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Chapter 1847 – The Heavenly Saber Exalt!

Dark explained slowly as they traveled, “The interior of Heaven Pillar Mountain is divided into 12 levels.

The higher you go, the more dangerous it is.

The barrier resides above the 12th level.

Break through the barrier, pass through the chaotic flow of space, and youll arrive at the large universe.”

Yang Ye nodded slightly and glanced at the surroundings.

It was vast, extremely vast.

That was what he felt about the surroundings.

It wasnt just vast, it was extremely quiet to the point their footsteps could be heard clearly.

Dark said abruptly, “Be careful!”

Yang Ye asked, “Theres danger here”

Dark nodded, “Some people here have very weird tempers.

Especially those fellows who stay here all year long.

They never leave Heaven Pillar Mountain so that they can obtain even better treasures and fortune.

So, they stay here every day.

They cant be considered as normal people anymore.”

Yang Ye shook his head, “How can you entrust all your hopes on external sources of strength”

“Youre mistaken!” Dark continued, “Even if they arent at the Quasi Enlightened Realm, the people able to enter this place definitely possess the strength to fight Quasi Enlightened Realm experts.

Since they could accomplish that, do you really think that they dont understand that principle”

Yang Ye asked, “Then why are they doing this”

Dark replied, “Theyve arrived at their own limits.

The only way to improve further is to possess even better cultivation techniques or combat techniques.

The people above the barrier possess all of that.

As for treasures, they collect treasures because those treasures can help them stay alive!”

I see! Yang Ye nodded.

He hadnt expected that.

At this moment, he finally understood why there werent any Quasi Enlightened Realm experts outside of Heaven Pillar Mountain.

Because they werent interested in participating in the fights of the mortal world!

Their hearts werent in the medium universe anymore.

Their sights were on the large universe!


Suddenly, the entire mountain shook violently, and then Yang Ye sensed countless extremely powerful auras.

They shot up into the air towards the top of the mountain.

Yang Ye gazed at Dark, and the latter explained, “Another expert has passed through the barrier.

Lets go take a look!”

His figure transformed into a black ray of light that shot up into the air, and Yang Ye immediately followed after him.

Dark led Yang Ye to the 9th level.

At this moment, there were some people here.

There werent many.

Just around 15 people.

However, all of them were Quasi Enlightened Realm experts!

Everyone was looking up.

There was a huge blue passageway above them, and it was flickering faintly.

Yang Ye glanced into it but couldnt see anything.

Yang Ye asked, “Why arent we going further up”

Dark shook his head, “Stop at the night.

Our lives will be in danger if we go higher.”

Yang Ye was about to say something, but the blue passageway suddenly started trembling rapidly.

At this moment, Yang Ye clearly noticed the experts in the surroundings had become slightly vigilant.

At the same time, an invisible wave of pressure appeared here.

It wasnt from the people here, and it was coming from the passageway.

“Dont attack!” Dark continued, “This isnt our target.

Preserve your strength!”

Yang Ye nodded and looked up at the blue passageway.

Its trembling gradually grew stronger and stronger.

It didnt take long for a shadow to float out from within it!

As soon as the shadow floated out, over a dozen black figures shot up into the sky and surrounded the shadow.

Meanwhile, the shadow shouted with fury, “How dare you!”

At the same time, an old man stretched out his hand, and a huge ethereal palm appeared above the shadow and clawed down at him.

Space didnt ripple at all, and the aura emanated from the palm descended upon the shadow.

“You ant! How dare you disrespect me!” The shadow roared with fury, and then a black blade flashed out and struck the ethereal palm.


As soon as they came into contact, the ethereal palm shattered.

At the same time, the old man was blasted backwards.

Everywhere he passed, even space started to warp!

However, as soon as the old man was pushed back, the other experts immediately charged at the shadow.

Needless to say, the shadow was extremely strong, and it wasnt a problem for the shadow to fight many experts at once!

Dark shook his head, “If he fled immediately, then perhaps he would have a chance to survive.

Now, he wont be able to escape even if he wants to!”

Yang Ye said, “Those fellows dont seem to be capable of doing anything to him!”

Dark replied, “It has only just begun.” He looked up at the blue passageway, “The people up there underestimate us too much.

Underestimating your enemy will cost your life!”

“Dont hold back!” Suddenly, a voice resounded in the sky, and then those experts aura rose explosively.

At the same time, the shadow was instantly suppressed.

Theyre strong! Yang Ye had an extremely solemn expression on his face as he gazed at them.

Every single one of them wasnt any weaker to Dark.

However, hed never imagined that this world had that many terrifying existences!

“Youre courting death!” The shadow roared with fury, and then a palm-sized disc appeared above him.

Darks expression changed drastically at the sight of it, “Retreat!”

As soon as he said that, his figure shot backward.

Yang Yes reaction was quick, and he hurriedly moved backward as well.

They werent the only ones whod moved back, the other experts in midair shot backwards as well.

Meanwhile, the black disc shook, and then…

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

Countless rays of black light rained down like a rainstorm!

Yang Yes pupils constricted as he moved backwards.

Because two Quasi Enlightened Realm experts in midair werent able to retreat in time and were struck by the attack.

Their bodies were instantly destroyed, but their souls were able to escape.

The black light was extremely swift to the point that even Yang Ye and Dark couldnt escape them.

A golden needle appeared in Darks grasp, and then it transformed into a golden ray of light that moved about swiftly before Dark.

The black light in front of him was instantly sliced up into bits.

Yang Ye had an extremely solemn expression on his face as he gazed at the black light before him.

Even though he was at the Blood Rebirth stage, the black light felt terrifying to him.

He knew that even if he could survive them, he would be crippled by them!

Yang Ye didnt dare act carelessly.

The wooden sword appeared in his grasp, and then he waved it before him.

Everywhere it passed, the black lights were instantly obliterated.

It didnt take long for the surroundings to return to calm.

Dark glanced at his chest.

There were two bloody holes there that had been pierced open by the black light.

Because it was utterly impossible for him to destroy the black light with ease, he had to converge all his strength to destroying those that were shooting towards the vital points on his body!

The injuries on his chest werent the only thing, his golden needle had some fine cracks on it.

Suddenly, he gazed at Yang Ye, scanned Yang Yes body, and asked, “Youre not injured”

Yang Ye replied with a question, “You were injured”

Dark gazed at Yang Yes wooden sword.

He gazed at it for a long time and suddenly said, “As expected of the divine treasure which can even pierce through the barrier.

But your attainments in the Sword Dao are formidable too.”

Yang Ye glanced at the sword.

Indeed, the wooden sword had played a huge role in his ability to destroy the black light with ease.

At this moment, Yang Ye had the slight urge to unseal the sword.

But he couldnt!

There were two reasons for that.

Firstly, if he unsealed it now, then his current strength would be unable to truly control it.

Secondly, once he unsealed it, the Sovereign of Man would be able to sense it.

At that time, he may send someone to get the sword.

Yang Ye didnt want to cause trouble for himself!

So, he wouldnt rashly unseal it unless he had no other choice.

Suddenly, a voice resounded in the sky, “Ants of the lower universe, you actually dare to try and act against me! Youre courting death! All of you!”

Yang Ye and Dark looked up.

The shadow in the sky had transformed into a middle aged man now.

However, the shadow wasnt a material figure.

Obviously, it was a soul.

The middle aged man had an oval shaped face, thick brows, and a vicious gaze in his eyes.

Besides that, a small black disc floated above his palm!

Dark suddenly said, “This fellow is such an idiot.”

Yang Ye asked, “What do you mean”

Dark shook his head, “That thing above his palm is a divine treasure.

If a Quasi Enlightened Realm expert gains possession of it, that experts strength will definitely rise by 30% or more.

Simply speaking, he has exposed a treasure in his possession, so many are going to act against him now!”

Suddenly, the middle aged man gazed at an old man to his right, and then he tapped a finger in the old mans direction.

The black disc transformed into a ray of black light that vanished on the spot and appeared above the old man.

The old mans expression changed drastically.

A black iron rod appeared in his grasp, and then he slammed it at the black disc.

Meanwhile, the black disc trembled slightly, and then an ethereal black spear flashed out from it.

The black spear stabbed down swiftly.

As soon as it struck the iron rod, the iron rod was instantly obliterated.

The old mans expression changed drastically, and he instantly appeared down below at the 1st level.

He was about to leave, but his figure hadnt even touched the ground when the ethereal spear appeared above him.


The old man didnt have a chance to escape this time.

The spear instantly pierced through his head.

At the exact same moment, the old mans soul flashed out of his body and transformed into a ray of black light that vanished on the spot.

His soul had fled, but his body was gone!

In the sky of the 9th level, a wisp of ridicule curled up on the corners of the mans mouth, “Ants will always be ants!”

Suddenly, a ray of cold light appeared, and then a flying saber appeared before the man.

The flying saber had appeared out of nowhere, and no one had been able to react to it!

Even the middle aged man had only been able to react when it appeared before him, and it only took a moment for the black disc to appear before his forehead.

As for the flying saber, it suddenly stopped upon coming into contact with the black disc!

An instant later, it made a sharp turn and moved around the mans head, and then it sank into the back of the mans head!

The mans figure stiffened.

Meanwhile, Dark spoke solemnly, “Another flying saber… The Heavenly Saber Exalt!”

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