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Chapter 2042 – My Hobby is Fighting!

At the peak of Guardian Mountain, a huge ancient city stood before Yang Ye.

It was huge, and he couldnt see the end of it.

“Guardian Spirit City!” Su Lang smiled and explained, “Our ancestor used to live in this city!”


Yang Ye knew that Su Lang was probably talking about the Weapon Progenitor.

Su Lang continued, “Ancestor left Guardian Spirit City after he attained the Dao.

However, he personally placed a sword formation here before leaving.

Supposedly, it can kill Sages with ease!”

Yang Ye asked, “Hes a sword cultivator”

Su Lang replied, “Half a sword cultivator! Most of the members of our Weapon Path cultivate the sword, and the biggest reason for that is because our ancestor uses the sword too.” He sized up Yang Ye and asked, “Youre a pure sword cultivator, right”

Yang Ye nodded.

Su Lang smiled, “This is great.

After all, the people were meeting later are all sword cultivators.

I hope Brother Yang will provide us with guidance!”

Yang Ye glanced at Su Lang and didnt say anything.

It didnt take long for them to enter the city and arrive before a hall.

Yang Ye looked up, and he saw three words inscribed in elegant font—Guardian Spirit Hall.

Su Lang smiled, “Brother Yang, please come in!”

Yang Ye didnt hesitate to walk towards Guardian Spirit Hall.

Meanwhile, Su Lang glanced at Yang Ye from behind, and a smile that carried hidden meaning curled up on the corners of his mouth.

Yang Ye entered Guardian Spirit Hall.

At this moment, there were around ten people here.

As soon as he entered, all of them immediately gazed at him.

“Everyone!” Suddenly, Su Lang appeared beside Yang Ye, “Allow me to introduce the new Seal Master of the Slaughter Line, Yang Ye!”

Yang Ye!

It was a name that was renowned throughout the Weapon Dimension!

“Yang Ye” Meanwhile, a man walked over towards Yang Ye and sized up Yang Ye.

After that, he grinned, “Nice to meet you!”

Su Lang introduced the man, “This is Brother Nan Zhi from the Merge Line.”

The Merge Line Yang Ye glanced at the man.

He noticed that the mans smile didnt seem fake, so he nodded, “Nice to meet you!”

“Come, allow me to introduce the others to you!” Su Lang smiled as he led Yang Ye to the center of the hall.

Meanwhile, the others showed no sign of greeting Yang Ye, and they just gazed indifferently at him.

Moreover, one of them looked at Yang Ye in a different way than the others!

There was the desire to kill!

Yang Ye sensed the desire to kill, so his gaze descended on that person.

It was a man who was below the age of 30.

He wore a loose robe, and his hands were hidden beneath his wide sleeves.

Meanwhile, Su Lang smiled, “Brother Yang, thats the Prediction Lines Brother Geng Qiu.

Brothers Yang, I know that theres enmity between you and the Prediction Line, but everyone has to put down their enmity here.

Consider it as giving me face!”

Geng Qiu moved his gaze away from Yang Ye and gazed at Su Lang, “Brother Su Lang, lets just get straight to it.”

Su Lang nodded.

He glanced at the surroundings and said, “I presume all of youve realized that everyone I invited has something in common.

Were all sword cultivators.”

Sword cultivators!

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings.

He hadnt paid attention earlier, but now he realized that it was just as Su Lang had said.

Everyone here was a sword cultivator.

Yang Ye gazed at Su Lang.

Why did this fellow invite all these sword cultivators here

Everyone gazed at Su Lang.

Su Lang smiled, “Actually, I wasnt the one who decided to invite all of you here, it was the Seal Master of my Guardian Line.

However, hes quite busy, so I had to help him entertain all of you.”

Meanwhile, someone said, “Get to the point!”

Su Lang nodded and said, “The disciples of my Guardian Line found a mountain wall at the back of Guardian Mountain, and theres a mark there from a sword.

Our Seal Master examined it and determined that it was left behind by our ancestor, so it may contain an extremely powerful sword technique.”

All of their eyes burned with desire when they heard this.

The Weapon Progenitor!

He was one of the few top existences in the large universe, so how could a sword technique he left behind be anything ordinary

Su Lang continued, “Im sure youre all wondering why my Guardian Line would make this public, right” He smiled and continued, “It isnt because were generous, its because our ancestor once said that all six lines can learn and obtain anything he once left behind.

Moreover, my Guardian Line cant decipher it.

So, we had to invite all of you to work together with us and see if we can uncover its secrets.”

Its secrets Yang Ye glanced at Su Lang.

He felt that Su Lang didnt seem to be lying.

Meanwhile, Su Lang added, “However, while it was left behind by our ancestor, its in my Guardian Lines territory.

So, if anyone is able to comprehend it, you must give my Guardian Line a copy of it.

What do all of you think”

They naturally had no objections towards his conditions.

Because if the Guardian Line refused to let them view it, they wouldnt be able to do anything about it.

Once he saw that no one had any objections, Su Lang gazed at Yang Ye, “What about you, Brother Yang”

Yang Ye replied, “I have no objections, of course!”

Su Lang smiled, “Great.

Please rest for a while.

Ill take all of you there in two hours.”

Su Lang left once he finished speaking.

The surroundings fell silent.

Yang Ye ignored everyone and sat down by himself.

Suddenly, a young man walked over to him and smiled, “This is my spot!”

Yang Ye glanced at the young man, and then he walked over to the side.

He was about to sit when the young man suddenly said, “Sorry, this is my spot too!”

Yang Ye chuckled, “I understand!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye vanished on the spot.

The young mans expression changed slightly when he saw Yang Ye vanish, but he didnt panic.


A muffled explosion resounded, and a figure was blasted backwards.

It wasnt the young man but Yang Ye!

It didnt take long for Yang Ye to stop.

He glanced at his fist, and there were a few obvious bloody holes on it.

Yang Ye looked up, and he saw that the young man had put on gloves which were covered in sharp spikes.

The gloves were pitch black, and faint silver light flickered on them.

Especially the sharp spikes on them, just the sight of those spikes sent a chill down ones spine.

They were at least at the Sage Rank!

Ordinary experts couldnt pierce the defenses of Yang Yes current body at all, and the mans strength wasnt sufficient to pierce his defenses either.

Obviously, it was because of the gloves.

Meanwhile, a wisp of solemness appeared in the young mans eyes.

Hed taken Yang Ye by surprise, so he thought that even if he couldnt kill Yang Ye, he could heavily injure Yang Ye.

But he hadnt expected to merely make a few holes in Yang Yes fist!

He didnt dare to act carelessly!

That was what the young man thought right now!

Meanwhile, Yang Yes profound energy circulated, and it didnt take long for the injury on his fist to vanish.

A moment later, his figure appeared before the young man.

A wisp of ridicule curled up on the corners of the young mans mouth, and he slammed his fist forward.

However, a sword had appeared in Yang Yes grasp!

Yang Yes sword stabbed forward!

It wasnt aimed at the young mans fist, and it was shooting towards the young mans throat instead.

The sword was longer than an arm and coupled with the fact that Yang Yes was much faster than the young man, so if the young man didnt stop to defend himself, then he would definitely lose his life!

The young man didnt risk it, and he hurriedly pulled his fists back.

However, right when he pulled his fists back, a smile curled up on the corners of Yang Yes mouth.

An instant later, rays of light enveloped the young man.

He was pushed back repeatedly!

In an instant, Yang Ye had pushed the young man out of the hall, and their battle had moved from within the hall to outside the hall.

Needless to say, Yang Ye had looked down on the young man a little.

The young mans strength wasnt as weak as hed expected.

Hed thought that he could end the battle very quickly, but he hadnt expected the young man to actually have the ability to fight back!

Yang Ye stopped holding back.


Once Yang Ye used his full strength, the young man was instantly blasted over 3km away.

As soon as he descended to the ground, a sword was pressed against his forehead.

The young mans body instantly stiffened.

The faces of all the others seemed quite gloomy, and no one knew what they were thinking.

Yang Ye looked the young man in the eyes, “Take off those gloves!”

The young man was stunned.

A moment later, an extremely unsightly expression appeared on his face.

Obviously, he knew what Yang Ye wanted!

Yang Ye wanted to take his gloves!

The young man fell silent.

He was thinking about how to deal with this situation.

Suddenly, Yang Ye raised his sword and waved it.

Hiss! Hiss!

The young mans arms were instantly slashed off.

An instant later, Yang Ye waved his hands, and both the arms were transported into the Primordial Pagoda.

The others had quite unsightly expressions on their faces when they saw Yang Ye act so violently.

However, at this moment, no one dared to say anything, including Geng Qiu.

At this moment, they finally understood why those disciples of the Prediction Line had died on Gracious Mountain that day.

Yang Ye was an extraordinary genius too, and he wasnt someone that an ordinary expert could face.

Yang Ye ignored the young man who was ghastly pale and walked towards the hall.

He walked for a while before he suddenly seemed to have thought of something, and he turned to glance at everyone.

He said, “My hobby is fighting, and my favorite thing is killing.

As for what I love to do the most, its killing lots of people!”

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