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Baoer brought Yang Ye to a hall.

When he saw the scene within the hall, Yang Ye was first stunned before his expression became solemn.

Numerous old men were seated within the hall.

All of them wore the robes of Talisman Masters.

Of course, this wasnt the main point.

The main point was that Yang Ye noticed practically all of these old men were Heaven Talisman Master!

Besides his master, Lin Shan… right, and Ning Xiu that Baoer had extorted earlier, Yang Ye didnt know anyone else here.

On the other hand, it was obvious that these old men were waiting for him because all of them were sizing him up at this moment.

Yang Ye gazed at Lin Shan and Lin Shan nodded to him.

After that, Lin Shan looked at Baoer who stuck out her tongue in response before running out of the hall.

When he saw Baoer leave, Lin Shan said, “Kid, the meeting we had earlier was to discuss you.

What exactly were we discussing We were discussing whether we should give you the badge of an Earth Talisman Master.

Unfortunately, besides your Master, I, everyone else doesnt think you have the qualifications to become an Earth Talisman Master.

So, whether or not you are able to become an Earth Talisman Master will depend completely on your own ability!”

So thats the reason.

Yang Ye smiled.

Hed originally thought that theyd gathered here because hed attacked the young man earlier.

If these people wanted to punish him, then he would definitely be in trouble today.

Fortunately, they hadnt gathered because of that!

Right at this moment, the old man by Lin Shans side said, “Kid, you possess gold element profound energy”

Yang Ye nodded when he heard this.

The old man asked another question.

“Every single talisman you craft is a high-grade talisman without any exception”

Yang Ye looked at Lin Shan, and when he saw Lin Shan nodded, he immediately stopped concealing it and nodded.

When they saw Yang Ye nod, the gazes everyone present here shot at Yang Ye had become slightly weird.

“Can you give it a try on the spot” asked the old man.

Yang Ye looked at Lin Shan again, and Lin Shan nodded and said, “Theres no need to worry.

Just give it a try.

They dont have any ill intent!”

When he heard this, Yang Ye stopped hesitating.

He walked straight to a table before all sorts of talisman crafting materials appeared on the table with a flip of his palm, and then he picked up his talisman brush….

Yang Ye naturally believe it when Lin Shan said that they had no ill intent.

At this moment, hed guessed Lin Shans intentions.

No matter where it was, one would only be thought highly off and respected if one possessed sufficient strength.

Only the Talisman Masters Association could protect him from the Flower Palace, and in order to make the association be willing to offend the Flower Palace for his sake, then he must reveal a natural talent that made the association think highly of him.

Only by obtaining the acknowledgment of the association would he have no need to fear the Flower Palace acting against him in public!

Otherwise, if he merely relied on his master, Lin Shan, alone, then it would be insufficient to instill fear in a colossus like the Flower Palace!

The first talisman Yang Ye crafted was a Strength Talisman, and he could be said to be extremely skilled in it.

In next to no time, a Strength Talisman that flickered with a golden glow appeared before the eyes of everyone.

Yang Ye had just put his brush away when the old man that asked Yang Ye the questions earlier had hurriedly waved his hand, and the Strength Talisman flew into his palm.

When he noticed the quality of the Strength Talisman, the old mans eyes were filled with shock, and he said, “It really is gold profound energy, and with the boost of this gold profound energy, this Strength Talisman is more than two times superior to an ordinary high-grade Strength Talisman!” When he spoke up to here, the old man looked at Yang Ye and said, “Kid, how did you accomplish this”

“Masters skillful teaching and guidance!” Yang Ye spoke modestly.

The old man looked at Lin Shan, and he saw Lin Shan was grinning from ear to ear and seemed extraordinarily complacent!

There was competition between Lin Shan and all these old men here.

They didnt compete with their own strengths or Talisman Dao, and they competed with their disciples instead.

Yang Ye was so outstanding that if it was in terms of genius, then even Lin Shans Senior Brothers granddaughter couldnt compare to Yang Ye.

After all, his Martial Niece wasnt able to craft high-grade talismans every single time! But Yang Ye could!

The old man shook his head, looked at Yang Ye and said, “Can you give it another try” Hes asked this because it was truly a little too difficult to believe that Yang Ye could craft high-grade talismans every single time!

Yang Ye nodded, and then he started crafting.

These geezers in the surroundings gradually came closed to Yang Ye, and they stared fixedly at Yang Yes hand as they wanted to know how Yang Ye crafted it.

In next to no time, a high-grade Strider Talisman was completed.

In another short while, a high-grade Healing Talisman was done….

In less than two hours of time, Yang Ye had crafted eight talismans, and all eight were high-grade talismans!

All the old men in the surroundings were stunned!

Is this some sort of joke! Hes actually able to craft high-grade talismans every single time.

What sort of monstrous genius is this In the history of Talisman Masters, the number of existences capable of accomplishing this can be counted with a single hand, and practically all of those people were old geezers that were hundreds of years old, but just how old is this kid Hes less than 20 years old yet is able to craft high-grade talismans every single time….

After a short while, the old man took a deep breath, and then he gazed at Yang Ye with a slightly complicated gaze.

He said, “Kid, Ive observed the method you crafted the talismans, and your methods really are from this old geezer, Lin Shan.

But even then, it shouldnt be possible for you to craft high-grade talismans every single time because even Lin Shan isnt capable of that.

How did you accomplish it I really dont understand!

“Old bastard Shen Mo, whats the meaning of that!” Meanwhile, Lin Shan spoke furiously.

The old man called Shen Mo glanced indifferently at Lin Shan before he said, “Lin Shan, dont tell me that you can craft high-grade talismans every single time as well!”

Lin Shan flushed red as he said, “I cant, but this disciple of mine can.

So Can your disciple accomplish it Werent you extremely complacent from getting a disciple who possessed profound energy of the five elements Why dont we ask them to compete with each other”

Shen Mo grunted coldly.

He stopped arguing with Lin Shan and gazed at Yang Ye as he said, “Kid, you havent answered my question!”

Yang Ye smiled bitterly and said, “Senior, I dont know the answer to this question of yours as well.

In any case, Ive been crafting these talismans according to the methods Master taught me.

If there are any techniques or secrets, then even if I tried to hide it, Master would definitely not.

If you insist on obtaining a reason, then maybe its because my luck is too good….”

The others shook their heads when they heard this.

His luck is too good Is your luck that heaven defying

All the people here were had gathered experience and wisdom with age, so how could they not understand that Yang Ye was playing a game ofTaichi However, even though they knew, it wasnt appropriate to continue asking.

After all, every single Talisman Master had his own secret techniques and methods, so it was very normal for Yang Ye to refuse to reveal it to them.

“Kid, your natural talent is extremely terrifying indeed, and theres probably no one in the younger generation of the association that can compare to you in terms of natural talent.

However, you must be able to craft Technique Talismans in order to become an Earth Talisman Master.

Kid, dont tell that youre already able to craft Technique Talismans, and theyre of the high-grade as well!” said Shen Mo.

Yang Ye smiled and remained silent.

Shen Mo said in a low voice, “Kid, youre already able to craft Technique Talismans”

Yang Ye nodded.

“And theyre always of the high-grade as well” Meanwhile, another old man asked this question.

Yang Ye nodded once more.

A wave of gasps resounded in the surroundings.

The gazes they shot at Yang Ye had become weird once more.

The difficulty of crafting Technique Talismans wasnt something that basic talismans could compare to.

Even if all of them who were Heaven Talisman Masters were extremely concentrated as they crafted a Technique Talisman, they still wouldnt dare say that they could craft 8 high-grade Technique Talismans in 10 tries.

Yet this young man who wasnt even 20 was able to….

“Give him the badge of a Grade One Earth Talisman Master!” Meanwhile, the white haired old man that sat at the seat of the host spoke abruptly.

The lips of many old men moved when they heard this, but they didnt say anything in the end.

Such a monstrous genius really did possess the qualifications to become a Grade One Earth Talisman Master.

So, speaking up to obstruct this from happening would be like trying to intentionally find fault in Yang Ye.

At this moment, Lin Shan suddenly said, “Then what about the Flower palace”

“When has our Talisman Masters Association ever had to act according to the wishes of the Flower Palace” The white haired old man laughed coldly and said, “In the future, this kid will be protected by our Talisman Masters Association!

Lin Shan revealed a smile when he heard this, and then he looked at Yang Ye and said, “Kid, arent you going to thank your Martial Uncle”

With the words his senior brother spoke earlier, it would be absolutely impossible for the Flower Palace to do anything to Yang Ye in the future.

Not to mention the Flower Palace, even the Origin School had to give the association face!

Yang Ye wasnt a fool, so he naturally understood the meaning behind the white haired old mans words.

He immediately walked over to the white haired old man, bowed like a disciple, and then said, “Yang Ye greets Martial Uncle!”

The white haired old man nodded lightly and said, “Youre very good! Youre even better than that little girl of mine!”

“Its all thanks to Masters teaching and guidance….”

Yang Ye hadnt finished speaking when the white haired old man struck him on the head and said, “Dont play those tricks in front of me!”

Yang Ye smiled with embarrassment when he heard this….


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