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Yang Ye originally intended to ride the Lightning Eagle to show off, but he abandoned this idea in the end.

Because if he rode it, then how would he rob and plunder others He would naturally not complain about obtaining more King Rank Inner Cores because every single one of them was a piece of wealth!

All along the way, Yang Ye had encountered numerous human profounders.

But he didnt meet any ignorant fools, and Yang Ye couldnt help but feel slightly depressed because of this.

In next to no time, he arrived at Cloudfall Gorge.

It was very large and numerous times larger than Cool Breeze Gorge within the Sword Sect, and it could accommodate at least a few hundreds of thousands of people.

At this moment, it was very bustling because countless profounders had gathered at the peak of a mountain on the left of Cloudfall Gorge.

There were at least a few tens of thousands of profounders, and this number was increasing incessantly.

However, it didnt seem to be crowded!

In next to no time, Yang Ye found Murong Yao and the others from the Sword Sect at the peak of the mountain.

Besides Murong Yao and the other disciples of the Sword Sect, the members of the other five powers and the Imperial Academy were all here.

However, when compared to their numbers while they were outside the imperial palace, the number of disciples from these powers had seemed to have reduced slightly.

Not to mention any other sect, just the Sword Sect only had five remaining disciples present here out of the initial 10.

To Yang Yes surprise, not a single member of the Ghost Sect was absent.

Besides the Ghost Sect, the Origin Schools disciples were all present here as well.

On the other hand, there were a few disciples missing from the Flower Palace, Snow Palace, and Imperial Academy.

However, their main forces and leaders were present here.

As for the Brightmoon Sect, it only had five participating members, and not that four had been killed by him, there was naturally only one left!

Of course, if these people hadnt come by now, then theyd naturally perished.

As for whether they perished at the hands of humans or Darkbeasts, it was impossible to say!

After around four hours passed, the number of people that arrived grew fewer and fewer.

Meanwhile, the Imperial Academys Qin Youran walked forward, looked at Yuan Ye from the Origin School and said in a cold voice, “Yuan Ye, your senior brother issued a summon to gather all the profounders within Ascension Mountain Range.

Now, almost everyone is here, but theres no sign of your senior brother Yuan Tong.

How haughty of your Origin School!”

All the other five great powers gazed at Yuan Ye as well when they heard this.

All of them were geniuses amongst geniuses, so they naturally had their own pride.

If Yuan Tongs strength and reputation werent too great, then even the Origin School wouldnt possess the qualifications to order them to do anything.

Yuan Ye smiled and said, “Calm yourselves.

My Senior Brother doesnt have any ill intent.

The reason he still hasnt arrived is absolutely not because he looks down upon everyone.

He has really been delayed by something!”

“Something” Qin Youran spoke coldly.

“He has the nerve to be busy when he made all of us wait here for him Yuan Ye, there arent such idiots in my Imperial Academy!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Qin Youran turned around and led the group from the Imperial Academy down the mountain.

“Haha!!” However, right at this moment, roaring heroic laughter suddenly resounded from the foot of the mountain.

This voice wasnt boosted by profound energy yet was sonorous to the extreme, and the thousands of profounders on the entire mountain could hear it clearly.

All of them were shocked, and then they looked towards the foot of the mountain.

When they saw the scene at the foot of the mountain, the thousands of people here including the member of the six great powers, the Imperial Academy, and even Qin Youran had changed violently!

At the foot of the mountain, a white robed young man was flashing up to the peak.

Of course, most importantly, a colossus that was around 1km long and almost 500m wide was behind this white robed young man.

The tail of this colossus was held by the white robed young man, and the crux of the matter was that this colossus was still alive!

The white robed young man dragged this live colossus that shook ceaselessly as he flashed all along the way up the mountain.

The colossus was like a strand of straw in the white robed young mans hands, and his relaxed expression caused even Yang Ye to be visibly moved.

In next to no time, the young man had dragged it all the way up the mountain.

After he arrived here, all of the people in the surroundings finally discerned the colossus that was being dragged by the young man.

It was an extremely enormous python that was covered in pitch black and shiny scales.

However, its scales had completely warped now and some had even fallen off to reveal the scarlet red flesh beneath them….

At this moment, the python was still alive, and its lantern sized eyes flickered with a ferocious glow.

The terrifying aura it emanated caused some comparatively weaker profounders to be unable to help but take a few steps back!

The white robed young man leaped up and descended lightly onto the head of the python.

As he stood on the pythons head, he gazed at everyone before he smiled and said, “Everyone, Im Yuan Tong.

Earlier, the reason I was late was that I received news that an elite of one of the four great Darkbeast Clans, the Heaven Devouring Python Clan, was willfully slaughtering human profounders over 500km away from here.

So, I had no choice but to deal with it.

Please do forgive me for making everyone wait!”

The countless people in the surroundings were visibly moved when they heard this, and the gazes many of them shot at Yuan Tong had become reverent.

On the other hand, besides a solemn expression, there was also deep fear in the eyes of the geniuses from the other five great powers and the Imperial Academy!

That was a Heaven Devouring Python.

Besides the figures that lead the groups from the five great powers and the Imperial Academy, would anyone else dare to go against it It should be said that even numerous King Realm experts would hide far away from an elite of the Heaven Devouring Python Clan.

Yet now, such an existence had been captured alive by Yuan Tong, so how could they not feel reverent and fearful when facing such strength

Yang Ye who stood amidst the crowd had a solemn expression as well.

This Heaven Devouring Pythons strength is probably on par with that violet robed young man, and even if its inferior, it would definitely not be too much inferior.

Moreover, this Heaven Devouring Python is in its original form.

However, it was precisely such a Heaven Devouring Python that had been captured by Yuan Tong.

Such strength is truly extremely terrifying!Right at this moment, the violet mink on his shoulder suddenly slapped his head.

Yang Ye turned around to look at it, and he saw the violet mink point its little claw at the Heaven Devouring Python in the distance while the intent in its eyes was obvious.

The corners of Yang Yes mouth twitched as he hurriedly walked over to a spot where there were comparatively fewer people, and then he said, “Little Fellow, we cant rescue this one.

I cant defeat so many people!”

The violet mink pointed at Yang Yes stomach.

Obviously, it wanted him to summon help.

Yang Ye was speechless.

He rubbed the little fellow on the head and said, “That wont do.

This one really cant be saved.

If we save it, then both of us will definitely die!”


There were a few tens of thousands of cultivators here.

So, no matter how formidable Yang Ye was, it was impossible to go against a few tens of thousands of profounders.

The violet mink utilized its trump card.

It started rubbing Yang Yes ear while revealing a pitiable expression….

Yuan Tongs actions had undoubtedly made a display of strength especially to the geniuses from the other five great powers and the Imperial Academy.

There was naturally no need to question the strengths of their respective leading figures or the pride they possessed.

However, when they faced Yuan Tong, even the Ghost Sects Xiu Luo had restrained his arrogance!

Because he truly had nothing to be arrogant about while he stood before Yuan Tong!

Meanwhile, Qin Youran gazed at Yuan Tong and said, “As expected of the existence that has the best chance of becoming the Martial God.

Yuan Tong, rumors say youre the number one expert beneath the King Realm.

I, Qin Youran, feel that I wouldnt lose to anyone in the same realm of cultivation.

How could we seize this opportunity to have a spar”

“Count me in as well!” Right at this moment, Li Xianjun who stood by Xiu Luos side had suddenly taken a step forward, and he gazed at Yuan Tong as he said, “I was originally worried that I would be disappointed when I met you in person.

But now it would seem like Id worried unnecessarily!”

Meanwhile, Leng Xinran from the Snow Palace strode forward as well, and she looked at Yuan Tong as she said coldly, “I too want to witness exactly how formidable the number one expert beneath the King Realm is.

So, count me!”

Wenren Yue from the Flower Palace refused to be outdone, and she said right after Leng Xinran finished, “Count me in as well.

I want to see exactly how monstrous the most monstrous genius in the southern territory for the last 1,000 years is.”

Presently, besides the Origin School, four of the six remaining great powers present here had issued a challenge, so only the remaining Sword Sect and Brightmoon Sects members had rather unsightly expressions.

They seemed to lack the qualifications to stand out and issue a challenge, but wouldnt it be too embarrassing if they didnt

Murong Yao was about to do it when Situ Rong noticed it and hurriedly stood out before her.

He said, “Count me in as well!”

As the representative figure of the Sword Sect, how could he allow Murong Yao to steal the limelight from him

When they saw Situ Rong stand out, all the others in the surroundings glanced indifferently at him.

They didnt say anything and just glanced indifferently at him.

But it was precisely this indifferent glance that caused Situ Rongs expression to instantly flush red….

“Haha!!” Yuan Tong suddenly roared with laughter.

He laughed for a moment before he swept his gaze past all these people that challenged him, and then he said, “Since everyone desired to fight me, then I, Yuan Tong, should naturally accompany all of you in battle.

However, it isnt the right time now.

Are all of you aware that all the Darkbeasts on Ascension Mountain Range have converged together now”


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