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Chapter 2004 – Tell Yang Ye to Show Himself!

Book 17 — Slaughter

The monkey was gone!

Yang Ye stood silently on the spot.

He didnt know if the monkey would return alive.

Because he didnt know how strong the Buddhist Path was.

But would an existence that could rival the Dao Path be weak

However, Yang Yes intuition told him that the monkey would definitely come back alive!

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and flashed over to the group of monkeys.

There were only around a hundred of them, but they were very strong.

The leader of the group, a huge black monkey, was at least a Zen Realm expert.

Meanwhile, the huge black monkey walked over to Yang Ye, “Just call me Black Ape.

From now on, everyone throughout Spirit Monkey Mountain will obey you.”

The other huge monkeys behind Black Ape nodded in unison.

Yang Ye nodded slightly, “Which nearby clan is the biggest threat”

Black Ape replied solemnly, “This area is called Southern Demon Mountain Range, and there are three Demon Kings here.

The other two are the Sky Python Demon King in the north and the Sky Devourer Demon King whos over 300,000km away from us.”

Yang Ye asked, “How is the Spirit Monkey Clans relationship with them”

Black Ape shook his head, “Both of their Demon Kings were bashed up by our ancestor!”

Yang Ye was stunned speechless.

Black Ape said, “Dont worry, no demon beast will dare to attack us in the next year.

If Ancestor doesnt return by then, then the entire demon race may become our enemy, but well have no enemies in the demon race if he returns!”

A year!

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings.

Mountains covered the area, endless mountains.

If the monkey didnt return in a year, he would be in deep trouble.

However, he had to deal with it no matter how difficult it was.

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and said, “Find me a quiet place!”

Black Ape nodded slightly, and then he waved his hand at the waterfall.

In an instant, it split open from the center.

Yang Ye flashed into the area behind the waterfall.

It was a completely different world behind the waterfall!

It was completely empty, and there were strange rocks flickering with a faint glow.

It was quiet, extremely quiet!

It was suitable for cultivation!

Yang Ye sat down cross-legged on the ground and entered the Primordial Pagoda.

Earth Slaughter!

The Six Slaughters of the Weapon Dao.

Hed grasped Man Slaughter.

Now, he intended to study Earth Slaughter because his cultivation was sufficient for it.

Earth Slaughter had moves, and it relied on the energy of the earth to kill! The energy of the earth could be said to be endless.

His strength would be bottomless while he stood on the ground.

Of course, it was only bottomless while his body could endure it!

Moreover, taking the energy of the earth was like seizing it from the world, so the slightest mistake may cause him to suffer from backlash.

In short, it was extremely strong, but its side effects were serious too.

Yang Ye studied it for a while.

In the end, he chose to cultivate it.

Because so long as he didnt seize the energy of the earth frequently, it wouldnt be a huge problem.

Just like that, time trickled by, and six months passed in the blink of an eye.

Yang Ye hadnt left the Primordial Pagoda throughout this time, and he just spent every day studying Earth Slaughter like a madman.

Besides that, his own Burial Sword and Shadow Sword had been improved tremendously too.

Yang Ye stood on the ground with his sword in hand.

A long time passed before the ground below Yang Yes feet suddenly trembled, and the countless strands of Earth Energy converged into Yang Ye.

In an instant, Yang Ye was enveloped by countless strands of Earth Energy.

“Slaughter!” As soon as Yang Ye said that, he transformed into a ray of light that vanished on the spot.

The ground 3km away cracked open, and then a ray of sword energy flashed out.

A moment later, a huge gap opened up in the sky 3km away!

It seemed like it had been torn open.

In order to use Earth Energy, he had to first become one with the earth, and then rely on its energy to launch an explosive strike.

Based on Yang Yes calculations, it was a huge threat to Dao Realm experts, even Attain Dao Realm experts.

Even if he couldnt kill them in an instant, it was absolutely possible for him to heavily injure an expert like that.

However, if he fought a Zen Realm expert, then it wouldnt be quite a threat to a Zen Realm expert!

It wasnt just the Earth Slaughter that was like that, even his Burial and Shadow Sword werent a huge threat to Zen Realm experts.

It couldnt be helped, his cultivation was too low.

While being able to push back the Blood Demon King seemed heaven defying in the eyes of many, it would be too terrifying if he could kill a Zen Realm expert in his realm of cultivation!

Sword Fusion combined with Judgment may be able to pose a slight threat to Zen Realm experts, but it wouldnt be a huge threat!

It wasnt that his sword techniques and Sword Dao werent strong enough, it was his cultivation which was too low.

The gap in his cultivation wasnt something that any external sources of strength could make up for.


Yang Ye was just a step away from the Dao Realm!

The Dao Realm was divided into four stages, and the first stage was the Hear Dao Realm! The Hear Dao Realm represented sensing the Dao.

It was an extremely profound feeling, but it wasnt something that could be accomplished through cultivating alone.

It was mostly linked to an ascension of the mental state!


Comprehension was the only way to attain the Dao Realm, and just cultivating didnt help.

So, Yang Ye started meditating and comprehending.

His attainments in the Sword Dao and sword techniques had attained the peak of what he was capable of, and he had to break through in his cultivation to rise a level higher.

Cultivating was boring, and it was an endless process.

A year had passed in the Primordial Pagoda.

Of course, it had only been around a month in the world outside.

During this month, many things had occurred in the large universe.

Firstly, the Sovereign of Man had suddenly issued a warrant.

The wanted person was Yang Ye.

As for his crime, it was betrayal of the human race.

The reward listed on the warrant was extremely generous, and it included a Sage Rank treasure.

A Sage Rank treasure!

It undoubtedly tempted countless.

However, very few actually dared to go looking for Yang Ye.

Generous rewards did arouse courage in some, but since the Sovereign of Man was willing to provide such a huge reward, it represented that the wanted person, Yang Ye, was absolutely not ordinary!

So, while countless were tempted, they didnt dare to act on it.

However, there were exceptions.

Two unwelcome guests had arrived in Spirit Monkey Mountain Range.

One of them was a young man around the age of 25.

He wore a cloud white robe, and he carried an ancient sword on his back.

As for the other person, it was a middle aged man.

He stood half a step behind the young man.

Obviously, he obeyed the young mans orders.

The young man glanced at the towering mountain range and said, “Uncle Ming, is the information accurate”

The middle aged man nodded slightly, “According to the information we received, that Demon King brought him here after saving him.”

The young man asked, “What about that Demon King”

The middle aged man smiled, “Young Master, are you afraid of that Demon King”

The young man replied indifferently, “What do you think”

The middle aged man smiled, “Dont worry, Young Master.

That Demon King isnt here anymore.

Of course, even if hes here, our Xuanyuan Clan has no need to fear him.

All the races, the four supreme clans… Does anyone in the large universe refuse to give our Xuanyuan Clan face”

The Xuanyuan Clan!

If someone knowledgeable was here, that person would definitely be extremely shocked.

Because the Xuanyuan Clan was the number one clan of the human race.

Just as the middle aged man had said, all the races and the four supreme clans would give face to them!

As for the reason, besides the Xuanyuan Clans strength, it was because who once hailed from the Xuanyuan Clan.

The Xuanyuan Emperor!

He was the man who commanded the armies of all races and defeated the god race!

The young man chuckled, “Our clan cant rely on our ancestors forever, right”

The middle aged man spoke softly, “Of course!”

The young man took a deep breath, sized up the surroundings, and said, “Its time for the Sword Supreme to return to my Xuanyuan Clan!”

The middle aged man hesitated for a moment and said, “Young Master, our ancestor said that if the Sword Supreme stays willingly in the Xuanyuan Clan, then its a good thing.

But if it isnt willing, then we absolutely shouldnt force it.

Otherwise, with the strength our Xuanyuan Clan possesses, it wouldnt have been difficult to make the Sovereign of man return it to us.”

“The Sovereign of Man” The young man chuckled, “Hes just a fellow who obtained our ancestors inheritance.

The laughable thing is that the Sword Supreme isnt willing to stay with him either.

Looks like his reputation of being a man of virtue isnt true at all!”

The middle aged man spoke solemnly, “Young Master, watch what you say.

The Sovereign of Man is the leader of the human race in name right now, so if word of what you said spreads, itll be very disadvantageous for you.

Moreover, if you plan to inherit the position of patriarch, then you absolutely cant go around making enemies!”

The young man smiled, “I naturally understand that.

Uncle Ming, I was just telling that to you.

I wouldnt say it to anyone else.”

The middle aged man nodded slightly, “No matter what, its best to be careful.”

The young man said, “Ill remember that.” He glanced at the surroundings and continued, “Make him show himself!”

The middle aged man nodded, and then he stomped his right foot down.


In an instant, Spirit Monkey Mountain shook violently.

It only took a moment for a huge black money to appear before the middle aged man.

The black monkey gazed at the middle aged man with a hostile glow in his eyes.

Because the middle aged mans actions were clearly an act of provocation towards Spirit Monkey Mountain.

The middle aged man said, “Tell Yang Ye to come here!”

Yang Ye!

Black Ape frowned and said, “This is Spirit Monkey Mountain.”

The middle aged man replied, “I know.”

Black Apes gaze gradually turned icy cold.

He didnt know who they were, but no one dared to act so arrogantly at Spirit Monkey Mountain while his ancestor was here.

Just thinking about it made quite complicated emotions arise in Black Apes heart.

Meanwhile, the young man tapped his finger forward.

The sword behind him suddenly flew up into the air, and then it chopped off half of the mountains peak.

The young man stared at Black Ape and said, “Tell Yang Ye to show himself! Did you hear me”

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