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Chapter 2337 – Immortal Estate! Im Coming!

The True Dao Realm!

At this moment, Yang Ye wasnt at the Progenitor Realm, he was at the True Dao Realm!

It was just a single realm, but it was like the difference between the heavens and the earth to Yang Ye.

The old man didnt flee.

He stared at Yang Ye and said, “You really hid it well! You only exposed it at the last minute!”

Yang Ye didnt waste his breath and just waved his sword.


A ray of light pierced through the old mans soul!

The old mans soul collapsed, but it didnt take long for Invincible to completely absorb it.

Once it finished absorbing the old mans soul, Invincible immediately started trembling violently.

Yang Ye gazed at Invincible with shock, and he wondered what the heck was going on!

Invincible was trembling more and more rapidly.

In the end, it actually struggled free of his grasp.


A ray of blood red light flashed through the surroundings.

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

In the sky, Invincible was trembling more and more rapidly while countless vengeful spirits surrounded it.

Just like that, the aura it emanated gradually grew stronger and stronger.

Finally, it arrived at a breaking point.


Countless rays of blood red light rippled out, and then the sky was instantly dyed red.

“A Pseudo Divine Treasure!” Meanwhile, a voice resounded in Yang Yes ears.

Yang Ye looked over, and he saw White Emperor.

But at this moment, White Emperors body was extremely ethereal, and his voice was very weak.

Yang Ye spoke softly, “Senior!”

White Emperor shook his head slightly, “Since youre with a descendant of mine, so youre considered a member of my White Emperor City, and I cant just stand by idly.

However, I cant do much.”

“Its more than enough for me!” Yang Ye replied softly.

If White Emperor hadnt kept Godless Heaven away, his current strength would probably be insufficient to deal with Godless Heaven.

White Emperor grinned, and then he gazed at Invincible, “There are two types of treasures in this world.

One of them are divine treasures, and they are mostly treasures that were born naturally in the world, those that are born together with the universe or even before the universe.

Every single universe is able to give birth to such divine treasures.

Of course, some dont.

There is naturally no need to explain how strong they are.

Im ashamed to say that after living for so many years, Ive never possessed a single divine treasure, and I only have a Pseudo Divine Treasure!”

He paused for a moment at this point and continued, “As for the other type, they are Sacred Treasures, just like these two sabers and that sword of yours.

They are Sacred Treasures, and they were created by man.

They cant be compared to natural divine treasures, but their might is extremely extraordinary.

As for your saber, it has improved!”


Yang Ye was puzzled, “They can improve”

White Emperor nodded, “Why cant they Everything in the world can cultivate.

Some flowers, plants, or even trees can cultivate to the point of gaining intelligence, let alone these Sacred Treasures! However, its very, very difficult for them to improve.

If Im not wrong, this saber of yours absorbed the blood of countless experts and innumerable vengeful spirits in the past, and it may have even absorbed the blood of a Primal Demon.

Otherwise, just the blood and soul of a Half-Step World Lord wouldnt be sufficient for it to evolve into a Pseudo Divine Treasure!”

Yang Ye waved his right hand and Invincible immediately flew into his grasp, and a smile curled up on his face as he gazed at it.

It was different indeed!

Now, it felt like it could slash open the world!

Meanwhile, White Emperor suddenly said, “Besides the Immortal Estate, you must watch out for…”


White Emperors ethereal body exploded apart!

He shot a glance to the side at the instant his body exploded!

Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly, and he glanced at the surroundings, but he discovered nothing!

Yang Ye chuckled and said, “I dont care what power youre from, how powerful that power is, or what kind of experts you have…”

Ferocity covered Yang Yes face at this point, and he continued, “Im telling you right now.

I, Yang Ye, am not afraid.

I never ever think that Im killing too many!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye entered White Emperor City.

No one hiding in the shadows attacked!


Yang Ye had just killed a Half-Step World Lord.

While hed played some tricks, it was still his strength that allowed it to happen! It could be said that no one would dare to act against him now until they had a foolproof method!

They had only eliminated White Emperor because they were afraid that he would expose them.

It didnt take long for the countless experts in the shadows to leave.

At this moment, they didnt dare to act arbitrarily.

In the sky above White Emperor City, the city governor fell silent.

He knew that this wasnt the end!

Before Yang Ye arrived, the powers of Eternal Border had balance between them, and it could be said that there was an invisible system between them.

But after Yang Ye arrived, hed broken the balance and destroyed the system!

One who challenged the system was like a commoner who tried to rebel against the emperor!

What was the system in Eternal Border

It was compromise! And the lack of tolerance to resistance!

But Yang Ye had resisted them!

White Emperor City.

In the Primordial Pagoda.

Once he returned to the Primordial Pagoda, Snowy immediately appeared before him and pounced into his arms before ceaselessly rubbing her head against his chest.

Yang Ye felt quite lucky as he gazed at her.

As far as Sword Scroll, Jian You, and the others were concerned, Yang Ye was absolutely fortunate to possess Snowy, but they didnt know that being able to meet Yang Ye was Snowys absolute fortune too.

A short while later, Snowy suddenly stretched out her paws before him, and the two golden flying blades were on them!

They were the flying blades she took from the old man just now!

Yang Yes face was quite solemn as he gazed at them.

They werent ordinary.

If Snowy hadnt taken them away just now, the old man may have been able to survive the battle with him.

Because those flying blades were on par with Hidden Blade and Invincible!

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment and took them.

Flying blades were still a type of saber!

After he took them, he turned around and gazed at Su Qingshi and the others.

All of them were here.

Su Qingshi, Xiao Yuxi, Qin Xiyue, Lu Waner, Zhuang Weiran, Yang Nianxiu, and Yang Yao…

He hadnt accompanied his family for a very, very long time.

Meanwhile, Su Qingshi suddenly said, “Go to Zhixian!”

Bai Zhixian!

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment and nodded, “Alright.”

Outside the Primordial Pagoda.

Yang Ye went to a hall, and within it was a woman in a white dress.

Bai Zhixian!

Yang Ye walked over to her side.

He didnt say a word and just wrapped his arm around her waist.

Bai Zhixians figure stiffened!

A long time passed before she spoke softly, “I thought you would thank me.

If you did, then our relationship is over.”

If Yang Ye said thank you, it would be a form of insult to her.

Yang Ye shook his head slightly, “I remember everything that happened in the secret realm!”

Bai Zhixian couldnt help but blush.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly said, “I have to leave White Emperor City!”

She suddenly turned around.

Yang Ye spoke softly, “If I stay, White Emperor City will become the battlefield.

So, I must leave.”

She fell silent.

Yang Ye pulled her out of the hall, and then he looked up at the distant sky, “White Emperor City has senior White Emperor, so they will think twice about attacking.

But if I stay, they wont worry about Senior White Emperor.

So, I must leave.

As for you, you cant stay either.

They know about our relationship, so youll be in danger if you stay!”

He gazed at her and continued, “So, are you willing to leave with me”

He had to take her with him!

He couldnt rest at ease knowing she was here, and her presence would be a calamity to White Emperor City!

“Go with him!” Meanwhile, a voice came from the side.

Bai Zhixian looked over and saw her father.

The old man spoke softly, “After what just happened, staying is very dangerous.

Of course, staying with this kid is probably not safe either.

But its better than staying here.”

Those powers would fear Yang Ye, but they wouldnt fear White Emperor City.

After all, White Emperor wasnt here.

Bai Zhixian suddenly asked, “What about the rest of you”

The old man chuckled, “If both you and Yang Ye arent here, they wont come.”

Bai Zhixian thought for a long time and nodded.

Just as theyd said, White Emperor City would be in greater danger if she stayed!

Just like that, Yang Yes group left White Emperor City.

Su Qingshi and the others remained in the Primordial Pagoda.

Outside White Emperor City, Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings, and then he vanished into the sky.

Once Yang Ye left, numerous auras immediately left the sky above the city.

An hour later, the Sword Ruins.

A ray of light descended, and it dispersed to reveal Yang Yes figure.

Yang Ye walked over to Jian You.

She was seated cross-legged on the ground with the huge sword stabbed in the ground by her side.

Besides that, she was emanating a strand of powerful sword intent!

True Dao Realm sword intent!

It was actual True Dao Realm sword intent!

Yang Ye gazed at her in silence.

A long time passed before she spoke softly, “The estate, two cities, three sects, and six clans of Eternal Border arent all the powers here.

There are some others that remain hidden.

However, they arent interested in most things within Eternal Border.

They are only interested in the Eternal River.

My Jian Clan was once one of them.

My personal suggestion is to avoid offending them.”

“Offend them” Yang Ye smiled, “I didnt offend them, they are offending me.

Look, even my Bodhi Tree is gone.”

“Bear with it!” She looked him in the eyes, “You dont have the strength or ability to fight them now.”

Yang Yes eyes narrowed slowly, “I cant bear with it!”

Jian You stood up and walked over to him, “My Jian Clan has declined, but if Im to be honest, if my Jian Clan decides to kill you, then were definitely capable of accomplishing that.

You cant even overcome my Jian Clan, so on what basis are you refusing to bear with it”

Yang Ye looked her in the eyes, “Even if I bear with it, do you think theyll spare me Even if I give them all the treasures I have, do you think theyll spare me”

She replied, “Then run!”

Yang Ye chuckled, “And be a coward”

She closed her eyes slowly, “Youll die if you dont run!”

Yang Ye fell silent for a long time.

In the end, he smiled, “Whats there to fear Forget life and death, just fight if youre unhappy! Immortal Estate, Im coming! Haha!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he transformed into a ray of light that vanished into the sky.

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