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Chapter 1892 – I Rather Die Than Cower!

Did the chicken or the egg come first

The old man hadnt expected Yang Ye to ask this question.

A moment later, he understood what Yang Ye meant.

His profound energy surged madly.


Suddenly, a sword pierced through his head, and then a bloody head flew up into the air.

Yang Ye glanced at the old mans corpse and waved his right hand.

The old mans spatial ring flew into his grasp.

He glanced at it.

There were many things within it, but most of them were useless.

Yang Ye was about to withdraw his divine sense when a wisp of surprise suddenly flashed through his eyes.

A moment later, a map appeared in his grasp.

The map of the area.

However, it was more complete than the map he already had!

Yang Ye opened the map, and thefull Barrier Entrance appeared before him.

Yang Ye frowned as he scanned through it because he noticed that the exit labeled on Gu Yas map wasnt the exit at all!

It was the entrance!

It was a trap!

Yang Ye put the map away and looked off into the distance.

He was looking in the direction of the so-called exit, the trap that those powers had laid for Gu Ya and the others.


Yang Ye seemed to have thought of something, and then his face fell.

The map!

The map was given to him by Gu Ya, so it meant that Gu Ya wanted him to go to the entrance.

Gu Ya!

Yang Ye thought about everything that had occurred before this, and he noticed that Gu Ya wasnt ordinary at all.

Or it should be said that Gu Ya was very mysterious!

Gu Ya had been to the upper universe, but he went back down, and he knew a lot about what was happening up here.

He even had the map… It was strange no matter how Yang Ye thought about it.

A short while later, Yang Ye shook his head and stopped thinking about it.

In any case, he wasnt with them.

As for Qian Xie and the others fate, it didnt have anything to do with him!

Or it should be said that he had to thank Qian Xie.

If it wasnt for Qian Xie, he might have fallen into that trap with the others!

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and continued forward.

He passed through a huge mountain range and finally arrived at the true exit of Barrier Entrance.

However, just as he expected, everything wasnt as straightforward and simple as hed imagined.

There was a woman in a red dress standing there.

The woman in a red dress was the woman from Moment Mountain, and she was looking indifferently at him as she stood there.

Yang Ye asked, “Do you need something”

She pointed towards her right, “Therell be no place for you in the human race.”

Yang Ye asked, “So”

She replied, “Join the Evil Alliance.

We can protect you!”

“The Evil Alliance” Yang Ye was puzzled, “Whats that”

She explained, “An alliance of evil cultivators.

Even the Sovereign of Man is nothing to fear for us.”

Yang Ye walked over to her and smiled, “Do I look like I fear the Sovereign of Man”

She looked him in the eyes and didnt say anything.

Yang Ye continued, “Sword cultivators have no fear in their hearts.

Even if Im no match for him, Ive never feared the Sovereign of Man.

If I die, then I die; but if I hold fear in my heart and seek the help of others, then Ill be cowering from him.

I\'d rather die than cower!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he passed her and vanished into the distance.

The woman in a red dress fell silent.

Meanwhile, a black shadow appeared not too far away from her.

The shadow looked in the direction Yang Ye left towards and said, “How insensible.

Let me go deal with him.”

The shadow intended to pursue Yang Ye after finishing.

However, the woman in a red dress suddenly said, “Go if you want to die!”

The shadow stopped, “What do you mean”

She stretched out her hand and combed the hair by her ear, and then she spoke indifferently, “Just a little while ago, he instantly killed two Enlightened Realm experts.”

The black shadow was speechless.

She glanced at the direction Yang Ye vanished towards and said, “Take me to the Evil Progenitor.”

“Welcome to the large universe!” Hou Qings voice resounded in Yang Yes mind.

Yang Ye took a deep breath.

At this moment, hed left the Barrier Entrance, and he was in the large universe.

Xiao Qi, Zier, Second Sister!

Yang Ye asked, “Senior, wheres the Sovereign of Sky” He wanted to go look for Xiao Qi right away.

Hou Qing replied, “You cant get there!”

Yang Ye was puzzled, “Why”

Hou Qing replied, “Looks like you dont know much about the large universe.

Let me explain it to you.

Ill skip the part about how huge the large universe is.

Youll be able to experience it for yourself soon.

There are all sorts of races in the large universe, like the human race, demon race, shaman race, devil race, sky race, spirit race… The places they live are called dimensions.

For example, the human race lives in the Human Dimension.”

Yang Ye asked, “Xiao Qi is from the sky race, right”

Hou Qing replied, “Yes, shes from the sky race in the Sky Dimension.

You must pass through the barrier between the Human Dimension and Sky Dimension to get there.

But that requires the Sovereign of Mans approval.

Not only do you need his approval, you need the approval of the Sky Dimension.

Otherwise, youll be killed.

Because the top-rate experts of the various races guard the barriers between dimensions!”

The Sky Dimension!

Yang Ye fell silent.

I need the Sovereign of Mans approval to go to the Sky Dimension.

Would the Sovereign of Man agree Of course he wouldnt! So, that method of getting to the Sky Dimension would definitely not work!

Hou Qing suddenly asked, “How about going to my shaman race”

The shaman race! Yang Ye asked, “What do you mean”

Hou Qing replied, “Return to the shaman race with me.

I can help you get to the Sky Dimension from there.”

Yang Ye asked, “I dont need the Sovereign of Mans approval to go to the Shaman Dimension”

Hou Qing replied, “We can sneak over! I know how to sneak from into the Human Dimension from the Shaman Dimension, and I know how to sneak back.

However, I dont know how to sneak into the Sky Dimension from the Human Dimension!”

The Shaman Dimension! Yang Ye didnt even hesitate.

Because the important matter at hand was to find Xiao Qi as soon as possible.

He really wanted to know how Zier was right now.

Besides that, he wanted to revive Blood Maiden.

Yang Ye asked, “How do I get to the Shaman Dimension”

Hou Qing replied, “Go to the border between the Human Dimension and Shaman Dimension, Broken Cliff Mountain.”

Yang Ye asked, “How do I get there”

Hou Qing replied, “I dont know!”

Yang Yes face darkened, “What do you mean”

Hou Qing explained, “Kid, I teleported to a point in space, but you dont have that ability right now.”

Yang Ye shook his head, glanced at the surroundings, and vanished on the spot.

Presently, he had to figure out the situation in the Human Dimension.

Because he knew nothing about it.

A short while later, Yang Ye noticed an ancient city.

The city wasnt very huge, or it should be said to be very small.

It was like a village in the lower universe.

Yang Ye descended before the village, and then he looked up at the city entrance built with mud.

There were three black words there—Peach Garden Village.

Village, not city!

Suddenly, a little black ball flew off the wall, and it rolled over to Yang Yes foot.

Meanwhile, the entrance opened a little, and then a small head emerged from there.

It was a young girl around the age of eight or nine.

She wore a linen dress, and she had a small pair of twintails.

She glanced timidly at Yang Ye while holding tight to the corners of her dress.

Quite some time passed before she summoned the courage to speak timidly, “Big… Big Brother… Can you give it back to me”

Yang Ye gazed at her, and then he gazed at the ball by his foot.

He shook his head and smiled.

After that, he tapped it lightly with the tip of his foot, and it instantly rolled over to her.

But the small ball wasnt the only thing which arrived before her, Yang Ye had appeared before her as well.

Of course, Snowy was there with him!

Yang Ye rubbed her head and smiled, “Can I come in”

She was clearly quite nervous.

Meanwhile, Snowy appeared before her.

As soon as she saw Snowy, she blinked at Snowy, and there was undisguised fondness in her eyes.

Snowy pointed at the small black ball near the little girls feet, and then she started waving her claws.

The little girl couldnt understand Snowy at all.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye said, “Shes asking what that is.”

The young girl hesitated for a moment and spoke softly, “A ball, a ball you can kick.”

After that, she flicked it up lightly with the tip of her foot, and then she started bouncing it with her legs.

She frequently performed all sorts of tricks, and it made Snowys eyes open wide.


She gazed at Snowy and asked, “Do you want to play”

Snowy quickly nodded.

She cracked a smile and passed the ball to Snowy.

However, Snowy realized that her feet were too short!

The young girl pointed at her head, “You can use this too!”

As she spoke, she placed the ball on her head and bounced it slightly.

Snowy was absolutely overjoyed, and she hurriedly placed it on her head and bounced it up too.

It didnt take long for the two little fellows to start playing together.

She brought Yang Ye into the village too.

After he entered it, he noticed that the village was filled with ordinary people, and there wasnt a single cultivator!

The young girl brought Yang Ye and Snowy to her home.

Only her grandfather lived there with her.

He was an old man on the verge of death, and he was an ordinary person too.

“Youre not an ordinary person!”

These were the first words the old man spoke upon meeting Yang Ye.

Yang Ye grinned, “Im just passing by.

Ill leave soon!”

The old man hesitated for a moment and asked, “Are you an immortal of legend”

Yang Ye was puzzled, “An immortal”

The old man replied, “People capable of flying and overturning oceans!”

Yang Ye rubbed his nose and said, “Sort of!”

The old man suddenly sighed softly and gazed at the young girl, “Her name is Zhier.

Her parents left five years ago.

They said they went to cultivate, but we havent heard from them for five years.

As for her, she sits on the rock outside the village every evening.”

Yang Ye glanced at the young girl and fell silent.

Meanwhile, the old man added, “Its the first time shes so happy in so many years, and its the first time Ive seen her dare to speak to another…” He suddenly stopped and glanced at Snowy who acted like a person.

He muttered to himself, That little fellow can be considered as a person, right

Yang Ye was about to speak when his expression suddenly changed drastically, “Come back here!”

Snowy was still playing with Zhier when she heard him.

She shuddered, and then immediately flashed over to Yang Yes shoulder.

Meanwhile, a gorgeous woman in a black dress suddenly appeared where Snowy had been.

The womans left hand grabbed Zhier, who still hadnt reacted to what had just happened, and her right hand descended where Snowy had been a moment ago.

She glanced at her right hand, and then she shrugged and gazed at Yang Ye.

She smiled, “Allow me to introduce myself.

Im a subordinate of the Sovereign of Man, Im one of the three greats, the Cruel Lady!”

Yang Ye looked her in the eye, “Let go of her!”

“Let go of her” The woman was slightly stunned, and then she gazed at Zhier who seemed utterly struck by panic, and she smiled, “You care a lot about her”

A smile suddenly curled up on the corners of her mouth at this point, but it was quite savage.

After that, she suddenly grabbed Zhiers right arm and pulled.


Just like that, Zhiers right arm was pulled off from her body.

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