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Chapter 2252 – The Sword Sect, The Unfettered One!

A foot stepped through the door of the Undead Tower.

A middle aged man in a luxurious robe appeared before them.

The middle aged man had hair that hung down to his shoulders, exquisite features, and a small black dot on his forehead.

The black dot was spinning incessantly like a vortex.

Based on his outward appearance alone, there was nothing special about him.

The middle aged man\'s eyes were closed slightly and remained silent.

He was the undying races Lord Xiao Lou, and his status was only inferior to their patriarch!

The experts of the undying race before him were still on one knee and kept their heads lowered.

A long time passed before the middle aged man opened his eyes.

His eyes were black and green respectively, unlike the other experts of the undying race.

All the others had two pitch black eyes, but he had a green one.

Meanwhile, Lord Xiao Lou spoke softly, “Rise!”

The experts before him stood up.

They had extremely respectful expressions on their faces, and it was sincere respect felt from deep within their hearts.

Xiao Lou suddenly asked, “How is the progress in the large universe”

Master Yuan immediately cupped his fists and said, “Only the god race and Void Spirit Continent are left.

The survivors of the other races in the large universe are on Void Spirit Continent.

As for the god race, I made the decision to make a deal with their patriarch.

They will help us deal with Void Spirit Continents Yang Ye, and we wont annihilate them.

After all, they only have a population of around 100,000, so it isnt very useful to our undying race!”

Xiao Lou shook his head slightly, “Youre wrong!”

Master Yuans expression changed, and he hurriedly dropped to one knee.

Meanwhile, Xiao Lou waved his right hand, and a strand of energy helped Master Yuan up.

Xiao Lou glanced at everyone here and said, “Stop kneeling for everything from now on, and kneeling isnt necessary before our patriarch either.

In my undying race, while there is a difference in rank, there is no need to use kneeling to display that.

Its a meaningless display.”

All of them hesitated for a moment and spoke in unison, “Understood!”

Meanwhile, Xiao Lou walked slowly toward the distance, “When I said youre wrong, I didnt mean your decision to spare them was wrong.

Its your way of thinking.

Why would my undying race need the help of others to kill Yang Ye No matter when it is, we must all understand that our undying race can only rely on ourselves.”

Master Yuan said, “I understand!”

Xiao Lou said, “The strong never entrust their hopes to others.

You must have such a mental state.”

He paused for a moment and continued, “When the universe collapsed, our undying race could survive because of our ancestors sacrifice.

We can only rely on ourselves.”

“We will remember that!” All of them spoke respectfully in unison.

Xiao Lou nodded slightly and said, “Yang Ye is a genius.

Unfortunately, he isnt from our race.”

Master Yuan spoke solemnly, “Shall we attack Void Spirit Continent now”

“Theres no rush to do that!” Xiao Lou spoke softly, “Take me to the Youth Camp.”

“Please come with me!” Meanwhile, a middle aged man stepped forward.

He was Master Tian of the three wise men, and he was the leader of the three wise men.

Master Tian led Xiao Lou out of the city, and furious howls resounded incessantly deep within a mouth outside the city.

There was a plain there.

The plan wasnt very huge, and it was surrounded by mountains.

There were around 10,000 people there.

Most of them were children at the age of 15 or 16, and there were some around the age of 10.

They were very young.

While they were young, their immature faces were covered in coldness and determination.

They seemed vigilant as they stood back to back in teams of two and kept scanning the surroundings.

Xiao Lou, Master Tian, and the others stood at the peak of a mountain as they watched the scene down below in silence.

Meanwhile, Master Tian raised his right hand.


A furious roar resounded, and then numerous black shadows tore through the sky and charged at them.


They were the demon beasts of the undying race, the Nefarious.

The Nefarious charged at those children.

There was no fear in the young childrens eyes as they faced the Nefarious.

Their teams of two fought the Nefarious with their backs against each other.

The Nefarious didnt show mercy at all, but if one looked carefully, one would notice that these Nefarious would target those who had fear in their eyes.

It didnt take long for some to die, but only a few.

Xiao Lou suddenly asked, “How long have they been training”

Master Tian replied, “They are brought here at the age of 6.

The longest have been here for 7 years, and the shortest are just around 1 year.”

Xiao Lou asked, “What about the death rate”

Master Tian replied solemnly, “Its high.

There were over 30,000 here previously.

Now, less than 10,000 remain.

Once they become adults, I expect less than 5,000 to remain.”

He hesitated for a moment and said, “Lord Xiao Lou, should I reduce the death rate”

Xiao Lou shook his head, “Dying to your own is better than dying at the hands of others!”

He looked down and continued, “At this moment, their fate is in their own hands.

But in the future, their fate is very likely to be in the hands of someone else.

Just like the living beings of the large universe, their lack of hard work in the past caused their fate to fall into the hands of our undying race.

Do you want the fate of our future generations to be in the hands of someone else”

Master Tian lowered his head slightly, “I understand!”

Meanwhile, the plain below had fallen silent, and the Nefarious had left.

All the youths down below were exhausted, but they didnt sit down, and their eyes were still filled with vigilance.

Because they didnt know when the Nefarious would appear!


They had to be prepared at all times!

Meanwhile, Xiao Lou appeared down below.

At this moment, everyone gazed at him.

They didnt recognize him!

But once Master Tian arrived by Xiao Lous side, the youths immediately knelt down, but they were instantly raised back up by a strand of energy.

Their eyes were filled with bewilderment.

Meanwhile, Xiao Lou took a step forward, “Remember that you dont need to kneel to anyone, not even our patriarch.

The members of our undying race must not show any traits of inferiority.

You can respect the strong, but you cannot fear them.

The strong arent there to be feared, they are there to be defeated.”

The youths exchanged glances, and then they gazed at Master Tian.

The latter spoke solemnly, “This is Lord Xiao Lou!”

Lord Xiao Lou!

Clamorous noise immediately surged through the group when they heard this.

All of them gazed at Xiao Lou, and there was excitement and fervor in their eyes!

Lord Xiao Lou was a legend in the undying race.

The undying races patriarch and Lord Xiao Lou were the pillars of support for the undying race.

They had contributed tremendously to the undying races survival and progress until now.

Of course, that wasnt the main reason, the true reason for the emotions they felt was Xiao Lous past deeds.

Just like everyone else in the undying race, Lord Xiao Lou entered this hell at the age of 6, but he left at the age of 7.

Because hed defeated all the Nefarious here by then.

Not a single Nefarious dared to attack him.

At the age of 10, he defeated the three wise men of that generation on his own.

Three years after that, at the age of 13, he surmounted two realms of cultivation to defeat the Twin Elders of the undying race at the time.

After that, the only existences in the undying race who could defeat him were the patriarch at the time and one other person.

At the age of 17, he became the youngest in the history of the undying race.

He was the most likely to become the undying races patriarch then, and he would be the youngest patriarch in history too.

However, for some reason, he gave up the position of patriarch and willingly became the second-in-command of the undying race.

A legend!

It could be said that Xiao Lou was a legend in the undying race.

Throughout countless years, the younger generation of the undying race had admired him like their idol.

Meanwhile, Xiao Lou added, “Youre our undying races future hope.

The suffering you endure today will become hope for our race in the future, hope that our race will continue to exist.”

He looked up at the gray sky above, “I know that many of you definitely feel resentful as you watch the people by your side die, one by one.

Dont feel resentment or hate.

The world is very cruel.

If we dont be cruel to you today, you will face even crueler things in the future.

I would rather kill all of you myself than let you die at the hands of others!”

“Die at the hands of our own!” The youths howled fiercely, and their voices reverberated like a thunderclap.

Xiao Lou nodded slightly while a wisp of gratification could be seen in his eyes.

He looked to the side and said ,”While they need to be tempered, these seedlings of ours should be protected by us.”

Master Tian spoke solemnly, “I understand.

All the books of our undying race and the techniques we obtained from other races will be made available to them.

The three of us will focus and work hard on their guidance too!”

“Very good!” Xiao Lou nodded.

He was about to say more when he suddenly looked toward the side.

A middle aged man in a cloud white robe was walking slowly through the sky.

There was a sword hanging by the middle aged mans waist.

Xiao Lous eyes narrowed slightly at the sight of the man.

Meanwhile, the others had solemn expressions on their faces.

Just the middle aged mans ability to get here without alarming anyone was enough to prove everything.

Master Tian clenched his right fist slowly, but Xiao Lou shook his head, “Youre no match for him!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he was in the sky, 300m away from the middle aged man.

They stood in confrontation from afar!

Xiao Lou glanced at the sword by the mans waist and asked, “Whats your name”

The middle aged man stroked the swords hilt gently and replied, “The Sword Sect, the Unfettered One.”

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