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Chapter 2139 – You Might Die!

Suddenly, lightning tore through the clouds and shot down at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye was stunned by the sudden bolt of lightning.

What the heck

Meanwhile, An Nanjing raised her hand and slapped upwards.


The lightning was instantly slapped into pieces.

After that, An Nanjing just glanced at Yang Ye and remained silent.

Yang Ye was still quite stunned.

The bolt of lightning wasnt mad-made.

In other words, it was the heavens that sent it upon him!

“Attain the Dao through slaughter” The Sovereign of Man suddenly said, “Yang Ye, even the heavens cant tolerate those words of yours.”

Yang Ye replied indifferently, “So what Do I look like Im afraid Sovereign of Man, I really admire you.

The human race is being attacked by the god race, yet youre able to remain so calm and composed! Amazing! Amazing indeed! Arent you afraid that youll be all alone when you get back”

The Sovereign of Man suddenly chuckled, “Yang Ye, you think too little of us.”

Yang Ye frowned slightly.

Suddenly, Ding Shaoyaos voice resounded in his head, “The Alliance of All has gained the Buddhist Paths support.

Just leave.”

The Buddhist Path!

Yang Ye gazed at the Sovereign of Man.

He hadnt expected the Buddhist Path to take their side.

Looks like the Alliance of All definitely paid them well.

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and glanced at the Sovereign of Mans group, “Ill remember this.

Keep your necks clean and wait for me!”

Yang Ye and An Nanjing turned around and walked away once he finished speaking.

Meanwhile, the Sovereign of Man was about to attack.

However, the entire world around them suddenly changed.

The sky instantly turned dark and countless stars appeared above them.

It was the god races strategist, Ding Shaoyao!

The Sovereign of Man and the others expressions turned extremely gloomy.

The god race clearly intended to protect Yang Ye!

However, a ray of golden light suddenly appeared above the starry sky, and then a huge gold statue of a Buddha appeared above them.

Not only did it obstruct Yang Ye and An Nanjings path, it obstructed Ding Shaoyaos formation as well!

The Buddhist Path had taken action!

Yang Ye slowly clenched his fists.

Meanwhile, Ding Shaoyaos voice resounded in his head, “Hold on for 10 minutes!”

At the same time, the statue above them spoke abruptly, “Young Master Yang, youve committed serious crimes and carry too much karma.

Im here because Ive decided to give you deliverance and bring peace to this world!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the golden statue stretched out a finger that shot forward in Yang Yes direction.

The powerful pressure it emanated caused the entire world here to turn ethereal!

Yang Ye was about to do something about it, but An Nanjing was faster.

As soon as the golden statue attacked, An Nanjing pounced forward like a tiger pouncing on its prey, and she charged at the golden status.

An Nanjing seemed extremely tiny before the golden statues finger, and she seemed like a tiny pebble trying to destroy a rock.

However, An Nanjing suddenly slammed her fist forward when she arrived around 100m away from that finger.


A wave of powerful force surged out from her fist, and it instantly blasted the golden finger back.

However, An Nanjing was blasted all the way back until finally stopping a little ways behind Yang Ye.

The Sovereign of Man and the others had solemn expressions on their faces when they witnessed this.

Another monstrous genius!

The gaze of the golden status descended upon An Nanjing, “Such overbearing strength.

Youre extraordinary indeed, little girl.

Why dont you join my Buddhist Path”

An Nanjing walked over to Yang Yes side and gazed at the golden statue, “You must be dreaming!”

The golden statue replied, “If thats the case, then Ill have to deliver you to hell too.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he was about to attack again.

However, a beam of starlight suddenly shot down from deep within outer space, and it slammed against the golden statue.


It was like a deafening thunderclap.

Meanwhile, Ding Shaoyao appeared not too far away from Yang Ye and An Nanjing.

Besides that, there were three other old men in violet robes behind her.

The god race!

The Sovereign of Man and the others became visibly vigilant.

Ding Shaoyao glanced at Yang Ye and An Nanjing, and then she gazed at the golden statue, “The Buddhist Path should have sent someone stronger.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the old men behind her shot up into the air and charged at the golden statue.

Meanwhile, she ignored the battle in the sky and gazed at Yang Ye and An Nanjing, “Lets go!”

Yang Ye glanced at her and said, “Thank you! But I dont want to leave with you for now.”

Ding Shaoyao was puzzled, “Huh”

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings and smiled, “The god race cant protect me forever, and I dont want to be protected.

I want to resolve my enmity with them on my own.”

When he spoke up to this point, he turned to look at the Sovereign of Mans group, “From this moment onward, I, Yang Ye, will do nothing else but kill the Sages of the Alliance of All.

If I cant kill them all in a year, Ill kill for ten years; if I cant kill them all in ten years, Ill kill forever.”

Meanwhile, An Nanjing suddenly said, “Ill accompany you!”

Yang Ye roared with laughter, and then he vanished into the sky with her.

Meanwhile, the Sages from the Alliance of All had extremely unsightly expressions on their faces.

Theyd allowed Yang Ye to escape in the end.

Based on Yang Yes strength, if he didnt choose to fight them head-on and chose assassination instead, then no one here had the confidence to survive him, especially when he joined forces with that woman from before!

Even the Sovereign of Man!

Moreover, they werent the most terrifying right now, the most terrifying was their strength in the near future!

Once they grew further, they would be truly terrifying!

Suddenly, an explosion resounded in the sky.

All of them looked up, and they saw the golden statue had exploded into bits.

The three violet robed old men returned to Ding Shaoyaos side.

Ding Shaoyao gazed at the Sovereign of Mans group, “The Alliance of All Trust me, after this calamity is over, no more than a handful of your races will survive.”

Ding Shaoyao and the old men left once she finished speaking.

The others remained silent on the spot, and the atmosphere here was quite heavy.

Suddenly, the Sovereign of Man looked up, “Yang Ye and that woman have gone to the Human Dimension!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he vanished on the spot.

The others exchanged glances and chose to follow the Sovereign of Man in the end.

The Human Dimension, Heavens Son City.

Yang Ye and An Nanjing arrived here without making a sound.

The city was in ruins now.

Yang Ye summoned Snowy out in a corner of the city, and then he rubbed her head and said, “Take it all!”

Snowy understood what he meant, and she sniffed lightly.

In an instant, the spirit energy here in the city instantly vanished rapidly.

At this moment, clamorous noise filled the city!

Whats going on

Everyone had the same thought as terror arose within them.

In just a short while, almost 90% of the spirit energy in the city was gone.

At this moment, the entire city had truly been transformed into ruins.

Suddenly, Yang Ye spoke softly, “Thats enough!”

However, Snowy was still absorbing more.

Yang Ye repeated himself, “Thats enough!”

Snowy snuck a peek at Yang Ye and continued.

Yang Yes face darkened.

Has she gotten addicted to this

Yang Ye took Snowy in his arms and pinched her cheeks, “You cant absorb the spirit energy here for now.

Lets go somewhere else instead!”

Snowys eyes instantly lit up.

Actually, Sprite Lords would normally not absorb spirit energy arbitrarily.

However, Snowy was an exception.

Because she was with Yang Ye, and as far as Snowy was concerned, protecting the living beings of the world and all things wasnt important at all.

She didnt have such a notion at all.

In her world, Yang Ye was the most important, and she wanted to protect Yang Ye! Because at her most difficult and helpless moment, it was Yang Ye whod appeared before her.

It was Yang Ye whod treated her like his own family and never used her!

Yang Ye left with Snowy in his arms.

Not long after they left, the Sovereign of Mans group returned to the city.

Ferocity covered the Sovereign of Mans face when he sensed the spirit energy in the city.

Yang Ye had destroyed the city now, truly destroyed it.

So, his losses were simply immeasurable.

Suddenly, an old mans expression changed, “I just received news that Yang Ye may have gone to my Sky Dimension!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he turned around and vanished on the spot.

The other old men exchanged glances.

In the end, all of them cupped their fists to each other and left.

Presently, the important matter at hand was to rush back to their own dimensions and notify their people to be wary of Yang Ye.

If any race lost its spirit energy, its strength would definitely fall off a cliff and even hit the ground.

Presently, the Sovereign of Man had to face that problem.

Now that there was no spirit energy here, Heavens Son Citys formations couldnt be used anymore.

Of course, they could be activated with immortal crystals, but how many would that take Moreover, now that there was no spirit energy left here, many people would definitely leave.

Once they left, the city would become a dead city!

In short, he was in big trouble now!

“Yang Ye!” The Sovereign of Man had an extremely furious expression on his face!

Meanwhile, four old men appeared by his side.

One of them said, “He concealed himself, and that Sprite Lord absorbed the spirit energy here too quickly.

It was so fast that we werent able to react at all before the spirit energy in a radius of over 500,000km around the city vanished completely.

That Sprite Lord is… truly horrifying.”

The Sovereign of Man closed his eyes slowly, “We underestimated his courage.

All those years ago, he didnt have the strength to take revenge, and we thought he didnt dare to take revenge.

Now it seems like we were wrong.

Hes much more ruthless than we ever imagined!”

One of the old men suddenly asked, “What do we do now”

The Sovereign of Man fell silent for a short while, and then he said, “Tell all the organizations of the human race to help us and…”

Suddenly, the Sovereign of Mans voice stopped abruptly because a man and woman had suddenly appeared before him.

They werent unfamiliar faces to him because it was Yang Ye and An Nanjing.

The Sovereign of Mans hairs stood on end when he saw them.

Besides that, there was a weapon in An Nanjings grasp.


Elysium had turned blood red in An Nanjings grasp, and it seemed like it had come to life.

An Nanjing gazed at the Sovereign of Man and said, “You may die from a swing of my halberd!”

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