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Chapter 2321 – Departure!

The village entrance.

The slovenly old man sighed as he laid there on the wooden bench.

In the bamboo house, Auntie Vege closed her eyes slowly, “Knowing destiny is easy, going against it isnt.”

Before the meat stall in the village, Butchers chopper suddenly trembled, “What did you predict..”

After the three of them left, the entire Eternal Village suddenly became ethereal.

It didnt take long for the entire village and the rear mountains to vanish.

Meanwhile, Bai Zhixian, Yang Ye, and Wang Erya were in a mountainous region.

All along the way, Wang Erya was very curious about the outside world, and she kept asking questions.

Bai Zhixian, on the other hand, explained everything she could.

After all, Wang Eryas grandfather had helped Yang Ye tremendously.

So, Bai Zhixian had a very good impression of the young girl.

Suddenly, they stopped.

Yang Ye looked up, and the mountain range in the distance shook abruptly.

A short while later, the ground beneath their feet gradually started to tremble.

It didnt take long for a towering demon to appear before them.

It wasnt a new scene to Yang Ye and Bai Zhixian, it was the same demon that had tried to kill them that day.

The head of a cow, body of a human, and a body that towered into the sky!

“Its huge!” Wang Erya exclaimed, “Its the first time Ive seen one so huge!”

Bai Zhixian had a wisp of solemness on her face.

While Yang Ye and her strength had improved tremendously since then, it was no weakling! Especially its strength, it could simply be described as capable of destroying the world!

Bai Zhixian didnt hesitate to grab Yang Ye and Wang Erya before hiding.

Meanwhile, Wang Erya glanced at Yang Ye and asked, “Big Sis Bai, will this guy get well”

Bai Zhixian gazed at Yang Ye, “Didnt you notice that hes much more normal lately”

“Dont try to trick me!” Wang Erya continued, “Hes only a little normal now because his madness intent was suppressed, and it cant cause trouble.”

She glanced at Yang Ye, and then she ran over to Bai Zhixians side and whispered, “Do you think hell suddenly attack us”

Bai Zhixian shook her head and smiled, “Do you think he will”

Wang Erya replied softly, “He doesnt seem like he will, but I cant be sure.

I watched him in secret for some time, and I went to the rear mountains with him once.

Do you know what I saw”

Bai Zhixian was curious, “What”

Suddenly, the mountain range shook violently.

Bai Zhixian looked up, and she saw the Primal Demon looking toward the surroundings with bewilderment as if it was looking for something.

Wang Erya suddenly said, “Its really huge!”

Bai Zhixian asked softly, “Youre not afraid of it”

“Afraid” Wang Erya blinked, “Why would I Its just big, not strong!”

Bai Zhixian gazed at her with a strange expression on her face, “You dont think its strong”

Wang Erya nodded, “Its just huge, but it isnt very strong.”

Bai Zhixian wanted to say more, but the Primal Demon suddenly started running in their direction.

It discovered our presence

Bai Zhixian was slightly stunned.

Suddenly, Wang Erya ran over, and Bai Zhixian was shocked by this, “Erya, get back here!”

At this moment, Wang Erya had appeared in front of the demon.

Needless to say, her petite figure was like an ant standing before a human.

She was too tiny!

However, she showed no fear when facing that colossus, and she just slammed her fist at it.


A wave of powerful energy rippled out from her fist, and it pushed the Primal Demon backward repeatedly for over 10km!

Of course, it was just a few steps back for the huge demon!

Meanwhile, the Primal Demon was clearly infuriated, and it immediately slammed its fist at her!

The entire sky was blotted out by its fist, but Wang Erya showed no fear and just swung another punch.

Faint golden light appeared on her fist.


As soon as her fist shot forward, a wave of energy erupted like a volcano from her fist, and it swept up into the sky and slammed against the Primal Demons fist.


Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Primal Demon took many steps back again, but Wang Erya had been pushed back to Yang Ye and Bai Zhixians side too.

She glanced at her fist, and then she looked up at the demon, “This fellow isnt that bad!”

Suddenly, the Primal Demon slammed another punch in their direction.

Wang Erya blinked and went behind Yang Ye, “Im tired, you deal with it!”

Bai Zhixian was at a loss for words.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly leaped up and charged at the Primal Demon.

An instant later, a ray of cold light flashed through the sky, and then Yang Ye drew Invincible and slammed it down.

Meanwhile, the Primal Demons fist had arrived.


The Primal Demons fist cracked open, and it was pushed around 10 steps back!

Suddenly, Yang Ye grabbed Invincible with both hands and hurled it forward.


A ray of blood red light flashed through the air, and space was sliced apart in its wake.

While it was huge, the Primal Demons reaction wasnt slow at all.

As soon as Yang Yes saber tore through the air, it clenched its right fist once more, and then it slammed it up into the sky!

The world shook before it!


Invincible slammed against the Primal Demons fist, and the powerful force within it pushed the Primal Demon back again.

Moreover, its fist cracked open.

However, it merely cracked open on the surface and did not cause any bleeding.

Conversely, Yang Yes saber had been blasted away.

Yang Ye stretched out his right hand in midair and caught the flying saber.


Yang Ye took a step back while the space around him trembled.

However, the powerful force within the saber had been completely nullified by him.

Wang Erya suddenly said, “Hes pretty strong!”

Bai Zhixian smiled, “Previously, he wasnt even able to resist a single attack from that big fellow!”

When theyd just arrived within the Eternal Secret Realm, they hadnt even been able to fight back against this huge Primal Demon.

But now, Yang Ye was able to fight it evenly!

Moreover, it was at the True World Realm at least!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly vanished in the sky, and then rays of blood red saber energy flashed incessantly through the air.

Every single one of them slammed heavily against the Primal Demons body!

The demon didnt just stand by idly.

It ceaselessly slammed its fists into the air, and every single one of them caused the world to shake before it.

Cracks gradually appeared on the Primal Demons body!

They were caused by a saber!

More and more cracks were appearing, but not a single drop of blood flowed.

It was obvious how thick its skin was!


Suddenly, a loud explosion resounded, and then the Primal Demon was pushed over 10km away.

At the same time, Yang Ye stopped.

The Primal Demons body was covered in marks from his saber, but it hadnt really suffered any material damage.

But at this moment, Yang Ye was clearly tired and refused to continue attacking!

Wang Erya suddenly said, “That big guys skin is too thick!”

Bai Zhixian glanced at it and said, “Ignore it! Lets go!”

She took Yang Ye and Wang Eryas hands, and then she walked off toward the exit.

It really wasnt necessary to get locked in battle with the Primal Demon!

However, as they walked, Bai Zhixian suddenly felt that something was off.

She turned around swiftly, and the Primal Demon had actually followed them.

However, it didnt attack anymore.

Bai Zhixian frowned, “What does it want”

Wang Erya grinned, “Do you want me to ask for you”

Bai Zhixian gazed at her, “Be careful!”

The latter nodded, and then she flashed over to the Primal Demon, “Big guy, what do you want Do you want to fight Im telling you that youre no match for us.

Theres no need for that guy with the saber to fight you, just I can hammer you to death!”

The Primal Demon pointed at Yang Ye, “Sprite…”


Wang Erya blinked, “What do you mean Can you be a little clearer”

The Primal Demon pointed at Yang Ye again, “Sprite…”


Wang Erya glanced at Yang Ye and said, “Do you want to go outside and play”

The Primal Demon remained silent.

She pointed at it, pointed at Yang Ye, and said, “Do you want to go with him Go out with him”

It pointed at Yang Ye and said, “Sprite…”

Wang Erya glanced at it and said, “How can you be so dumb You shouldnt be like this! What did you eat all these years”

The Primal Demon remained silent.

A long time later, she pointed at herself, “Become small, understand Make yourself smaller!”

The Primal Demon fell silent for quite some time.

Suddenly, its body shrunk a little!

Wang Eryas eyes lit up, “Thats it! Become smaller, smaller!”

Just like that, in just a few dozen breaths of time, it had become a small demon around Wang Eryas size.

Bai Zhixian was stunned by this scene!

Meanwhile, Wang Erya pointed at herself, “Come with me, Ill take you to have some fun in the world outside.

Well return after we have our fun! Lets go!”

She turned around and went over to Yang Ye and Bai Zhixian.

Meanwhile, the small Primal Demon followed behind her!

Bai Zhixian was stunned for quite some time before she said, “Uh… It…”

Wang Erya replied, “It wants to go outside and play with us.

Lets go.

Well take it outside and bring it back in a few days.”

Bai Zhixian was at a loss for words.

Just like that, a small Primal Demon appeared behind their group that was once a group of three.

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