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Zuo Feng and Leng Kus expressions changed when they saw Yang Ye flee.

Zuo Feng immediately decided, “You pursue him.

Ill keep those two fellows busy!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he charged at the silver armored men.

As for Leng Ku, his figure shot after Yang Ye.

Meanwhile, the silver armored men were quite stunned when they saw Zuo Feng charge at them.

Theyd come here because two of the Zenith Realm experts by the Yang Clans Seventh Young Masters side had suddenly left the Yang Clan.

Yang Yan felt that something strange was going on, so he sent them to have a look.

Actually, Yang Yan wasnt the only one, the other young masters of the Yang Clan had sent their forces as well.

All the young masters of the Yang Clan feared each other and were taking precautions against each other.

If any one of them made the slightest movement, it would draw the attention of the others.

That was why the Seventh Young Master hadnt sent Zenith Realm experts to guard this place.

It was because the Zenith Realm experts by their sides were the targets that the other young masters paid the most attention to.

But they hadnt expected that as soon as they arrived here, they would be attacked before they could even say a word.

Actually, they felt that something was off, and it should be said that they had their doubts and suspicions.

They doubted the person from before and suspected that he wasnt really working for Yang Yan!

But at this moment, they didnt have the time to doubt or explain.

Because Zuo Feng was in front of them, and hed attacked them.

It would be quite foolish to try and explain right now.

It was better to try talking with Zuo Feng after fighting him!

The three of them entered into a fierce battle.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye had fled the continent and arrived in outer space.

His face fell when he noticed that someone was chasing after him.

But in an instant, he visibly relaxed because he noticed that only a single person was pursuing him!

One person!

Yang Ye stopped and turned to look at Leng Ku.

The latter stopped when he saw Yang Ye stop, and he said, “You….”

Suddenly, Yang Ye vanished on the spot.

At the same moment, Leng Kus expression changed drastically.

A moment later, a terrifying aura surged out from within him.


In an instant, the space in a huge area started surging, and it took over ten breaths of time for it to finally calm down slowly.

Leng Ku was still on the spot, and Yang Ye was over 30km away.

He was holding a sword, and there was a trace of scarlet red on its tip.

Leng Ku gazed at Yang Ye with a slightly blank expression, “Returnal Rank slaughter intent, Returnal Rank sword intent, the Sword Domain, the Laws of Darkness, a sword technique that puts an end to reincarnation….

Youre not from Yang Yans side….”

As soon as he finished speaking, the color in his face gradually drained.

A moment later, his eyes were completely dim.

Yang Ye had killed a Zenith Realm expert in an instant!

Meanwhile, a wisp of blood surged out from the corner of Yang Yes mouth.

It flowed down his chest, and in just two breaths of time, his chest was drenched in blood.

Even though hed killed a Zenith Realm expert in an instant, it hadnt been easy at all.

Hed utilized all his trump cards just now, even the Laws of Darkness, the Sword Domain, slaughter sword intent, and the Sword of Rebirth!

He hadnt held back at all! Hed used everything he had!

Even then, hed been heavily injured by Leng Kus final counterattack.

A Zenith Realm expert wasnt easy to kill!

That was what Yang Ye felt right now.

It could be said that if he held back just a little, he would have definitely failed to kill Leng Ku.

Yang Ye didnt ponder further about it.

He restrained his thoughts, waved his right hand, and placed the corpse within the Primordial Pagoda.

After that, he vanished on the spot.

This wasnt a place to tend to his injuries.

Around two hours later, Yang Ye stopped.

He glanced at the surroundings.

The area around him was deathly silent, and there were no signs of life here.

Yang Ye sat cross-legged in space and started to recuperate.

In less than an hour, his injuries were fully healed by the Primordial Violet Energy within him, and he was back at his prime!

After that, he immediately entered the Primordial Pagoda.

In the 1st level, there were two blood red figures in front of Yang Ye, and the corpse of that Zenith Realm expert from before.

Yang Ye gazed at the corpse, sized it up, and then his face became quite unsightly.

It was because the corpse couldnt be refined into a Sword Servant.

Why Because hed used the Sword of Rebirth in the battle! Simply speaking, that Zenith Realm expert was completely gone from this world.

“What a pity!” Yang Ye shook his head.

But it couldnt be helped because he wouldnt have been able to kill that Zenith Realm expert without the Sword of Rebirth.

Yang Ye moved his gaze over to the blood red figures, and there was a wisp of burning desire in his eyes.

Hed heard Zuo Feng and Leng Kus conversation.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have taken the risk to take the two blood red figures.

Extraordinary Zenith Realm experts!

But it didnt take long for Yang Ye to frown.

Because he didnt know how to awaken and control them.

He sized them up for a short while, and then his gaze descended onto their foreheads.

There was a fist-sized black vortex there.

He hesitated for a moment, and then he sent a strand of his divine sense into it.

As soon as his divine sense entered the black vortex, Yang Yes expression instantly changed drastically, and then he spat out a few mouthfuls of blood.

Moreover, he moved backwards repeatedly and only stopped after moving around 10km back!

Once he stopped himself, he sat down cross-legged and applied pressure to his head.

Just like that, he held his head for around an hour before finally letting go.

At this moment, Yang Yes face was ghastly pale!

Vengeful spirits!

Countless vengeful spirits!

Once his divine sense entered the black vortex, he saw countless vengeful spirits.

They were howling in an area filled with boundless resentment and the desire to kill.

It was the resentment and desire to kill which had injured him.

He even possessed Returnal Rank slaughter intent.

If he didnt, just that short moment would have been sufficient to destroy his mind.

Actually, just Returnal Rank slaughter intent wasnt sufficient, if he didnt possess Returnal Rank sword intent, just his Returnal Rank slaughter intent wouldnt have been able to hold off the resentment and desire to kill within the blood red figure!

Now, he finally understood why he hadnt seen any corpses or vengeful spirits on that continent from before.

It was because they were inside the blood red figures.

He could only imagine how many vengeful spirits were within those two blood red figures.

Needless to say, the Seventh Young Master of the Yang Clan was a ruthless person.

After all, he hadnt hesitated to slaughter so many in order to refine such Blood Puppets.

Actually, it was normal.

Based on the environment in the Yang Clan and the way it fostered its geniuses, how could anyone from the Yang Clan be kindhearted Not to mention anyone else, just he alone treated lives like worthless blades of grass when he acted ruthlessly!

In chaotic times, the strong acted as they pleased while the weak had to resign themselves to their fate!

Yang Ye shook his head, restrained his thoughts, and gazed at the blood red figures.

How do I take control of them Yang Ye stood silently on the spot for a long time, and then he said, “I know you can hear me.

Lets make a deal.

Help me for three years.

After those three years pass, Ill break open these blood red figures and release you so that you can be reincarnated.

You wont have to be imprisoned forever!”

He knew that there was definitely a way to take control of the blood red figures.

However, he didnt know it.

So, he had no choice but to use such a method to communicate with them, and it was the only way he had.

As soon as he finished speaking, they shook slightly, but it didnt take long for them to become motionless once more.

Yang Ye waited for around 15 minutes, yet he still received no answer from them.

So, he glanced at them and said, “Since you refuse, then forget it.” He turned around and walked away.

Suddenly, the blood red figures started to tremble violently, and then they opened their eyes.

As soon as their eyes opened, a ray of blood red light instantly shot up into the sky.

However, it only took a moment for a wave of mysterious energy to obliterate the blood red light.

It was the Primordial Pagoda!

At the same time, the blood red figures fell silent again.

Yang Ye turned around and walked over to them, “I dont ask for much.

Just three years.

Once three years have passed, Ill break open these blood red bodies and send you into the cycle of reincarnation.

If you refuse, I wont do anything to you, but I wont let you go as well.

After all, Im not obligated to do that, and I dont owe you anything.”

A short moment of silence later, Yang Ye nodded when the two blood red figures didnt answer him, and then he turned around with the intention to leave.

Suddenly, the blood red figures stood up, and then one of them spoke, “Can we trust you”

Yang Ye gazed at the blood red figure that spoke.

Even though it was speaking, its eyes were empty.

Yang Ye replied, “Of course!”

The blood red figure said, “Fine, we agree.

However, you have to undo the seal on us first.

Only then can we help you in battle.”

Yang Ye looked that Blood Puppet in the eye and asked, “Who are you”

The Blood Puppet replied, “Im one of countless vengeful spirits.

Im the representative they chose.”

Yang Ye nodded, “I can undo the seal on you.

However, you must tell me how to control you.

Im sorry but youre much stronger than me.

If I cant control you, then I wont and wouldnt dare to trust you.”

The Blood Puppet fell silent for a long time, and then it said, “Fine, you undo the seal, and well tell you how to control us!”

Yang Ye glanced at it and nodded, “Alright, tell me!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a string of information entered his mind.

A short while passed before Yang Ye walked over to the Blood Puppet, and then he formed a strange seal with both hands while chanting something.

Numerous blood red symbols gradually appeared around them, and then a terrifying aura instantly surged out from within them, causing Yang Ye to be blasted over 10km away.

Meanwhile, the Blood Puppet suddenly gazed at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye gazed at it as well, and he said, “If Im not wrong, you intend to go back on your word.”

The blood red figure started walking towards Yang Ye.

Every step it took caused the ground to tremble violently.

It was like an earthquake!

When the Blood Puppet arrived 300m away from Yang Ye, it spoke again, “Do you think were stupid enough to let you have control over us”

As soon as it finished speaking, it flipped its right hand and slapped its palm down in Yang Yes direction.


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