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Chapter 1757 – Come Back Alive!

Crush them!

The hall fell silent.

Meanwhile, Yang Xuan suddenly said, “Both sides will suffer severe losses if we fight like that, and it’ll only create an opportunity for the other clans!”

Yang Ye nodded, “I know, but do we have another choice At this moment, if we ask for peace, I’m sure all of you know what the outcome will be, right Our clan has no other choice now, and we can only fight!”

“Then have you thought about the consequences if we suffer severe losses as well” Yang Xuan looked Yang Ye in the eyes, “Once that happens, what will we do if the other clans attack”

Yang Ye chuckled and glanced at the others here.

In the end, his gaze stopped on Yang Xuan, “Everyone, do you still not understand the situation that our Yang Clan is in It’s a hopeless situation! A truly hopeless situation! If we fight, we’ll have a chance to survive, but if we don’t, then we can only wait for death to creep up on us!”

Yang Xuan fell silent, and so did the others.

Just as Yang Ye had said, the Yang Clan was in a hopeless situation.

They had a chance if they fought, but they could only wait for death to arrive if they didn’t fight back!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye said, “If you want to stop slaughter, you must first possess the strength to cause slaughter.

If you want to stop a war, you must first have the strength to start a war.

We can’t afford the fight, and neither can they.

So, we can’t shrink back at a time like this.

If we do, our potential troubles will be endless.

Regardless of who looks for trouble with us, we have no choice but to fight them and crush them.

In a confrontation of enemies, it isn’t the brave who wins, it’s the ruthless that wins!”

Yang Ye took a deep breath once he finished speaking.

He’d acknowledged the Yang Clan, and he sincerely hoped that it did better.

Because Su Qingshi and the others were here.

All his loved ones were here.

As for Yang Lianshuang, they could be considered to be good friends.

If it was in the past, he would choose to be selfish.

For example, he would take Su Qingshi and the others with him, but he wouldn’t do that now.

On many occasions, others didn’t have to help you before you helped them, it could be the other way around!

One couldn’t always take, one had to give too.

Otherwise, a person who only took would have no friends.

Everyone here fell silent.

Meanwhile, Yang Lianshuang suddenly spoke, “Do you have any objections”

They remained silent.

She continued, “Yang Ye and I aren’t the only ones who make decisions for the Yang Clan.

If you have any suggestions or questions, you can raise them.”

A dictator may help a clan to thrive, but it may lead a clan to its doom.

Yang Lianshuang refused to be a dictator.

Yang Xuan shook her head, “I have no objections!”

The others shook their heads as well.

They naturally had no objections because they didn’t have a better idea.

Yang Lianshuang nodded, “Since you have no objections, then it’s decided.

You’re all core experts of my Yang Clan, and I believe that you won’t betray our clan.

You have no reason to either.

But during this time, no one is allowed to leave the clan.

You may leave!”

All of them left, and only Yang Ye and Yang Lianshuang remained.

Yang Lianshuang walked over to Yang Ye and said, “Which clan have you chosen”

Yang Ye asked, “Which is the weakest”

She replied, “The Li Clan!”

He said, “Then it’s the Li Clan!”

She nodded slightly, “Are you going, or should I”

Yang Ye replied, “I will.

You just have to defend the Yang Clan.”

Yang Lianshuang asked, “Do you have any requests”

Yang Ye replied, “Tell all those fellows from before to go with me.”

She nodded, “Alright.

When will you be leaving”

Yang Ye replied, “Tomorrow!”

She gazed at him for a long time before she said, “Come back alive!”

Yang Ye smiled, “Of course!”

Yang Lianshuang nodded slightly, “Go and rest.

I’ll get everything ready.”

She turned around and walked towards the exit.

Suddenly, she stopped.

Her lips moved slightly, but not a sound came from her.

A short while passed before Yang Ye nodded, “I see!”

She nodded, and then left the hall.

Once she left, Yang Ye sat down cross-legged and entered the Primordial Pagoda.

In the world on the 1st level, Yang Ye came to a forest and closed his eyes.

Just like that, he stood there for over a dozen breaths of time before suddenly opening his eyes.


In an instant, the trees in an area of 3km around Yang Ye were instantly chopped down.

Split Second!

It was still Split Second!

But its speed was much faster than it had been, but it wasn’t much stronger in terms of strength.

However, it had undergone a qualitative transformation in terms of its speed.

Because his Spatial Laws were at the Zenith Rank now!

After training bitterly for months, Yang Ye’s Spatial Laws had been improved to the Zenith Rank with the help of his Sword Domain.

The Spatial Laws at the Zenith Rank and the Laws of Darkness at the Zenith Rank allowed his speed to at least double!

It could be said that if he wanted to kill True Realm experts now, then even killing a 3rd stage True Realm expert didn’t require more than a single attack!

Just one attack was enough!

Unfortunately, the Laws of Speed and the Temporal Laws hadn’t been improved.

Otherwise, his sword could have been even faster.

Especially the Laws of Speed.

If it was improved to the Zenith Rank, then his attack speed would double at least!

His speed was already so terrifying.

So, if it doubled again, it would absolutely be capable of posing a threat to even 6th stage True Realm experts.

Unfortunately, he hadn’t found an opportunity to advance it to the Zenith Rank.

Simply speaking, it was a bottleneck.

He’d encountered a bottleneck.

Of course, if he was given more time, then he could break through it.

Yet now, the Yang Clan was in trouble, so he had to put it aside for now.

Previously, Yang Ye didn’t have a sense of belonging to the Yang Clan, yet now, Su Qingshi and the others needed a safe place to take shelter in, and the Yang Clan just happened to be suitable.

Since they were here, the Yang Clan was his home!

He didn’t want to continue wandering without a home, and he didn’t want them to continue wandering as well.

After resting in the Primordial Pagoda all night, Yang Ye left it in the morning and went to Phecda Hall.

At this moment, Yang Lianshuang and the others were waiting for him.

The Yang Clan’s experts were by Yang Lianshuang’s side, and there were a total of 27 of them.

There were seven 4th stage True Realm experts, ten 3rd stage True Realm experts, and the rest were 1st and 2nd stage True Realm experts!

It was the Yang Clan’s full strength!

Meanwhile, Yang Lianshuang pointed at Yang Lin and the other nine experts behind him, “The ten of them will go with you.”

Yang Ye glanced at them and said, “Are all of you ready”

They nodded.

Yang Ye nodded, “Some of you had enmity with me in the past, but it isn’t important anymore.

I’m not someone who can’t let go.

Since it was in the past, then leave it there.

Now, I hope you’ll be able to work together with me and stay united.

Because if the Yang Clan is gone, all of us will be homeless!”

Meanwhile, the leader of the Council of Elders, Yang Lin, stepped forward, “Young Master Ye, we were in the wrong for what happened in the past, and we thank you for not pursuing the matter.

Just as you’ve said, it’s in the past.

From now on, all of us will do everything we can to support you and Young Miss Shuang.”

The others nodded in agreement.

Just as Yang Ye had said, if the Yang Clan was gone, then they would be homeless.

No one wanted to be homeless!

Yang Lianshuang gazed at Yang Ye and nodded slightly.

She was quite worried before this.

She was worried Yang Ye wouldn’t be able to let go of the enmity of the past.

But now it seemed like she’d been overthinking.

Actually, she understood Yang Ye’s temper a little better.

This was how he was.

If one spoke with him nicely, then he would speak nicely; if one was sincere to him, he would be sincere as well.

But if someone tried to compete in being ruthless with him, then he would absolutely be more ruthless!

Yang Ye nodded, “Everyone, let’s go!”

His figure vanished on the spot, and then Yang Lin’s group vanished as well.

Just like that, the eleven of them left the hall.

Yang Lianshuang placed her hands behind her back and looked out of the hall.

No one knew what she was thinking.

Oblivion Star Continent.

Oblivion Star Continent was a subordinate world of the Li Clan’s.

It was the second largest amongst the worlds under the Li Clan.

The largest was the Li Clan’s main world.

They would naturally not attack the Li Clan’s main world.

Because it was the Li Clan’s base of operations.

It wasn’t just filled with all sorts of formidable formations; some old geezers of the Li Clan were there to protect it.

So, heading there with such few forces was no different than suicide.

Their objective was Oblivion Star Continent.

Because a portion of the Li Clan’s experts were there.

If they were able to annihilate those experts, it would definitely hurt the Li Clan.

Their plan was to gradually kill and exhaust their enemies!

War required strategy!

They were all top-rate experts, so it didn’t take long for them to arrive at Oblivion Star Continent.

Based on their strength, they were naturally able to sneak in without making a sound.

However, right when they were about to do so…

Suddenly, a huge barrier of light appeared around the continent.

A formation!

Yang Lin and the others’ expressions changed.

Meanwhile, a voice resounded in their ears, “Yang Ye, we’ve been waiting for you!”

An ambush!


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