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Chapter 1859 – Unseal It For Me!

It was about to struggle free of his grasp!

Yang Ye was shocked.

He hadnt expected it to actually try to struggle free of his grasp.

Suddenly, Snowy appeared before Yang Ye.

She grabbed the wooden sword with both her arms, and it gradually calmed down.

The armored man frowned at the sight of this, “Holy Sword, please return!”

As soon as he said those words, the wooden sword started trembling again.

A short while later, Snowy suddenly looked up at Yang Ye, and then she pointed at the golden sword sheath in the mans hand!

Yang Ye understood what she meant.

The wooden sword was one with the sheath, and it wanted to return to the sheath.

Yang Ye thought for a moment, and then he rubbed Snowys head and said, “Let go!”

Snowy blinked and thought shed heard wrongly.

Yang Ye smiled, “If its unwilling to stay with us, then forcing it to stay is pointless, right”

Snowy blinked, and then she seemed to have come to an understanding.

She immediately released the sword, and it immediately transformed into a ray of golden light that entered the sword sheath.

Sadness flashed through Snowys eyes.

Suddenly, the sword and sheath in the armored mans grasp shook violently, and then it struggled free of his grasp.

After that, the wooden sword returned to Snowy with the sheath.

Yang Ye was stunned speechless.

Yang Ye and Snowy werent the only ones who were stunned, the armored man was stunned too.

A moment later, Snowy hugged it and rubbed it gently.

After that, she seemed to have thought of something, and she looked up at the armored man, cracked a smile, and then pointed at him before pointing at the sword sheath.

She seemed to be thanking him!

Yang Ye understood her, and she really was thanking him!

Snowy ignored the armor man and the unsightly expression on his face.

She just took the wooden sword with her and shot into the Primordial Pagoda.

A cold smile arose on the corners of the Night Emperors face.

He didnt attack.

He would naturally not attack at a time like this.

The armored man gazed at Yang Ye, “Where did it go!”

Yang Ye shrugged, “Go figure!”

Suddenly, the Night Emperor gazed at the armored man, “Its obvious that the sword is with him.

You just have to kill him, and youll naturally be able to obtain it.”

The armored man glanced at the Night Emperor, and then he gazed at Yang Ye.

A moment later, a ray of silver light flashed.

Yang Yes face turned cold.

He waved his right hand lightly, and then the wooden sword appeared in his grasp again.

After that, he held it with both hands and swung it forward.


An explosion resounded.

Yang Ye was blasted 3km away, but it only took a moment for him to vanish on the spot, and he was before the armored man when he appeared again.

After that, a ray of flaming sword energy slashed down at the armored man!

A wisp of ridicule curled up on the corners of the armored mans mouth, and then he flipped his palm.

His silver spear shot upward like a raging dragon that carries monstrous might.


A sharp and ear piercing clang resounded.

The armored man was blasted downwards while Yang Ye was blasted backwards repeatedly as well.

Yang Ye didnt attack again.

He relied on the force from the collision to flash backwards and shoot off towards the distance.

If he stayed any longer, then even if he could defeat the armored man, the Night Emperor was still waiting at the side!

“You think you can escape” Suddenly, the Night Emperors voice resounded, and then a black ray of light flashed out from a spot in space close to Yang Ye.

After that, countless finger-thin venomous snakes rained down towards Yang Ye like a storm.

In next to no time, a wave of flames swept out from Yang Ye, and the snakes were incinerated in an instant.

However, this momentary delay allowed the Night Emperor to appear in front of Yang Ye, and the armored man appeared there as well!

The Night Emperor laughed coldly, “You think you can escape Didnt you get my permission”

Yang Ye glanced at them and remained silent.

Suddenly, the Night Emperor gazed at the armored man, and then he moved aside.

He didnt plan to attack because hed noticed that the armored man had a greater desire to kill Yang Ye.

The armored man glanced at the Night Emperor and moved aside as well.

He didnt attack either.

He was no fool, so he naturally knew what the Night Emperor was thinking.

Even though Yang Yes strength was inferior to them, based on the prior exchange of blows, he knew that he would definitely have to pay a certain price to kill Yang Ye.

Once he fought Yang Ye to the death like that, it was very likely for the Night Emperor to reap the rewards!

The battlefield suddenly became quiet.

Yang Ye glanced at them and didnt do anything as well.

If he tried to flee now, it was obvious that they would join forces against him.

However, he was still the person in the most passive position.

A long period of silence later, Yang Ye suddenly gazed at the Night Emperor and said, “Since both of you refuse to attack, then let me choose.

Night Emperor, lets put an end to the enmity between us!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a ray of light flashed, and then a speck of cold light appeared before the Night Emperor.

The Night Emperors eyes narrowed slightly while a trace of gloominess flashed through them.

A moment later, he tightened his grip on the hook in his grasp and swung it at Yang Ye.

It immediately hooked itself on Yang Yes sword, and then Yang Yes mind felt dazed and dizzy again.

An instant later, he felt sharp pain come from his stomach.


Yang Ye seemed like he was struck by a sledgehammer, and he was blasted almost 10km away.

An extremely deep and bloody gash had appeared on Yang Yes chest.

If he hadnt moved backwards at the critical moment, the Night Emperors attack would have dug out his internal organs.

Suddenly, the armored man gazed at the Night Emperors hook, “The Soul Hook, a mid-grade Imperial Rank treasure.

I didnt expect it to be in your possession.

Looks like the Soul Monarch, Qiu Yichi, died at your hands.”

The Night Emperor glanced at the armored man and didnt say anything.

He turned to look at Yang Ye, “Needless to say, youre a truly outstanding genius.

However, I…”

Suddenly, Yang Ye vanished on the spot.

The Night Emperors expression changed at the same time because a flaming ray of sword energy had arrived above him.

Obviously, he hadnt expected Yang Ye to dare to immediately launch a counterattack after suffering a serious injury!

But he was naturally not afraid of Yang Ye.

When the flaming sword energy arrived around 1m away from his head, the hook in his grasp stabbed upwards.

At the moment he attacked, Yang Ye saw those tiny snakes suddenly emanating a speck of dark green light!

At this moment, Yang Ye understood why he kept feeling dazed and dizzy!

Right when his sword was about to come into contact with the hook, Yang Ye suddenly stopped his sword.

An instant later, the flames vanished and so did the sword energy.

As for Yang Ye, he was 3km away.

The Night Emperor frowned.

He hadnt expected Yang Ye to suddenly stop attacking.

Yang Ye glanced at the hook in the Night Emperors grasp and frowned.

Even though hed noticed what the problem was, how should he resolve the problem The wooden sword in his grasp could cause serious harm to the hook, but every single time collision between them caused him to be dazed and dizzy.

If it occurred a few more times, even if he could shatter the hook with his sword, he would probably be dead as well!

Suddenly, the Night Emperor stomped his right foot down, and then a ray of black light shot towards Yang Ye.

This time, Yang Ye didnt collide directly with the Night Emperor.

He grabbed the wooden sword with both hands, and then he swung it forcefully a few times.

In an instant, countless rays of flaming sword energy covered the surroundings as they shot towards the Night Emperor.

In just an instant, the Night Emperor was covered beneath a rain of flaming sword energy.


Explosions resounded incessantly through the sky.

The armored mans face grew even gloomier as he watched this scene.

Hed never expected Yang Ye to actually be able to fight the Night Emperor.

Moreover, Yang Ye was just at the 2nd stage of the True Realm.

Even though Yang Ye was relying on the wooden sword and that mysterious flame, the gap in their cultivations was still extremely huge!

Of course, there was something that puzzled him even more.

Why did the holy sword stay with Yang Ye!

The holy sword was a symbol of supreme pureness and kindness in the upper universe.

It only liked kind things and people.

But Yang Ye was clearly not a kind and good person.

However, the holy sword was willing to be used by him, and that was what he really didnt understand!


Suddenly, a loud explosion resounded from afar.

It instantly pulled the armored man back to reality.

He looked towards the distance, and he saw that Yang Ye and the Night Emperor had split apart.

They were around 10km away from each other.

At this moment, there were many bloody injuries all over Yang Yes body.

Especially the injury on his shoulder, it was extremely deep to the point his bones were visible.

If it went just a little deeper, his arm would have been sliced off.

As for the Night Emperor, he had many injuries as well.

Especially his face, there was a bloody injury around 10 centimeters long on his face.

It was at an angle on his left cheek, and blood was ceaselessly seeping out of it.

The Night Emperors face was extremely gloomy.

He was about to attack when a voice suddenly resounded from far away in the sky, “Haha! Yang Ye! You really are here…”

A few dozen powerful auras suddenly descended from the sky.

Yang Yes face was extremely calm.

He was clearly aware who they were.

All of them were here to kill him.

Presently, he had a treasure in his possession, and everyone wanted it!

The Night Emperor laughed coldly, “Yang Ye, youre definitely going to die today!”

Yang Ye didnt speak.

He just closed his eyes and said, “Senior, help me unseal it!”

A few moments of silence ensued, and then Hou Qings voice resounded in Yang Yes mind, “Alright!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the wooden sword in Yang Yes grasp started to tremble, and then faint golden light emerged from it…

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