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Yang Ye who hid amongst the crowd revealed a wisp of a cold smile.

Theyre going to hunt me This time, I can plunder them without any restraints!

Yang Yes figure flashed and vanished on the spot.

When he saw the countless human profounders disperse, the violet robed young man at the side of the young man in luxurious robes said, “Luo Xue, are we really going to let all of them leave if they really bring that human and mysterious little fellow back”

“Exactly!” Shen Man said with displeasure, “Ive been unable to bear the sight of these humans for a very long time.

Not only do the higher-ups usually prohibit us from entering the human world, but we are also prohibited from killing to our hearts content this time.


“You two idiots!” Meanwhile, the only woman in the group cursed bluntly and said, “Kill.

All the two of you know is to kill.

Do you think those humans are weaklings that the two of you can kill at will Have both of you thought about the price wed have to pay to annihilate all of them At the very least, three out of the five of us would lose our lives here.

Besides Luo Xue, only death would await the rest of us if we go against Yuan Tong!”

The young man in luxurious clothes who led the group, Luo Xue, glanced at the direction that the human profounders left towards, and then he said in a low voice, “If its possible, then I would be willing to pay a certain price to kill all of these human profounders.

However, its impossible.

Because we have an even stronger enemy! This is also the reason why humans and our Darkbeasts have never gone to war!”

“An even stronger enemy” The violet robed young man frowned as he asked this question.

Luo Xue shook his head, and then he gazed at the violet robed young man and said, “Zi Xiu, the bloodline pressure of that mysterious violet colored little fellow was actually able to suppress you”

When he heard Luo Xue mention the violet colored little fellow, the violet robed young man called Zi Xiu revealed a solemn expression, and then he nodded and said, “Its bloodline is unlike the bloodline of the Skyhowl Demon Wolf Clan.

The bloodline of their clan is already thin, and its unable to affect us much.

However, its bloodline pressure is even capable of suppressing and restraining me.

Moreover, its probably still a cub, yet it has attained the King Rank as a cub.

This… is something that has never occurred in our Grand Myriad Mountains!”

When they heard Zi Xiu, all of the others here including Luo Xue revealed solemn expressions.

Shen Mang didnt quite believe it and said, “A King Rank Darkbeast thats a cub Are you sure you weren\'t mistaken After all, the advancement of Darkbeasts is extremely slow, and its utterly impossible to advance into the King Realm while being a cub even if Heaven Rank spirit herbs were utilized.”

Zi Xiu shook his head and said, “It really is a cub.

Besides its bloodline pressure, its attacks are extremely mysterious and terrifying as well.

Perhaps all of you wouldnt believe me, but I would rather fight Luo Xue than fight it.

Because I can practically only receive a beating in a battle with it.

Because its capable of true teleportation, and even its attacks teleport directly through space!”

“Even its attacks teleport through space” Luo Xues expression changed slightly, and he said, “It isnt because its speed was too swift and was true teleportation through space”

Zi Xiu nodded and said, “It was true teleportation, and the might of its attacks were extremely terrifying as well!”

Luo Xue turned to gaze towards the distance, and then he said in a low voice, “Since its a member of our Darkbeast Race, and its such a formidable and mysterious Darkbeast, then why has it chosen to stay by the side of a human”

Zi Xiu shook his head, and then he said in a low voice, “Thats what Im unable to figure out as well.

Luo Xue, that little fellow absolutely cant be allowed to fall into the hands of humans.

Otherwise, it would definitely be a calamity to our Grand Myriad Mountains! Im not exaggerating at all when I say that only the few of us would be able to slightly resist its bloodline pressure, whereas, all the other Darkbeasts beneath the Spirit Rank could only wait to be slaughtered when standing before it! All of you ought to have heard about the Metaleater Ants being terrified by it, right Numbers are completely meaningless before it!”

When he spoke up to here, Zi Xiu had an extremely solemn expression as he said, “Moreover, its still a cub.

If it grows up, then just think about how terrifying it would be!”

“Lets eliminate it” The woman suggested.

“No!” Zi Xiu immediately objected and said, “Firstly, it has no ill intent towards us, Darkbeasts.

Secondly, the clan of this mysterious Darkbeast would definitely not be weak.

If we make a move against it and infuriate its clan, then it would be very likely to cause internal strife in our Darkbeast Empire.

Wouldnt this benefit the humans in the end”

Luo Xiu nodded lightly and said, “Since its bloodline pressure can affect you, Zi Xiu, then it represents that a Saint Rank Darkbeast has definitely emerged from the ancestors of its clan.

Even if it has fallen into decline, a clan that had a Saint Rank Darkbeast in the past wouldnt be weak at all.

If we kill it, then its very likely that it would make this mysterious clan to emerge from seclusion and cause chaos within our Darkbeast Empire!”

“Since we cant kill it, then what should we do” The woman frowned.

“Lets see if we can make it return to our Darkbeast Empire!” said Zi Xiu.

Luo Xue suddenly asked.

“Hows the strength of that human who its following”

“Him” Zi Xiu said in a low voice, “I dont know his exact strength.

I merely know that he has comprehended Sword Intent, and his physical strength and defense arent inferior to a King Rank Darkbeast in our Grand Myriad Mountains!”

“Sword Intent” Luo Xue was slightly surprised and said, “Moreover, his physical strength and defense arent inferior to King Rank Darkbeasts Is he a body refiner”

Zi Xiu shook his head and said, “I dont know.

I only exchanged a few blows with him.

In any case, his strength isnt weak because his sword can break through my defenses!”

“Even your defenses were penetrated” Shen Mang spoke with astonishment.

He was clearly aware that Zi Xius defense was much stronger than his own!

Zi Xiu nodded and said, “Moreover, I felt that he hadnt utilized his full strength at all.

Of course, the most important factor is the mysterious little fellows attitude.

It has an extremely good relationship with him, and its an extremely intimate relationship! Im truly unable to figure out why a Darkbeast would be so intimate with a human”

Luo Xue shook his head, and then he said, “Ask all our brothers to search for that little fellow.

Tell them not to act rashly when they find it and the human, and then report back to me.

I want to meet this mysterious little fellow!”

The others by Luo Xues side immediately turned around and left when they heard this.

It wasnt long before countless Darkbeasts within Ascension Mountain Range started moving swiftly like tidewater towards the surroundings.

Their objective was to find Yang Ye and the violet mink.

Where was Yang Ye now

At this moment, he was traveling blindly through the surroundings with the little fellow in his arms.

He was naturally aware that numerous humans were looking for him, and he was looking for them as well.

Since they intended to target him and the violet mink, then why should he hold back So, he naturally intended to kill every single one he met, and he didnt care whether they were human or not!

“Its Yang Ye! Its Yang Ye!” Suddenly, a group in front of him had noticed him, and then they instantly seemed as if theyd taken a stimulant and pounced madly towards Yang Ye and the violet mink.

Actually, it wasnt their fault for being so excited.

Because the reward was 100 King Rank Inner Court and a position as an outer court disciple of the Origin School.

Both of these were irresistible temptations to these independent cultivators because once they became inner court disciples of the Origin School, then even an idiot knew what that meant!

Yang Ye grunted coldly when he saw them pounce over.

With a wave of his hand, seven colossi instantly appeared here and surrounded the five of them.

The seven King Rank Darkbeasts that appeared abruptly caused the five of them to be stunned, and their minds were instantaneously bewildered.

Whats going on

In next to no time, some comparatively intelligence fellows noticed that the situation was off, and they wanted to flee.

What a joke! It was seven King Rank Darkbeasts! How could they possibly go against such a force

A wisp of killing intent flashed in his eyes as he gazed at the five of them, and he didnt hesitate to say.

“Kill them all!”

Yang Ye wasnt a softhearted fellow.

Even though the chief offender was Yuan Tong from the Origin School, it was a fact that these fellows intended to target him and the violet mink.

So, he would naturally not show any mercy!

As soon as Yang Ye spoke, those seven King Rank Darkbeasts immediately pounced towards the five of them.

The strengths of Darkbeasts had always been superior to humans, and coupled with the fact that they were outnumbered, how could those five profounders possibly be a match for these Darkbeasts They didnt even have the chance to flee!

In next to no time, five corpses appeared on the ground.

After he gathered their spatial rings, the violet mink waves its little claw, and those seven King Rank Darkbeasts immediately entered into Yang Yes Vortex Dantian.

Yang Yes figure flashed towards another direction.

Just as it was said before, there was no right or wrong in this world.

If your strength was formidable, then you were right; if your strength was weak, then you would be wrong even if you were right!


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