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Chapter 1907 – I Don’t Rob!

The old man in Daoist’s robes!

Yang Ye wasn’t lying.

He did want to know where the old man was.

After all, the old man was an extraordinarily formidable backing for him!

He was certain that if the old man showed himself, then the Shaman Hunter Clan would be nothing!

Unfortunately, that powerful backing was just a legend to him.

Nansi Yin was quite unhappy, “Are you playing with me”

Yang Ye shook his head, “I’m not joking!”

She was about to say something when Yang Ye suddenly said, “Let’s stop wasting time.

Come, let’s go to the ruins!”

Just as Hou Qing had said, he shouldn’t give up on any chance to improve his strength.


He couldn’t do anything without it, and he didn’t want to continue being pursued and go into hiding all over the world!

It didn’t take long for them to leave Boulder City.

On the way, Nansi Yin said, “According to the location my clan provided, it’s in Diving Cove Gorge, and it’s around a day from here.

Right, we have to be careful because it isn’t just the human race that’s participating in this, the experts of the other races will be coming too!”

Yang Ye asked, “It appeared in the Shaman Dimension, but the shaman race is willing to share it with everyone”

Nansi Yin answered, “They dare not keep it for themselves!”

Yang Ye asked, “Why”

Nansi Yin grinned, “The appearance of a Sage Ruins represents that a Sage wants to hand down his or her inheritance.

If they try to take it for themselves, it would be no different than offending a Sage.

Even though the Sage is dead, even if an expert at that level is dead, no one dares to rashly offend them.”

She cracked a smile, “So, there’s an unspoken rule in our world.

Once a Sage Ruins appears, all the races will share it.

However, the race that has it in their territory usually has the advantage.”

Yang Ye nodded.

At this moment, he noticed that bringing Nansi Yin along wasn’t a bad thing at all.

He didn’t know a great deal about this world, but she just happened to be able to make up for that.

After traveling for a while, Nansi Yin somehow produced a carriage.

Of course, it was no ordinary carriage.

The horse that pulled it was many times larger than ordinary horses, and vortexes of wind flickered below its feet.

While it wasn’t as fast as him, it wasn’t slow at all!

Yang Ye sat cross-legged on the ground within the carriage, and he immersed his mind into his body.

Yang Ye went to the 1st level of the Primordial Pagoda.

Snowy, Yang Nianxue and the others were playing together.

Or to be more precise, Zhi’er was teaching them how to play with a ball.

Yang Ye gazed at Zhi’er.

At this moment, she was very happy, and she seemed to have forgotten all the unhappy things that had happened to her.

Meanwhile, Hou Qing appeared by Yang Ye’s side, “That little girl isn’t ordinary!”

Yang Ye gazed at Hou Qing, “What do you mean”

Hou Qing gazed at Yang Ye and replied with a question, “What do you think”

Yang Ye gazed at Zhi’er again.

Actually, he could sense that she wasn’t ordinary.

However, he had that feeling because of the jade pendant.

Meanwhile, Hou Qing suddenly said, “She’s learning shaman techniques from me!”

Yang Ye gazed at Hou Qing with astonishment, and the latter said, “It’s all because of that little lord of yours.

That little lord of yours made me teach her.”

Yang Ye asked, “And”

Hou Qing said, “And then I noticed that she’s extremely terrifying! Because I only have to teach her once before she remembers everything, and she can even list out a string of questions.”

Yang Ye smiled, “So, she’s a genius!”

Hou Qing gazed at Yang Ye, “Stop playing around, I’m serious.

Her identity and background is absolutely not ordinary.”

Yang Ye smiled, “So what Senior, just look around you.

Who’s ordinary”

Hou Qing was at a loss for words.

Yang Ye smiled, “I know what you’re worried about, but I don’t care about that.”

“Right!” Hou Qing smiled, “You’re already in so much trouble.

Even a little more makes no difference!”

Yang Ye smiled.

He chatted with Hou Qing for a while and left the Primordial Pagoda.

In the real world, Yang Ye left the carriage and went to its roof.

At this moment, the veil of night had descended, and the sky was filled with stars.

Suddenly, a voice came from Yang Ye’s side, “You’re not from the large universe, are you”

It was Nansi Yin.

Yang Ye glanced at her, and she continued, “I heard about the lower universe in the past, but I’ve never been there.

However, I never expected to get to know someone from the lower universe, and I never imagined that person to be so strong!”

Yang Ye replied, “There are many formidable people.”

Nansi Yin smiled, “Right, how did you get the shaman race’s bloodline”

Yang Ye didn’t answer her.

She continued, “I have no other intentions.

It’s just that you possess the shaman race’s bloodline and have even cultivated their techniques.

But you’re a human.

Normally speaking, it’s very difficult for someone like you to survive amongst the human race.”

Yang Ye spoke indifferently, “It’s fine.

As I killed and killed, I was able to survive just fine!”

Nansi Yin was at a loss for words.

A night passed by.

Early in the morning on the next day, Yang Ye suddenly opened his eyes while he sat on the roof of the carriage.

Meanwhile, Nansi Yin’s voice came from beside him, “We’ll be at Diving Cove Gorge once we travel through that mountain pass!”

Yang Ye looked up.

Before him were two mountains that towered into the clouds, and there was a path between them.

Suddenly, Yang Ye turned to the side, and he saw a Roc fly swiftly from behind him.

There were five people seated on it, and Bei Cangyue was at the front of them!

Nansi Yin couldn’t help but frown when she saw them, “It’s them!”

At this moment, Bei Cangyue had noticed them too.

It didn’t take long for the Roc to descend before them, and she grinned, “Long time no see!”

Nansi Yin spoke indifferently, “Young Miss Cangyue probably didn’t expect to see us here, right”

Bei Cangyue smiled, “I see you’re still angry about that.


Suddenly, Yang Ye gazed at Nansi Yin, “Let’s go!” He really didn’t want to waste time talking nonsense with that woman, and he didn’t want Nansi Yin to do that either.

Because he knew that if they were allowed to engage in such an argument, it was a very terrifying thing.

Nansi Yin withdrew her gaze, and then tapped her foot lightly against the carriage.

In an instant, they shot forward.

Suddenly, a young man by Bei Cangyue’s side appeared before them.

He smiled and said, “That’s not very polite of you!”

Yang Ye frowned while Nansi Yin suddenly stood up.

She looked the young man in the eyes, “Who do you think you are How dare you obstruct my path”

The young man’s face became gloomy, “You uncouth piece of trash! I’ll teach you how to…”

Suddenly, Bei Cangyue said, “Brother Li Nian, she’s the eldest young miss of the Nansi Clan!”

The Nansi Clan!

The others by Bei Cangyue’s side were shocked by this, and then they gazed at Nansi Yin.

But it only took a moment for them to move their gazes to Li Nian, and there was a slightly ridiculing expression in their eyes.

At this moment, Li Nian had an extremely unsightly expression on his face.

His clan was a large clan too, but it couldn’t be compared to the Nansi Clan at all.

It could be said that while all of the clans behind the people here were extraordinary, only Bei Cangyue’s clan could barely compare with Nansi Yin’s clan.

Meanwhile, Nansi Yin said, “What Go on!”

Li Nian took a deep breath and cupped his fist in Nansi Yin’s direction, “It was my mistake.

I hope you forgive me.”

Nansi Yin wanted to say something, but Yang Ye suddenly said, “Let’s go!”

She withdrew her gaze and nodded.

They continued forward.

However, Bei Cangyue’s group was faster than them, and the five of them arrived at the mountain pass before them.

But they stopped there because a young man supporting a large saber on his shoulder had appeared before them.

The young man wore black clothes, had black hair, violet pupils, and was biting on a blade of grass while his leg was crossed over the other.

Not too far behind the young man was a woman who wore a dress with flower patterns.

She seemed very young, and her hair was tied into numerous small bunches.

There was a black sledgehammer that was much larger than her, resting by her feet.

She was biting on a blade of grass as well.

Bei Cangyue’s group stopped.

She glanced at the man and said, “You’re blocking our path!”

“Ptooey!” The man spat out the grass and sized up Bei Cangyue’s group.

He smiled, “So it’s the human race.

But don’t worry, I’m impartial.” He stretched out his hand and gestured, “10 Immortal Crystals!”


Bei Cangyue and the others’ faces fell when they witnessed this.

Nansi Yin suddenly said while she stood by Yang Ye’s side, “Wow! 10 Immortal Crystals.


Yang Ye gazed at Nansi Yin, “What’s that”

She explained, “Something extremely valuable.

It can replenish a 1st stage Enlightened Realm expert’s energy in 10 breaths of time.

Even I can only get two every month, but this fellow’s actually asking for 10.

He’s crazy!”

Immortal Crystals!

Yang Ye thought for a moment, and he knew that it was definitely much more precious than spirit pearls.

I wonder if Snowy can make them.

I should get one and ask Snowy to try.

Bei Cangyue spoke indifferently, “10 Immortal Crystals Haha! That’s really a high price!”

“Is it” The man chuckled, and then he waved his hand.

At the instant he did that, Bei Cangyue suddenly vanished on the spot.

However, a man behind her was blasted over 3km away.

It was Li Nian!

As soon as Li Nian dropped to the ground, his arms fell off his shoulders.

At this moment, everyone had a solemn expression on their faces.

Bei Cangyue turned to look at the man, “The Devil Saber, Xiu Shanyue!”

“It’s him!” Nansi Yin spoke softly by Yang Ye’s side, and her voice carried a trace of shock.

Yang Ye asked, “Who”

Nansi Yin didn’t answer him.

Meanwhile, Xiu Shanyue glanced at Bei Cangyue’s group, and then he smiled, “Sorry, I made a mistake earlier.

It’s not 10 Immortal Crystals but 10 each!”

He suddenly gazed at Yang Ye and Nansi Yin at this point, “I almost forgot both of you.

It’s the same for you too!”

Nansi Yin gazed at Yang Ye, and the latter shrugged before he spoke softly, “Actually, robbing isn’t right.”

Nansi Yin nodded, “It is.


Meanwhile, Yang Ye added, “I know it’s wrong, so I usually don’t do it.”

Nansi Yin was astonished, “You’ve done something similar too”

Yang Ye looked up at the sky while ripples surged through his eyes.

He seemed to be recalling the past as he said, “I haven’t robbed anymore for many years!”

Nansi Yin was stunned speechless.


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