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Chapter 2145 – So Sages Are This Weak!

As soon as he finished speaking, he glanced at the surroundings and swung his sword.


A ray of sword energy tore through the air.

Hiss! Hiss!

The space not too far away from him was sliced open, and then a few heads suddenly flew out from there.

They were the experts of the Alliance of All, and they were in charge of surrounding the human race and keeping the experts of the human race from leaving.

Unfortunately, they didnt know who it was, or they would have left as soon as possible.

After he killed them, Yang Ye didnt stay and transformed into a ray of light that vanished into the sky.

Presently, Sages were unable to do anything to him, and only Progenitors could stop him.

As for those below the Sage Realm, they practically took just one swing of the sword to kill!

The Dao Dimension.

Yang Ye arrived at the Dao Path again.

This time, it wasnt Dao Ling who greeted him, it was a woman in a Daoists robe.

“Dao Yin!” She glanced at Yang Ye and said, “Im ranked the 6th in the Dao Path, and I can be considered as your senior sister!”

Yang Ye glanced at her and said, “Wheres the ancestor”

He didnt have a good impression of anyone in the Dao Path.

Dao Yin replied, “Ancestor asked me to take you someplace first.

Come with me!”

She turned around and left.

Yang Ye followed her, and it didnt take long for them to arrive before a Dao Hall.

There were three large words at its top— Hall of All.

Yang Ye gazed at Dao Yin and asked, “What is this place”

Dao Yin explained, “Everything my Dao Path has accumulated over countless years.

The martial techniques of countless are stored in there.

The Sword Dao, the Saber Dao, the Fist Dao, the Slaughter Dao, and various other Daos.

Many of them were personally gathered by our ancestor himself, and he said that your trip to the endless black holes is extremely dangerous, so you can cultivate inside for some time, without any limits.

You are authorized to look through the techniques of anyone.”

She glanced at Yang Ye and continued, “No more than five in the history of the Dao Path have received such treatment!”

The martial techniques of all Daos!

Yang Ye had quite a solemn expression on his face when he heard this.

If he wasnt wrong, the sword techniques the Dao Progenitor gave him in the past were probably from here, and those techniques had been a tremendous help to him.

Now, if he could absorb the martial techniques of many others, his Sword Dao wouldnt be the only one that improved in all aspects, his ability in close quarter combat would experience the same.

Or it should be said that he would improve in all aspects!

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and walked toward the hall.

Suddenly, Dao Yin stopped him, “Only you can go inside!”

Yang Ye frowned, “Am I not alone”

She spoke indifferently, “That woman is within you, right”

An Nanjing suddenly appeared beside Yang Ye.

The woman gazed at An Nanjing, and An Nanjing was looking at her too.

An Nanjing said, “I want to go inside!”

Dao Yin frowned slightly, “You cant!”

An Nanjing gazed at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye walked over to Dao Yin, “Tell me, what did the Dao Progenitor say He said the endless black holes are extremely dangerous, and thats why hes allowing me to cultivate in there.

Shell be going there with me.

Of course, if you refuse, thats not a problem either.

Ill just refuse to go explore the endless black holes, and you can go yourself.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he took An Nanjings hand and walked away.

He didnt hesitate at all!

He was risking his life in the endless black holes, and if the Dao Path wouldnt even agree to this, then why would he risk his life for them

Suddenly, an old man appeared before them.

It was Dao Qing.

Dao Qing glanced at them and said, “Both of you can go inside!”

Yang Ye shrugged, and then he pulled An Nanjing toward the Hall of All.

“Taking a yard when given an inch!” Suddenly, Dao Yin spoke abruptly.

An Nanjing stopped abruptly, and then she walked toward Dao Yin.

Yang Ye wasnt able to stop her at all.

An Nanjing arrived before Dao Yin, and she said, “I heard the nine disciples of the Dao Path are very powerful, but I dont believe it.

So, lets compete Well decide on who lives!”

Dao Yins eyes narrowed slightly.

When had she ever been provoked like this

So, she laughed coldly, “Of course!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she waved her right hand, and the scene here changed.

Everyone arrived within a spatial battlefield.

Dao Qing stood not too far behind Dao Yin, and there were a few more men in Daoists robes there as well.

As for An Nanjing, Yang Ye stood not too far away from her.

Yang Ye gazed at An Nanjing and shook his head.

He felt her temper was growing more and more explosive.

It simply seemed just like his old temper, his temper when he would raise his sword for the smallest disagreement!

In the battlefield, An Nanjing and Dao Yin stood in confrontation from afar, and both of them remained silent.

An Nanjing didnt withdraw Elysium, and she just tapped her right foot down.

In an instant, the space here trembled, and she relied on the counterforce to shoot toward Dao Yin.

The experts of the Dao Path had quite solemn expressions on their faces when they witnessed this.

An experts skill was obvious once the expert made a move!

Dao Yins expression remained calm.

When An Nanjing arrived around 10m away from her, she suddenly stretched out her hand and spun it lightly.

In an instant, a ripple of water surged out from her palm, and it slammed against An Nanjing.

The powerful force within it blasted An Nanjing away.

Ridicule curled up on the corner of Dao Yins mouth.

However, An Nanjing suddenly vanished while her figure was being blasted backward, and then a figure appeared above Dao Yin.

It was An Nanjing!

After that, she stomped her foot down at Dao Yin.


The space around Dao Yin instantly collapsed.

Dao Qing frowned at the sight of this.

An Nanjings strength surpassed his expectations a little.

In the shattered expanse of space, An Nanjing succeeded at getting close to Dao Yin.

As soon as that happened, Dao Yin felt that the situation was turning for the worse.

Sure enough, An Nanjing raised her knee and slammed it at Dao Yins head.

It was absolutely swift to the point Dao Yin couldnt dodge it.

Dao Yin unfurled her right fist, and water rippled around her palm.

She slapped her palm down, and it struck An Nanjings knee.


Dao Yins figure was blasted over 300m back.

While An Nanjing was blasted back too, it didnt take long for her to stop herself, and then she appeared in front of Dao Yin again.

After that, she raised her right leg and swung it like a whip at Dao Yins head.


Dao Yin was kicked away.

At the same time, the space shed been standing on collapsed and was obliterated.

However, An Nanjing didnt give Dao Yin time to catch her breath, and shed shot at Dao Yin like an arrow.


At the instant An Nanjing vanished, Dao Yin was blasted away again.

Just like that, An Nanjing took control of the battle, and Dao Yin was completely suppressed.

She tried to create distance between herself and An Nanjing on many occasions, but An Nanjing didnt give her that chance.

She just kept suppressing and attacking Dao Yin without letting up at all!

Dao Qing and the others had quite unsightly expressions on their faces.

Dao Yin was a Sage, and An Nanjing was just a Major Zen Realm expert.

But at this moment, the Sage was being suppressed in battle, completely suppressed.

A monstrous genius!

A true monstrous genius!

Yang Ye shook his head as he watched.

Once someone allowed An Nanjing to get close, then theyd practically lost half the battle.

Even he who possessed a physical body at the Sage Realm had no chance of winning once she got close to him.

He only had a chance to win when he engaged in close quarter combat with her while using his sword.

Moreover, he had to rely on his Primordial Violet Energy to accomplish that.

Because fighting with no regard for his life was the usual method of choice for Yang Ye!


Suddenly, an explosion resounded from afar.

Yang Ye looked over, and he saw that An Nanjing—whod been attacking madly earlier—had been blasted away.

He looked over to Dao Yin, and he saw a dark mirror floating in front of her.

There was a black vortex at its center, and a strand of horrifying and violet energy was coming from within the vortex!

Dao Yin had quite a ferocious expression on her face.

She suddenly flicked the mirror with her right hand.

In an instant, a beam of black light surged forward, and An Nanjing was instantly blasted away by it.

That wasnt the end of it.

The mirror before Dai Yin suddenly arrived above An Nanjing.

In an instant, countless bolts of black lightning rained down from it.

The pressure of nature!

At this moment, Yang Ye sensed a powerful strand of the pressure of nature, and it was coming from the mirror!

An Nanjing suddenly looked up, and then Elysium appeared in her grasp.

An instant later, she hurled it at the mirror.


Elysium shot up into the air toward the mirror.

The bolts of lightning were instantly torn apart by the powerful force Elysium carried.

At the same time, Elysium blasted the mirror into bits!

“NO!” Dao Yins eyes almost split open from rage.

However, An Nanjing suddenly appeared in the sky, and then she waved her right hand.

Elysium shot into her grasp, and then she shot toward Dao Yin.

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

Everywhere she passed, space was torn apart by the powerful force she emanated.

“Watch out!” Dao Qing suddenly said, “Thats the precious treasure of the god race, Elysium!”

Yang Ye glanced at Dao Qing and didnt say anything.

Meanwhile, An Nanjing had arrived before Dao Yin.

Suddenly, a wave of water swept out from Dao Yin.

At the same time, Elysium descended.


The wave of water was instantly obliterated, and Elysium continued down.


Dao Yin was blasted over 30km away!

As soon as she stopped, a few mouthfuls of blood sprayed from her mouth.

Meanwhile, An Nanjing didnt attack again.

She just held Elysium in her grasp and glanced at Dao Yin, “So Sages are this weak!”

Everyone here felt speechless.

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