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On the Lightning Eagle, Yang Yes face revealed no happiness from escaping, and it was extremely solemn instead.

Moreover, dense worry had arisen in his eyes.

Even though hed escaped from the human and Darkbeast armies, he knew that his troubles had only just begun.

In the future, he wouldnt just be targeted by humans, even the Darkbeast Empire wouldnt let him go!

Now, it was impossible for him to keep a low profile!

Suddenly, Yang Ye smiled lightly and said, “If theres trouble, then theres trouble.

Why would I, Yang Ye, fear it”

Yes, hed always felt that there was only motivation when there was pressure.

Now, both the Darkbeast Empire and human profounders were after him, so wasnt such pressure enormous When facing such pressure, Yang Ye had to work desperately to improve his strength, otherwise, not to mention going against the Flower Palace, even surviving would be a problem for him!

The violet mink on his shoulder rubbed its head against Yang Yes face.

Obviously, it was providing support to Yang Ye.

Yang Ye turned around to gaze at the violet mink, and then he smiled lightly and said, “Little Fellow, you were really impressive just now.”

That scene from before hadnt just shocked those humans and Darkbeasts, even Yang Ye was shocked by it as well.

Even though hed watched the violet mink terrify groups of Darkbeasts in the past, it was different this time.

After all, all of those Darkbeasts were King Rank Darkbeasts, yet they actually didnt even dare to resist the little fellow at all.

Such bloodline pressure was truly a bit too terrifying!

The little fellow blinked, and then it rubbed its head against Yang Yes face again.

Yang Ye smiled, and he was just about to speak when his expression suddenly changed.

He turned around to look behind him, and he saw a black dot flying swiftly towards him from over 1km away.

The black dot was extremely swift, and in the blink of an eye, it had transformed from a thumb sized dot into a fist sized ball.

Yang Yes pupils constricted when he saw this because this person was at least a Spirit Rank Darkbeast or Spirit Realm human cultivator.

How could such an expert appear on Ascension Mountain Range Yang Ye was extremely puzzled.

However, he didnt have the time to think about this question because he had an even more important matter to attend to, and it was to flee! Yang Ye didnt hesitate to control the Lightning Eagle beneath him to descend swiftly towards the ground.

Even though Yang Ye had annihilated a Spirit Realm expert in the past, it was under the circumstances that the Spirit Realm expert had underestimated him while he had the help of high-rank Technique Talismans.

Presently, he only possessed a single high-rank Technique Talisman that Baoer had given him, and just a single one was clearly insufficient to kill this fellow that was coming after him.

Moreover, once he failed to kill the fellow, then he would be killed instead!

Hed naturally not forgotten such an extraordinary treasure like the Pearl of Baleful Blood, but what would he do after he utilized it If a Spirit Realm expert had the intention to risk his life in the battle against Yang Ye, then even if Yang Ye utilized the Pearl of Baleful Blood, he would still be heavily injured as well when the backlash from utilizing the baleful energy within the Pearl of Baleful Blood kicked in.

Once he was heavily injured on Ascension Mountain Range….

Just like in the past, he wouldnt utilize the Pearl of Baleful Blood unless he had no other choice.

Moreover, once he did utilize it, then he had to guarantee that he would be able to annihilate his enemy!

After the Lightning Eagle descended to the ground, Yang Ye gestured with his hand, and it was instantly placed within his Vortex Dantian.

After that, he withdrew a Strider Talisman, slapped it onto himself, and then flashed towards the distance!

Right when Yang Ye had just vanished from where he stood, a curly bearded man descended there.

The mans upper body was bare, and he had large eyes and thick brows.

Moreover, the muscles and veins on his body were bulging out and were filled with strength.

If Yang Ye was here, he would notice that this robust man was the same robust man that had pursued him and Qin Xiyue along with the cavalries from the Imperial Household while in the Grand Myriad Mountains, the first Shapeshifted Beast that hed met!

The robust man took a light whiff of the air before he turned to look at the right, and then he grunted coldly and said, “Little Bastard, you got away the last time, and it caused me to lose all face in the Empire.

How could I, Man Shi, allow you to escape again.

Once I capture you, Ill definitely skin you alive and pull out your tendons!” As soon as he finished speaking, his figure flashed towards the direction Yang Ye fled towards!

With the boost from the Strider Talisman and Gale Shoes, Yang Yes speed was extremely swift.

But the difference between his speed and Man Shis was too huge in the end.

Moreover, the gap between their strengths was enormous as well.

So, after running for around four hours, the distance between the two of them grew closer and closer.

There was only less than 100m between them, and this distance was still shortening incessantly!

In next to no time, Yang Yes brows knit together tightly because he noticed that besides the expert behind him, there were countless auras rushing over incessantly from the surroundings.

Moreover, all of these auras didnt belong to humans but Darkbeasts!

At this moment, Yang Ye felt something was off.

Logically speaking, it was impossible for such an expert to appear in the Ascension Mountain Range, but it had happened now.

The Darkbeast Empire had clearly broken the rules, but the human experts hadnt stepped forward to interfere in this.

Are both the humans and Darkbeasts jointly pursuing me, or is it only the Darkbeast Empire

It would be alright if it was the latter, but if it was the former, then the situation would be quite bad!

“Human! Die!” Right at this moment, a furious shout suddenly resounded behind Yang Ye, and then a fist moved along with a fierce gale as it appeared behind Yang Ye.

Yang Yes expression changed.

He swiftly stopped, turned around, and smashed his fist over.


A heavy explosion resounded here, and then Yang Ye was directly blasted flying.

After flying for over 30m, Yang Ye lightly tapped the tip of his foot on the ground, and he turned around and flashed towards the distance.

A wisp of surprise flashed in Man Shis eyes.

Obviously, he hadnt imagined that this human who was merely at the First Heaven Realm would actually be able to continue fleeing after colliding head on with him.

After all, hed utilized 50% of his strength in that attack, but Yang Ye was actually able to resist 50% of his strength.

What did this represent It represented that this human who was merely at the First Heaven Realm possessed a physical body that was on par with some monstrous geniuses from the Darkbeast Empire who were at the King Rank!

Man Shi restrained his thoughts and flashed forward in pursuit once more.

No matter what, the human before him had to die, and he had to bring that mysterious violet colored Darkbeast back with him.

Because these were Exalt Hus orders!

At this moment, Yang Ye had risen his speed to its limits.

Everywhere his figure passed, numerous sounds of whistling resounded through the air.

After colliding with the Spirit Rank Darkbeast behind him just now, he knew that this Spirit Rank Darkbeast was countless times stronger than Feng Yi from the Flower Palace.

So, if it was based on the strength he possessed, he was utterly not a match for this Darkbeast!

The gap in their cultivations was truly too huge.

This was something that couldnt be made up for with combat techniques.

Of course, the exception was a Heaven Rank combat technique of legend.

If he possessed a Heaven Rank technique and took the Spirit Rank Darkbeast behind him by surprise, then perhaps he would have a chance at victory! But now… it was best for him to flee for his life!

The Violet Mink was completely carefree.

It had completely disregarded the Spirit Rank Darkbeast behind Yang Ye.

It sat on Yang Yes shoulder while it ceaselessly pulled on Yang Yes ear as excitement flickered in its eyes.

It seemed as if it was asking Yang Ye to speed up, just a little more….

As he watched Yang Yes speed increase, Man Shi grunted coldly.

He stomped the ground with his right foot, and then relied on the counterforce to shoot out explosively!

Right at this moment, Yang Ye who was dashing forward madly had suddenly stopped, and then he turned around, drew his sword, and slashed.

Man Shi was stunned when he saw Yang Ye suddenly stop.

Is this kid courting death However, this thought had just arisen in his mind when a strand of golden sword qi had shot over explosively.

As he gazed at the golden sword qi, a wisp of disdain flashed in Man Shis eyes, and he mashed his right fist directly towards it!


An explosion resounded, and then the golden sword qi instantly dispersed.

The disdain in Man Shis eyes grew deeper when he saw this.

However, right at this moment, his pupils constricted as he seemed to have sensed something.

He was about to evade to the side, yet it was a bit too late, and a strand of fresh blood sprayed from his neck….

It was Yang Yes Hidden Sword that caused this injury.

The golden sword qi from before was merely a disguise, and the Hidden Sword controlled by the Sword Control Technique was his true lethal move.

This time, Yang Ye hadnt held back.

Not only had he utilized the Hidden Sword and the Sword Control Technique, but hed also utilized his Sword Intent and gold element profound energy.

However, hed still failed in the end.

Because at the instant the Hidden Sword had just sliced through the skin on Man Shis throat, Man Shi had pressed his chin down and forcefully clamped down onto the Hidden Sword!


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