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Chapter 2005 – My Surname is Yang!

Spirit Monkey Mountain had been sliced into two!

Black Apes face was instantly covered in ferocity.

It was an absolute humiliation for the Spirit Monkey Clan.

He was about to attack when the young man suddenly withdrew a golden command token and waved it before Black Ape.

There was a name inscribed on it in golden lettering—Xuanyuan!

Xuanyuan Black Ape was stunned, and then quite an unsightly expression appeared on his face, “Youre from the Xuanyuan Clan!”

The middle aged man spoke indifferently, “Exactly.

So, tell Yang Ye to show himself and prevent your Spirit Monkey Mountain from suffering disaster it doesnt deserve!”

Black Ape was about to say something when a voice came from the side, “Youre looking for me”

All of them turned around and saw a man in green clothes walking over slowly.

It was Yang Ye, of course.

The young man sized up Yang Ye and chuckled, “The Hear Dao Realm!” He gazed at the middle aged man, “Uncle Ming, our intelligence isnt accurate!”

The middle aged man spoke solemnly, “He probably just advanced!”

The young man nodded, and then he gazed at Yang Ye.

He was about to speak when Yang Ye pointed at Spirit Monkey Mountain, “Did you do that”

The young man smiled, “Yes, why”

Yang Ye shook his head and asked, “Can you restore it”

The corners of the young mans mouth curled up slightly, and his smile was quite cold, “I dont think I can!”

Suddenly, Yang Ye vanished on the spot.

Only a fine thread of light flashed through the air.

It was absolutely swift!

At the moment Yang Ye attacked, the young mans expression had changed drastically.

It was because a sword had appeared before him.

It wasnt that hed been able to catch sight of it, it was because hed sensed powerful sword energy assaulting him!

It allowed him to realize that there was a sword before him!

Even though Yang Yes attack was absolutely swift, the young man was no ordinary person.

The black ancient sword in his grasp suddenly vanished, and then rays of sword energy swept out from within him.

Sword howls resounded incessantly as sword energy crisscrossed!

Three breaths of time later, the sword energy vanished, and so did the sword howls.

Yang Ye and the young man were standing in confrontation from a distance of around 100m.

The young man gazed at Yang Ye while the corners of his mouth curled up slightly, “Using the sword in front of me How laughable.


Suddenly, Yang Ye vanished on the spot.

Sword Fusion!

As soon as he launched this attack, the eyes of both the middle aged man and the young man opened wide, and there was disbelief in both of them!


It was like theyd witnessed something terrifying!

Meanwhile, the middle aged man recovered from his shock and shouted, “Watch out!”

The young mans reaction was extremely quick.

He immediately grabbed his sword with both hands and repeatedly swung it swiftly.

Every single swing of it caused the space around him to shudder.

However, the middle aged man watched with astonishment as the young man was blasted backwards by the ray of light.

Three breaths of time later!


The young man was blasted away, and he flew over 3km away before he finally stopped himself.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye appeared in front of him, and then a sword was pressed against his forehead before he could even react!

The surroundings instantly fell silent.

The young man stared at Yang Ye, “Your attainments in the Sword Dao are actually at such a level!”

Yang Ye glanced at Spirit Monkey Mountain that the young man had sliced into two, and he said, “Ill ask you one last time.

Can you restore it”

The young man suddenly smiled, “Yang Ye, do you know who I am”


His arm instantly flew up into the air, and blood sprayed out like a fountain!

The middle aged mans expression instantly turned gloomy.

He was about to speak when Yang Ye gazed at him, “Shut up!”

The middle aged man stared at Yang Ye, “Do you know who we are Were…”


Meanwhile, the young mans other arm flew up into the air.

The middle aged mans voice stopped abruptly!

The middle aged man had a ferocious expression on his face, “Do you know…”


Meanwhile, the young mans ear flew off towards the side and blood turned his face red.

At this moment, the middle aged man didnt dare to say another word.

Yang Ye gazed at the young man, “Ill ask you one last time.

Can you restore it”

The young man gazed at Yang Ye for a long time and replied, “I cant!”

Yang Ye nodded, “Then pay with your life!”

The middle aged man was shocked when he heard Yang Ye, and he hurriedly said, “Yang Ye, hes a young master of the Xuanyuan Clan.

Youll bring calamity to the Spirit Monkey Clan if you do that!”

“The Xuanyuan Clan” Yang Ye frowned slightly and gazed at Black Ape.

The latter spoke solemnly, “Its called the number one clan of the large universe!”

The number one clan” Yang Ye chuckled, “What a reputation!” Meanwhile, Yang Yes sword suddenly pressed against the young mans forehead, and it slowly stabbed into the young mans skin.

It didnt take long for blood to seep out, and it instantly covered the young mans face in blood.

At this moment, the young man finally felt slight panic because he realized that Yang Ye really did dare to kill him!

The middle aged man was panicking too.

If Yang Ye really did kill his young master, then he wouldnt be able to escape death, even if he killed Yang Ye!

Suddenly, a voice came from afar, “My Xuanyuan Clan can restore it!”

Everyone looked over, and they saw a beautiful woman walking over slowly.

She seemed to be around the age of 30, had a voluptuous figure, and was so beautiful that others simply couldnt move their eyes away from her.

The young man and middle aged man turned pale when they saw her.

Yang Ye noticed that the middle aged mans figure had started to tremble.

Yang Ye sized up the beautiful woman and put down his sword, “Really”

She walked closer to Yang Ye and raised her hand slightly.

In an instant, a huge mountain suddenly rose up from the ground from far away, and then it moved swiftly towards the mountain that had been cut into two.

A short while later, Yang Ye and the others looked up to the sky, and a mountain appeared there.

It was a mountain that was floating in the air!

Meanwhile, she gently made a horizontal swipe, and then the mountain was suddenly sliced into two.

After that, she waved her right hand, and half of it descended upon the top of Spirit Monkey Mountain.

It fit perfectly!

Yang Ye fell silent.

He knew that she was extremely strong!

“Elder Xing!” Suddenly, the young man spoke in a trembling voice, “I…”

She ignored him and gazed at the middle aged man, “Dont you know the Xuanyuan Clans rules”


The middle aged man knelt on the ground, and his voice trembled, “Elder Xing, please give me a chance to change!”

“A chance” The woman spoke coldly, “Theres no need for that!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she waved her right hand, and the middle aged mans head flew off into the air.

He couldnt even fight back!

The middle aged man was an Attain Dao Realm expert!

The young mans face grew paler from the sight of this.

Meanwhile, the woman gazed at the young man, and he immediately knelt down.

However, a wave of mysterious energy held him up and stopped him from kneeling.

She spoke indifferently, “Young Master Jie, you left the clan without permission and went against our ancestors last words by trying to take the sword by force.

Its a crime that carries the death penalty.

However, because your father has rendered meritorious service to the clan, you can avoid death.

But you cant avoid punishment.

From this moment onward, youre not a young master of the Xuanyuan Clan anymore, and if you dare to use the Xuanyuan Clans name to run wild, youll be killed no matter where you hide!”

The young man spoke in a trembling voice, “Elder Xing, is it really that serious I just wanted to take back the sword which belongs to our Xuanyuan Clan.

Everything I desired and did was for the Xuanyuan Clan!”

The woman didnt answer him, and she gazed at Yang Ye instead, “Young Brother, can you lend me that sword of yours”

The Sword Supreme!

Yang Ye didnt refuse.

He waved his right hand, and it went over to her.

A wisp of complicated emotions flashed through her eyes as she gazed at the Sword Supreme, “Young Master Jie, do you know why our Xuanyuan Clan didnt use this sword after our ancestor fell Do you know why we sealed it with our ancestor instead Do you know why our Xuanyuan Clan didnt ask the Sovereign of Man to return it, even when we had the ability to do so”

The young man shook his head.

Meanwhile, she gazed at the young man and continued, “Do you really think the Sovereign of Man lost this sword”

The young man spoke in a low voice, “What do you mean”

She chuckled, and then she looked at the sword again, “The Sovereign of Man is an extraordinary genius.

He noticed something special about this sword, so he decided to give it up.

Otherwise, how could he be willing to give up this sword just to kill a single Shaman King”

Yang Ye frowned when he heard this.

The woman flicked the sword back to Yang Ye, “Young Brother Yang, my Xuanyuan Clan has no ill intent towards you.

Their actions arent the will of the Xuanyuan Clan, and you can consider what I just did to be my Xuanyuan Clans compensation to you.”

Yang Ye remained silent.

Meanwhile, the woman smiled, “Are you still angry”

Yang Ye shook his head, “Not at all.

I just think you dont have to be so courteous to me!”

She smiled, “Since youre not angry, then I can rest at ease.

Lets allow bygones to be bygones.

What do you think”

Yang Ye glanced at her and replied, “Alright!”

She nodded, and then vanished with the young man.

Three breaths of time later, the woman appeared on the peak of a mountain with the young man.

She closed her eyes slowly and said, “Vanish from my sight before I change my mind!”

The young man glanced at her.

He didnt dare to say a word and just vanished into the sky.

Once he left, the woman fell silent for a long time and said, “Who are you!”

A long moment of silence ensued, and then a voice suddenly resounded, “My surname is Yang!”

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