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Feng Yangs eyelids twitched when he heard the words Daoist Zui.

He had a chance if it was against Lin Shan, but if it was against Daoist Zui, then no! They werent existences on the same level at all.

The Sword Sect had been able to remain standing for a few hundreds of years and remain a member of the six great powers because of Daoist Zuis presence.

Just as Ning Xiu had said, if he infuriated this legendary figure, then his Feng Clan would definitely be unable to endure Daoist Zuis rage.

“Is your master Daoist Zui or not” Feng Yang gazed at Yang Ye as he asked in a deep voice.

“What do you think!” Yang Ye would naturally not say that he wasnt, but he wouldnt say he was either.

What a joke! Hed stopped posing as anothers disciple for a long time now.

Of course, the most important reason was that he was afraid of the trouble that would descend upon him in the future.

At this moment, he couldnt afford to offend the divine protector of the Sword Sect, Daoist Zui!

Feng Yangs eyelids twitched, and he had the impulse to strike Yang Ye to death right now.

However, when he recalled the sword technique Yang Ye executed earlier and the scenes where Yang Ye had broken through his combat techniques, Feng Yang took a deep breath and forcefully suppressed this impulse.

Even though his young man who stood before him was merely at the First Heaven Realm, the young mans strength wasnt inferior to a King Realm expert.

Especially that mysterious sword technique.

So, if this young mans cultivation was just a little bit higher, then even he would have no choice but to fear this young man!

The more he thought about this, the more Feng Yang felt that Yang Ye was Daoist Zuis disciple.

Because only Daoist Zui could foster such a monstrous genius in the sword!

After a short while, Feng Yang said in a low voice.

“Let my grandson go.

I wont kill you!”

“Do you think Im an idiot” Yang Ye ridiculed, “You wouldnt kill me just because you said so What if you attack me as soon as I let your grandson go, how could a tiny little First Heaven Realm Profounder like me survive before a Spirit Realm expert like you”

“Kid, dont go too far!” said Feng Yang in a low voice.

Right at this moment, Ning Xiu said, “Kid, let his grandson go.

I guarantee that he will absolutely not make a move against you.


Ning Xiu himself was afraid that Yang Ye would be impulsive and kill Feng Yangs grandson.

Because in that way, an enmity that could only end in death would have been sown.

Presently, there was still room for them to be reconciled, so there was absolutely no need for the matter to develop to such an extent!

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment, and then Violet Spirit returned to his hand with a single gesture from him.

He believed this old man, Ning Xiu, slightly because the old man had spoken on his behalf.

Otherwise, a life and death struggle would have probably erupted between him and the old man called Feng Yang.

Even though he wasnt afraid of that, there was truly no need for it!

As for the young man that laid on the ground, if he was sensible, then he would naturally not come looking for trouble with Yang Ye.

Conversely, if the young man wasnt sensible, then he couldnt be blamed for what happened.

Feng Yang didnt attack.

His figure flashed and arrived before the young man that laid in a pool of blood.

Even though the young mans injuries were very severe, fortunately, the young man had slapped a Healing Talisman on himself, so there was no danger to his life.

However, Feng Yang was still slightly unable to restrain his rage from surging, and he wanted to shred Yang Ye into pieces!

However, he still had a little bit of sense left in him, so he didnt attack.

He just glanced coldly at Yang Ye before he glanced at the woman with a gaze that carried deep meaning, and then he carried the young man along as he flashed and vanished on the spot.

When he saw Feng Yang leave, Yang Yes wrist moved slightly, and he put the Hidden Sword into his Dantian while Violet Spirit flew back into his grasp.

Earlier, if Feng Yang had attacked, then he would have slaughtered both Feng Yang and his grandson even if he had to expose the little fellow!

“A simple thing turned into such a mess.

Are you satisfied now” Meanwhile, the woman spoke coldly from the side.

“Just shut your mouth!” Yang Ye said bluntly, “You seem to have forgotten who looked for trouble with the other first, who struck the first blow, and who intended to kill the other first.

If Im not wrong, it seemed to have been the both of you, right What Only you two are allowed to attack me and kill me, yet I cant do the same to the two of you Why Because he has apowerful grandfather Because youre pretty Fuck off! If you speak another word of nonsense, I might really be unable to restrain myself from killing you!”

The womans expression changed.

It was the first time shed been ridiculed and treated like this in public.

She immediately said with a cold expression, “I really dont know why Martial Uncle Lin would take a disciple like you!” As soon as she finished speaking, she didnt waste her breath again and walked towards the association building.

Yang Ye laughed coldly when he saw her leave.

There are always conceited people like this in the world.

“Kid, needless to say, you are too unyielding.

You are even more unyielding than your master, Lin Shan.

Things that are too hard are easy to snap.

You should change this character of yours!” Meanwhile, Ning Xiu spoke abruptly.

Even though Lin Shans was a madman, he would still be sensible so long as one didnt force him into a corner, and he would always leave room for reconciliation.

On the other hand, this kid left no room at all and desired to annihilate all his enemies!

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “Thank you, Senior, for your kind words.

But this is my character, and its impossible to change, nor do I want to change it.

Moreover, it should be me who cries of aggrievances.

If I didnt possess some strength, then I would have probably transformed into a pile of ashes just now.

Right, I injured that womans fiancé to such an extent earlier but why didnt I notice any anger from her”

Ning Xiu sighed and said, “Kid, you are as slow as your master.

Do you still not realize that you were used just now”

“I was used” Yang Ye frowned and said, “You are saying I was used by that woman It cant be, right”

“No” Ning Xiu said, “Could it be that you didnt sense that little girl was constantly forcing you to kill Feng Yangs grandson If she really had the intention to kill you or protect Feng Yangs grandson, then kid, not only would you be unable to harm Feng Yangs grandson, your own life might be in danger as well.

Dont think that Im just scaring you.

Her grandfather is the President of the Talisman Masters Association.

That little girl has at least a few dozens of high-rank Technique Talismans and even Technique Talismans of a higher rank.

Kid, would you be able to resist a few dozens of high-rank Technique Talismans”

Yang Yes expression changed when he heard this.

A few dozes of high-rank Technique Talismans!

It was no joke.

That day, hed only used three high-rank Technique Talismans to heavy injure Feng Yi who was a seventh rank Spirit Realm expert.

So, if it was a few dozens, then not to mention him, even an Exalt Realm expert might not be able to resist it!

“You are saying that she knew who I was since the beginning, and she was aware of my strength” asked Yang Ye.

If it was really true, then that womans scheming ability was truly too terrifying.

Earlier, hed been constantly under the impression that she was helping that young man.

Never had he imagined that shed been constantly forcing him to kill the young man.

Now, when he thought about what had occurred earlier, Yang Ye really did feel that something was off.

Because both the reason why the young man had attacked him and why he had become enraged and aroused the intent to kill was because of what the woman had said! When he thought up to here, cold sweat drenched Yang Yes back.

This womans ability in scheming is truly terrifying!

“I dont know whether she was aware of your identity and strength!” Ning Xiu said, “In short, it was a fact that she wanted you to kill that young man.

Alas, Feng Yang is a stupid fellow as well.

Even if he wanted to find someone to rely on by way of a union in marriage, he shouldnt have set his eyes on that girl! It would be alright if that girl liked his grandson, but the problem is she didnt.

With that little girls scheming ability and methods, and coupled with the fact that she didnt like Feng Yangs grandson, then Feng Yangs intentions of seeking an alliance with the President through marriage is like seeking death for his grandson.”

“Then why did she question why her Martial Uncle Lin would take a disciple like me” Yang Ye asked.

“What did she mean by that”

“Alas, your intelligence….” Ning Xiu gazed at Yang Ye as if he was looking at an idiot, and then he said, “There are two meanings behind her words.

The first was that she was putting on a show for me so that I would know that she was on Feng Yangs grandsons side.

The second was that she was insulting you of course.

She was saying you are stupid….


Yang Yes face darkened when he heard this.

Am I stupid Alright, I did act quite stupidly in this matter.

Not only was I schemed against, I even played along.

Most importantly, I didnt even realize that after everything had occurred….

“In the Talisman Masters Association.

No, I should say in the Imperial Capital, there are two people that one absolutely must not offend.

The first is that little girl from before.

If you offend her, then a pile of trouble would just suddenly arrive at your doorstep.

The other is that little she-devil Baoer.

If you offend that little she-devil, then trouble will arrive right away!” said Ning Xiu.

“Youve met Baoer” asked Yang Ye.

The corners of Ning Xius mouth twitched when he heard the words Baoer, and he said, “Does anyone in the Imperial Capital not know of her reputation As soon as she arrived at the Imperial Capital, she went all around it and utilized the stack of high-rank Technique Talismans in her possession to blast anyone she didnt like….

Now, even the Imperial Guard would turn around upon hearing her name.

Why Because that little she-devil cant be scolded or struck.

After she blasts someone with her talismans, the final outcome would be that person would have to apologize to her….”

When he spoke up to here, Ning Xiu was suddenly slightly infuriated and said, “Tell me, its fine that she just blasts people on the streets, but she even does the same in the association! Presently, all the elders in the association turn around and flee as soon as they catch sight of her.

Why Because she will address them asGrandpa as soon as she meets them….

The consequence of being addressed asGrandpa would be that you have to give her Technique Talismans.

If you didnt Then haha… the consequence would be her calling youGeezer before tossing over a stack of Technique Talismans….”

Yang Ye was slightly amused when he heard this.

Looks like Baoers reputation in the Imperial Capital is very great.

Perhaps I would be able to roam freely in the Imperial Capital so long as I said that I was her junior brother!“Lets not take about all of that.

Ill take you to see your master first.

The meeting ought to have ended by now!” Ning Xiu waved, and then he turned around and walked towards the association building.

Yang Ye hurriedly followed Ning Xiu when he saw this.


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