.

It was completely pitch black, shaped like a horse, and had a pair of wings.

Nefarious! Suddenly, Tian Xius voice resounded in Yang Yes mind, Its from the undying race, and its an extremely powerful demon beast of theirs.

An adult Nefarious can tear a Sage apart.

Big Brother, retreat for now.

When an undying cavalry and Nefarious join forces, they are called an Undying Wargod.

They are really strong, and your current strength

Undying Wargod!

Yang Ye frowned.

Suddenly, the woman sat on the Nefarious, and then Yang Yes expression changed.


An explosion resounded and he was blasted far away.

Yang Ye hadnt even been able to stop himself when a spear arrived before his forehead, and its tip was only half an inch away from him!


A terrifying wave of slaughter intent swept out from him, and it pushed the woman back.

Around 1km away, the woman waved her spear on the Nefarious back, and then spear images shot forward.

They instantly pushed Yang Yes slaughter intent back, but a blood red sword suddenly shot out from within the slaughter intent.

A sword howl resounded, and the sword arrived before the woman.

She pulled back her right hand, and her spear immediately appeared in the path of Yang Yes sword.

However, she was blasted over 3km away.

As soon as she stopped herself, a sword stabbed through her back!


Her body turned slightly ethereal, and then it instantly became material once more.

At this moment, Yang Ye had a solemn expression on his face.

His sword had stabbed through her heart, but she was completely unharmed!

Undying Wargod! Meanwhile, Tian Xius voice resounded, To a certain extent, they cannot die.

Big Brother, you cant kill them with your current strength.

The woman was about to attack again, but she suddenly frowned and looked down.

A moment later, she vanished on the spot with the Nefarious.

Yang Ye put his sword away, looked down at the prehistoric ruins in silence for a short while, and then left.

Once the woman descended to the ground, the Nefarious by her side gradually turned ethereal and vanished.

She went into the hall, gazed at the phantom before her, and frowned, Why I can kill him!

It isnt necessary! The phantom suddenly said, His status in the large universe isnt low.

If he dies now, it will alarm the entire large universe, and thatll badly influence our plans!

She spoke indifferently, Who can stop us now

Thats what our undying race thought all those years ago! The phantom continued, What was the outcome of that A single mistake caused how many of our race to die Moreover, we even have to retreat from here for countless years.

A strand of ghastly coldness flashed through the womans eyes, The Void Spirit Maiden!

Her army of Undying Wargods could be said to absolutely hate the Void Spirit Maiden.

Shed almost annihilated the entire army of Undying Wargods all those years ago.

But the army of Undying Wargods had only lost once in the past before they met the Void Spirit Maiden.

Theyd lost that time, but no one had died.

So, the Void Spirit Maiden was a true nightmare for the entire undying race!

A long time passed before the woman spoke in a low voice, The Void Spirit Maiden is dead.

So, who else can possibly stop us

Dont underestimate the living beings here! The phantom spoke solemnly, Not too long ago, I saw a middle aged man in a cloud white robe.

His strength surpasses my imagination!

Is that so The woman spoke indifferently, Id like to see for myself!

Enough! The phantom spoke solemnly, Once all of them have awakened, we can start taking action.

Dont cause trouble until then.

Let the other organizations in this large universe kill each other, and then well reap the rewards!

She glanced at the phantom and asked, Who was that

Yang Ye! The phantom continued, Ive come into contact with him.

His potential is huge.

But he\'s nothing to worry about right now.

Lets go!

As soon as the phantom finished speaking, both of them vanished from the hall.

Yang Ye left the prehistoric ruins and went to an expanse of space before entering the Primordial Pagoda.

Tian Xiu was in front of him.

Yang Ye asked, You know where that person is from

She nodded, The undying race, a powerful race.

The undying race!

Yang Ye frowned.

The large universe was already in chaos, but now an undying race had appeared.

So, it was definitely like adding fuel to the flame in the large universe!

Tian Xiu asked softly, Are you alright

Yang Ye shook his head.

That woman was very strong, but she wasnt strong enough to cause lethal harm to him.

Suddenly, Tian Xiu said, According to my knowledge, the undying race once had around a thousand undying cavalry like that.

Every single one of them was an elite amongst elites from the undying race.

Coupled with the fostering they received and the wars they went on all year long, their strength, mentality, and combat instinct are the best.

Around a thousand!

Yang Yes expression changed slightly!

There were actually around a thousand experts like that!

Just one was so formidable, so how formidable would a thousand be If a thousand undying cavalry appeared in the large universe, who could stop them Perhaps the Alliance of All, the four paths, and all the other mysterious organizations would have the strength to fight back if they joined forces in the past, yet now, their combined strength wasnt sufficient at all.

Most importantly, they couldnt be killed!

Yang Ye gazed at Tian Xiu, Are they really impossible to kill

Tian Xiu replied softly, No one is truly invincible.

Instead of saying they are impossible to kill, its better to say that they are very difficult to kill.

The only way to kill them is to use absolute strength to sever all the vitality within them and annihilate them from their roots.

However, perhaps only those progenitors are barely capable of that.

As for the other Sages, unless they arrive at An Nanjing or your levels, its impossible.

Even at your level of strength, youll only have a 50% chance to win unless you use your full strength!


Yang Ye fell silent for a long time and said, Forget them.

As far as Im concerned, destroying the two paths and the Alliance of All is my first objective!

He left the pagoda once he finished speaking.

Meanwhile, Tian Xiu lowered her head slightly, and no one knew what she was thinking.

Outside the pagoda, a ray of light flashed below Yang Yes feet, and then he transformed into a ray of light that vanished into the depths of space.

Yang Ye returned to Void Spirit Continent, and he instantly frowned when he arrived here.

There were many humans gathered outside the city.

Yang Ye descended before the city entrance, and those humans immediately gazed at him.

All of them felt nervous when facing Yang Ye.

Even though Yang Lianshuang let them stay, a single word from him could send them back to the Human Dimension.

Meanwhile, Yang Lianshuang appeared by Yang Yes side, and he asked, You let them come here

She nodded.

Yang Ye said, This isnt a shelter!

She said, This is the last sanctuary of the human race, and its the human races last hope.

Yang Ye remained silent.

She continued, Let them stay.

They dont need anything from us.

They just want to live, and this is the only place without strife.

Yang Ye said, Do as you like!

Yang Ye was about to leave once he finished speaking, but a young man suddenly stepped forward.

He pointed a finger at Yang Ye and shouted angrily, Yang Ye, are you a human or not As a human, youre hiding like a coward when the human race is in danger.

You coward! I **ing look down on you, I


A ray of light flashed.

The young mans head flew up into the air.

The surroundings fell silent!

Yang Ye walked slowly over to the young mans corpse and said, Only one person has the right to speak like that to me.

Unfortunately, he died for me!

Yang Ye walked into the city once he finished speaking.

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