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This time, Yang Ye didnt stay in the Grand Myriad Mountains.

He rode the Lightning Eagle and flew towards the Imperial Capital because this round of the Ascension Rankings would be ending in less than five days from now.

Yang Ye didnt feel aversion towards Daoist Zuis frankness.

Conversely, he took it in a broad-minded manner.

Yes, besides very close relatives, no one in this world was related to others in any way, so why should the Sword Sect become utter enemies with the Flower Palace for him

As always, he, Yang Ye, had to rely on himself in this world.

Yang Ye shook his head, discarded the distracting thoughts in his mind, and then he withdrew a few energy stones and started cultivating.


In the depths of the Grand Myriad Mountains was an extremely grand city.

The scale of this city was on par with the Imperial Capital of the Grand Qin Empire, and it even surpassed the Imperial Capital in terms of how bustling it was.

This grand city was the Beast Capital of the Darkbeast Empire!

At the Imperial Palace of the Beast Capital, Hu Zongyuan and Zong Shi stood in a hall with extremely solemn expressions.

Right at this moment, a middle aged man that wore a golden robe appeared mysteriously at the end of the hall.

Both Hu Zongyuan and Zong Shi hurriedly bowed when they saw this middle aged man, and then they said respectfully, “Emperor!”

Yes, this middle aged man was the Emperor of the Darkbeast Empire and one of the supreme experts of the southern territory.

He was an extraordinary expert on par with Daoist Zui! Moreover, he was in control of all the myriad of Darkbeast Clans in the Darkbeast Empire!

“Wheres that mysterious Darkbeast” The Beast Emperor spoke in a calm voice.

However, the bodies of those two below him trembled slightly.

After a short while, Hu Zongyuan said, “Emperor, we were incapable and werent a match for Daoist Zui, so that human was allowed to escape!”

The Beast Emperor nodded and said, “Its fine, I understand.”

“Emperor, do you know the background of that mysterious Darkbeast” asked Zong Shi.

A wisp of a solemn expression flashed in his eyes, and then the Beast Emperor nodded slightly and said, “I know a little bit.

Even I never expected that it would actually appear in the southern territory.”

“Emperor, exactly what is its background Its actually able to be of such a threat to our Darkbeast Race!” Hu Zongyuan asked in a low voice.

The Beast Emperor shook his head and said, “Pass down my order! All the Darkbeasts of the Grand Myriad Mountains are prohibited from making a move against it.

Right, its prohibited to make a move against that human as well!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the Beast Emperor took a step forward, and then he vanished from within the hall!

At the same time, the Beast Emperor appeared mysteriously on the Lightning Eagle that Yang Ye was riding.

When he saw a middle aged man who wore a golden robe had suddenly appeared in front of him, Yang Yes pupils constricted.

He instinctively tightened his grip on his sword, but he loosened it in next to no time.

Even though he didnt know who this person was or what realm of cultivation this person possessed, he knew that he wasnt a match for this middle aged man!

The Beast Emperor sized up Yang Ye, and then he nodded slightly and said, “Human, youre quite courageous!”

A Shapeshifted Darkbeast!

Yang Yes heart constricted when he heard the middle aged mans method of address towards him.

At this moment, his relationship with the Darkbeast Empire couldnt be said to be good, so the sudden appearance of this mysterious expert was definitely not a good thing for him.

But didnt Daoist Zui form an agreement with them Was has a Shapeshifted Darkbeast come looking for me

Yang Ye stopped thinking about this, and he said, “Youve come to kill me”

The Beast Emperor was stunned, and then he couldnt help but chuckle as he shook his head.

He said, “Even though your current strength isnt bad, it isnt at the point that this Emperor would personally come to kill you.

I came here this time for the sake of meeting that little fellow.

Ask it to come out and meet me, alright I guarantee that I have no ill intent towards it, and I merely want to meet it!”

Meet the little fellow Yang Ye frowned when he heard this, and then he hesitated for a moment before he said, “Its inconvenient for it to come and meet you now!”

The Beast Emperors brows knit together as well, but they quickly eased up again.

He smiled and said, “Nevermind, since it isnt convenient for it, then well meet in the future.”

Yang Ye was astounded.

“You believe me”

The Beast Emperor smiled and said, “Why wouldnt I”

Yang Ye smiled as well when he heard this, and he said, “I believe you as well.

You probably dont have any ill intent towards the little fellow, otherwise, with your strength, I wouldnt have any room to resist, right”

“What an interesting kid!” The Beast Emperor said, “I dont have any ill intent towards that little fellow, but I dont have any good feelings towards you.

After all, you killed many elite disciples of my Darkbeast Race this time.”

“Because of the little fellow, Ive never taken the initiative to attack the Darkbeasts of your Darkbeast Empire.

It has always been the Darkbeasts of your Darkbeast Empire that came looking for trouble with me.

You cant expect me to just receive a beating and not fight back, right!” said Yang Ye.

“It doesnt allow you to take action against Darkbeasts” The Beast Emperors eyes lit up slightly as he spoke.

Yang Ye nodded.

The smile on the Beast Emperors face widened when he heard this.

He hesitated for a moment before he flicked his finger, and a pitch black command token floated in front of Yang Ye.

He said, “Human kid, if you have the chance, then bring it along and enjoy yourselves at the Darkbeast Empires Beast Capital.

With this command token in your possession, you can roam freely through the Grand Myriad Mountains.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the Beast Emperor vanished from the Lightning Eagle.

Yang Yes pupils constricted once more when he saw the middle aged man vanish directly.

His strength is probably on par with Daoist Zui!

When he recalled how hed thought of utilizing the Pearl of Baleful Blood to fight the middle aged man, Yang Ye felt it was slightly amusing.

Not to mention a Pseudo Dao Artifact, even a real Dao Artifact would be useless before such an expert!

However, hed never imagined that the little fellow was actually capable of making the Darkbeast Empire dispatch an expert of such a level.

Is this fortune or misfortune But based on his attitude, it was probably fortune….

Yang Ye shook his head, and then he gazed at the pitch black command token in his hand.

The command token was fist-sized, made of unknown material, and felt icy cold in his grasp.

A golden皇 character that represented Emperor was inscribed on the front of the command token, whereas, numerous strange patterns were inscribed on the back of it.

These patterns were extremely irregular and seemed slightly like talisman markings, yet they werent talisman markings.

In any case, Yang Ye wasnt able to figure them out!

Since he couldnt figure it out, he stopped trying.

Yang Ye placed the command token within his spatial ring, and then he made the Lightning Eagle speed up.

He knew that he would definitely return to the Grand Myriad Mountains!

With the Lightning Eagle flying at full speed, Yang Ye arrived at the outer-ring of the Grand Myriad Mountains in less than 14 hours of time.

When he arrived here, Yang Ye placed the Lightning Eagle back within his Vortex Dantian.

Because it was best to keep a low profile once he arrived at the world of humans!

Yang Ye didnt stay here.

He relied on the teleportation formations in those cities at the outer-ring of the Grand Myriad Mountains to arrive at the Imperial Capital, and when he arrived at the teleportation platform at the entrance of the Imperial Capital, Yang Ye was stunned by the scene before his eyes.

At this moment, the entrance to the Imperial Capital was densely covered with people.

Of course, this wasnt the main point, the main point was all of these people were looking at him!

“Another one has arrived! Another one has arrived!” Someone shouted from the surroundings, and the countless people started shouting towards Yang Ye.

“Im the Patriarch of the Imperial Capitals Liu Clan.

Our clan is an extraordinary clan of the Imperial Capital that possesses a history of a thousand years….

May I know if Young Hero is married If you arent, then you can come to my Liu Clan.

My Liu Clan guarantees to provide Young Hero with sufficient cultivation resources….”

“Im the Patriarch of the Imperial Capitals Huang Clan.

My Huang Clan is said to be one of the minor four great clans of the Imperial Capital, and it possesses a history of a few thousand years.

My Huang Clans Young Miss is one of the 10 great beauties of the Imperial Capital.

So long as Young Hero comes to my Huang Clan, then not only would you be able to obtain cultivation resources, youll even be able to win the hand of a beauty….”

“Im the Patriarch of the Imperial Capitals Fu Clan….”


As he listened to the crowd that shouted fervently at him, Yang Ye couldnt help but feel speechless.

In the past, hed heard that these clans would recruit the profounders that came back alive from Ascension Mountain Range, but hed never imagined that it would actually be such a crazy scene….

Yang Ye shook his head slightly.

With a command in his heart, Violet Spirit was unsheathed halfway, and a sword howl shot into the sky.

When they heard this sword howl, the crowd instantly fell silent, and the members of those clans shook their heads with regret as they gazed at Yang Ye.

“I never expected it would be a disciple of the Sword Sect! Alas! What a pity! But since hes a disciple of the Sword Sect, then why did he only return now”

“Who knows! Alas, lets wait for the next one!”

When he saw them fall silent, Yang Ye walked down from the teleportation platform and headed towards the entrance of the Imperial Capital!

“Brother Yang!” Right when Yang Ye was about to walk through the entrance, a familiar female voice suddenly resounded from behind him.


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