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Chapter 1782 – A Devil Amongst Demons!

In the room, Yang Ye opened his eyes slowly, and then he appeared 10m ahead..

A moment later, he appeared 15m ahead, but just an instant passed before he appeared 30m behind!

Just like that, Yang Yes position kept changing.

There were no afterimages left behind!

In the past, he left afterimages behind in space if he moved too quickly, but he didnt leave any behind now!

It was because of the difference in speed between the Grand Teleportation Technique and his old speed!


It was direct teleportation of space and not through space, so it didnt leave any afterimages behind!

However, hed merely attained the 1st level of the technique.

The 1st level was just the beginning, and it truly became formidable at the 2nd and 3rd level.

The 2nd level allowed one to freely teleport through the space within a world.

As for the 3rd level, it was as Lin Weiyang had said.

It allowed the user to teleport through stellar regions!

Even though the 1st level was just the beginning, it was still extremely powerful.

At the very least, it surpassed his previous speed.

But he couldnt teleport too far.

If he moved too far, his profound energy would be insufficient, and his body wouldnt be able to endure it!


He was confident in his ability to instantly kill 5th stage True Realm experts within a distance of 300m around him!

However, he wasnt confident in his ability to accomplish that beyond a distance of 300m.

Moreover, he didnt dare to utilize the Grand Teleportation Technique for a distance more than 300m.

It was a divide.

If he went further than that, his profound energy and body would instantly dry up and crack open.

Of course, as his strength grew, his ability in the Grand Teleportation Technique would improve as well.

So, he would definitely not be limited by such a distance in the future.

However, it was a process that he had to go through!

Meanwhile, Lin Weiyang appeared before Yang Ye.

She gazed at Yang Ye while a smile curled up on her lips, “Congratulations! Youve succeeded!”

Yang Ye gazed at her, “Thank you!”

Lin Weiyang shook her head slightly, “Theres no need for that! Were just helping each other!”

Yang Ye was puzzled, “Helping each other”

Lin Weiyang waved her hand, “Leave.

I need a moment to myself!”

Yang Ye glanced at her, nodded, and then left the 3rd level.

Outside the pavilion, Su Mu appeared in front of Yang Ye.

Su Mu smiled, “Congratulations!”

Yang Ye smiled, “Thank you!”

Su Mu nodded slightly, “Three days from now, Ill take you to where the head is sealed.

You can have a look there.


Yang Ye thought for a moment and nodded, “Alright!” Since hed benefitted from them, he naturally had to do his best.

However, he wouldnt risk his life if he really couldnt deal with it.

Su Mu said, “Go get some rest.

Ill come get you when its time!”

He vanished on the spot once he finished speaking.

After Su Mu left, an old man appeared before Yang Ye, “Young Master Yang, please come with me!”

Yang Ye nodded, and it didnt take long for the old man to bring him to a small courtyard.

“This is where youll stay.

Just let me know if you need anything!” He vanished on the spot once he finished speaking.

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings, and then he entered a room.

Yang Ye sat cross-legged on the bed.

It didnt take long for him to immerse his mind into his body and arrive at the 1st level of the Primordial Pagoda.

As soon as he arrived there, Qiong Qi appeared in front of him.

Qiong Qi said, “Kid, something doesnt seem right!”

Yang Ye asked, “What doesnt seem right”

Qiong Qi replied, “Kid, stop acting.

Youre very smart, dont tell me you havent sensed that something is off!”

Yang Ye fell silent for a few breaths of time and replied, “Actually, theres no need to think so much about it.

Ill treat them in the same way that they treat me.”

Qiong Qi spoke in a low voice, “The problem is that if they have ill intent towards you, then your strength is utterly insufficient to resist them.

Not to mention all of them, just those two women from before arent existences that you can resist.

Especially the second woman.

Did you know that wasnt her main body at all”

Yang Ye suddenly gazed at Qiong Qi, “Brother Qiong Qi, Ive always had a question.

Can you answer it for me”

Qiong Qi asked, “What”

Yang Ye said, “Even if your status in the demon race is lower than that Undying Black Phoenix, it wouldnt be much lower.

However, Yang Lianshuang was able to fight a 6th stage True Realm expert while using the Undying Black Phoenixs energy.

But Brother Qiong Qi, while youre able to fight a 6th stage True Realm expert on your own, youre absolutely incapable of defeating such an expert on your own.

Not to mention a 6th stage True Realm expert, you probably cant even defeat me!”

Qiong Qi spoke indifferently, “What are you trying to say”

Yang Ye walked over to Qiong Qi and looked Qiong Qi in the eyes, “I think that this isnt your main body!”

As soon as Yang Ye finished speaking, silence filled the surroundings.

Actually, Yang Ye had wanted to ask this question for a very long time.

Because Qiong Qi was a demon beast from the large universe, and he was definitely not an ordinary demon beast.

However, such a demon beast was so weak….

That wasnt normal at all!

After all, both the human and demon beasts that were part of the ancient cultivators were extremely formidable existences.

Even though Qiong Qi was quite strong, he couldnt be described as extremely formidable.

“This was never his main body!” Suddenly, the Divine Yin Flame appeared before Yang Ye, “Qiong Qi, one of the four vicious beasts from the ancient times.

He rules over millions of demons in the demon world, and he was named the Devil Amongst Demons by that almighty figure from the demon race.

How could a dignified demon king of the demon world be so weak”

Yang Ye gazed at Qiong Qi, “Are you really just a clone!”

“Of course!” The Divine Yin Flame said, “As a demon king of the demon world, hell definitely draw everyones attention if he leaves the large universe.

Moreover, he doesnt dare to come down here with his main body too.”

Yang Ye was puzzled, “Why”

The Divine Yin Flame said, “This universe was created by Master and the earliest group of cultivators.

In order to protect this medium universe and the small universe, they placed a barrier around these universes.”

He paused for a moment and continued, “If anyone from a higher universe wishes to descend, it isnt impossible, but their strength cant be too great.

If theyre too strong, theyll activate the barrier.

So, even Master sent a clone down here and didnt descend here with his main body.

It wasnt that his main body couldnt descend here, its because he didnt want to damage the barrier!”

So thats why! Yang Ye nodded, and then he gazed at Qiong Qi and smiled, “The devil amongst demons.

Brother Qiong Qi, youre doing quite well in the large universe.”

Qiong Qi glanced at Yang Ye, “Do you know why I came down here”

Yang Ye replied, “Because of this pagoda!”

Qiong Qi nodded, “Its the number one treasure of the large universe, and there isnt a single person up there who doesnt want to get their hands on it!”

“It isnt the number one treasure!” Suddenly, the Divine Yin Flame said, “It isnt the number one treasure in the large universe.”

Yang Ye and Qiong Qi gazed at the Divine Yin Flame.

Theres an existence thats even greater than the Primordial PagodaThe Divine Yin Flame spoke solemnly as they gazed at him, “Theres another treasure, and it….” He paused for a moment and continued, “Actually, its in the Primordial Pagoda!”

“Its in here” Yang Ye was stunned, “Where”

The Divine Yin Flame replied, “The 9th level!”

Yang Ye asked, “What is it”

The Divine Yin Flame answered, “Youll find out if you have the chance to access the 9th level.” As soon as he finished speaking, he vanished on the spot.

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

Meanwhile, Qiong Qi suddenly said, “Kid, work hard.

Your current strength isnt bad in the medium universe, but as Ive said in the past, the world is much vaster than youve ever imagined, and the experts in it are innumerable!”

After he finished speaking, Qiong Qi turned around with the intent to leave.

However, he seemed to have thought of something and suddenly gazed at Yang Ye, “Kid, arent you afraid that Ill take this pagoda from you in the future”

Yang Ye gazed at Qiong Qi, “Do you want it”

Qiong Qi looked Yang Ye in the eyes, “What if I do”

Yang Ye smiled, “Then take it.”

Qiong Qi gazed at Yang Ye for a long time, and then he said, “To be honest, after knowing you for so long, I noticed that Ive always been underestimating you.

No matter which side you take in the future, I dont want to become enemies with you.

Of course, I hope we dont become enemies.

After all, the way you do things is to my liking!”

He vanished on the spot once he finished speaking.

Yang Ye chuckled and vanished.

As soon as he returned to the outside world, the sound of the door being knocked resounded.

Yang Ye glanced at the door and said, “Come in!”


The door opened slowly, and a woman in a white dress appeared within his field of vision.

It was Yun Qian.

Needless to say, Yun Qian was extremely beautiful.

Especially her disposition.

She was like a pure and completely untainted snow lotus at the peak of a snowy mountain!

Yang Ye glanced at her and asked, “Miss Yun, do you need something”

Yun Qian grinned, “Brother Yang, the younger generation of my Secret Sect are having a competition.

Right, it should be called a summit of mutual growth.

Are you interested”

“A summit of mutual growth” Yang Ye shook his head, “Im not interested.”

The younger generation were a bunch of kids to him!

Yun Qian said, “I know youre strong, but it may be beneficial to you.”

Yang Ye asked, “What do you mean”

Yun Qian explained, “Im sure youre aware that the Secret Sect recruits the monstrous geniuses of the outside world.

So, it can be said that many true geniuses from the outside world are within my Secret Sect.

For example, the expert ranked at the 1st position on the Milky Way Rankings.

At this moment, hes in my Secret Sect too.

Besides that, there are many extraordinary geniuses who werent renowned through the medium universe.

Brother Yang, dont you want to meet them”

The first on the Milky Way Rankings! Yang Ye remained silent for a moment, and then he nodded, “Alright, Ill go have a look!” He was bored in his room anyway!

A charming smile appeared on Yun Qians face, but it was a little strange!

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