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“Lets talk about the Snow Palace first.

All of you saw that woman from before.

Shes Leng Xinran.

Shes at the peak of the First Heaven Realm and occupies the first position on the Outer Court Rankings of Snow Palace.

According to rumor, shed cultivated the Snow Palaces mid-grade Earth Rank cultivation technique, Dark Ice Technique.

But now it would seem like it isnt a rumor but a fact! All of you probably noticed the silver hair she possessed.

That isnt any ordinary silver hair.

Every single strand is comparable to a low-grade Profound Rank treasure.

So, if you encounter her in the future, you must be extremely cautious against her silver hair!” Yu Heng spoke slowly.

Everyone here felt shocked upon hearing this.

Because a single strand of hair was equivalent to a low-grade Profound Rank treasure….

So, all of them felt a wave of terror when they thought about the silver hair that covered her head.

Yang Ye had a solemn expression as well.

When her hair was coupled with her mysterious methods of attacks, even Yang Ye didnt dare say he could definitely defeat Leng Xinran.

Moreover, who knew whether he possessed other trump cards

Everyone hurriedly nodded.

When he saw all of them nod, Yu Heng continued.

“Now, well move on to the Flower Palace.

That woman who competed with Leng Xinran just now is called Wenren Yue, and just like Leng Xinran, shes at the peak of the First Heaven Realm and occupied the first position on the Flower Palaces Outer Court Rankings.

However, her true combat strength is unknown.

Even though weve never investigated her true combat strength, all of youve witnessed her ability to rival Leng Xinran, so her strength is definitely extremely formidable.

Moreover, rumors say that she possesses a Pseudo Dao Artifact, but this rumor isnt verified!”

A Pseudo Dao Artifact!Everyone here looked at Yu Heng when they heard this, and their eyes were filled with shock, astonishment, and deep fear.

What was a Pseudo Dao Artifact Dark Treasures were divided into the Heaven, Earth, Profound, and Yellow Ranks, whereas, Dao Artifacts resided above Heaven Rank Dark Treasures.

Not to mention a Dao Artifact, few of them had even laid eyes upon a Heaven Rank or Earth Rank treasure.

After all, even the Sword Sect didnt possess many Earth Rank treasures.

Yet an outer court disciple from the Flower Palace actually might possess a Pseudo Dao Artifact.

Even though it was only a Pseudo Dao Artifact, it wasnt something that any of them could go against!

Yang Yes eyelids twitched when he heard the words, Pseudo Dao Artifact.

He was extremely clearly aware of a Pseudo Dao Artifacts might, and he knew that it was something that could be utilized against Spirit Realm Experts! If Wenren Yue utilized it in battle during the Ascension Rankings, then the others could only admit defeat.

Even Yang Ye was helpless before it.

Even though he possessed a Pseudo Dao Artifact as well, it was utterly impossible for him to utilize it during the Ascension Rankings.

Because if he did, then he would definitely be pursued by the entire Ghost Sect….

With his current strength, he was truly unable to go against a colossus like the Ghost Sect!

“Its only a possibility!” Yu Heng shook his head and said, “Moreover, even if she possesses one, theres no need to be too fearful.

Because a Pseudo Dao Artifact isnt something that can be controlled at her current realm of cultivation.

Even if shes able to control it, I presume shell have to pay an extremely high price that might even end up costing her life.

So, unless she encounters a situation where her life is in danger, she would probably not utilize it!”

The others heaved sighs of relief when they heard this.

All of them were top geniuses in the Sword Sect, but they would be overestimating their ability if they thought they were capable of threatening Wenren Yues life.

Even though it was slightly shameful, it was a fact!

“Now its time for the Ghost Sect!” A wisp of coldness appeared on Yu Hengs face as he said, “All of youve seen that Xiu Luo from the Ghost Sect.

Hes the disciple from the Ghost Sect that comprehended Slaughter Intent, and I presume all of you possess a slight understanding of his strength by now.

But what I want to tell of you is that hes far more terrifying than all of youve imagined!”

“Sword Commanding Elder!” Meanwhile, Qin Feng said, “So what if he has comprehended Slaughter Intent, why would we need to fear him with Senior Sister Murong on our side!”

Situ Rong glanced at Qin Feng while a wisp of displeasure and rage flashed in his eyes.

Yu Heng shook his head and said, “Murong Yaos strength is undeniable, and I believe that she wouldnt lose to Xiu Luo.

However, all of you must not be careless because of that.

Carelessness will bring death to all of you.

Especially you, Murong Yao, therell definitely be a battle between you and Xiu Luo in the future, and you must not be careless while in battle with him.

Besides that, you must watch out for his Slaughter Intent!”

“Disciple will remember that!” Murong Yao nodded.

Yu Heng nodded, and then he glanced at the others and said, “As for all of you, if you encounter Xiu Luo while Murong Yao isnt present, then you must not fight him and retreat immediately instead.


“Sword Commanding Elder, if we retreat without a fight, then wouldnt it be like saying our Sword Sect is afraid of the Ghost Sect” Situ Rong said in a low voice, “Disciple understands that the Ghost Sects Xiu Luo is extremely formidable, but Disciple isnt afraid.

If Disciple encounters him during the competition, then Disciple will absolutely not retreat without a fight.

Moreover, Disciple is confident in Disciples ability to kill him even if he has comprehended that Slaughter Intent that Sword Commanding Elder spoke of!”

Yang Ye glanced at Situ Rong while he cursed in his heart.


How could Yang Ye not understand that Situ Rong had said all of that for Yu Heng to hear It wasnt that Yang Ye looked down upon Situ Rong, but Situ Rong would definitely be defeated if he encountered Xiu Luo.

Because Yang Ye sensed a dangerous aura from Xiu Luo yet didnt sense a similar feeling from Situ Rong!

Murong Yao glanced indifferently at Situ Rong and didnt say anything.

Yu Heng frowned and said, “Situ Rong, your thoughts and spirit are good, but you must know how to act according to your ability.

Meaningless sacrifices are foolish.

I know that you have a trump card, and I know that you concealed your strength earlier, but how do you know that Xiu Luo doesnt possess other trump cards besides his Slaughter Intent”

“Disciple doesnt feel that Disciple will lose to Xiu Luo!” Situ Rong persisted in his way of thinking.

As the Senior Brother of all the participating disciples from the Sword Sect, it was a matter of course that he would deal with the strongest enemy of the Sword Sects during the Ascension Rankings.

“Sword Commanding Elder, I feel Senior Brother Situs strength isnt inferior to Xiu Luo as well!” Meanwhile, Murong Yao who had kept silent until now said, “Senior Brother Situ possesses the highest realm of cultivation amongst us, and he has been in the inner court for the longest period of time as well.

I believe that no matter if its in terms of sword techniques or any other aspects, he ought to be the strongest amongst all of us.

So, it ought to be Senior Brother Situ that deals with the strongest opponent of our Sword Sect!”

Murong Yao wasnt an idiot.

Since someone was willing to deal with a dangerous figure like Xiu Luo, then she was naturally only too eager for that to happen.

If Situ Rong was victorious, then it was naturally for the best, but if Situ Rong was defeated, it would be fine as well.

In any case, it wasnt her life that would be lost.

Situ Rong glanced at Murong Yao with surprise.

Since the beginning, Murong Yao had never addressed him as senior brother nor had she ever been respectful towards him.

Why is she speaking on my behalf now

Yu Hengs brows knit together even more tightly.

After a short while, he sighed lightly and said, “I know that both of you dont get along very well, but I want to tell you that only unity will allow all of you to survive the competition to ascend the Ascension Rankings.


“Yes!” Murong Yao and Situ Rong hurriedly nodded.

However, it was unknown whether they really did understand Yu Heng.

Yang Ye shook his head.

The Ascension Rankings hasnt even begun, yet internal strife has already arisen in the Sword Sect.

How can such a group compete for a spot on the rankings with the other powers

Worry arose in the eyes of both Su Qingshi and Yu Heng.

With their discerning ability, they naturally knew that Murong Yao, Yang Ye, and Qin Feng werent on good terms with those senior inner court disciples.

However, they had no way to resolve this.

The younger generation of the Sword Sect really lacked an authoritative figure.

When she thought up to here, Su Qingshi glanced at Yang Ye.

If Yang Ye hadnt left the Sword Sect and if Yang Ye was given a little bit more time, then with his strength, no one in the younger generation of the Sword Sect would be able to go against Yang Ye.

With such a representative, the younger generation of the Sword Sect would definitely become unified!


Su Qingshi sighed once more.

Just as Yang Ye had said, the Sword Sect was already at deaths door.

If a dazzling disciple didnt appear within the Sword Sect in the next few years, then the Sword Sect would probably really be reduced to a second-rate power.

Yang Yes heart hurt slightly when he noticed the worry in Su Qingshis eyes.

He knew why Su Qingshi was worried, but he couldnt do anything about it because it was absolutely impossible for Yang Ye to turn around the situation that the Sword Sect was currently in.

Not to mention bringing change to the Sword Sect, he might not even be able to obtain the Ascension Token during the Ascension Rankings! After all, even if the monstrous geniuses of the Origin School and Grand Qin Empire were put aside, he wasnt even 100% confident in his ability to defeat the two geniuses from the Snow Palace and the Flower Palace!


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