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Chapter 2007 – Im Not Cut Out to be a Good Person!

One day later.

The entrance to the Sky Dimension.

The corners of Yang Yes mouth curled up slightly as he gazed at it, “Zier! Wait for me!”

Yang Ye was about to enter the Sky Dimension once he finished speaking, but he seemed to have sensed something and looked to the side.

A middle aged man was walking slowly in his direction.

The middle aged man wore a plain robe, and he held a black spear in his grasp.

A peak Attain Dao Realm expert!

The middle aged man glanced at the entrance and gazed at Yang Ye, “Youre planning on running to the Sky Dimension”

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment and asked, “Do you need something”

The middle aged man chuckled, “I want to borrow your head.

You dont mind, right”

Yang Ye pointed at his head, “Why dont you come get it yourself”

The middle aged mans smile gradually became cold, “I will!” His spear shot forward like a bolt of lightning.

Meanwhile, Yang Yes sword suddenly stabbed forward.

The tip of their weapons collided.

In an instant, it seemed like time had frozen.

Suddenly, both of them were pushed backwards.


They moved over 3km back each before finally stopping, and then the space behind them cracked open like glass!

The middle aged man glanced at his hand.

At this moment, there were many bloody injuries on his arm, and it had been caused by Yang Yes sword energy.

A solemn expression appeared in his eyes.

He looked up at Yang Ye, “Youre much stronger than I imagined.

No wonder the Sovereign of Man was willing to pay such a high price for your head.

Youre worth the price!”

Yang Ye didnt say anything.

He just closed his eyes slowly and raised his right palm, a sword started spinning rapidly on his palm.

An instant later, a wave of sharp aura shot straight at the middle aged man!


At this moment, he felt a wave of powerful pressure.

He didnt dare act carelessly, and his profound energy surged madly.

It only took a moment for dark clouds to cover the sky above the middle aged man, and lightning flashed within it.

He raised his spear up high.

In an instant, a bolt of lightning shot down from the dark clouds and descended upon his spear.

The middle aged mans eyes narrowed slowly while lightning coiled around his spear.

A breath of time later, he suddenly opened his eyes and hurled his spear at Yang Ye, “Lightning Dragon!”

A spear that carried the rumbling of thunder shot at Yang Ye.

Everywhere it passed, lightning crackled, and black holes were blasted open in space!

Yang Yes sword suddenly vanished.

At the moment Yang Yes sword vanished, the middle aged mans lightning speak suddenly stopped in midair.

It was because the tip of a sword had struck its tip.

A moment of silence ensued, and then the sword suddenly started spinning.

A sword howl resounded.

The spear cracked open, and then a ray of light flashed.

The middle aged man was horrified.

He forced his body to move aside, but an arm of his didnt leave with him.

The middle aged man stopped 300m away, and blood was dripping from his right shoulder!

Right when the middle aged man had stopped himself, a sword started spinning on Yang Yes palm again.

Despair covered the middle aged mans face when he caught sight of it, and then a sword appeared behind the middle aged mans head.

The middle aged man stared at Yang Ye, “I lost to your sword, not you!”


As soon as he finished speaking, blood sprayed from the middle aged mans forehead, and then his head exploded apart.

Yang Ye appeared behind the middle aged man and summoned the Sword Supreme back.

He gazed at it and smiled, “If the user isnt strong, what difference would a swords strength make”

Yang Ye gazed at the entrance to the Sky Dimension and was about to enter it.

However, the sky in the distance trembled, and then a few figures flashed out from the space there.

It was a robust middle aged man, an old man, and a woman wearing a long dress.

Yang Ye recognized two of them.

They were Kuang Shi from the demon race and that woman from the devil race whod pursued him before he went to the Dead Dimension.

As for the old man, the old man had been pursuing him too, but he didnt recognize the old man.

Kuang Shi spoke indifferently, “Yang Ye, long time no see!”

Yang Ye glanced at them, “What The demon race, devil race, and whatever race hes from still want to kill me and take my sword”

Kuang Shi asked, “Cant we”

Yang Ye chuckled.

He laughed for a while before he gazed at Kuang Shi, “Are you an idiot”

Kuang Shis face fell when he heard this.

He was about to speak when Yang Ye spoke first, “You dared to come look for me when you havent even got a grasp of the situation I really worry about your level of intelligence!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Yes sword vanished, and a ray of light flashed.

Kuang Shis figure stiffened on the spot.

The old man and woman gazed at Kuang Shi, and they saw his body had stiffened while his eyes were opened wide.

Besides that, a sword was floating behind his head.

“You…” Kuang Shi stared at Yang Ye, “This is impossible…”


A crack appeared on Kuang Shis throat, and then his head fell off his neck.

Blood sprayed out like a fountain!

The old man and woman were stunned.

It didnt take long for the woman to recover from her shock, and she gazed at Yang Ye, “My devil race wont act against you anymore, so please…”

“Its too late!” Yang Yes sword vanished again, and it caused the womans expression to change drastically.

She slapped both her palms forward.

Boom! Boom!

Two explosions resounded, and the ray of light vanished.

However, Yang Ye suddenly appeared behind her.

Yang Ye lowered his sword!


The womans eyes were wide open as her head flew off her neck.

Yang Ye turned to look at the old man.

The old man didnt try to flee and said, “I didnt expect a single trip to the Dead Dimension would have allowed you to grow to such an extent.

My wing race made a bad move this time!”

The old man was about to attack and fight to the death, but Yang Ye suddenly asked, “Youre from the wing race”

The old man asked, “Why”

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment and replied, “Take me to the wing race.” He hadnt forgotten what hed promised that mysterious person in the Dead Dimension.

Since hed taken from that person, he naturally had to keep his promise!

The old mans eyes narrowed slightly, “What are you planning”

Yang Ye didnt waste his breath and just used the Divine Wings.

The old man was stunned on the spot when he caught sight of it, and it took some time for him to recover, “You… It… What is it doing with you!”

Yang Ye replied, “Who do you think should have it”

The old man spoke without thinking, “Our ancestor, of course!”

Yang Ye said, “Take me to your patriarch.

I dont want to repeat myself, and I dont want to waste more time.


The old man hesitated for a moment and said, “Come with me!”

A day later, Yang Ye arrived at the Wing Dimension.

Based on what the old man told him, the wing race wasnt in a very good situation.

Firstly, the wing race only had around a million members, and it was pitiable when compared to the human race or demon races population!

Secondly, its territory was extremely remote, so the spirit energy couldnt compare with the other races at all.

The reason they wanted to take the sword was a last effort to help themselves.

While the wing race didnt need it, it came with many benefits, like becoming friends with the human race or sky race.

Yang Ye followed the old man to a pitch black hall, and then the old man stopped, “Please wait a moment!”

He walked into the hall once he finished speaking.

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings.

There were numerous powerful divine senses hidden in the surroundings, and they were scanning him!

A short while passed before the old man emerged from the hall, “The Patriarch is ready to see you!”

Yang Ye nodded slightly and walked in.

There were three black robed old men while a middle aged man in golden robes sat at the seat of the host.

The middle aged man sized up Yang Ye, “Such strength at such a young age.

Besides the one considered a King in the human races younger generation; you are the greatest of them all.”

Yang Ye glanced at the old men, and then he gazed at the middle aged man, “Im here because someone asked me to give you something!”

Yang Ye flicked his finger, and the ring that the mysterious person had given him flew over to the middle aged man.

The middle aged man glanced at the ring, and a solemn expression instantly covered his face.

The old men by his side exchanged glances and scanned the ring with their divine sense.

A short while later, their expressions became extremely solemn too.

The ring contained many techniques that had been lost to the wing race, and all of them were at the Sage Rank or even higher!

A long time passed before the middle aged man gazed at Yang Ye, “Who gave this to you!”

Yang Ye shook his head, “I dont know who it was.

Since Ive handed it to you, my mission is complete.

Farewell!” Yang Ye turned around and started walking away, but he seemed to have thought of something and stopped again, “That sword is in my possession, so dont come looking for trouble with me again.”

Yang Ye turned around again and started walking away.

Suddenly, one of the old men said, “Wait!”

Yang Ye stopped, gazed at the old man, and said, “Theres no need to thank me.

Ive already been compensated for this!”

The old man stared at Yang Ye, “Have you taken a look at the contents of this ring”

Yang Ye shook his head, “No!”

The old replied, “I dont believe you!”

Yang Yes eyes instantly narrowed.

Meanwhile, the old man gazed at the middle aged man, “Patriarch, the techniques of our wing race lie in this ring, so we absolutely cant allow it to be leaked to others.

Patriarch, please give the order to kill him!”

The middle aged man frowned slightly and was quite hesitant.

“Dammit!” Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly drew his sword, “Its been so long since Ive done something nice, but this is what I get in return.

Looks like Im really not cut out to be a good person!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye started walking in the middle aged mans direction!

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