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Chapter 2251 – Dead!

A formation.

Numerous swords were flickering through the surroundings, and every one of them had locked onto Yang Ye.

The Weapon Progenitor gazed at Yang Ye, “Yang Ye, we dont want to fight you to the death.

Your real enemy is the undying race.

So long as you guarantee not to look for trouble with us, we will leave immediately.”

Unless they had no other choice, they didnt want to fight Yang Ye to the death.

They were really not confident in their chances!

Yang Ye shook his head and smiled, “Now you want to talk about that Why didnt you do that earlier All of you were so determined to kill me then.”

The Weapon Progenitor closed his eyes slowly, “Yang Ye, its pointless to talk about that now.

If you insist on killing us, then you may just benefit the undying race in the end.”

Yang Ye shook his head, “As far as Im concerned, my priority is to take your lives!”

Yang Ye waved his sword once he finished speaking.


A ray of sword energy shot toward the Weapon Progenitor.

The Weapon Progenitor tapped his finger forward, and an ethereal sword shot forward and stabbed against Yang Yes sword energy.


Yang Yes sword energy was suddenly sliced into two, and the Weapon Progenitors ethereal sword shot straight toward Yang Ye.

However, it stopped just half an inch away from Yang Yes chest because Yang Ye had grabbed it!

Yang Ye squeezed down a little.


The sword exploded apart.

Yang Ye gazed at the Weapon Progenitor, “I almost forgot, youre half a sword cultivator too.” He glanced at the swords flying through the surroundings, “This formation uses the sword at its core.

I presume you set this up”

The Weapon Progenitor nodded slightly, “I did.”

He raised his right hand slowly, and then the swords in the surroundings started trembling before they shot down at Yang Ye.

Every one of them carried a sharp aura of slaughter!

Yang Ye laughed coldly and waved his right hand, a sword shot forward.

A sword howl surged up into the air, and at that exact same instant, the rays of light in the surroundings stopped.

The Sword Supreme!

Yang Yes sword was the Sword Supreme!

The sword that was supreme to all swords!

The Weapon Progenitors face fell at the sight of this.

Hed actually forgotten that Yang Ye had the Sword Supreme, so all swords would bow to it.

Unless his Sword Dao surpassed Yang Ye, then he would ignore the Sword Supremes influence.

However, his Sword Dao didnt surpass Yang Ye.

Suppression in both the Sword Dao and the sword!

“Shatter!” Meanwhile, Yang Yes voice resounded.


The rays of light in the surroundings exploded apart and were obliterated.

Yang Ye waved his right hand and the Sword Supreme returned to him.

After that, he tapped his right foot down and appeared before the Weapon Progenitor, and then he slammed his sword down.

No marks were left behind in space as it descended.

Presently, he could fully control his strength, and it wouldnt leak out at all!

The Weapon Progenitors eyes narrowed slightly, and he twisted his right hand.

In an instant, a fist-sized symbol flashed on his palm, and then a wave of terrifying energy surged out from it.


An explosion resounded, and the Weapon Progenitor was blasted away.

Yang Ye hadnt used the Sword Domain at all!

“Yang Ye! Meanwhile, the Evil Progenitor spoke abruptly, “Do you really plan to fight us to the death and let the undying race benefit”

“Fight you to the death” A ferocious smile appeared on the corners of his lips, “Can you even do that”

Yang Ye raised his hand and swung his sword.


The Evil Progenitor was blasted away!


Presently, even if he didnt use the Sword Domain, he could still suppress progenitors.

This was his true strength, and using the Sword Domain was like over-exhausting himself.

Even though it was still part of his strength, it wasnt a normal part of it”

“Attack together!” Suddenly, the Weapon Progenitor shouted.

The three progenitors charged at Yang Ye.

“Ganging up on me” Yang Ye waved his sword, and then An Nanjing appeared by his side.

She gazed at the Evil Progenitor, and then she transformed into a string of afterimages that charged at him.

“Ill help you with the other one!” Meanwhile, roaring laughter resounded, and then the Demonspawn appeared by Yang Yes side.

It glanced at him and smiled, “Ive gained quite a bit from you, so I have to do something!”

It turned around and gazed at the Devil Progenitor, and then it slapped its paw at the Devil Progenitor.

The latters expression changed drastically!

Yang Ye, An Nanjing, and the Demonspawn!

The Devil Progenitor didnt hesitate to flee toward the distance.

He was extremely swift and instantly vanished into space.

“You think you can flee” The Demonspawn laughed fiercely, and then it tore through space and vanished on the spot.

Only Yang Ye and the Weapon Progenitor remained here.

The Weapon Progenitor glanced at Evil Progenitor who was being pushed back by An Nanjing, and then he gazed at Yang Ye, “According to my knowledge, your father is in the undying races Tomb of Gods.

The experts of all the other races the undying race conquered in the past are being kept there.

You have to go there if you wish to rescue your father.”

“Thats none of your business!” Yang Ye leaped forward and arrived before the Weapon Progenitor.

A ferocious smile appeared on the latters face.

An instant later, the Weapon Progenitors stomach suddenly started expanding, and then a terrifying wave of energy erupted from within him!


Yang Yes expression changed when he saw the Weapon Progenitor choose to detonate himself!

Yang Ye felt extremely threatened by the might of the explosion, but he couldnt avoid it.

He couldnt pull his sword back, nor could he stop the attack.

Ferocity flashed through Yang Yes eyes, and his sword shot down.


Yang Ye was blasted away before his sword could even descend fully.

His figure flew extremely far away, and the space in a huge area around him had been obliterated.

As for Yang Ye himself, he was in quite a sorry state.

There was an inch of him that was completely unharmed, and blood was ceaselessly flowing from all seven of his apertures.

Besides that, there was a huge hole in his chest.

It was so huge that his internal organs could be seen clearly.

If the Primordial Violet Energy within him wasnt ceaselessly healing him, he would probably be dead!

A heavy injury!

He was really heavily injured!

Meanwhile, the Evil Progenitor and An Nanjing had been affected too, and they were very far away too.

However, An Nanjing was clearly in a much better state because shed retreated in time and hadnt been impacted that much.

Yang Ye was undoubtedly the most unfortunate.

The Evil Progenitor wiped off the blood on the corner of his mouth, and then he gazed at Yang Yes heavily injured figure.

He was about to attack when a strand of flames appeared before him, and then a spear slammed down at his head.

The Evil Progenitors expression changed slightly, and he slapped both his palms upward.


An explosion resounded, and he was blasted away.

At the instant that happened, An Nanjing shot forward at him!


The Evil Progenitor had been constantly suppressed since he started fighting An Nanjing, and he didnt even have the ability to fight back!

Yang Ye ignored An Nanjing and the Evil Progenitor.

He just sat down cross-legged and used the Primordial Violet Energy to heal himself.

Around ten minutes later.

“AH!” A shrill cry resounded, and then Yang Ye looked toward its source.

A spear had stabbed into the Evil Progenitors chest, and red glow ceaselessly burned the Evil Progenitors body.

It only took a short while for him to be completely incinerated!

Another progenitor had fallen!

Suddenly, the space before Yang Ye trembled, and then the Demonspawn appeared in front of Yang Ye.

Yang Ye asked, “He asked”

“Is that even possible” The Demonspawn pointed at his own stomach, “Hes in my stomach.

Needless to say, this progenitor is much tastier than an ordinary person.

If I had a few more, then coupled with your Primordial Violet Energy and the Bodhi Tree, it would take me just a few years to rise a level higher!”

Yang Ye said, “The undying race should have some.

You can try there!”

The Demonspawns face stiffened, and then it glared at Yang Ye, “Youre trying to trick me into fighting them to the death again I wont fall for it!”

It instantly entered the Primordial Pagoda once it finished speaking.

Yang Ye shook his head.

He seemed to have thought of something, and his expression gradually eased up, “All five of them are dead.

Now, only the undying race is left!”

The undying race!

Meanwhile, An Nanjing said, “The Weapon Progenitor said that your father is in the Tomb of Gods in the undying races territory.

What did he mean”

Yang Ye laughed coldly, “He just wants me to fight the undying race to the death.

Actually, he didnt even have to do that because the enmity between us will come to an end very soon!”

Yang Ye stood up and said, “Lets go!”

Both of them vanished on the spot.

The undying race.

Hundreds of undying cavalry stood silently before the Undead Tower.

On their right was around 30 mysterious figures in black robes, and all of them carried a bow on their backs.

The bows were pure white.

If one looked carefully, one would notice they were made of human bones, and the bowstring was pitch black and made of souls.

Bones for the bow, souls for the bowstring!

On the right of this group of 30 were 10 experts in black armor.

They had a saber hanging by their waist.

The saber was extremely long, and while it was hanging by their waist, its tip could touch the ground.

All 10 of them were looking ahead while remaining motionless like statues.

In front of them and right below the Undead Tower were three middle aged men.

They were the three wise men of the undying race!

The area was deathly silent.

A long time passed before the door of the tower opened.

At the same time, all of them took a knee and spoke in unison, “Lord Xiao Lou!”

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