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Chapter 2307 – Its an Act!

As soon as the old man said that, Yang Yes chopper suddenly sliced down.


The wooden bench was instantly sliced into bits.

However, the slovenly old man had appeared a short distance to Yang Yes side.

Yang Ye turned slowly, and then he started walking in the slovenly old mans direction with the chopper in hand.

The old man sized up Yang Ye, “Kid, what the heck is wrong with you I didnt offend you!”

However, Yang Yes figure instantly appeared before the old man, and then he swung the chopper at the old man.

The old man grunted coldly and tapped the chopper, causing it to shake violently before Yang Yes figure was blasted backward with it.

But just a moment later, Yang Ye suddenly appeared behind the old man, and then he swung the chopper again!

The old man frowned slightly and waved his right hand.


A wave of powerful energy slammed Yang Ye out of the village, but it only took a moment for a ray of dazzling saber energy to surged in from the outside.

The old man tapped his finger forward.


The saber energy exploded apart and was obliterated.

At the instant it was shattered, a chopper descended toward the old mans head.

With madness intent there to enhance it, cracks appeared in space wherever it passed!

The space here couldnt be compared to the space in the outside world because even True Dao Realm experts couldnt do anything to the space here.

The chopper descended!

The old man frowned slightly, and then he vanished on the spot.


A bottomless rift appeared in the ground.

Meanwhile, the old man had appeared behind Yang Ye, and Yang Ye swung his chopper backward.


A muffled explosion resounded and Yang Ye was blasted out of the village again.

This time, the old man had clearly struck a heavier blow, so it took quite some time for Yang Ye to stand up again.

But once he did, he charged at the old man again.

The old mans eyelids twitched, “Kid! Dont even think you can do as you please because youre mad!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he clawed at Yang Ye from afar, and a black claw grabbed Yang Yes body and immobilized him.

But just a moment later, a sword surged up into the air and pierced a hole through the hand.

An instant later, Yang Ye swung the chopper down with both hands.


The hand exploded into pieces.

Yang Ye stomped his right foot down, leaped up, and arrived above the old man before chopping down with both hands again.

The old man frowned slightly.

He gradually clenched his right fist and slammed it forward.


Yang Ye was blasted away once more, and he flew all the way to the villages entrance.

But it only took a moment for him to crawl back up.

The old man was about to attack again when Yang Ye suddenly sheathed his sword by his waist, and then walked swiftly into the village.

It only took a while for him to vanish from the old mans sight.

The old man was slightly stunned, “You dont want to fight anymore”

He gazed in that direction for a long time, and only after a while passed and Yang Ye still didnt attack him did he finally confirm that Yang Ye didnt want to fight anymore!

“What the heck!” The old man was displeased, but he didnt go looking for Yang Ye.

He just got another wooden bench, laid down on it, and it didnt take long for him to start snoring.

In the room.

Yang Ye returned to the room, and Bai Zhixian appeared before him.

She gazed at him for a long time and said, “You went to fight”

Yang Ye seemed puzzled.

She sighed softly, “Dont act rashly here, understand”

Yang Ye didnt answer her.

Bai Zhixian continued, “I dont know why they think so highly of you, but as far as youre concerned, its an absolutely huge fortuitous encounter.

So, you must hold on tight to it.


Suddenly, Yang Ye grabbed her hand and pulled her into his arms.

Bai Zhixians figure stiffened.

As he hugged her, his palm suddenly slid down her waist toward her butt… Bai Zhixians expression changed slightly, and she moved aside.

Suddenly, Yang Ye frowned.

At the same time, he placed his hand against the chopper by his waist.

Moreover, madness intent gradually appeared around him.

Bai Zhixian was shocked by this and hurriedly walked over to Yang Ye.

She hesitated for a moment and took his hand.

However, Yang Ye pulled her into his arms once more, and then his palm gradually slid down again…

Bai Zhixians figure stiffened.

She hesitated for a moment and didnt move aside in the end.

She really didnt want him to go crazy right now.

Fortunately, Yang Ye didnt do anything besides copping a few feels.

Just like that, they hugged for a long time before Yang Ye slowly calmed down.

In the next few days, Yang Ye and Bai Zhixian started cultivating again.

During this time, Wang Eryas grandfather and Butcher never came.

Time trickled by.

Two weeks passed.

Suddenly, some changes occurred on Yang Ye.

Threads of bronze energy appeared on him, and they flowed through his meridians throughout his body.

In the beginning, there was quite a little of it, but the energy gradually grew in amount.

A long time later, Yang Ye suddenly stood up and left the bamboo house.

Yang Ye arrived in the village again, and the villagers immediately moved aside upon catching sight of him.

Presently, Butcher wasnt the one who they absolutely couldnt offend in Eternal Village, and it was Yang Ye!

It didnt take long for Yang Ye to arrive at the entrance of the village.

The old man was snoring on the wooden bench with a wine gourd by his mouth.

Yang Ye walked over to the old man with the chopper in his grasp, and then he chopped at the old mans head!

The old man suddenly opened his eyes when the blade was about to strike his head, and then the blade stopped just half an inch away from his head.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly grabbed the hilt of the chopper with his left hand and pressed down.


The old man vanished, and the wooden bench was obliterated!

Yang Ye suddenly turned around and swung the chopper in a sweeping motion.


Everywhere it passed, space hissed while a wave of powerful saber energy rippled out from the chopper.

The old man tapped his finger forward, and it tapped straight against the saber energy.


The saber energy exploded apart, but the old man was pushed three steps back!

Three steps!

The old man glanced at his finger, and he noticed that the tip of it had been cut open.

He frowned and gazed at Yang Ye, “Youve actually formed Profound Primal Energy, you…”

Suddenly, Yang Ye grabbed the chopper with both hands, moved his legs outward slightly, and then countless strands of Profound Primal Energy surged madly into the chopper.

Moreover, madness intent converged incessantly toward it as well.


The space around Yang Ye gradually started to crack.

The old man frowned, “Kid, Im going to get serious if you dont wake up a little!”


Suddenly, Yang Ye transformed into a ray of dazzling saber energy that surged up into the clouds, and then a huge beam of saber energy shot down from above!

Everywhere it passed, space was sliced open, and a huge spatial rift appeared from the sky to the ground.

It seemed like it had sliced the world into two, and it was an absolutely shocking sight!

The old mans expression finally changed at the sight of this, “Life Isolation! What the heck! Wait, this kid used the Sword Domain too, what the **!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a wave of powerful aura surged up into the air, and it was accompanied by a spear.

The saber energy struck the spear.


The area shook violently, and then the spear and saber energy exploded apart.

Boom! Boom!

The area suddenly started quaking, and with the village at the center, the mountains and earth in a huge area had started to tremble violently.

It was like an earthquake.

The most terrifying thing was that when those two types of energies shattered in midair, countless ripples of invisible aftershock surged toward the surroundings and descended toward the village.

If they entered the village, it was obvious that the village would be obliterated!

The old man was shocked and was about to do something, but the world suddenly seemed like it had frozen.

It had frozen!

The aftershock and energy that exploded forth from the collision had stopped on the spot, and the world gradually calmed down.

Around a breath of time later, everything returned to normal.

Meanwhile, a middle aged woman walked out of the village.

She glanced coldly at the slovenly old man, “Are you trying to destroy this village”

The old man pointed at the sky, “Big Sis, its none of my business.

Its that kid! He just keeps trying to kill me for some reason.

Just a while ago, he snuck up to me, and then swung his chopper at me.

I almost died from that.”

The woman looked up at the sky, stretched out her hand upward, and then pulled down.


A wave of powerful energy surged up into the sky, and then a figure fell from the sky and crashed into the ground before her.


The entire ground shook violently.

It was Yang Ye, of course!

Yang Ye crawled up from the ground, and he walked in her direction with the chopper in his grasp.

She just gazed coldly at him in silence.

Meanwhile, the slovenly old man suddenly smiled while taking joy in Yang Yes imminent misfortune, and he thought in his heart, “Kid, youre going to suffer now.

Even your master and that old man cant save you, you little bastard!”

It didnt take long for Yang Ye to arrive around 3km away from her.

Right when the old man thought Yang Ye would attack her, Yang Ye suddenly turned around and charged at him!

The middle aged woman felt speechless.

Meanwhile, the old man was stunned for a moment, and then he leaped up with rage and cursed, “Hes putting on an act, its definitely an act! Hes not mad!”

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